翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 He arranged his speech under four main heads. 他把发言内容归纳成四个主要方面。 He transferred his shares to his wife. 他把股份转让给妻子。 He switched the thread of conversation to some other subject. 他把话锋转了。 He brought out all kinds of things that lay buried deep in his heart. 他把内心深处的话都倾吐出来。 He made the ghost story come to life. 他把那个鬼的故事讲得活灵活现。 He put the apples on a round plate. 他把苹果放在一个圆盘子里。 He treats his wife like a slave. 他把妻子当作奴隶看待。 He knocked a big hole in the wall. 他把墙撞出了一个大洞。 He placed his trusted followers in key positions in our shop. 他把亲信安插在我们车间。 He put the case very mildly. 他把情况说得十分婉转。 He throws all his energies into his work. 他把全部精力都投入到工作中去了。 He spent all his time reading. 他把全部时间都花在阅读上。 He threw the stone in the air. 他把石头抛向空中。 He stored foods in his cupboard. 他把食品存放在碗橱里。 He reported on the whole matter in full detail. 他把事情的经过一五一十地说了一遍。 He took the watch apart to repair it. 他把手表拆开来修理。 He entrusted his children to a faithful friend. 他把他的孩子嘱托给一位忠实的朋友照料。 He had devoted his whole life to the study of contemporary art. 他把他的一生都献给了当代艺术研究。 He hit the tennis ball over the net. 他把网球打过了网。 He formulated the question clearly. 他把问题表述得很清楚。 He made a penetrating analysis of the problem. 他把问题分析得很透彻。 He took me aside for a private conversation. 他把我拉到一边说几句悄悄话。 He sketched in the details. 他把细节勾勒了进去。 He made an outline of his views and got ready to present it at the meeting. 他把意见写成纲要,准备在会上发言。 He passed on the good news to his friends. 他把这个好消息转告了他的朋友。 He listed all the things he had to do. 他把自己必须做的事列成表。 He chained his bicycle to the post. 他把自行车拴到柱子上。 He offered his seat to me. 他把座位让给了我。 He is quite methodical in his work. 他办事很有章法。 He works readily and briskly. 他办事爽快。 He has the signature of nearly every great man who is now living. 他保存着在世的几乎每一位伟人的亲笔签名。 He went on working in spite of his poor health. 他抱病工作。 He set up the factory with the aim of vigorously developing national industry. 他抱着振兴民族工业的志向开办了这家工厂。 He has betrayed his weakness. 他暴露出了自己的脆弱。 He wrung his heart to the very core. 他悲恸欲绝。 He has been left his native place for many years. 他背井离乡多年。 He betrayed his friends. 他背叛了他的朋友。 He stumbled and lay prostrate on the floor. 他被绊倒而俯伏在地。 He was driven to the wall. 他被逼得走投无路。 He was under arrest. 他被捕了。 He was bruised and lacerated from flogging, and it was too horrible to look at. 他被打得皮肉绽裂, 目不忍睹。 He was flogged until he was on the verge of death. 他被打得奄奄一息。 People call him "Mastermind". 他被大家称作"智多星"。 He was held up as a model. 他被大家奉为楷模。 He was unanimously chosen as chairman of the committee. 他被大家一致推举为委员会主席。 He was lured into surrender by the enemy. 他被敌人诱降了。 His license was revoked as a warning. 他被吊销执照,以示惩戒。 He was seeded number 1. 他被定为一号种子选手。 I tried to comfort him after he was defeated by his opponent. 他被对手击败后,我尽力安慰他。 He was fined 200 dollars. 他被罚款200美元。 He was placed in confinement. 他被关了禁闭。 He was swept away by the rush of the current and drowned. 他被激流冲走而淹死了。 He was removed from his post. 他被解除了职务。 He was wanted by the police. 他被警察局通缉。 He was caught in the whirlpool of war. 他被卷入了战争的旋涡。 He was fired by way of disciplinary punishment. 