翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 The fairy tales he tells are vivid and fascinating. 他讲的童话故事绘声绘色, 引人入胜。 He spoke in a solemn tone. 他讲话语调庄重。 He spoke in a solemn tone. 他讲话语调庄重。 He pays great attention to the choice of words and building of sentences. 他讲究遣词造句。 He always gesticulated merrily when he had a talk. 他讲起话来总是手舞足蹈的。 He lectured about his method of writing. 他讲授自己的写作方法。 He asked his secretary to make a copy of the document. 他叫秘书把文件复制一份。 He lost his head over that woman. 他叫那个女人给弄得神魂颠倒。 We admire him from the bottom of our hearts. 他叫人佩服得五体投地。 He took over the chairmanship. 他接任主席职务。 He stuttered out that something went wrong. 他结结巴巴地告诉我们出事了。 He did his best to ingratiate himself with the royal family. 他竭力向王室献媚。 There must be some reason for his being late today. 他今天迟到,定有缘故。 He often speaks ill of others behind their backs. 他经常背后说他人的坏话。 He often swaggered and swindled under the guise of the company's name. 他经常假借公司的名义来招摇撞骗。 He comes to visit me frequently. 他经常来看我。 He often watches television. 他经常收看电视。 He constantly heeded the opinions of the employees. 他经常听取雇员的意见。 In providing them information, he often -- without doubt -- betrays secrets. 他经常泄露机密,这无疑是给他们通风报信。 He often drinks heavily and creates trouble. 他经常酗酒滋事。 It was only after careful consideration that he put forward his views. 他经过深思熟虑之后,才提出了自己的看法。 He supports himself economically. 他经济上自立了。 He has weathered a severe test. 他经受住了严峻的考验。 He is quite experienced and always does a job with skill and ease. 他经验丰富, 办起事来总是游刃有余。 He was surprised to find his room thoroughly cleaned and everything arranged in perfect order. 他惊奇地发现房间被彻底打扫了,一切都布置得井井有条。 His brows went up in surprise. 他惊讶地竖起了眉毛。 He warned me against going there at night. 他警告我晚上不要到那去。 He was looking ahead vigilantly. 他警惕地注视着前方。 He is in bad, distressed circumstances. 他境遇贫困,生活痛苦。 He is a boastful person. 他就爱吹牛。 That is the man about whom we were speaking. 他就是我们刚才谈论的那个人。 He was about to come on stage. 他就要登场了。 He lives on the narrow street. 他就住在这条窄小的街道上。 He raised his head and looked up at the plane in the air. 他举首仰望空中的飞机。 He behaved with great composure. 他举止极为从容。 He has a reserved manner. 他举止矜持。 He behaves abruptly. 他举止唐突。 He is grave in manner. 他举止庄重。 He refuses to compromise his ideals. 他拒绝放弃自己的理想。 He has a degree in world history. 他具有世界历史的学位。 He laid down his life on the battlefield. 他捐躯疆场。 He decided to get married. 他决定结婚。 He decided to test the law in his own person. 他决定以身试法。 He has resigned decidedly. 他决然地辞职了。 He determined to form a club. 他决心成立一个俱乐部。 He was determined to repent and start anew. 他决心悔过自新。 He is determined to prove his friends' innocence. 他决心替他的朋友洗清罪名。 He made a resolve to go on a journey early in the next morning. 他决意明天一早就动身。 He was unexpectedly rescued from the desert. 他绝处逢生,从沙漠被救了回来。 He sighed with despair. 他绝望地叹了口气。 He sensed that something was wrong with the machine. 他觉察到机器出了毛病了。 He found it difficult to stop smoking. 他觉得戒烟是件难事。 He feels that they are his equals. 他觉得他们和他地位相等。 He felt too ashamed to go back home to see his elders. 他觉得无颜见江东父老。 