翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 The boss forced his employees to work 12 hours a day, How unreasonable! 那个老板要求他的员工每天工作十二小时, 真是岂有此理! That old man is a miser. 那个老头是守财奴。 The baby's mother deserted him soon after giving birth. 那个母亲生下他后不久就把他遗弃了。 That boy is about ten years old. 那个男孩大约有十岁。 The boy avoided punishment by running away. 那个男孩逃跑来逃避惩罚。 The boy was tugging at his mother's skirt. 那个男孩拽着他母亲的裙子。 The young man acts in a supercilious manner as if nobody were near him. 那个年轻人旁若无人。 The young man sacrificed himself for a noble cause. 那个年轻人舍生取义。 The farmer keeps hundreds of pigs on his farm. 那个农场主在他的农场里养了几百头猪。 The peasant led an ox to the fields. 那个农民牵牛下地。 That girl likes to wear purple dresses. 那个女孩喜欢穿紫色的衣服。 The girl looks ill at ease in the presence of strangers. 那个女孩在生人面前显得拘束。 The woman is seductively dressed. 那个女人打扮得很妖艳。 The woman was sincere and honest but slow of speech. 那个女人木讷寡言。 That woman was utterly devoid of conscience. 那个女人丧尽天良。 The woman was a rebel against feudal ethics. 那个女人是封建礼教的叛逆。 That woman has a very sharp tongue. 那个女人说话非常尖刻。 The robber's hands were tied behind his back. 那个强盗被五花大绑捆起来。 The robber had sinister intentions. 那个强盗用心险恶。 That man was humbled to nothingness. 那个人卑贱得一文不值。 The man was beaten until he was black and blue. 那个人被拷打得遍体鳞伤。 That man committed heinous crimes. 那个人犯有弥天大罪。 That man lacks resolution. 那个人缺乏决断力。 That man is a bungling oaf. 那个人是个草包。 The man was clasping a knife in his hand. 那个人手里握着一把刀。 That man acted against the law. 那个人行为不轨。 The man who murdered his wife was executed according to law. 那个杀妻犯被依法处决了。 The jobless man did nothing but wait for his chance. 那个失业者守株待兔等待机会。 That was a moment that I shall never forget. 那个时刻我永远不会忘记。 The soldier was flinging a grenade. 那个士兵正在掷手榴弹。 The blacksmith has brawny arms. 那个铁匠的臂膀很健壮。 The library is open from 9 to 1. 那个图书馆从上午9点到下午6点开放。 That pie tastes good. 那个馅饼味道不错。 The country girl was simply dressed. 那个乡下姑娘衣着朴素。 The project has been accomplished. 那个项目大功告成了。 The little girl shivered with cold. 那个小姑娘冻得发抖。 The little baby was frightened by the fierce dog. 那个小孩被恶狗吓坏了。 The child seems very clumsy. 那个小孩看起来动作很笨拙。 Caught by the shopkeeper for stealing candy, the little boy fell silent when having nothing left to justify himself. 那个小男孩偷糖时被店主逮着, 他理屈词穷。 The joke is so interesting that you cannot help laughing after listening to it. 那个笑话太有趣了,听了真叫人忍俊不禁。 That student lost his book yesterday. 那个学生昨天丢了书。 That Asian stopped me and asked if I was Chinese. 那个亚洲人拦住我,问我是不是中国人。 The accident was a blemish in an otherwise perfect evening. 那个意外是那天晚上唯一美中不足的地方。 That treacherous villain, as vicious as a viper, stopped at no evils. 那个阴险的家伙心如蛇蝎,无恶不作。 The commander waved his men on with his sword. 那个指挥官挥动指挥刀命令士兵前进。 The drunken man fell down. 那个醉汉跌倒了。 The drunken man staggered along the road. 那个醉汉踉跄地在路上走着。 The child will be six. 那孩子将满六岁了。 The child was out of his wits with fright. 那孩子吓得茫然失措。 The child was sitting on a crotch of a tree. 那孩子坐在树的桠杈上。 That was a dig at me. 那话是挖苦我的。 What is the charge for a day at that guesthouse? 那家宾馆每天收费多少? The noise of quarrel from that family disturbed the near neighbors. 那家的吵闹声惊扰了街坊四邻。 The branch was closed. 那家分店已经关闭了。 That company went bankrupt because it couldn't sell its products. 