翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 Do you know how to log in to the system? 你知道怎么登录进入这个系统吗? Do you know how to milk a cow? 你知道怎么挤牛奶吗? Do you know the answer to this question? 你知道这道题的答案吗? Do you know the central idea of this article? 你知道这篇文章的中心思想吗? You might come straight to the point. Don't beat about the bush. 你直说吧,别绕弯子了。 You have nothing to worry about as long as you have a clear conscience. 你只要问心无愧,就不必感到不安。 Just give us the bare facts of the case. 你只要向我们提供案件最低限度的事实真相就行。 Do you belong to a union? 你属于某个工会吗? It was very sharp of you to have noticed that. 你注意到了这一点是够机灵的。 Did you notice anything peculiar? 你注意到有什么异常的事吗? Have you finished loading up? 你装完了没有? Are you a hundred per cent convinced yourself? 你自己百分之百地相信吗? Why do you egg him on to do what you won't do yourself? 你自己不干,为什么撺掇他呢? You are always trying to get my goat. 你总是想惹我发火。 You'd better reason things out with him calmly. 你最好心平气和地和他讲理。 You'd better think it over carefully. 你最好仔细考虑一下。 You'll wind up a rich mediocrity. 你最后会成为富有的庸才。 Did you see him yesterday? 你昨天见到他了吗? Did you listen in to the Prime Minister's speech yesterday evening? 你昨晚收听首相的讲演了吗? Do you feel at ease in this seat? 你坐在这个位子上舒坦吗? Adversity is a good disciple. 逆境是锻炼人的最好场所。 Adversity is the first path to truth. 逆境是通向真理的第一条道路。 Business was brisk at the beginning of the year, but now it is slack. 年初生意还兴隆,没想到现在竟萧条了。 Age is a matter of feeling, not of years. 年纪只是个感觉的问题,而不是岁月的问题。 Age will show itself. 年龄不饶人。 The young father held up his son so that he could see the far-away fireworks. 年轻的爸爸将孩子高高擎起,让孩子也看看远处的烟火。 Most young ladies like to apply cosmetics. 年轻妇女多喜欢化妆。 The young people often get together to talk of everything under the sun. 年轻人常在一起谈天说地。 Young people are vigorous and vital. 年轻人朝气蓬勃。 Young people are in their prime. 年轻人风华正茂。 Young people lack experience and should learn from their elders. 年轻人缺乏经验, 要多向长辈请教。 Young people often desire to excel over others in work. 年轻人往往在工作中争强好胜。 It's both natural and right that young people should have some choice in what they want to do. 年轻人应该对自己想做的事有所选择, 这是理所当然的。 Birds were singing merrily. 鸟儿在快活地歌唱。 Birds sing loudest in the early morning. 鸟儿在清晨高声歌唱。 The wild duck fell at the sound of the shotgun. 鸟枪一响,野鸭应声而落。 Birds fly over the sea. 鸟在海上飞翔。 Your good reputation is known to the old and the young. 您的芳名老幼皆知。 You flatter me. 您过奖了。 You overpraise me. 您过誉了。 Would you afford a poor child a temporary shelter? 您愿意给一位可怜的孩子提供暂时的栖身之地吗? Better the last smile than the first laughter. 宁可最后微笑,不要首先狂喜。 Better the foot slip than the tongue trip. 宁肯失足,不要失言。 An open enemy is better than a hollow friend. 宁有公开的敌人,不要虚伪的朋友。 Cattle wandered over the plains. 牛群在大平原上闲逛。 New York harbor is one of the largest and best of the world's great sea ports. 纽约港是世界上最大最好的海港之一。 New York is among the largest cities in the world. 纽约是世界上最大的几座城市之一。 The farm sits on the side of the hill. 农场位于山坡上。 The farm has a pond from which the cattle can drink. 农场有一个供牛饮水的池塘。 The farmer has a shepherd dog. 农夫有一条牧羊犬。 Peasants often rise at cockcrow to work in the fields. 农民们常常鸡鸣而起, 下地干活。 The farmers set up a farm implement repair shop. 农民们创办了一个农具修理厂。 The peasants sprayed pesticides to prevent the inroads of locusts on the crops. 农民们喷洒农药, 以防止蝗虫侵害庄稼。 The farmers hope to have a good harvest next year. 