He came straight to the question of money. It was a shock to me. 他开门见山就提到了钱,使我不禁愣了一下。 He fired for defense. 他开枪进行防卫。 He opened a supermarket. 他开设了一座超市。 He faced the world with the working capital of only $500. 他开始创业时仅有500美元资本。 He cut away a dead branch. 他砍掉一根枯干的树枝。 He was in complete bewilderment at the sight. 他看到这种情景,被完全弄糊涂了。 He was filled with fear at seeing the dead body. 他看见尸体时,惊恐万状。 He was moved to tears when he found that the whole body of the general was covered with wounds. 他看见这位将军遍体鳞伤,不禁落下泪来。 He looks very young, still possessing the innocence of childhood. 他看起来很小,仍然童稚未脱。 He looks over forty. 他看起来有四十开外。 It seemed that he was in a despondent mood. 他看上去怅然若失。 He looks nervous. 他看上去很紧张。 He concentrated his mind when reading. 他看书很专注。 He sees things with a keen eye. 他看问题很尖锐。 He sees things with a keen eye. 他看问题目光很尖锐。 He gives generously to the poor. 他慷慨地施舍给穷人。 He resisted arrest and was killed. 他抗拒逮捕而被击毙。 He cheated in the examination and was severely criticized by the teacher. 他考试作弊受到老师的严厉批评。 He got rich quickly by acquiring filthy lucre. 他靠不义之财暴发了。 He made money by practicing usury. 他靠放高利贷生财。 He lives by begging. 他靠乞讨过活。 He earned his bread by writing novels. 他靠写小说维生。 He is not a man to suffer insult. 他可是个不容侮辱的人。 He is hard to wait on. 他可真难伺候。 He frightened the old man into giving him all the money. 他恐吓那位老人把所有的钱都给了他。 He studied hard for 30 years and succeeded at last. 他苦读了三十寒暑, 后终成大业。 He racked his brains for ideas and finally got a good one. 他苦思冥想,终于想出了一个好办法。 He has a strong love of learning. 他酷爱学习。 He's large-minded and generous. 他宽宏大量,慷慨大方。 He pardoned the student who had done wrong. 他宽恕犯了过错的学生。 He drew some in, and pushed others out. 他拉拢一些人,排挤一些人。 As luck would have it, I was out when he called. 他来访时我可巧不在家。 He has powerful backing. 他来头不小。 He took up the matter with departments concerned. 他来与有关单位接洽工作。 He came from the remote frontier. 他来自遥远的边疆。 He was incurably lazy. 他懒惰得不可救药。 He is always bullying his younger brother. 他老爱欺负弟弟。 He is old but vigorous, and energetic as ever. 他老当益壮,精神不减当年。 He's always affected. 他老是那么做作。 He was ready to accept a task. 他乐于接受任务。 He slighted me. 他冷淡我。 He had stood aloof, looked on with cold indifference for a few days, and found what these people were doing was right. 他冷眼旁观了几天,觉得这些人的行动还是对的。 Returning to his hometown after a fifteen-year absence, he saw that all was changed or distorted beyond recognition. 他离家十五年后回到家乡, 一切都面目全非。 He has left his guard post. 他离开了哨所。 He moved aside for her with a polite bow. 他礼貌地鞠躬,退避一旁让她过去。 He is quick to understand. 他理解能力强。 He got a fail in history and passes in other subjects. 他历史考试不及格,其他科目都通过了。 He immediately fell into a great flutter. 他立刻变得心慌意乱。 He stopped playing the piano at once. 他立刻停止了弹钢琴。 He established brilliant achievements in war. 他立下了赫赫战功。 He was determined to carry out reforms. 他立志改革。 He repairs radios for his friends during his spare time. 他利用业余时间给朋友们修理收音机。 The two share everything together. 他俩不分彼此。 They have good relations with each other. 他俩的关系非常好。 The two contended with each other for hegemony. 他俩互相争霸。 