那家公司倒闭了, 因为它的产品卖不出去。 The company is eager to expand into new markets. 那家公司急欲开辟新的市场。 The company monopolized the market. 那家公司垄断了市场。 That fellow is as timid as a rabbit. 那家伙胆小如鼠。 That shop closed at midnight. 那家商店营业到午夜十二点。 The bookstore opened for business. 那家书店开业了。 The fact that bank was robbed has become the talk of the town in recent days. 那家银行被盗,近日来成了街谈巷议的中心了。 The organ has two banks of keys. 那架风琴有两排键盘。 That matter was not handled properly. 那件事处理得不当。 When did that happen? 那件事是什么时候发生的? The incident left permanent traces on his mind. 那件事在他头脑里留下了永久的印象。 The incident ultimately led to a serious split in the party. 那件事最终导致该党的严重分裂。 The general was totally defeated. 那将军被彻底击败。 The experience had a lasting effect on him. 那经验对他有一种持久的影响。 The drunkard signed the pledge never to drink again. 那酒鬼立誓永远不再喝酒。 That is the man I saw yesterday. 那就是我昨天见到的那个人。 That explains why she is not here. 那就说明了她不在这里的原因。 That takes all the fun out of it. 那就太杀风景了。 There's not much meat on that bone. 那块骨头上没多少肉。 The old man hobbled along with the aid of his stick. 那老人拄着拐杖蹒跚走来。 There presents a dreadful sight. 那里呈现出可怕的情景。 The scenery is strongly impressed on my memory. 那里的景色深深地印在我的记忆中。 The people there are fighting to gain their freedom from foreign control. 那里的人民正在为摆脱外国统治争取自由而战斗。 Tremendous changes have taken place there. 那里发生了巨大的变化。 That's the frontier guard station. 那里是边防军的驻地。 There are many pear trees covered in blossom. 那里有许多开满花的梨树。 The two men are seemingly in agreement, but actually at odds, each having a dirty trick up his sleeve. 那俩个人貌合神离,各人心怀鬼胎。 The two villages are 3 kilometers apart. 那两个村相隔3公里。 The war between the two countries may break out at any moment. 那两个国家的战争一触即发。 The two countries had equal shares of honor in the 1984 Olympic Games. 那两个国家在一九八四年的奥运会上平分秋色。 A war burst forth between the two countries. 那两国间爆发了战争。 The two hills and the valley formed a beautiful landscape. 那两座小山和山谷构成了一幅美丽的风景。 The train arrived on the dot of three o'clock. 那辆火车三点钟准时到达。 The car was going along the wide road. 那辆汽车行使在宽阔的大道上。 The deer escaped to the deep forest. 那鹿逃入了丛林深处。 The reporter thought that the event was worth following up. 那名记者认为那事件应该追踪报道。 The pop singer's popularity vanished as soon as it appeared. 那名通俗歌手的名气昙花一现。 That executive gave the company a foul atmosphere. 那名主管将公司搞得乌烟瘴气。 The boy often steals. 那男孩常常偷窃。 The boy rejects other people's criticism. 那男孩拒绝别人的批评。 The boy went to the examination room filled with apprehension. 那男孩子惴惴不安地走向考场。 Dead set on having his own way, the young man married the dance girl. 那年轻人一意孤行,娶了那个舞女。 It was a famine year. 那年是个荒年。 What a good talker that woman is! 那女人真健谈! The young man courted the young lady by bring her flowers every day. 那青年通过每天给那女子送花而向她求爱。 The scene will remain forever engraved on my memory. 那情景将永远铭记在我的记忆中。 The sight caused me to recollect the days of childhood. 那情景使我回忆起童年。 What a terrible scene! 那情形可真怕人! The crowd was seized with panic. 那群人惊慌失措。 The man must have second sight to know our arrival. 那人竟然知道我们的到来,他一定是有所预见。 What does that person look like? 那人是什么模样? The man privately admits that his motive is to make profit. 那人私下承认他的动机是为了谋利。 That is yet to be proved by his further experiments. 那仍有待于用他的进一步实验来验证。 That girl is of proportional build and is beautiful. 那少女身材匀称, 长相漂亮。 