翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 They bowed and scraped like slaves to the foreigners. 他们对外奴颜婢膝。 They set off a debate about the problem. 他们对这个问题展开了辩论。 They are mad about football. 他们对足球很狂热。 Having made a fortune, they led a dissipated and unashamed life. 他们发财之后过着荒淫无耻的生活。 Having made a fortune, they led a dissipated and unashamed life. 他们发财之后过着荒淫无耻的生活。 There arose a hubbub among them. 他们发出了一阵喧哗。 They swore never to be separated. 他们发誓永不分离。 They arrived at their destination after traveling across innumerable mountains. 他们翻过千山万岭,到达目的地。 They committed the most atrocious cruelties. 他们犯下了极其凶残的暴行。 They gave us a right royal welcome. 他们非常隆重地欢迎了我们。 They looked forward very much to seeing him again. 他们非常盼望再次见到他。 They complained bitterly about the injustice of the system. 他们愤恨地抱怨制度不公平。 They came to town in swarms. 他们蜂拥来到城里。 They worked all night. 他们干了个通宵。 They are on bad terms. 他们感情不和。 They have just completed a giant project. 他们刚刚完成一件巨大的工程。 They are all burly chaps. 他们个个都是彪形大汉。 Each of them is full of energy. 他们个个精神抖擞。 Every one of them is a daring general. 他们各个都是闯将。 They made public last month's total expenditure. 他们公布了上个月的全部开支。 They attacked the enemy's right wing. 他们攻击敌人的右翼。 They led a holy life. 他们过着圣洁的生活。 They called on their members to demonstrate against the brutality of the police. 他们号召会员示威反对警察的暴行。 They drank a whole bottle! 他们喝了一整瓶酒! They have maintaining communication with foreign intelligence agents for years. 他们和外国谍报员交换情报已有多年。 They keep close touch with me. 他们和我保持密切联系。 It's highly probable that they will win the match. 他们很可能会赢这场比赛。 They knew full well that he wouldn't keep his promise. 他们很清楚地知道他不会遵守诺言。 They lulled me into a false sense of security. 他们哄骗我,让我产生了一种虚假的安全感。 It took them several days to cross the Atlantic Ocean. 他们花了好几天的时间穿越大西洋。 They hurried off in confusion. 他们慌乱地离去了。 They were in fear and were trembling. 他们惶恐战栗忐忑不安。 They sneered at her old, worn-out clothes. 他们讥笑她穿得破旧。 They planned to make a wedding trip to Paris. 他们计划到巴黎旅行度蜜月。 They planed to narrow the gap between imports and exports. 他们计划缩小进出口的差额。 They insisted upon a withdrawal of the statement and a public apology. 他们坚持要收回那些话并公开道歉。 They salted down most of the meat for their later use. 他们将大部分肉用盐腌起来,以备日后用。 They will stick to his policy forever. 他们将恒久地坚持他制定的政策。 They captured all the bandits at one swoop. 他们将所有歹徒一网打尽了。 They taught the little boy not to talk to strangers. 他们教育小男孩不要和陌生人说话。 They received the order to harass the enemy's rear. 他们接到骚扰敌人后方的命令。 They accepted the criticism and improved their work. 他们接受了批评, 改进了工作。 They formed a clique for self-interests and went astray. 他们结党营私,图谋不轨。 They served the clients wholeheartedly. 他们竭诚为顾客服务。 They tried hard to make up the deficit. 他们尽力设法弥补赤字。 They try hard to shorten the process of manufacture. 他们尽量缩短制作过程。 They often discarded their principled stand and took their cue from changing conditions. 他们经常放弃原则立场,顺风转舵。 They deal in books, furniture, hardware and spices. 他们经销书籍,家具,五金,香料。 They were greatly frightened and to them every bush and tree looked like an enemy soldier. 他们惊恐万状,草木皆兵。 They are full of vigor. 他们精神饱满。 They had an informal discussion on currency. 他们就货币问题进行了座谈。 They dwelt on the borders of the country. 他们居住在这个国家的边境上。 They refused to bow to violence. 他们拒绝在暴力面前低头。 They had every qualification for success. 他们具备获得成功的各种条件。 