翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 His overbearing insolence angered everyone. 他的傲慢无礼激起了大家的愤怒。 The example he set aroused other students' enthusiasm for studying. 他的榜样激发了同学们学习的热情。 His report is very rich for talking over past and present. 他的报告,谈古论今,十分丰富。 His sad story touched our hearts. 他的悲惨的故事深深打动了我们的心。 I have had experienced of his ability. 他的本事我经领教了。 His performance agreed with the disposition of the character. 他的表演符合人物性格。 His performance made people choke with laughter. 他的表演令人喷饭。 His broken English showed he was a foreigner. 他的蹩脚的英语说明他是一个外国人。 His hair is going gray at the temples. 他的鬓角正在变得斑白。 There is still hope of his recovery. 他的病还有指望。 His condition has worsened. 他的病情恶化了。 His condition rapidly worsened. 他的病情急速恶化。 His illness took a favorable turn. 他的病情有了转机。 His illness caused me to feel gloomy. 他的病使我感到愁闷。 His disease has reached an incurable stage. 他的病已到了不可救药的地步。 His illness has reached an advanced stage. 他的病已经到了晚期。 He is better qualified by his vast erudition for this teaching job. 他的博学使他更适合担任这项教学工作。 How did he acquire his wealth? 他的财富是怎样得来的? His cruelty and mercilessness are shocking. 他的残酷无情令人震惊。 His proposal met with vehement opposition. 他的倡导遭到了激烈的反对。 His car accident has been a lesson to him to stop driving too fast. 他的车祸给了他一个教训,使他不再开快车。 His success is entirely due to hard work. 他的成功完全是努力工作的结果。 His achievements have been affirmed. 他的成绩得到了肯定。 He got good marks. 他的成绩优良。 His sincerity is undoubted. 他的诚意是无容置疑的。 He was cited for his distinguished service in the battle. 他的出色战功得到表彰。 He has the nickname of "young tiger." 他的绰号叫"小老虎"。 His rudeness made me really angry. 他的粗鲁让我生气。 His answer was apparently right but actually wrong. 他的答案似是而非。 His answer is most satisfactory. 他的答复令人十分满意。 His timidity will wear off. 他的胆怯会逐渐消失的。 His moral conduct was praised by people. 他的德行受到人们的称赞。 He enjoys great popularity among the people for his virtues. 他的德行有口皆碑。 His sculptural arts flew his own colors. 他的雕刻技艺独树一帜。 The effect of his mediation was so great that both parties sheathed the sword at once. 他的调停非常有效,双方立刻停战。 His bad conduct was severely criticized by all of us. 他的恶劣行为受到大家严厉的批评。 His invention brought benefit to mankind. 他的发明造福于人类。 His speech gave us some enlightenment. 他的发言给我们一些启迪。 His speech was brief and forceful. 他的发言简短有力。 He has a smattering of French. 他的法文是半瓶醋。 His methods are reliable and time-tested. 他的方法相当可靠, 而且屡试不爽。 His room is empty. 他的房间是空的。 His character and conduct are praised by people. 他的风操受到大家称赞。 He is French by birth. 他的父母是法国人。 His father beat the disobedient boy. 他的父亲打那个不听话的男孩。 His noble character and sterling integrity are admired by people. 他的高风亮节为人仰慕。 He did a remarkable job. 他的工作干得很出色。 His work was highly commended. 他的工作受到了高度褒扬。 His work is above reproach. 他的工作无可非议。 His company was built on the sand. 他的公司根基不稳固。 His achievements were blotted out at one stroke. 他的功绩被一笔抹杀。 His dog looks dangerous. 他的狗看上去很危险。 His viewpoint was utterly absurd. 他的观点荒谬绝伦。 His prosperity is on the decline. 他的光景日见衰败。 He is well-known for his traditional Chinese painting. 他的国画很有名。 His posterity reversed the verdict. 他的后代为他翻案了。 He began to breathe more smoothly. 他的呼吸渐渐顺畅。 He has a unique style in painting. 他的画别具一格。 His remarks were ambiguous. 他的话很含糊。 His words carried conviction. 他的话令人信服。 His remark offended her. 他的话冒犯了她。 His speech was brief but forceful. 他的话说得很简短, 但很有分量。 What he says is significant. 他的话意味深长。 He is right, so I firmly support him. 他的话在理, 我坚决拥护。 He often shows his feelings of remembering past times. 他的怀旧之情时常流露出来。 There is some melancholy in his mirth. 他的欢笑中带有一些忧郁。 His illusion crumbled. 他的幻想成了泡影。 He is above me in rank. 他的级别比我高。 His dogs gamboled round him. 他的几条狗围着他撒欢儿。 