At that time we used to go swimming. 那时节我们常去游泳。 At that time the Romans controlled a vast empire. 那时罗马人统治着一个很大的帝国。 At that time he had no way out. he had to feign madness and act like an idiot. 那时他别无办法,只好装疯卖傻。 At that time he had no way out, but he had to feign madness and act like an idiot. 那时他别无办法,只好装疯卖傻。 The war was on then. 那时正在打仗。 He forgot the matter completely. 那事他忘得一干二净。 That's not our business. 那事与我们不相干。 That is venomous slander. 那是恶毒的污蔑。 It's a single-nation state. 那是个单一民族的国家。 It is a picturesque village. 那是个风景如画的村庄。 That's a tiny baby. 那是个极小的婴儿。 It's an open square. 那是个开阔的广场。 That is a village surrounded by hills. 那是个群山环抱的村庄。 It's a trumped-up story. 那是个虚构的故事。 It's a true story. 那是个真实的故事。 It was a sound strategy to defeat the enemy. 那是击败敌人的良策。 That was an earthshaking event. 那是件惊天动地的事。 That's her book. 那是她的书。 Whose house is that? 那是谁的房子? That place was the cradle of ancient Chinese culture. 那是我国古代文化的摇篮。 It was a sordid war. 那是一场龌龊的战争。 It was the last parting. 那是一次最后的诀别。 That is a house of six stories. 那是一栋六层楼的房子。 It's a beautiful place. 那是一个美丽的地方。 It was a beautiful morning, calm and serene. 那是一个宁静、明媚的早晨。 It was an important document and he was weighing his words. 那是一个重要文件,他在推敲用词。 It was an important document and he was weighing his words. 那是一个重要文件,他正在推敲用词。 That's a lesson for life. 那是终生难忘的教训。 The leisurely and melodious music took us to fairyland. 那舒缓而优美的音乐把我们带入仙境。 The ship lies alongside the wharf. 那艘船停靠在码头边。 That day the street was jam-packed with people coming and going all the time. 那天街上人特别多, 真是摩肩接踵, 川流不息。 I happened to be there that day too. 那天恰巧我也在那里。 That evening she was in an light-hearted mood. 那天晚上她心情轻松。 The main road goes through the mountain gap. 那条大路穿过峡谷。 The road must be slushy. 那条道路肯定泥泞不堪。 The tunnel is a great engineering achievement. 那条隧道是工程技术上的一项伟大成就。 The stream has shrunk to a mere trickle. 那条溪流已干涸到只有细微的流水了。 That's quite another matter. 那完全是另一回事。 The patient finally died from cancer. 那位病人最终死于癌症。 The rich man left his son nothing in the will. 那位富翁在遗嘱中什么都没给他儿子留下。 The glamorous actress always went shopping with many attendants crowding round her. 那位富有魅力的女演员逛街时总是被前呼后拥地围着。 That singer used to be very famous, but she is now in the shade. 那位歌唱家以前很有名,现在却默默无闻了。 The reporter was accused of unprofessional conduct. 那位记者被控有违反职业道德的行为。 Unfortunately the scientist died of illness. 那位科学家不幸病逝。 The old man became very sick and his life was in danger. 那位老人病入膏肓,命在旦夕。 The old man was at his last gasp. 那位老人已是奄奄一息。 The old man made mats by weaving bamboo slats together into a jigsaw-like pattern. 那位老人用竹条编成犬牙交错的图案, 制作席子。 The old woman walked across the road in small steps. 那位老太太步履蹀躞地横过马路。 The hunter agreed to take us to go hunting tomorrow. 那位猎人同意明天带我们去打猎。 That young writer is brimming with literary talent. 那位年轻的作家颇富才情。 After years of semi-retirement, the actress staged a comeback. 那位女明星在数年的半退休之后东山再起。 The fans of the actress craned their necks to catch a glimpse of their idol. 那位女演员的崇拜者们伸长了脖子想看一看他们崇拜的偶像。 The poet has written many poems for her. 那位诗人为她写了许多诗。 The mayor sued the newspaper for slander because they took his words out of context. 那位市长控告那家报社诽谤, 因为他们将他的话断章取义。 The surgeon is performing a delicate operation. 那位外科医生正在做一个很精细的手术。 