They are listening to the lecture with avid attention. 他们聚精会神地听讲演。 They contributed food and clothing for the relief of the poor. 他们捐助食物和衣服救济贫民。 They have decided not to follow in other people's footsteps, but to break new paths. 他们决定不去步人后尘,而是走前人没有走过的道路。 They have made a decision to sacrifice themselves for a just cause. 他们决定杀身成仁。 They opened another battlefield. 他们开辟了新战场。 They created a new situation. 他们开创了新局面。 They ushered in a new era. 他们开创了一个新时代。 They dug a canal. 他们开掘了一条运河。 They reclaimed large tracts of wasteland. 他们开垦了大片荒地。 They began to deliberate over the European question. 他们开始商讨欧洲问题。 They came to substantive problems. 他们开始讨论实质性问题。 They began to open commerce with neighboring countries. 他们开始与邻国通商。 They played a joke on me. 他们开我的玩笑。 They launched a movement for increasing production and practicing economy. 他们开展了增产节约运动。 They seized power with the aid of the armed forces. 他们靠武装夺取了政权。 They may fail because they make no preparation until the last moment. It is too late. 他们可能失败,因为他们临渴掘井,太晚了。 The garment store they built up painstakingly also ended in failure. 他们苦心经营的服装店也以失败而告终。 They dug into the history of mankind. 他们苦心钻研人类的历史。 They formed cliques and carried arms expansion and war preparations. 他们拉帮结派,扩军备战。 They ganged up and acted in collusion with each other. 他们拉帮结派,狼狈为奸。 They ganged up against me. 他们拉帮结派对付我。 They beat drums to cheer up the players. 他们擂鼓给运动员加油。 They two don't mix much apparently, in fact, they have ties with each other. 他们俩表面上不来往,但实际上是藕断丝连。 They two are people of the same ilk, who collude with one another. 他们俩臭味相投,相互勾结。 The two of them have utterly different dispositions. 他们俩的性格迥异。 As neither of them was willing to give ground, they quarreled on and on. 他们俩各不相让,吵闹不休。 It stands to reason that they got married. 他们俩结为夫妻是情理之中的事。 They are well matched in age. 他们俩年龄相当。 They have reaped rich harvests for many years running. 他们连年丰收。 They made an alliance against the common enemy. 他们联合起来抵御共同敌人。 The two of them exchanged their jobs. 他们两人掉换了工作。 They two are on intimate terms. 他们两人很亲近。 They strode down the street in formation. 他们列队阔步走过街道。 Their daily trips through the jungle have made a path in the thick undergrowth. 他们每天往返穿过丛林,已在茂密的矮丛中踩出了一条小路。 They paid close attention to what was going on in that country. 他们密切注意那个国家发生的情况。 They made open and secret investigations to solve this criminal case. 他们明察暗访,把这件案子侦破了。 They're going to visit the Palace Museum tomorrow and I'd like to join them. 他们明天去参观故宫,我也想搭伙去。 They cannot provide a shred of evidence. 他们拿不出丝毫的证据。 Why didn't you come to my rescue when they were making fun of me? 他们拿我开玩笑,你怎么不来为我解围? There was an internal conflict among themselves. 他们内部出现了一场内讧。 They can teach with one heart and one mind now that they have left the worries behind. 他们能一心一意教学而没有后顾之忧。 They would rather make concessions to avoid trouble than stir up trouble. 他们宁愿息事宁人而不愿惹是生非。 They bristled with anger and took an oath to revenge their friends. 他们怒发冲冠,发誓为朋友报仇。 They see each other once in a while. 他们偶尔见面。 They worked with all their might. 他们拼命地工作。 They miraculously won the victory over the enemy. 他们奇迹般地克敌制胜。 They prayed to God to deliver them from danger. 他们祈求上帝把他们从危险中拯救出来。 They rode through forests and fields. 他们骑马穿过森林和原野。 They tried to overawe others by displaying their strength before the volleyball match but finally they failed. 他们企图在排球赛前先声夺人,结果事与愿违。 