His project miscarried. 他的计划流产了。 He did not err by a hair's breadth in his calculation. 他的计算结果一丝不差。 His technique is almost perfect. 他的技巧近乎完美。 His skill has matured. 他的技术到火候了。 His stepmother clenched her teeth with hatred and scolded him. 他的继母咬牙切齿地责骂他。 His family members are dispersed all over the country. 他的家庭成员分散在全国各地。 His hometown is in an outlying mountain area. 他的家乡地处边远山区。 His point of view is original. 他的见解有独到之处。 His proposal contains much that is reasonable. 他的建议包含不少合理的因素。 His condition is speedily improving. 他的健康状况正在迅速好转。 His speech consisted of two parts. 他的讲话包括两个部分。 There is a grain of humor in his remarks. 他的讲话带几分诙谐。 His speech was long, tedious and disgusting. 他的讲话冗长, 叫人反感。 His speech evoked a heated discussion. 他的讲话引起了一场热烈的讨论。 His speech won prolonged applause. 他的讲话赢得了经久不息的掌声。 His words will forever inspire us to forge ahead courageously. 他的讲话永远鼓舞我们奋勇前进。 He lost all feeling in his toes. 他的脚趾完全失去了知觉。 His explanation was perfectly clear. 他的解释一清二楚。 His promotion has provoked animated discussion among us. 他的晋升引起了大家沸沸扬扬的议论。 His action shows that he is a coward. 他的举动表明他是个胆小鬼。 His conduct was disgusting. 他的举动令人厌恶。 His every act and every move are natural and unrestrained. 他的举手投足潇洒自然。 He did exceedingly well in the examination. 他的考试成绩优异。 His castle in the air crumbled. 他的空中楼阁成了泡影。 He failed to establish his charge. 他的控告不成立。 He is unrivalled in eloquence. 他的口才堪称第一。 His ideals will be realized in his remaining years. 他的理想会在有生之年实现。 His excuses are various. 他的理由真是五花八门。 He was strong enough to shake this stump. 他的力气真大,竟将这根树桩撼动了。 He has a very meagre knowledge of history. 他的历史知识很浅薄。 His countenance betrayed irresolution and reluctance. 他的脸部表情露出犹豫和勉强。 There is a glow of health in his face. 他的脸容光焕发。 Anger showed in his face. 他的脸上流露出怒容。 His face showed guilt, though he said he had done nothing wrong. 他的脸上露出了内疚的神色,尽管他嘴上说他毫无过错。 Both his eyes are hurt. 他的两眼都受伤了。 He has a simple personal autobiography. 他的履历很简单。 His arguments could not withstand a single blow. 他的论点不堪一击。 His marathon speech wasn't able to convince us. 他的马拉松式的演说没能说服我们。 His secret died with him, for he never told anyone. 他的秘密至死也不为人知,因为他从未告诉过别人。 There is a long scar across his cheek. 他的面颊上有一道长长的伤疤。 His fame spread throughout the country. 他的名声传遍全国。 His fame looks as if it has suddenly declined. 他的名誉看上去一落千丈。 His name will be remembered generation after generation. 他的名字将万世流传。 He aims to be a successful writer. 他的目标是成为一个成功的作家。 His guilty conscience forced him to make a clean breast of everything. 他的内疚使得他把一切和盘托出。 His ability will ensure success for him. 他的能力将保障他获得成功。 He has great ability. 他的能耐真不小。 Her efforts have been fruitful. 他的努力很有收获。 His plate was piled high with rice. 他的盘子里盛满了米饭。 His cooking is without equal. 他的烹调手艺无与伦比。 His friends were pleased by his nomination. 他的朋友们因他得到任命而高兴。 His friends condemned him for his hitting people when they are down . 他的朋友谴责他对人投井下石。 He had brown skin. 他的皮肤是棕色的 His temper is of the quickest. 他的脾气是最急躁的。 His wife stuck faithfully to him through thick and thin. 他的妻子和他同甘共苦,对他坚贞不渝。 His wife was vain and extravagant. 他的妻子虚荣、奢侈。 His skill in chess is unmatched in the school. 他的棋艺在全校是独一无二的。 He was failed in his attempt. 他的企图成了泡影。 He was failed in his attempt. 他的企图成了泡影。 His bestiality made people bristle with anger. 他的禽兽行为令人发指。 All our previous efforts were wasted because of his imprudence. 他的轻率使我们前功尽弃。 His enthusiasm breathed new life into the company. 他的热情给公司注入了新的生命。 His view of life is different from yours. 他的人生观与你的不同。 His philosophy is standing aloof from worldly success. 他的人生哲学就是与世无争。 Those things of the past were recorded in his diary. 他的日记里记载了那些陈迹。 His prose is everywhere a demonstration of a lucid style. 