With his recent important discoveries, the physics professor became eminent in his field. 那位物理学教授由于最近的重大发现而在物理界脱颖而出。 He is a gentleman of scholarly bearing. 那位先生风度儒雅。 The gentleman is refined in manner. 那位先生举止文雅。 The gentleman is overcautious in his work. 那位先生在工作中束手束脚。 The physician seemed to be at his wit's end. 那位医生似乎无计可施了。 That famous politician was murdered last year. 那位著名的政治家去年被谋杀了。 The writer was extolled to the skies. 那位作家被吹捧得上了天。 The writer decided to live in the Sahara Desert for some time. 那位作家决定去撒哈拉沙漠住一段日子。 That project was slow in progress. 那项工程进展缓慢。 The work is making as much progress as can fairly be expected. 那项工作现在正像预期的那样快。 The news came like a thunderclap from the blue sky. 那消息好像晴天霹雳。 The little boy felt secure near his parents. 那小男孩在父母身边感到安心。 The thieves intimidated the shopkeeper with threats that they would kill him. 那些盗贼威吓店老板, 威胁要杀死他。 Those clothes are of novel designs. 那些服装款式新颖。 Those hats are in. 那些帽子很流行。 The boys' dispute ended in a fight. 那些男孩的纷争最终导致一场斗殴。 Those young men all acted with elegant manners. 那些年轻人都是文质彬彬的。 Those people abandoned their original stand. 那些人背弃了原来的立场。 Those people collaborated in evildoing. 那些人沆瀣一气做坏事。 The group ganged into the ice cream parlor. 那些人结伙走进了冷饮店。 Those stragglers and disbanded soldiers surrendered to the government. 那些散兵游勇向政府投降了。 Those aggressors who killed people like flies have all come to a disgraceful end. 那些杀人如麻的侵略者都遭到了可耻的下场。 Those corrupt officials treated human life as if it were not worth a straw, and stopped at nothing in doing evils. 那些贪官污吏草菅人命,无恶不作。 Those conjectures are correct. 那些推测是对的。 The young ladies are extravagant in their dress and personal adornments. 那些小姐们服饰奢华。 Those immigrants were subjected to barbarous treatment. 那些移民遭受到野蛮的虐待。 The presidential contenders engaged in a battle of words to win the hearts and minds of the voters. 那些总统候选人唇枪舌剑, 以获取选民的支持。 It is out of character to do that. 那样做不合适。 At that period the star of France was definitely in the ascendant. 那一时期,法国无疑是吉星高照,蒸蒸日上。 That issue formed the core of all the problems pending between the two countries. 那一问题成了两国之间所有悬而未决的问题的核心。 It was a fierce fight. 那一仗打得很激烈。 The lamp hung over the table. 那盏灯悬挂在桌子上方。 The details of that photograph are very clear. 那张照片上的细部非常清晰。 It was really a bloody battle. 那真是一场血战。 The lost pen was finally found. 那支丢失的钢笔最终找到了。 The caravan traveled by night and day in order to reach their destination on time. 那支商队披星戴月赶路, 以便按时到达目的地。 The dog's fur was matted with blood. 那只狗的毛皮上沾有血迹。 The dog followed the fox's tracks into the woods. 那只狗沿着狐狸的足迹跑进了树林。 The fox ran away before the hunter shot it. 那只狐狸在猎人向它射击前跑掉了。 The cat is alert to every sound and movement. 那只猫对任何响动都很警觉。 The hen has hatched all her chickens. 那只母鸡已经孵出了全部小鸡。 Violent criminals like that are a danger to society. 那种暴力罪犯对社会是一种危害。 That view is rapidly being recognized here. 那种观点在这儿正迅速得到人们的公认。 That mood came over me. 那种情绪支配着我。 The location, price and size of the house were just right. 那幢房子的地点, 价格和大小都恰到好处。 That house is built of bricks. 那座房子是砖造的。 That high-rise building is the telecommunications center. 那座高楼是电讯中枢。 The garden was a fairyland of beautiful flowers and sweet odors. 那座花园是一个繁花似锦,香气袭人的仙境。 That mountain fastness is quite famous. 那座山寨很有名。 The library is large and holds an immense number of books. 