翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 他们租用了一套带有家具的公寓房子。 Finally, they arrived at an agreement. 他们最后终于达成了协议。 Suddenly he remembered the past event. 他猛然想起了那件往事。 He vainly hopes to travel around the world on foot. 他梦想步行周游世界。 He dreamed of making a fortune. 他梦想发大财。 He lost his way, which delayed him considerably. 他迷了路,这使他耽搁了很久。 He was lost in the deep and quiet forest. 他迷失在这幽深的山林里。 He urged his students to work hard. 他勉励学生努力学习。 He stood unyielding and unafraid against the enemy. 他面对敌人,英勇无畏。 He acquiesced in the plans his parents had made for him. 他默认了父母为他所做的安排。 He lacks foresight. 他目光短视。 He has a broad vision. 他目光远大。 He is now on a brief visit to England. 他目前正在英国作短期访问。 He was overweening and displayed his slight skill before an expert on a public occasion. 他目中无人,在大庭广众之下班门弄斧。 He took his hat and then left. 他拿起帽子,随即离开了。 All his plans that harbored evil intentions went wrong. 他那包藏祸心的全部计划都失败了。 I can't compliment him on his English. 他那几句英语,我实在不敢恭维。 His thick black hair is admirable. 他那满头浓密的黑发真令人羡慕。 He's so arbitrary and tyrannical that no one wants to work for him. 他那么专横跋扈,没人愿意为他工作。 He was then depressed and in despair. 他那时沮丧郁闷,情绪低落。 He has a pair of gleaming, penetrating eyes. 他那双眸子炯炯有神。 His dignified expression often inspired others with awe. 他那威严的神情,常常令人生畏。 His cruel remarks cut me deeply. 他那无情的话太伤我的心了。 His forceful arguments reduced his opponents to silence. 他那有力的论点驳得对手哑口无言。 He is able to help people in trouble. 他能急人之难。 He can remember events in the past. 他能记得已往的事情。 He can run as fast as I can. 他能跑得和我一样快。 He is considerate of other people's feelings. 他能体谅别人的感情。 He is nearly 50, but has accomplished nothing. 他年近50, 却一事无成。 He is near forty. 他年近四十。 He is old, fat and indolent. 他年老体胖,疏懒怠惰。 He's old and infirm, and his movements are getting slower and slower. 他年迈体衰,举动越来越缓慢。 There were many servants in his house when he was young. 他年轻的时候,家里有许多佣人。 He is advanced in years. 他年事已高。 He twisted a twig and broke it. 他扭断了一根细树枝。 He sought honor through fraud and deception. 他弄虚作假,骗取荣誉。 He could hardly contain his anger. 他怒不可遏。 He looked at me with an evil eye. 他怒气冲冲地看着我。 He met an old friend by chance. 他偶然遇见一个老朋友。 He was afraid of being bugged, and didn't dare to talk over the phone. 他怕有人窃听,不敢在电话里说。 He dispatched a messenger to go abroad. 他派遣使者到国外去。 He calculated the cost of the journey. 他盘算着旅游费用。 He came in first in the 100-meter dash. 他跑百米得了第一。 After running 10000 meters, he was soaked through with sweat. 他跑了一万米之后,汗流浃背。 He ran down the stairs. 他跑下楼梯。 He buys at wholesale and sells at retail. 他批发买进再零售卖出。 He is very short-tempered. 他脾气特别毛躁。 He deceived me into signing the papers. 他骗我在文件上签了字。 He worked hard for fear that he might be fired by the boss. 他拼命地干活惟恐被老板解雇。 He tried hard to fish for political capital. 他拼命捞取政治资本。 He excels in virtue. 他品德高尚。 He is low in moral character. 他品格不好。 He has good conduct. 他品行端正。 Smiling placidly, he told me the past. 他平和地微笑着, 对我说起了往事。 He lived simply and worked hard all his life. 他平生艰苦朴素。 He didn't practice hard, so that he failed the marksmanship test. 他平时训练不刻苦, 以致射击考核没有及格。 He is usually very quiet. 他平素就不爱说话。 He was sitting there peacefully and quietly . 他平心静气地坐在那里。 The matter was done against his will. 他迫不得已才这样做。 He went bankrupt and was sold up. 他破产了,他的财产被变卖偿债。 His wife born him a son. 他妻子给他生了一个儿子。 He begged for mercy. 他乞求宽恕。 He attempted to soften the antagonism of the strikers. 他企图软化罢工者的敌对情绪。 He drew up a brief for his speech. 他起草了一份讲话的概要。 He sued for damages. 他起诉要求损害赔偿。 He was trembling with rage. 他气得发抖。 He was too angry and resentful to say a word. 他气恨得说不出话来。 He climbed the tree exactly like a cat. 