They make a lot of money by clever manipulation of the Stock Market. 他们巧妙地操纵股票市场而大赚其钱。 Their action of invading and occupying another country's territory was condemned by all the countries. 他们侵占别国领土的行为受到各国的谴责。 They are in their very first youth, full of youthful spirit. 他们青春年少,朝气蓬勃。 They were fully armed. 他们全副武装。 They are short of labor power. 他们缺乏劳动力。 They still adhere to a policy of isolation. 他们仍旧坚持闭关自守的政策。 They tried to open up a new market. 他们设法开辟新市场。 They set up a supervisory institution. 他们设立了监察机构。 By saving on food and clothes, they managed to send him to school. 他们省吃俭用把他送进学校念书。 The failure of their experiment should be a warning to us. 他们试验失败对我们是个前车之鉴。 They were the brave and strong men in the defense of the motherland. 他们是保卫祖国的勇士。 They did it without my knowledge. 他们是背着我做这件事的。 They are absolutely irreconcilable enemies. 他们是不共戴天的仇敌。 They are the flowers of modern youth. 他们是当代青年的精英。 They are people in authority. 他们是当权派。 They are pillars of the state. 他们是国家的支柱。 Intellectuals are the nucleus of the society. 他们是国家的支柱。 They are a nice couple. 他们是很美满的一对。 They were a pack of rogues. 他们是狐朋狗党。 They are bad fellows who bring calamity to the country and the people. 他们是祸国殃民的坏家伙。 They are the backbone of the scientific and technological contingents. 他们是科技队伍的骨干力量。 They are long-separated old friends. 他们是阔别多年的老朋友。 They are young and energetic scientists. 他们是年富力强的科学家。 They are the mainstay of the enterprise. 他们是企业的中流砥柱。 They are my friends from distant places. 他们是我的远方来客。 We are close neighbours separated only by a strip of water. 他们是我们一衣带水的邻邦。 They are trying to buy you over. 他们是想收买你啊。 They are valuable assistants of the principal. 他们是校长的左膀右臂。 They are an affectionate couple. 他们是一对恩爱夫妻。 This couple has gone through thick and thin together. 他们是一对患难与共的夫妻。 They're a clever lot. You've got to hand it to them. 他们是一群聪明的人,你不得不佩服他们。 They originated a new way of processing and inputting Chinese data into computers. 他们首创一种新的汉字输入法。 They captured an enemy stronghold successfully. 他们顺利地攻克了一个敌军据点。 They hit out in all directions. 他们四面出击。 They were exposed to enemy attack on all sides. 他们四面受敌。 They are poor but proud; they never borrow money or ask for help. 他们虽穷但很自重,他们从不向人借钱或求助。 They made unreasonable demands. 他们提出无理的要求。 They supplied a clue and the criminal was caught. 他们提供了线索,罪犯被抓住了。 They finished the task ahead of time. 他们提前完成了这项任务。 They started chattering away about this and that. 他们天南海北地谈起来。 They heard a few scattered shots. 他们听见几声稀疏的枪声。 They consolidated their gains by reinvesting in government bonds. 他们通过再投资于公债来巩固收益。 They made a concerted effort to accomplish the task. 他们通力合作完成任务。 They put up a tenacious fight against the drought. 他们同干旱进行了顽强的斗争。 They challenge me with opposing views. 他们同我唱对台戏。 They broke through the enemy's defenses. 他们突破了敌人的防线。 They traveled 20 kilometers on foot. 他们徒步旅行20 公里。 They exchanged their views heart to heart. 他们推心置腹地交换了意见。 They retired to another room for private consultation. 他们退到另一房间秘密磋商。 They walked out in protest. 他们退席以示抗议。 They excavated a lot of valuable ancient relics. 他们挖掘出许多珍贵的古物。 They totally overlooked the study of the subject. 他们完全忽视了对这个问题的研究。 They played a nasty trick. 他们玩弄卑劣的伎俩。 They had chicken breast for supper. 他们晚饭吃鸡胸肉。 They opened up a path for the development of the oil industry. 他们为发展石油工业开拓了一条道路。 They sing the praises of the hero. 他们为英雄歌功颂德。 