那座图书馆很大, 藏书足以汗牛充栋。 In the small town, the destruction caused during the war was so miserable that one could hardly bear the sight of it. 那座小城镇被战争破坏的景象惨不忍睹。 Grandma loves the peace of the countryside. 奶奶喜欢乡间的恬静。 The butler was an accomplice in the robbery. 男管家是抢劫案的同案犯。 The boy had a parrot on his right shoulder. 男孩把一只鹦鹉放在右肩上。 The boys listened to my story with eager attention. 男孩们以热切的心情非常注意地倾听我的故事。 The boy was wandering around. 男孩在那周围徘徊。 Boys will be boys. 男孩子毕竟是男孩子。 The boys have decided to go camping next week. 男孩子们已决定下个星期去露营。 The boys were playing with balls. 男孩子们正在玩球。 All people, regardless of age and sex, enjoyed the movie. 男女老少都喜欢这部电影。 A man's shirt is sized by its neck. 男子的衬衫号码是按领口大小分的。 A man should have the courage to take the blame for what he does. 男子汉,大丈夫,一人做事一人当。 All of the refugees looked famished. 难民个个面有菜色。 May I have your surname please? 能告诉我您贵姓吗? Would you please give me a piece of paper? 能给我一张纸吗? It's my pleasure to work for you. 能够为您效劳是我的荣幸。 Patience is the ability to put up with people you'd like to put down. 能容忍你想羞辱的人,便是忍耐。 Catch as catch can. 能捉尽管捉能拿多少算多少。 The mud-rock flow buried his house. 泥石流埋没了他的房子。 You may stop the machine by pushing this button. 你按下这个按钮就可以关机。 You take good care of the tools. 你把工具保管好。 Would you put a good shine on these boots? 你把这些靴子好好擦一下好吗? How many students are there in your class? 你班里有多少学生? You are wise to remain silent. 你保持沉默,这很明智。 You should have had enough sense to turn off the electricity supply before disconnecting the wires. 你本来应该有足够的常识,在拆开电线之前先把电源切断。 You must develop a new style of your own. 你必须独辟蹊径。 You must play fair. 你必须公正处事。 You have to balance the advantages of living in a big city against the disadvantages. 你必须权衡住在大城市的利与弊。 You must thoroughly read the war history of foreign countries. 你必须熟读外国战争史。 You must brood over the situation adequately. 你必须思虑周到。 You must learn to think clearly. 你必须条理清楚地进行思考。 You must give up all thought of marrying him. 你必须完全放弃与他结婚的念头。 You must learn to live in the world as it is. 你必须学会适应世间的生活。 You must master the law of conservation of energy. 你必须掌握能量守衡定律。 You must synthesize various opinions. 你必须综合各方面的意见。 Don't try to fool me. 你别糊弄我。 Don't move those flower pots back and forth. 你别来回摆弄那几盆花了。 Don't you go playing tricks on others. 你别老戏弄人。 You look rather thin after recovering. 你病后略见清瘦。 You needn't be oversensitive. It has nothing to do with me. 你不必多心,这事与我无关。 You needn't mince words in your speech. 你不必咬文嚼字。 You needn't blame and censure yourself. 你不必自怨自艾。 You are not going to let a wonderful chance like that slip through your fingers, are you? 你不会错过那样的好机会,对吗? You didn't know how eager she was at the time. 你不了解她当时急切的心情。 You can't live on bread alone. 你不能仅靠面包维生。 It's a pity that you can't come to the party. 你不能来参加这次聚会,真可惜。 You cannot step twice into the same river. 你不能两次踏入同一条河流。 You cannot step twice into the same river. 你不能两次踏入同一条河流。 You couldn't draw a hasty conclusion. 你不能贸然下结论。 You can't take a one-sided approach to the problem. 你不能片面地看这个问题。 You can't heed and trust only one side. 你不能偏听偏信。 You shouldn't abandon the old for the new. 你不能喜新厌旧。 You should never be resigned to your backwardness. 你不能自暴自弃。 If you do not go, I shall not go either. 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司