他被开除以示警戒。 He was charged with inciting people to violence. 他被控煽动人们暴乱。 He was ordered to quit school. 他被勒令退学。 He was reinstated not long after he had been removed from office. 他被免职后不久, 又被重新起用。 He was overwhelmed by his repute. 他被名誉搞得眼花缭乱。 He was sent to go on a punitive expedition to attack the enemy. 他被派征讨敌军。 He was condemned to life imprisonment. 他被判处无期徒刑。 He was condemned to lifelong exile. 他被判处终身流放。 He was convicted and had only himself to blame. 他被判刑, 完全是咎由自取。 He was appointed to be president. 他被聘任为校长。 He had been kept in captivity for a month. 他被囚禁了一个月。 He has been pronounced the greatest living authority on Japan. 他被认为是活着的最伟大的日本问题权威。 He was appointed Ambassador to Great Britain. 他被任命为驻英大使。 He was put under house arrest. 他被软禁了起来。 He was sent to take a refresher course in the university. 他被送到大学进修。 He was fired by his boss. 他被他的老板解雇了。 He was promoted to a position of leadership. 他被提升担任领导工作。 He was promoted to the rank of captain. 他被提升到上尉职衔。 He was relieved of his duties in order to engage in self-examination and discover his errors. 他被停职反省。 He was relieved of his duties in order to reflect on himself. 他被停职反省。 He was relieved of his duties in order to engage in self-examination and discover his errors. 他被停职反省。 He was delegated to the convention. 他被委派为代表参加会议。 He was stumped by the questions and remained tongue-tied for a good while. 他被问得张口结舌,半天说不出话来。 He was stumped by the question and remained tongue-tied for a good while. 他被问得张口结舌,说不出话来。 He was elected the leader of the union. 他被选为工会的领导人。 He was invited to become president of the local camera club. 他被邀请担任本地摄影俱乐部的主席。 He was attracted by the scene of the foreign lands. 他被异域风光吸引。 He was kept under detention in a peaceful and secluded place. 他被幽禁在僻静之处。 He was known as an ever-victorious general. 他被誉为常胜将军。 He was framed by the real criminals. 他被真正的罪犯陷害。 He was stung to fury. 他被震怒了。 He was proved to be involved in the case. 他被证明与这件事有牵连。 He's accused of murder. 他被指控犯有谋杀罪。 He was accused as an accomplice. 他被指控为同犯。 He was accused as an accomplice. 他被指控为同犯。 He was assigned to guarantee the quality of products. 他被指派对质量问题把关。 He was posthumously accepted as a martyr. 他被追认为烈士。 He's rather selfish. 他比较自私。 He is much more experienced than before. 他比以前老练多了。 After all he is much experienced, and is able to give a method to solve the problem at once. 他毕竟经验丰富,一下子就能想出解决问题的办法。 He fought all his life for the independence of his motherland. 他毕生为祖国的独立而奋斗。 He invented a smart story. 他编造了一条很巧妙的谎言。 He grew moody and petulant. 他变得喜怒无常,蛮不讲理。 He became more and more unyielding. 他变得越来越刚强。 He was covered all over with cuts and bruises. 他遍体鳞伤。 He advertised himself as an old hand. 他标榜自己是一个老手。 He remained neutral on the surface, but actually he was looking on coldly. 他表面上保持中立,其实是在坐观成败。 He showed constancy of love. 他表现出对爱情的坚贞。 He displayed immense courage and wisdom. 他表现出极大的勇敢和智慧。 He exhibits a spirit of liberality and reasonableness. 他表现出心胸开阔和通情达理的气魄。 He is simple and honest by nature. 他秉性纯朴。 He's eccentric by disposition. 他秉性古怪。 He is not bright, but he always works hard. 他并不聪明,但工作总是勤勤恳恳。 