They appointed him to a high office. 他们委任他担任高级职务。 They bought peace with their freedom. 他们牺牲自由换取和平。 They assailed a stupendous fortification. 他们袭击了一个大要塞。 They washed their faces. 他们洗了脸。 They started a wave of buying. 他们掀起一阵抢购浪潮。 They have misgivings about each other. 他们相互猜疑。 Their mutual admiration waxed. 他们相互间的爱慕之情更强烈了。 They planned a surprise-attack on us by night, but suffered heavy casualties. 他们想趁黑夜偷袭我们,没想到损兵折将。 They want to visit other parts of the country. 他们想到外地游览。 They wanted to know when you would go to the park. 他们想知道你们什么时候去公园。 They launched a long-range missile on the enemy. 他们向敌军发射了一枚远程导弹。 They launched an attack on the enemy's left wing, 他们向敌人的左翼发起进攻。 They assaulted the enemy position. 他们向敌人阵地发起冲击。 They waved farewell to their friends on the train. 他们向火车上的朋友挥手告别。 They started an aggression upon us. 他们向我们发动侵略。 They charged us three times, and each time we threw them back with hand grenades. 他们向我们发起了三次冲锋,每次我们都用手榴弹把他们打退了。 They cut down unnecessary expenditure. 他们削减了不必要的开支。 They wiped out an enemy division. 他们消灭了敌人一个师。 Their eyes met and they smiled at the same thought they shared. 他们心心相印地互视而笑。 Their eyes met and they smiled at the same thought they shared. 他们心心相印地互视而笑。 The two brothers had long been separated from and lost touch with each other. 他们兄弟俩失散多年了。 They were bound by a common cause and went through thick and thin together. 他们休戚相关,患难与共。 They had a chat over their old Cambridge days. 他们叙谈在剑桥大学的昔日情景。 They are plotting to overthrow the government. 他们蓄谋推翻政府。 They elected him chairman. 他们选他做主席。 They are jealous of his wealth. 他们眼热他的财富。 They want to find out the cause and effect of the incident. 他们要弄清事情的来龙去脉。 They demanded an end to this abnormal state of affairs. 他们要求终止这种不正常状态。 They would stop the rich from robbing the poor. 他们要制止富人掠夺穷人。 They walked past without stopping, 他们一步不停地走了过去。 They wouldn't listen to reason at all and persisted in entering. 他们一定要进去,简直不可理喻。 They traveled together. 他们一起旅游。 They were climbing to the top of the mountain together. 他们一起向山顶攀登着。 They've done some business together. 他们一起做过生意。 They have exposed the enemy's plot to the light of day. 他们已把敌人的阴谋暴露在光天化日之下。 They have laid all the chairs and desks. 他们已摆放好所有的桌椅。 They have been on familiar terms for a long time. 他们已经相好好久了。 They have got home safe and sound. 他们已平安到家。 They have started drawing up plans. 他们已着手编制计划了。 They plunged into their work with immense zeal. 他们以极大的热情投入工作。 They threatened him with a lawsuit. 他们以诉讼来威胁他。 They are praised for bravery. 他们因勇敢而受到褒奖。 They battled heroically for seven days and nights. 他们英勇地战斗了七昼夜。 They are bold in putting things into practice and blazing new trails. 他们勇于实践,大胆创新。 They use a bridge to measure the impedance of the transducer. 他们用电桥来测量传感器的阻抗。 They tied their prisoner up with a piece of rope. 他们用绳索把犯人捆起来。 They netted the fruit trees to protect them from birds. 他们用网覆盖住果树以使其免遭鸟害。 They are drawing the grand blueprint with their own hands. 他们用自己的双手描绘着宏伟的蓝图。 As they struck out on a new path, they finally succeeded. 他们由于改弦易辙, 终于成功了。 They were reduced to the sorest straits by the failure of the rice crop. 他们由于水稻歉收而陷入极度困厄。 They have increased the price of petrol again. 他们又提高了汽油的价格。 It turned out that they were old acquaintances. 他们原来是老相识。 They made a date to meet soon. 他们约定不久见面。 They asked me for my impressions of the fair tonight. 他们约请我今晚去谈谈对交易会的印象。 