农民们祈盼来年粮食大丰收。 The farmers try hard to lengthen the service life of their farm tools. 农民们想尽一切办法延长农具的使用年限。 The peasants bent over to transplant rice seedlings in the fields. 农民们在地里弯腰插秧。 Farmers usually do not grow crops and flowers together. 农民通常不把庄稼和花卉栽种在一起。 Farmers worked in the fields, dripping with sweat. 农民在地里干活,挥汗如雨。 Peasants work from dawn to dusk all the year round. 农民整年起早贪黑地劳动。 Agricultural Ministry is under the jurisdiction of the State Council. 农业部归属国务院领导。 The crops need rain. 农作物需要雨水。 The thick smoke made it hard for people to breathe. 浓烈的烟雾呛得人喘不过气来。 The dense fog paralyzed the traffic. 浓重的大雾使得交通完全中断。 He got this book as if he had got a valued treasure. 弄到这本书,他如获至宝。 Find out what the conditions of the contract are. 弄清楚合同的条件是什么。 Slaves resist the slaughter of them. 奴隶们反抗对他们的杀戮。 The slave owners forced the slaves to fight against each other in the wrestling ring. 奴隶主强迫奴隶在角斗场上自相残杀。 Work hard and you will be successful. 努力工作,你就会成功。 An angry torrent rolls thunderously for thousands of miles.. 怒涛滚滚,一泻千里。 An angry billow almost swallowed the ship. 怒涛几乎吞没了这条船。 The death of their daughter was a cruel blow. 女儿的死对他们是一个残酷的打击。 I always tell my daughter a story before she goes to sleep. 女儿睡觉之前,我总讲故事给她听。 He smiled a smile of understanding as the girl winked at him. 女孩对他使了个眼色,他会心一笑。 Being bright and brave, the members of the women's volleyball team are passing by the rostrum, walking in vigorous strides. 女排队员们英姿飒爽,正迈着矫健的步伐通过主席台。 We were graced with the presence of the Queen. 女王光临,我们感到不胜荣幸。 Every one bowed as the Queen walked into the room. 女王走进房间时,每个人都鞠躬致敬。 The witch charmed the prince. 女巫对王子施了魔法。 The mistress of the house reluctantly installed the two refugees in a spare room. 女主人很不乐意地把两个难民安置在一个空闲的房子里。 Woman is physically but not mentally weaker than man. 女子在体力上而不是智力上比男子弱。 What is the chief town in Norway? 挪威的主要城市是哪一个? A chance meeting brought the two old friends together again. 偶然的相遇使两位老朋友重新聚首。 It was very terribly hard work getting to the top of the perilous peak. 爬上那座险峰是一件极为辛苦的事。 More personnel will be sent to study abroad. 派更多的人员出国留学。 There are neither shortcuts nor easy paths to the heights of science. 攀登科学高峰, 既无捷径又无坦途。 It is much more difficult to judge oneself than to judge others. 判断自己比判断别人要难得多。 The judgement was in his favor. 判决对他有利。 The rebellion was successfully suppressed. 叛乱被成功地镇压了。 The rebellion was put down. 叛乱被镇压了。 Renegades will come to no good end. 叛徒永远不会得到好下场。 Standers-by see more than gamesters. 旁观者清,当局者迷。 Shells were bursting all around. 炮弹在四处爆炸。 It is our duty to train up children to be good citizens. 培养儿童成为好公民是我们的责任。 Two battalions were disposed for an attack on the air force base. 配置两个营的兵力进攻空军基地。 The noise of jets taking off is deafening. 喷气式飞机起飞时发出震耳欲聋的轰鸣声。 The fountain throws its silvery spray into the air. 喷泉向天空中喷射出银色的水花。 By coincidence I will go too, Let's go together. 碰巧我也去,咱们一同走吧。 Fair words fill not the belly. 漂亮话填不饱肚子。 Not to be shaken or modified by one's poverty. 贫贱不能移。 Poverty, disease and ignorance remain major world problems. 贫困、疾病和愚昧无知仍是主要的世界性问题。 Poverty is a stimulus to industry. 贫穷能使人勤劳。 To be honest, he is too aggressive. 平心而论,他太倔强了。 An apple is a kind of fruit. 苹果是一种水果。 The apple trees are blossoming. 苹果树正在开花。 Several of the apples are bad. 苹果中好几个烂了。 