They smiled a smile of understanding. 他俩会心微笑。 They rambled on the footpath in the woods. 他俩漫步在林间蹊径上。 The two persons looked at each other as if they had ants in their pants. 他俩面面相觑,如坐针毡。 They dear to each other as brothers. 他俩亲如手足。 They now cut each other dead. 他俩如今已视同陌路。 They are friends that are ready to die for each other. 他俩是生死之交。 They are together in perfect harmony. 他俩相处得非常和谐。 They smiled into each other's eyes. 他俩相视而笑。 They fell in love at first sight. 他俩一见钟情。 They had already buried the hatchet. 他俩已经握手言和。 They kept pace with each other in the contest. 他俩在比赛中并驾齐驱。 The two often engage in a battle of words. 他俩总是唇枪舌剑的。 His lengthy and tedious article drew little response. 他连篇累牍的文章没有引起什么反应。 He bored us all by talking for hours about his new house. 他连续几个小时大谈他的新房子,使我们大家都厌烦透了。 Being upright, honest and selfless, he is respected by people. 他廉正无私,受人尊敬。 His face blanched. 他脸色苍白。 He had a glum face. 他脸色阴郁。 He had an air of complacency. 他脸上露出得意的神气。 There was an agreeable expression on his face. 他脸上露出了和悦的表情。 There was a ghastly smile on his face. 他脸上露出一丝惨笑。 A look of disappointment passed over his face. 他脸上掠过失望的神情。 He had an air of complacency. 他脸上显出得意的神气。 He came here two years ago. 他两年前来到这里。 The two of them are similar in character. 他两人性格相近。 His eyes flashed with resolution. 他两眼闪耀着刚毅的光芒。 He measured the length of the room. 他量了房间的长度。 He was in the know. 他了解内情。 He knows the lay of the land here. 他了解这里的地形。 He expected that the experiment would be a success. 他料想那实验一定会成功。 He stayed at home to keep his wife company. 他留在家里陪伴太太。 He repeatedly broke the world record. 他屡次打破过世界纪录。 He heads the troops in the attack on the enemy. 他率领军队进攻敌人。 He headed the troops to crusade against the rebellion. 他率领军队讨伐叛乱。 He was the first to reach the top of the hill. 他率先登上了山顶。 If his mother were alive, how happy she would be to see such good times! 他妈妈要是还在世,看到这样的好光景,该有多高兴啊! He got on the stand in vigorous strides to receive the prize. 他迈着矫健的步伐登上领奖台。 He went home at brisk pace. 他迈着轻快的步伐回到家里。 He makes a profit on everything he sells. 他卖出每样东西都获利。 He was filled with enthusiasm. 他满怀激情。 He looked at me and his face was covered with traces of tears. 他满脸泪痕地望着我。 He wore whiskers. 他满脸络腮胡子. He took up his pursuit with ardor. 他满腔热忱地从事工作。 His eyes were filled with tears and he stood there, stupefied. 他满眼泪水,木然地站在那里。 All his talk is of humanity, justice, and morality, while in his heart there is nothing but greed and lust. 他满嘴仁义道德,满肚子男盗女娼。 He walked home in the rain and was wet through. 他冒雨步行回家,淋得浑身湿透。 He seems much shorter without his shoes on. 他没穿鞋,看上去矮多了。 Since he is not polite, he often makes impertinent remarks. 他没礼貌,常出言不逊。 He didn't expect that there would be internal strife afoot. They are broken up. 他没想到祸起萧墙,在他们内部出现分裂。 He kept his indignation to himself. 他没有表露出内心的愤怒。 She broke her promise to me. 他没有承担对我的许诺。 He did not have an adequate arena for the exercise of his talents. 他没有充分发挥其才能的场所。 He has little aptitude for a business career. 他没有从事商业的资质。 He didn't understand what I said. 他没有领会我的话。 He was incapable of finishing the work but tore it to pieces instead. 