他的散文处处显示出一种明晰的风格。 He attained perfection in landscape painting. 他的山水画达到了炉火纯青的地步。 His disability prevents him from holding a job. 他的伤残妨碍他就业。 His assumption proved to be wrong. 他的设想证明是错误的。 His health is getting better with each passing day. 他的身体日渐好转。 He is physically mature. 他的身体已发育成熟。 His health suddenly declined. 他的身体状况一落千丈。 He stood as straight as a ramrod. 他的身子挺得笔直。 Through it all he preserved his intelligence. 他的神智始终是正常的。 His voice echoed in the big empty hall. 他的声音在空荡的大厅里发出回声。 His remains were cremated. 他的尸体火化了。 He has reached the summit of his career by publishing this book. 他的事业由于这本书的出版而登峰造极。 His influence is waning. 他的势力正在衰退。 His sight is beginning to fail. 他的视力开始衰退。 His calligraphy is bold and vigorous. 他的书法刚劲豪放。 His calligraphy has reached the acme of perfection. 他的书法已达到出神入化的境界。 His book came out last month. 他的书上个月出版了。 I have read his book, but only hastily and casually, and it didn't make a deep impression on me. 他的书我看过, 但浮光掠影, 印象不深。 His summer vacation will end in the late August. 他的暑假将于八月底结束。 His realm of thought is lofty. 他的思想境界非常崇高。 His death was a great shock to us all. 他的死使我们大家都大为震惊。 All his efforts were wasted. 他的所有努力都白费了。 His attitude was very serious. 他的态度很严肃。 His talk is inspiring. 他的谈话令人鼓舞。 His talk is inspiring. 他的谈话令人鼓舞。 His skill in negotiating earned him a reputation as a shrewd tactician. 他的谈判技巧使他赢得了精明战略家的名声。 His soup spoon dropped onto the ground. 他的汤勺掉到了地上。 He has a good figure. 他的体型很好。 There are so many weeds in his field! 他的田里有那么多野草! He spent his childhood in the remote mountain area. 他的童年时代是在这个偏远的山区度过的。 His pain is past now. 他的痛苦现在已经过去。 His sudden death upset everybody. 他的突然去世使大家深感悲伤。 He has long credentials of diplomatic service. 他的外交工作资历很深。 His prestige rose. 他的威望升高了。 His writing style is concise and infectious. 他的文笔凝练, 很有感染力。 His literary remains will be published. 他的文学遗著将被出版。 His articles are natural and without embellishment. 他的文章不事雕琢,自然质朴。 He wrote the article at one go from beginning to end. 他的文章从头到尾,一气呵成。 His articles are rich in content and succinct in style. 他的文章内容丰富, 语言简练。 His article is loaded down with trivial details. 他的文章写得很烦琐。 He is preeminent because his articles are well written. 他的文章写得很漂亮,卓尔不群。 His article is trenchant. 他的文章写得很犀利。 His article is concise and comprehensive. 他的文章言简意赅。 A single word of his article is worth a thousand pieces of gold. 他的文章一字千金。 As for his trouble, we were willing to help but unable to do so. 他的问题, 我们爱莫能助。 His problem will be studied carefully. 他的问题将受到审察。 His dance movements are vigorous and graceful. 他的舞姿雄健优美。 His hopes were shattered. 他的希望破灭了。 His ideas are out of tune with the present situation. 他的想法与当前的形势格格不入。 His jokes were somewhat farfetched. 他的笑话有些牵强附会。 He is honest and trustworthy. 他的心眼挺实在, 完全可以信赖。 His new house was built by himself, brick by brick. 他的新房子是他自己一块砖一块砖砌起来的。 His new book was a great success. 他的新书获得了巨大的成功。 He has had no answer to his letter. 他的信没收到回信。 His letter irritated me a little. 他的信使我有点恼怒。 His actions were severely restricted. 他的行动受到严格限制。 His action ran counter to his promise. 他的行动与他的诺言背道而驰。 His conduct speaks him honorable. 他的行为表明他是可敬的。 His behavior is dishonorable. 他的行为不端。 His behaviour was not in accordance with his principles. 他的行为不符合他的原则。 His conduct has always been above suspicion. 他的行为一直无可质疑。 His conduct merits commendation. 他的行为应该受到嘉奖。 His behavior called forth sharp criticism. 他的行为招致尖锐的批评。 He is of a resolute and steadfast disposition. 他的性格非常刚毅。 He has a bold and uninhibited character. 他的性格豪放。 His rare gifts and bold strategy are universally acknowledged. 他的雄才大略是举世公认的。 His rare gifts and bold strategy can enable him to command an army. 他的雄才大略足以统率千军万马。 He shows ardent love for his country in many of his poems. 