The flowers in the vase have faded. 瓶中的花凋谢了。 The bottle is full of water. 瓶子里装满了水。 Do away with superstitions and emancipate the mind. 破除迷信, 解放思想。 Wine is made from grapes. 葡萄酒是用葡萄酿成的。 The grapes are sour. 葡萄是酸的。 The Forth of July is the National Independence Day of the USA. 七月四日是美国国庆日。 With the wind moaning and the rain pattering, I lay awake all night. 凄风苦雨,夜不能眠。 Qi baishi was a great master of traditional Chinese painting. 齐白石是国画大师。 The other members acquiesced in his resignation. 其他成员默许了他的辞呈。 The other boys egged him on to fight. 其他孩子怂恿他去打架。 Miracles sometimes occur, but one has to work terribly for them. 奇迹有时候是会发生的,但是你得为之拼命地努力。 The rough road made the car vibrate. 崎岖不平的道路使车颠簸得很厉害。 The knights rushed into the palace to protect their king. 骑士们冲向宫殿去堡国王。 The rider forced his horse on through the storm. 骑士迫使他的马在暴风雨中前进。 The two sides were so well-matched in skill and strength that neither could gain the upper hand. 旗鼓相当,胜负难分。 A business cannot thrive without good management. 企业没有良好的管理不会兴旺。 Has the departure date been fixed? 起程的日期定了吗? At first I didn't agree with him. 起初我并不同意他的观点。 The uprising spreads to various parts of the country. 起义蔓延到全国各地。 The uprising is just like a mighty storm. 起义犹如暴风骤雨。 A rise in the temperature of the gas results in its expansion. 气体温度上升致使气体膨胀。 There was a marked drop in the temperature. 气温显著下降。 The temperature is going up. 气温在上升。 The weather forecast says there will be a brief thunderstorm today. 气象预报预测今天有短时雷雨大风。 The car's headlights dazzled at night. 汽车的前灯灯光在夜间耀眼眩目。 The headlight of the car lit up the road far ahead. 汽车的前灯照射着前方远处的路面。 The car bumped and his forehead hit the glass. 汽车颠簸了一下,他的前额撞到了玻璃上。 The car went out of control and crashed. 汽车失去控制,撞坏了。 The car crossed the border into another territory. 汽车越过边界, 进入别国领土。 The petrol is running out. 汽油快要耗尽了。 The contract stipulates for the use of seasoned timber. 契约规定要用干燥的木材。 A powerful army is not easily defeated. 千军万马不是轻易就可击败的。 Footprints on the sands of time are not made by sitting down. 千秋功业非坐而可得。 The campsite is right ahead. 前边就是宿营地。 Not long ago, he was seriously ill. 前不久,他害了一场大病。 The overturned cast ahead is a warning to the carts behind. 前车之覆,后车之鉴。 Triumphant news kept pouring in from the front. 前方捷报频传。 The prospect is cheerful. 前景乐观。 No matter how big the difficulties ahead are, we'll never shrink from them. 前面的困难再大, 我们也决不后退。 The first-phase preparations have been finished. 前期准备工作已经完成。 Lessons learned from the past can guide one in the future. We must keep firmly in mind these costly lessons. 前事不忘,后世之师,我们一定要牢记这次血的教训。 The future is full of hope. 前途大有希望。 The road is tortuous, but the prospects are bright. 前途是光明的, 道路是曲折的。 While prospects are bright, the roads have twists. 前途是光明的,道路是曲折的。 The former worthies have left us a rich cultural heritage. 前贤给我们留下了丰富的文化遗产。 When the prelude began, everybody became quiet. 前奏曲一拉响, 大家就安静下来了。 Little goods, little care. 钱财少,不烦恼。 Professor Qian is very modest. He never puts on airs. 钱教授很谦虚,从来不摆架子。 A person who stops after getting a little knowledge of a subject can't engage in scholarship. 浅尝辄止的人是无法做学问的。 The robbers were lying in wait for the rich traveler. 强盗们埋伏起来准备袭击那个有钱的商人。 Diamond cut diamond. 强中更有强中手。 There is an ornament made of shells on the wall. 墙上有一个贝壳做成的装饰品。 There is a map of the world on the wall. 