He is not a mediocre person. 他并非庸人。 He was confined to the house by illness. 他病患在身,不能出门。 He is very weak, for he has been ill for a long time. 他病了很久,身体衰弱。 He was ill for some days, and his wife nursed him kindly. 他病了些日子,他的妻子体贴地护理他。 He doesn't smoke or drink. 他不抽烟也不喝酒。 He spares no pains to study English. 他不辞劳苦地学习英语。 He confessed without being tortured. 他不打自招了。 He speaks not only English but also French. 他不但会说英语,而且还会说法语。 He didn't mediate a dispute between them; on the contrary, he added fuel to the flames. 他不但没有调解他们之间的争端,反而推波助澜。 He had to make his identity public. 他不得不公开自己的身份。 He had to justify himself for his conduct. 他不得不为自己的行为辩白。 He had to inquire into the cause of the matter. 他不得不追问事情的根底。 He did not know the ways of the people. 他不懂人情世故。 He did administrative work diligently and cautiously without moving a muscle of his face. 他不动声色,谨慎地办他的公事。 He shouldn't show ingratitude for favors. 他不该无情无义。 He was unwilling to bear the persecution and regretted to the end of his day when he departed from us. 他不甘忍受迫害,抱恨终天,离我们而去了。 He has no consideration for other's feelings. 他不顾情面。 He isn't just fat; he's flabby. 他不光是肥胖,而且肌肉松弛。 He just met trouble halfway. 他不过是杞人忧天。 He doesn't mind. In fact, he is even pleased. 他不介意,事实上,他甚至很高兴。 He didn't know the inside story. 他不了解内幕。 He couldn't find out what the masses are thinking. 他不了解下情。 He is not satisfied with his subordinate status. 他不满意自己的从属地位。 He sought no personal gain. 他不谋私利。 He is less tall than she is. 他不如她高。 He was unskilled in social intercourse. 他不善应酬。 He is not the sort of man who patches up a quarrel and reconciles the parties concerned. He is the sort of man who makes much trouble out of nothing. 他不是个息事宁人的人, 而是个无事生非的人。 He is not a man to be bullied and humiliated. 他不是好欺侮的。 He is not the kind of man who is likely to be cowed into submission. 他不是那种吓一吓就可能屈从的人。 He is no match for me. 他不是我的对手。 He didn't say anything, but only narrowed his eyes into a smile. 他不说话,只是眯缝着眼睛笑。 He made no mention of having met her. 他不提他曾经和她见面。 He doesn't like urban life. 他不喜欢都市生活。 He doesn't like a life of leisure. 他不喜欢过逍遥自在的生活。 He did not like us to rush him. 他不喜欢我们催他。 He does not believe in fate. 他不相信命运。 It's a strange thing that he doesn't write and explain. 他不写信来解释,真是怪事。 He disdained to argue. 他不屑置辩。 He was unfortunately killed in action. 他不幸阵亡了。 He does not follow outdated conventions and bad customs. 他不沿袭陈规陋习。 He is sparing no pains to help his friends. 他不遗余力地帮助他的朋友们。 He should not despise manual labor. 他不应该鄙视体力劳动。 He preferred to brazen it out rather than admit defeat. 他不愿承认失败,却宁愿厚颜无耻地干下去。 He is reluctant to get too much publicity. 他不愿抛头露面。 He pushed out his lips in displeasure. 他不悦地撅起嘴唇。 He shook his head in disapproval. 他不赞成地摇摇头。 He does not think so. 他不这样想。 He doesn't know how to use the computer. 他不知道怎样使用计算机。 He has no idea of how to run a business. 他不知如何经商。 He lost all sense of shame. 他不知羞耻。 He pointed out the shortcomings in our work time and again without mincing words. 他不止一次直言不讳地指出我们工作中的缺点。 He walks with difficulty. 他步履艰难。 He made purchases for building materials. 他采购建筑材料。 He picked her a rose. 