They came back winning high praise. 他们载誉而归。 They were scheming to overthrow the government. 他们在策划推翻政府。 They analysed the data and then decided which to choose. 他们在对资料进行分析后, 决定取舍。 They are murmuring in the next room. 他们在隔壁房间里窃窃私语。 They were lost at the sea, at the mercy of the wind and weather. 他们在海上迷了路,任凭风和天气的摆布。 They stopped to talk when they met on the street. 他们在街上相遇时,停下来聊了几句。 They suffered huge losses in the financial crisis. 他们在经济晰时遭受了巨大的损失。 They attained outstanding achievements in science. 他们在科学方面取得了突出的成就。 They worked in the broiling sun. 他们在酷日下干活。 In their fury, they went through the streets wrecking cars. 他们在狂怒中沿街捣毁汽车。 They achieved a corresponding rise in profits. 他们在利润方面获得相应的增长。 They had a talk without the intervention of an interpreter. 他们在没有译员介入的情况下进行会谈。 They settled the accounts at the end of the year. 他们在年终结账。 They were shot when trying to cross the frontier illegally. 他们在企图偷越国境时被击毙。 They are discussing matters concerned with technical cooperation. 他们在洽谈技术合作事宜。 They robbed the bank in broad daylight. 他们在青天白日抢劫银行。 They signed a petition in support of the workers' demands. 他们在请愿书上签名,支持工人的请求。 Last year they filled in the gaps in the fields of science and technology. 他们在去年填补了一项科学技术领域的空白。 They searched the woods for the little boy. 他们在森林中搜寻到了那个小男孩。 How many military bases are they maintaining on foreign soil? 他们在外国保持多少个军事基地? They were collecting signatures for an appeal. 他们在为一项呼吁征集签名。 They slandered us at great length in their articles. 他们在文章中连篇累牍地攻击我们。 They met in May and became lovers soon after. 他们在五月份相遇,不久就成为了情侣。 They spent their childhood in the countryside. 他们在乡下度过了孩童时代。 They walked with difficulty in the snow. 他们在雪地里步履维艰地走着。 They pitched their tents at night. 他们在夜晚安营扎寨。 They traveled under the protection of a number of soldiers. 他们在一些士兵的护卫下旅行。 They played a shameful role in this farce. 他们在这场闹剧中扮演了可耻的角色。 They are here on a three-day visit. 他们在这作为期三天的访问。 They were collecting historical relics. 他们在征集历史文物。 They took the phone off the hook so no calls would disturb them. 他们摘下电话听筒,以免电话打扰他们。 They died in the Battle of Waterloo. 他们战死于滑铁卢战役。 They strove for supremacy under heaven. 他们争雄天下。 They happened to have their instruments with them. 他们正巧带有仪器。 They are grinding wheat into flour. 他们正在把小麦磨成面粉。 They are having dinner in the dining room on the left side of the hall. 他们正在大厅的左首那个房间里用餐。 They are trying by all possible means to raise funds. 他们正在多方设法筹集资金。 They are in research. 他们正在进行研究。 They are working in the farmland. 他们正在农田里工作。 They are raising a fund in support of this good cause. 他们正在为赞助这一有益的事业而集资。 They are learning how to till the field. 他们正在学习耕作知识。 The relations between them have become still more harmonious. 他们之间的关系更融洽了。 The rift between them has not yet been completely healed. 他们之间的裂痕还没有消除。 The air was heavy between them. 他们之间的气氛很紧张。 A duel took place between them. 他们之间进行了一场决斗。 They are rather estranged from each other. 他们之间有些隔膜。 They bought the machine directly from the manufacturer. 他们直接从厂商那里购买了这台机器。 They made a whole set of management methods. 他们制定了一整套的管理方法。 At last they won their victory. 他们终于赢得了胜利。 They lived in a valley. 他们住在一个山谷里。 They are going to guard the pass. 他们准备去扼守关口。 They finished the work by themselves. 他们自己完成了这项工作。 They have been good friends since childhood. 他们自幼就是好朋友。 They are renting a furnished flat. 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司