墙上有张世界地图。 You are too frail to stand a gust of wind. I advise you to take more physical exercises. 瞧你弱不禁风的样子,我建议你多参加体育锻炼。 Clever talk and ingratiating manner are seldom found in a virtuous man. 巧言令色,鲜仁矣。 Make sure that you don't wait until problems pile up before making a reckoning---that would be firing belated shots. 切记不要使问题成了堆,才来一个总结,放马后炮。 Cast not the first stone. 切莫首先指责别人。 The aggressors seized the territory of another country. 侵略者掠夺别国领土。 The invaders rapaciously plundered the resources of other countries. 侵略者贪婪地掠夺别国的资源。 The defenders struck back at the aggressors. 侵略者遭到反抗者的反击。 It's difficult to tell Jean from Joan; they look so alike. 琴和琼很难分得出来,她们长得太像了。 Industry is fortune's right hand, and frugality her left. 勤劳是财富的右手,节俭是她的左手。 Diligence is the mother of success. 勤勉是成功之母。 Diligence redeems stupidity. 勤能补拙。 Young people are full of vigor and vitality, like the sun at eight or nine in the morning. 青年人朝气蓬勃,好像早晨八九点钟的太阳。 The youth should look far ahead and aim high, and have a global outlook. 青年人要高瞻远瞩,放眼世界。 The youth should have a spirit of exerting themselves. 青年人要有奋发精神。 Young people have a glorious and bright future. 青年人有着美好光明的未来。 Youth is the golden time in one's life. 青年时代是人一生中的黄金时代。 The blue mountains never grow old and the green waters flow on forever. 青山不老,绿水长存。 Children and young people enjoy the right to receive education. 青少年负有受教育的权利。 He that promises too much, means nothing. 轻诺必寡信。 In the early morning people come out to breathe the fresh air. 清晨, 人们走出户外呼吸新鲜空气。 In the early morning, soft sunlight floods the earth. 清晨, 柔和的阳光照着大地。 The grass was covered with frost in the early morning. 清晨,草上覆盖着一层白霜。 The early morning sun showed its ruddy smiling face from behind the forests and scattered the last wisps of mist from the river. 清晨的太阳从树林后面露出它红红的笑脸,驱散了河面上最后几缕薄雾。 The air in the morning is quite crisp. 清晨空气格外清爽。 A cool breeze blew, and the leaves rustled . 清风吹来,树叶飒飒作声。 A cool breeze blew gently, without starting a ripple. 清风徐来,水波不兴。 Cleanliness is next to godliness. 清洁仅次于圣洁。 Unlucky in love, lucky at play. 情场失意,赌场得意。 The scene is very sad and dreary. 情景十分悲凉。 Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 情人眼里出西施。 Love is the mother of love. 情生情,爱生爱。 There were white clouds in the vast clear skies. 晴空万里浮着朵朵白云。 Please close the window. 请把窗户关上。 Please pass me the pepper. 请把胡椒粉递给我。 Open the door, please. 请把门打开。 Please give me your honest opinion. 请把你的真实想法告诉我。 Would you please lend me your pencil? 请把铅笔借给我用用好吗? Please cut up the vegetables very fine. 请把蔬菜切成碎末。 Please forward my mail to my new address. 请把我的信件转到我的新地址。 Please include me in the list. 请把我列入名单中。 Please sharpen the edge of this axe. 请把这把斧头的刃磨快。 Please fill the cup with water. 请把这个杯子装满水, Will you please sum up the main ideas of the article? 请把这篇文章的大意归纳一下。 Please file these letters. 请把这些信函归档。 Please favor me with your instructions. 请不吝赐教。 Please don't laugh at him. 请不要嘲笑他。 Please show me your monthly bus pass. 请出示公共汽车月票。 Please show your credentials. 请出示证件。 Please oblige me with your valuable comments. 请大家给予指正。 Please tell me what happened in a few words, Don't go into details. 请扼要地告诉我发生了什么事, 不必讲得太详细。 Please tell us the latest progress of the battle. 请告诉我们最新的战况。 Please give me a general idea of the work. 请告诉我这项工作的梗概。 