他没有能力完成那项工作, 反而把它搞得支离破碎。 He hasn't got a ticket and neither have I. 他没有票,我也没有。 He has no money. 他没有钱。 He has nothing to repent of. 他没有什么要懊悔的。 He didn't receive higher education. 他没有受过高等教育。 He missed the important juncture in his career. 他没有抓住人生历程中的重要契机。 His eyebrows danced, his spirit soared. 他眉开眼笑,精神焕发。 He makes several business visits to American every year. 他每年都要为商务到美国去几次。 He is longing for his family members all the time. 他每时每刻都思念着亲人。 He has become accustomed to doing morning exercises every day. 他每天晨练, 已经习以为常。 He studies English hard every day. 他每天苦学英语。 Every morning he spent two hours training for the race. 他每天早晨花两个小时练习赛跑。 He gets his pay each Friday. 他每星期五领工资。 They crossed the road in safety. 他们安全地穿过了马路。 They arrived on time. 他们按时到达。 They acted according to the original plan. 他们按照原先的计划行事。 They moved the local people and settle them in another place. 他们把当地人迁移到别处定居。 They tied up the thief. 他们把盗贼捆绑起来。 They sent the enemy ship to the bottom of the sea. 他们把敌舰击沉。 They put the surplus money into the bank, 他们把多余的钱存入银行。 They got the work done quickly, and well too. 他们把工作快速地做完,而且做得很好。 They unreservedly passed on to us their technical know-how. 他们把技术毫无保留地传授给了我们。 They expanded the seating capacity of the auditorium from 1500 to 2000 people. 他们把礼堂的坐位容量从1500扩大到2000。 They dealt with him leniently. 他们把他从轻发落。 They knocked him down and robbed him of his briefcase. 他们把他打倒在地,抢走了他的公文包。 They brought him up as their own child. 他们把他当亲生孩子抚养。 They blamed the rise in oil prices for the big increase in inflation. 他们把通货膨胀大幅度增长归咎于石油价格的上涨。 They wrapped fish and chips in a sheet of newspaper. 他们把鱼和马铃薯片用一张报纸包起来。 They are sawing a log into planks. 他们把原木锯成一块块厚板。 They played over the whole symphony. 他们把这首交响曲完整地弹奏了一遍。 They complained rough handling by the police. 他们抱怨受到警察粗野的对待。 An order was issued to commend them. 他们被通令嘉奖。 They compiled an encyclopedia. 他们编纂了百科全书。 The sketches they put on were full of wit and humor. 他们表演的小品妙趣横生。 They have no ulterior motive. 他们并非别有用心。 They are not of the same blood. 他们并非同宗。 They occupied the city without resorting to force. 他们不动兵戈就占领了那座城市。 Not satisfied with the verdict, they decided to make an appeal. 他们不服判决,决定申诉。 They will not agree. 他们不会同意。 They couldn't prevent our defending the rights of the workers. 他们不能阻挠我们捍卫工人的权利。 They fight for glory, not money. 他们不是为钱而是为荣誉而战。 They started an undeclared war. 他们不宣而战。 They yielded without resistance. 他们不做抵抗就屈服了。 They fixed up the place for the meeting. 他们布置了会场。 They marched in step. 他们步伐整齐。 They walked through the forest breathing the scent of pines. 他们步行穿过森林,呼吸着松树的芳香。 They took precautions against accidents. 他们采取措施防备发生事故。 They took resolute and daring action. 他们采取了果敢的行动。 They adopted appropriate measures. 他们采取了恰当的措施。 They visited the site of an ancient village. 他们参观了古代村落的遗址。 They ended the party off with a song. 他们唱支歌结束了晚会。 They met the year's production target two months ahead of time. 他们超前两个月完成全年生产指标。 Their hopes of success have burst like a bubble. 他们成功的希望已经成为泡影。 They became enemies that hated to live together under the same sky. 