他采了一朵玫瑰给她。 He fought many hard battles and achieved notable merits, but he remains humble in spirit. 他参加了许多战役,立下了汗马功劳,但他仍然很谦虚。 He joined the ranks. 他参加了这支队伍。 Since he joined the army, he has distinguished himself many times at the risk of his life. 他参军以来,出生入死,屡建战功。 He participated in the design of the big bridge. 他参与了那座大桥的设计。 He was shamed to death. 他惭愧得无地自容。 He's high-principled. 他操守高洁。 He had given the report a cursory reading. 他草草看了一遍这份报告。 He's stockily built. 他长得很敦实。 His long absence raised fears about his safety. 他长期不在引起了大家对他的安全的担心。 He had been short of exercise for a long time. 他长期缺乏锻炼。 He often had to spend the night in deserted temples. 他常常不得不在一个冷清的庙中过夜。 He was always fighting with his neighbors about the noise. 他常常为了噪音和邻居们争吵。 He deliberately makes things difficult for others. 他常故意刁难人。 He persists in physical training all the year round. 他常年坚持体育锻炼。 He often poses as a writer; he really doesn't know the immensity of heaven and earth. 他常以作家自居, 真不知天高地厚。 He often offers help when it's no longer needed. 他常雨后送伞。 He often creates something new and original. 他常在工作中标新立异。 He often strikes a pose in order to intimidate people. 他常装腔作势借以吓人。 He left the station in great disappointment, for she was not on the train. 他怅然地离开了火车站,因为她不在火车上。 His extraordinary skill was praised by all. 他超凡的技艺博得了广泛的赞誉。 He was above the common and free from vulgarity. 他超凡脱俗。 He made a clean breast of all his crimes. 他彻底交代了全部犯罪事实。 He worked all night. 他彻夜工作。 He has recovered from his serious lingering disease. 他沉疴顿愈。 He sank into vice, deeper and deeper. 他沉沦下去,越陷越深。 He wallowed in luxurious life. 他沉迷于奢侈的生活之中。 He was given to wine and women. 他沉湎于酒色。 After a moment's silence, he went on speaking. 他沉默了一会儿又继续说下去。 He replied with composure. 他沉着地回答。 He tried in a hundred ways to convey his own feelings, casting arch glances at them. 他趁机对她们百般撩拨,眉目传情。 Year in year out, he buried himself in books and studied hard. 他成年累月地扎在书堆里苦读。 He undertook to finish the job by Friday. 他承诺在星期五以前完成那件工作。 He owns he was wrong. 他承认他错了。 He's honest and dependable. 他诚实可靠。 He took advantage of other's precarious position to steal. It's shameful. 他乘人之危进行偷盗,真是太可耻了。 He was fat and bulky, having nothing to do all day long. 他吃得肥头大耳,整日无所事事。 He has eaten a whole box of chocolates. 他吃了一整盒巧克力。 His excuse for being late was that he had missed the train. 他迟到的理由是没有赶上火车。 He dashed across the street and ran towards me. 他冲过马路,向我跑过来。 He is a man of noble birth. 他出身贵族。 He was born to the purple. 他出身皇族。 He was born in England. 他出生于英格兰。 He was born in the United States. 他出生在美国。 He was born into a wealthy family. 他出生在一个富有的家庭。 His mother died three days after he was born. 他出世才三天,妈妈就去世了。 He has no friend other than you. 他除你之外就没有别的朋友了。 He was in a dangerous situation. 他处境很危险。 He shows exceptional ability in solving problems. 他处理问题才干过人。 He had been in a sorry plight. 他处于狼狈的境地。 He should be brought to justice for he has broken the law. 他触犯了法律,理应受到法办。 He was encumbered by too much clothing. 他穿得太臃肿。 He looks majestic in his army uniform. 他穿上军装显得很威风。 He wore a trim suit and looked smart. 他穿着一身笔挺的西装, 样子很帅。 