Please give me a drink of water. 请给我点水喝。 Please give me the document stamped with his seal. 请给我盖有他的图章的那份文件。 Please bring this gentleman a glass of beer. 请给这位先生来杯啤酒。 Please come with me. 请跟我来。 Excuse me, please make a way for us. 请借光让让路。 Please reply at your earliest convenience. 请尽早答复。 Please look at this box here. 请看这里的这个盒子。 Two spoons of sugar, please. 请来两勺糖。 Please call me at six tomorrow morning. 请明晨6点把我叫醒。 Please show me some patterns of cloth. 请拿几种花样的布给我看看。 Please tell me the whole story exactly as it happened. 请你把事情的经过原原本本地告诉我。 Would you sew this button onto my shirt? 请你把这颗纽扣缝到我的衬衫上好吗? Please take a message to him by way of reply. 请你给他带个回话。 Will you please say a few words about your personal experience? 请你谈一点个人的体会好吗? Please wait a moment, I'll be back soon. 请您稍等片刻, 我一会儿就来。 Please let me do my work in peace. 请让我安静地工作。 State your name and address. 请说出你的姓名和地址。 Please raise your head and look at the blackboard. 请抬起头来,看黑板。 Would you copy this letter for me, please? 请为我复印一下这封信好吗? May I have your name please? 请问您尊姓大名。 Don't tread on the flowerbeds. 请勿践踏花坛。 Please convey my gratitude to her. 请向她转达我的谢意。 Please write an abstract of this scientific article. 请写一份这篇科学论文的摘要。 Explain it properly in English, please. 请用英语把它恰当地解释一下。 Please give the table a good rub with this cloth. 请用这块布好好擦擦桌子。 Please forgive me for being impolite. 请原谅我的失礼。 Please excuse my bad handwriting. 请原谅我的字写得不好。 Please say that again. 请再说一次。 Line the drawer with paper, please. 请在抽屉里铺上纸。 Please stamp here with the official seal of your company. 请在此处盖上公司的公章。 Please honor our arrangement by exchanging the damaged goods. 请遵守我们的协议,给我们调换损坏的货物。 Please sit down. 请坐下。 Joan and Lily are sisters. 琼和丽丽是姐妹。 In the chilly autumn wind, the soldiers set out with a mettlesome and handsome bearing. 秋风飒飒中,战士们英姿勃发地出发了。 The autumn wind was rustling and the leaves fell in profusion. 秋风瑟瑟,落叶纷飞。 The autumn wind is soughing. 秋风萧瑟。 Autumn is the harvest season. 秋季是收获的季节。 The autumn chrysanthemum braves the frost. 秋菊傲霜。 The leaves turn yellow in autumn. 秋天时叶子变黄。 Autumn is a wonderful season. 秋天是极好的季节。 Autumn is the best season for travel. 秋天是旅行的最好季节。 In autumn the leaves change from green to brown. 秋天树叶由绿色变成黄褐色。 The autumn moon has always been a favorite with poets and lovers of nature. 秋月向来受到诗人和热爱大自然的人们的宠爱。 The prisoners wish to be free again. 囚犯们希望重获自由。 The prisoner escaped by digging an underground tunnel. 囚犯挖了一条地道逃跑了。 There is no royal road to learning. 求知无坦途。 The football match begins in the evening, but the fans are too impatient to wait. 球赛晚上才开始,可球迷们早已迫不及待了。 Such a trifling thing is hardly worth mentioning. 区区小事, 何足挂齿。 Though born in a corrupted world, Qu Yuan was stainless. 屈原生在浊世而独自清白。 Qu Yuan wrote "Lisao, Suffering Throes" a great poem, in his sad and angry state of mind. 屈原在忧愤之中写了《离骚》这部伟大的作品。 The tendency was reversed. 趋势逆转了。 Don't be self-satisfied when you make some achievements. 取得一些成绩,不要踌躇满志。 It's cruel to make fun of a cripple. 取笑瘸子是残忍的。 He's very hard to please. 取悦他很难。 I must brush up my English before I go to London. 去伦敦之前,我必须好好温习一下英文。 Last year there were many more births than deaths. 去年的出生人数大于死亡人数。 Last winter the snow lay thick on the ground. 去年冬天,地上积雪很厚。 Full credit must go to him. 全部功劳都得归他。 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司