他的许多诗篇都流露出对祖国的热爱。 His academic achievements are extensive and profound. 他的学术成就博大精深。 He had extensive and profound knowledge. 他的学问博大精深。 The range of his erudition is wide. 他的学问很广博。 His marks are tip-top in his class. 他的学习成绩在班上顶呱呱。 His words and deeds are full of contradictions and he is untrustworthy. 他的言行矛盾百出,让人难以相信。 His speech needs polishing. 他的言语需加润饰。 A wild look came into his eyes. 他的眼睛里露出了狂暴的神色。 He was urgent in his demands. 他的要求很迫切。 You must comply with his request. 他的要求你应照办。 His professional skill was neglected. 他的一技之长被埋没了。 The demon of alcohol haunted him his entire life. 他的一生为酒这个恶魔所缠扰。 He has a pair of bright piercing eyes. 他的一双眼睛炯炯发光。 What he said warmed my heart. 他的一席话温暖了我的心。 His appearance is quite out of the ordinary. 他的仪表非凡, 与众不同。 His mortal remains are buried in the churchyard. 他的遗体埋葬于教堂的墓地。 He acquired an enviable reputation for artistic ability. 他的艺术才能使他赢得了令人羡慕的声誉。 No one has taken notice of his remark. 他的意见没有引起注意。 His intention is not clear. 他的意向不明。 His heroic name is well-known in the world. 他的英名扬天下。 His heroic deeds will be everlasting. 他的英雄事迹将万古长存。 His English was taught by correspondence. 他的英语是靠函授学习的。 He learned English without a teacher. 他的英语无师自通。 He is forward in his English. 他的英语有进步。 His courage was put to the test. 他的勇气受到考验。 His travels have been published. 他的游记出版了。 This utterance of his was greeted with bursts of uproarious laughter. 他的这番话引起阵阵哄笑。 This opinion of his is utterly absurd. 他的这个观点是荒谬绝伦的。 His practice was absolutely ridiculous. 他的这一做法荒唐之至。 His behavior transgresses social morality. 他的这种行为违背了社会公德。 He would see the day when he would make a rapid advance in his political career. 他的政治生涯会有飞黄腾达的一天。 His advice was a great help to our success. 他的指教对我们的帮助很大。 His charges were met with cries of anger. 他的指控遭到一阵愤怒的反对声。 There is a busy street near his dwelling house. 他的住宅附近有一条繁华的大马路。 His writings had been translated into various languages. 他的著作已被译成几种文字。 I kept his earnest teachings in my mind. 他的谆谆教诲,我牢记在心。 Both his grandparents were buried here. 他的祖父母都葬在这里。 His offence is a minor one. 他的罪行较轻。 His left arm was broken. 他的左臂断了。 His left arm was hurt in an accident. 他的左胳膊在一次事故中受伤了。 His left knee was hurt in a traffic accident. 他的左膝在一次交通事故中受伤了。 His works are brimming with literary grace and have found favour with many people. 他的作品文采飞扬, 颇受青睐。 Clearly he didn't do it properly, He must admit his mistake. 他的做法明显失当, 必须承认错误。 His behavior contravened the law. 他的做法与法律相抵触。 He was burning with impatience at all this waiting. 他等得心急火燎。 He passed me one fifth of the cake. 他递给我五分之一个蛋糕。 He nodded his comprehension. 他点头表示领悟。 He nodded in agreement with me. 他点头表示同意我的意见。 He is full of ideas. 他点子很多。 He fell into the lake. 他掉进了湖里。 He fell and hit his head on the corner of a box. 他跌倒时,头碰到箱子的一角。 He staggered out of the house. 他跌跌撞撞地出了门。 He tumbled into a stream. 他跌足落入小河。 He withstood all kinds of outside pressure. 他顶住了外界的种种压力。 His movements were agile. 他动作利落。 He has read many of Hemingway's works. 他读过许多海明威的作品。 After reading a biography of Lincoln, he was able to tell many stories about the President. 他读了林肯的传记后,能讲出许多关于这位总统的故事。 He is in the third grade. 他读三年级。 He was a local despot, who committed all kinds of crimes. 他独霸一方,为非作歹。 He invented a new way of settling the problem. 他独辟蹊径地解决了这个问题。 He had four years of schooling off and on. 他断断续续读了四年书。 He stoutly denied his guilt. 他断然否认自己有罪。 He always turns a deaf ear to other people's criticism. 他对别人对他的批评总是听而不闻。 He is extremely considerate of others. 他对别人体贴入微。 He has already been content with a secret understanding of that. 他对此早已心领神会。 He doesn't have his heart in his present job. 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司