他们成了不共戴天的仇敌。 They accepted responsibility for the accident. 他们承认了对这次事故所负的责任。 They kept dumb in fear and trepidation. 他们诚惶诚恐一言不发。 They helped us earnestly and sincerely to find a way out of the difficulty. 他们诚心诚意地帮助我们解决困难。 They were sailing in a yacht on the boundless sea. 他们乘坐游艇在漫无边际的大海上游览。 They treat people with absolute sincerity. 他们赤诚待人。 They made full use of the latest achievements in science and technology. 他们充分利用了最新科学技术成就。 They rushed up the stairs. 他们冲到楼上。 They sent out troops to make an attack upon the enemy. 他们出兵进攻敌人。 They started on a dangerous expedition. 他们出发去进行一次危险的远征。 They sell different styles of clothes. 他们出售各种式样的服装。 They sell new and used furniture. 他们出售新旧家具。 They crossed the street and went into the shop. 他们穿过街道,进了商店。 They gathered up from various sources a great amount of firsthand data. 他们从各种来源搜集了大量第一手资料。 They've promised a thorough inquiry into the plane crash. 他们答应对这次飞机失事进行彻底的调查。 They promised an immediate reply. 他们答应立即回复。 They cheered loudly for their football team. 他们大声地为自己的足球队喊加油。 The play had already begun when they got to the theater. 他们到剧院时,戏已经开场了。 Their love is forevermore and will never change. 他们的爱海枯石烂, 永不变心。 Their love story sounds like a fairy tale. 他们的爱情故事听起来像童话。 Their case will be tried next month. 他们的案子将在下月审判。 Their superficiality and ignorance led to a great mistake. 他们的鄙陋无知造成大错。 Their houses were damaged by the enemy's shellfire. 他们的房屋被敌人的炮火击毁。 Their house stands on a hill. 他们的房子座落在小山上。 Their songs reverberated through the valley. 他们的歌声在山谷中旋绕。 Their dog bit a hole in my trousers. 他们的狗把我的裤子咬了个窟窿。 Their weeding was a splendid affair. 他们的婚礼富丽堂皇。 Their economic situation goes from bad to worse. 他们的经济形势每况愈下。 Their boisterous laughter made her angry. 他们的狂笑使她生气。 They have enough grain and to spare. 他们的粮食自给有余。 They have a long way to go. 他们的路途遥远。 He was pleased with their warm welcome. 他们的热烈欢迎使他很高兴。 Their business seemed to flourish. 他们的生意似乎很兴盛。 Their experiment achieved complete success. 他们的实验取得圆满成功。 Their markets are flooded with foreign goods. 他们的市场上充斥着外国商品。 They have very little income. 他们的收入寥寥无几。 Their new house is a real dream. 他们的新房子真像梦一般美好。 Their research proceeded along sound lines. 他们的研究沿着正确的方针进行。 Their demand is entirely justified. 他们的要求是完全正当的。 Some of their comments were quite trenchant. 他们的有些批评十分尖锐。 Their encampment was in the mountains. 他们的驻地在山里。 Their football team performed very well in the match yesterday. 他们的足球队在昨天的比赛中表现突出。 They climbed up a mountain covered with snow all the year round. 他们登上了一座终年积雪的高山。 They cannot withstand any attack. 他们抵御不了任何进攻。 They are ministers of this court. 他们都是本朝大臣。 They all have good physiques. 他们都有强壮的体魄。 They put a stop to the evils. 他们杜绝了这些坏事。 They enjoyed a jolly good time. 他们度过了一段极快乐的时光。 They figured it was better to stay where they were. 他们断定还是呆在原地好。 They have made a generous response to the appeals for funds. 他们对募集资金的呼吁做出了慷慨的响应。 They wondered at his learning. 他们对他的学识感到惊奇。 They extorted a confession from him by torture. 他们对他进行刑讯逼供。 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司