He is wearing a black suit. 他穿着一套黑西装。 He is wearing a loose pair of trousers. 他穿着一条肥大的裤子。 He has a style of writing of his own. 他创立了自己的文风。 He gave a loud whistle of gladness. 他吹了一声响亮的口号表示高兴。 He's merciful and benevolent. 他慈悲好善。 He lifted whole passages from another author's books. 他从别人的著作中成段地进行剽窃。 He never favors one and discriminates against the other. 他从不厚此薄彼。 He never speaks unadvisedly about anything. 他从不轻率地谈论任何事情。 He is never envious of others for their wealth. 他从不眼红别人的财富。 He never knows what cowardice is. 他从不知什么叫胆怯。 He picked the watch up from the carpet. 他从地毯上把表捡起来。 He never does any work; he just fools around all day long. 他从来不干什么工作, 整天吊儿郎当的。 He was saved from those savage beasts by a narrow margin. 他从那些猛兽口中死里逃生。 He chose three from those books. 他从那些书中选取了三本。 He worked from 8 a,m, until 2 p,m, without stopping. 他从上午八点工作到下午两点一直没有停歇。 He never utters a word of complaint. 他从未发过一句怨言。 He has never seen such a sight. 他从未见过这种景象。 He crept out from the narrow and small cabin. 他从狭小的船舱里爬出来。 He took out a book from the case. 他从箱子里拿出一本书。 He wandered aimlessly in a strange land since his childhood. 他从小漂泊异乡。 He has been practicing martial art since child and has muscles of iron. 他从小习武,锻炼成一副钢筋铁骨。 He has been wrong from the start. 他从一开头就错了。 He was able to procure a Rembrandt etching from the art dealer. 他从艺术品商人那里收购到了一幅伦勃朗的作品。 He ran very fast toward us from the distance. 他从远处向我们急速跑来。 He hurried by and disappeared in the wood. 他匆匆走过去,消失在森林里。 He died suddenly. 他猝然死亡。 He pushed her into making a decision. 他催促她做出决定。 He put it tactfully. 他措辞婉转。 He answered that he knew nothing about it. 他答复说关于此事他一无所知。 He is planing to withdraw from the activity. 他打算退出这项活动。 He has changed a great deal, so we're not as close as before. 他大大改变了,我们的关系也生疏了。 Great power is within his grasp. 他大权在握。 He bragged without feeling shame that he was the greatest man in the world. 他大言不惭地说,他是世界上最伟大的人。 He created many unjust charges. 他大造冤狱。 He looked at me in blank amazement. 他带着迷茫惊诧的神情望着我。 The way he acted towards people was to keep on good terms with them at the expense of principle. 他待人一团和气。 He put on his glasses, and began to gaze fixedly at the person. 他戴上眼镜,定睛看着那个人。 He used to be a soldier, and now he is taking up creative writing. He is, so to speak, well versed in both polite letters and martial arts. 他当过兵, 如今又搞起了创作, 可谓文武双全。 He gave his consent right away. 他当即表示同意。 He mastered all kinds of ancient weapons. 他刀枪剑戟无所不精。 He looked about for her everywhere, feeling deeply frustrated at her disappearance. 他到处找她,对她的失踪感到十分惘然。 He was the last to arrive. 他到得最晚。 He has traveled widely. 他到过很多地方。 He went to the seaside to recuperate. 他到海滨去疗养。 He went to the door to receive his visitors. 他到门口去迎接客人。 He made a wrong conclusion. 他得出的结论是错误的。 He was assigned to a post. 他得到了任用。 He was fitly rewarded. 他得到了适当的酬谢。 The more he has, the more he wants. 他得到越多,想要的也越多。 The predisposition to his pneumonia was a cold. 他得肺炎的诱因是感冒。 He got into the car confidently and cheerfully. 他得意洋洋地跨进了汽车。 He was in a disturbed state of mind after learning this. 他得知此事后,忧心忡忡。 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司