他恰如猫一样轻巧地爬上树。 He happened to be saved by a good person and was brought back to life again. 他恰遇好人相助, 得以生还。 He has come to muster the beaten generals and remnant soldiers. 他前来收拾这些残兵败将。 He devotes himself to science. 他潜心研究科学。 He stole out of the house without anyone seeing him. 他悄悄地溜出了房子,没有人看见他。 He raised his head and looked up into the starry sky. 他翘首星空。 He raised his head and looked up at the skyscraper. 他翘望摩天大楼。 He said it himself. 他亲口说的。 He is ever so diligent. 他勤奋极了。 He was assiduous in performance of duty. 他勤勉地履行职责。 He was gently stroking my hair. 他轻轻地抚摩着我的头发。 He was bending over and caught the schoolbag from inside the hole at last. 他倾斜着身体,终于将书包从洞里取出来。 He is willing to wait. 他情愿等待。 He was too poor to buy a new coat. 他穷得无法买新衣。 He submitted to the unjust treatment. 他屈服于这种不公平的待遇。 He caters to those in power in order to seek for a high position and handsome salary. 他趋炎附势,以求高官厚禄。 He went to the court to file a suit. 他去法院告状。 He was admitted to the Party last year. 他去年入党了。 He went to the cherry orchard to see flowers. 他去樱桃园看花。 He has established his theory. 他确立了他的学说。 He was infected with cholera. 他染上了霍乱。 He gave us a taste of his skill. 他让我们领略了他的功夫。 He is eager for you to meet his friends. 他热切希望你见见他的朋友。 He entered into our plans with zest. 他热心地参加我们的计划。 He hankers after personal fame and gains. 他热衷于个人名利。 He hankered after personal fame and gain. 他热衷于个人名利。 He is a most amiable fellow. 他人很随和。 He's a person of excellent character. 他人品很好。 His resounding voice continued to echo in my ears long after he was out of sight. 他人走远了,但他响亮的声音仍在我耳边回荡。 He suffered torments from an aching tooth. 他忍受着牙痛的折磨。 He recognized his mother's handwriting on the envelope. 他认出信封上他母亲的手记。 He thought college would develop his intellect. 他认为上大学会发展他的才智。 He thinks he's something. 他认为他了不起。 He considered it a gross insult. 他认为这是莫大的侮辱。 His attitude toward acknowledgement of his guilt was good and he was dealt with leniently. 他认罪态度很好,被从轻发落。 He thought of his lover day and night. 他日日夜夜思慕着他的情人。 He won the championship. 他荣获冠军。 His face is glowing with health. 他容光焕发。 His face glows with health. 他容光焕发。 He rubbed his hands to keep them warm. 他揉搓着双手来取暖。 He reformed with keen determination. 他锐意改革。 He made mistakes again and again. 他三番五次地出问题。 He is a little over thirty. 他三十刚出头。 He peeped into the room foolishly. 他傻头傻脑地向屋里张望。 He told me with affected seriousness that he would go abroad to make further studies. 他煞有介事地告诉我他将出国深造。 He is gifted with a silver tongue. 他善于辞令。 He is good at confounding black and white and telling lies. 他善于颠倒黑白, 睁着眼睛说瞎话。 He is good at watching his manager's every mood so as to hit on what he likes. 他善于对经理察言观色以便投其所好。 He is good at breeding livestock. 他擅长畜养家畜。 He is inexpressibly sad. 他伤心得无法形容。 He attended a university for his teaching certificate. 他上大学以获得教师证书。 He tried to ingratiate himself with his girl friend. 他设法取悦于他的女朋友。 He shot arrows one by one, but each missed. 他射了一箭又一箭,但都未射中。 He pleaded that he was not guilty. 他申辩自己无罪。 He experienced great difficulty in getting a visa to leave the country. 他申请出国签证经历了很大的困难。 He raised his arm to protect his child from hurt. 他伸出手去,堡他的孩子免受伤害。 His height makes him stand out in the crowd. 他身材高大,因此在人群中很突出。 He is tall and sturdy. 他身材魁梧。 He was slight of figure. 他身材瘦小。 He's bedridden throughout the year with a lingering, obstinate disease. 他身患痼疾,常年缠绵病榻。 He suffered from an incurable disease. 他身患绝症。 The bodyguards at his side are all skilled and capable. 他身旁的警卫个个精明强干。 He is tall in stature. 他身躯高大。 He had had a sad life. 他身世凄凉。 He has already recovered. 他身体已经复原了。 He has an empty purse, but a free heart. 他身无分文,但无忧无虑。 He leant aslant against the wall. 他身子歪斜着依靠在墙上。 He is in deep love with his girl friend. 他深深爱恋着他的女朋友。 He trampled on her feelings deeply. 他深深地践踏了她的感情。 He examined it closely over and over, but still declined to give any comment. 他审视再三,未置可否。 He was expert in making money. 他生财有道。 He led a miserable life. 他生活很凄苦。 He lived in affluence. 他生活优裕。 He lives in a state of extreme poverty. 他生活在极度穷困中。 Living in luxurious surroundings, he spends money like water. 他生活在奢侈的环境中,挥金如土。 He had courage in his blood. 他生来就有胆量。 He was afraid of waking up his roommate. 他生怕吵醒了住在同室的人。 He is cold-blooded by nature. 他生性冷酷。 He accounted his unhappy experience in tearful voice. 他声泪俱下地诉说了自己的不幸遭遇。 He put his ability to good use and did a good job. 他施展本领干好工作。 He is so weak that he cannot speak above a whisper. 他十分虚弱,讲话声音低得象耳语。 He realized his ambition. 他实现了他的志向。 He is a great man indeed. 他实在是一个伟人。 He flatly denied the charge. 他矢口否认这个指控。 He did all he could do to win her favor. 他使出浑身的解数向她买好。 He does everything by rule. 他事事墨守成规。 He crossed me in everything. 他事事阻挠我。 He prepared his paper beforehand. 他事先准备好了论文。 Having succeeded in his career, he returned in glory to his old home. 他事业成功后荣归故里。 He's one of the top students in the class. 他是班上的尖子。 He was selected out of many graduates. 他是从许多毕业生中选拔出来的。 He is a victorious commander returning from the arena of war. 他是从战场凯旋归来的司令。 He ranks high as a scholar. 他是第一流的学者。 He's an underling of the gang leader. 他是匪首的爪牙。 He's a spendthrift. 他是个败家子。 He is the kind of person who will not stop until he reaches his goal. 他是个不达目的决不罢休的人。 He is a man serious in speech and manner, and likes to be alone. 他是个不苟言笑的人,总喜欢独自一人。 He is an ignorant and incompetent guy. 他是个不学无术之徒。 He does not like to trouble others. 他是个不愿给别人添麻烦的人。 He is a young lad with plenty of vigor. 他是个充满活力的小伙子。 He is a person of exceptional ability. 他是个出众的人才。 He is a fledgling writer. 他是个初出茅庐的作家。 He was a man of intelligence and of firmness of will. 他是个聪明而又意志坚定的人。 He is an artist of great name. 他是个大名鼎鼎的艺术家。 He's a local despot, stopping at nothing in doing evil. 他是个恶霸,无恶不作。 He failed to be loyal to his love. 他是个负心人。 He is a bold thinker, with lots of original ideas. 他是个敢于思考的人,富有创新观点。 He is honest and frank, and always says everything he knows without reserve. 他是个耿直之人,一向知无不言,言无不尽。 He's a pampered son of a wealthy family, spending money like water. 他是个公子哥儿,挥金似土。 He is a heartless man. 他是个寡情薄义的人。 He's a good person, cheating neither the old nor the young. 他是个好人,童叟无欺。 He is a man of fine breeding. 他是个很有教养的人。 He's a playboy. 他是个花花公子。 He's a slippery fellow. 他是个滑头。 He is a writer of great endowment. 他是个极有禀赋的作家。 He is jealous of talent. 他是个嫉贤妒能的人。 He's a crackerjack at technical innovations. 他是个技术革新能手。 He is a strong man. 他是个健壮的人。 He's a drunkard. 他是个酒鬼。 He is a slave to drink. 他是个酒鬼。 He is a sluggard. 他是个懒汉。 He's a dissipated youth. 他是个浪荡子。 He's an old miser. 他是个老财迷。 He is an old man of fatuousness. 他是个老朽昏庸之人。 He's an old pedant. 他是个老学究。 He is given to doing charitable work. 他是个乐善好施的人。 He is an unfeeling brute. 他是个冷酷无情的衣冠禽兽。 He is an unfeeling brute! 他是个冷酷无情的衣冠禽兽。 He is unworthy of the title engineer. 他是个名不符实的工程师。 He's a tax collector of unsullied reputation. 他是个名声清白的税务员。 He is a creature of habit. 他是个墨守成规的人。 He is an undeservingly honored politician. 他是个欺世盗名的政客。 He is man with artful speech and flashy manners. 他是个巧言令色的人。 He is a warm-hearted man, responding to every plea. 他是个热心人,有求必应。 He's a person who is getting on in years. 他是个上了年岁的人。 He is a robust young man. 他是个身体健壮的小伙子。 He is a man of solid build. 他是个身体结实的人。 He is a highly competent teacher. 他是个十分称职的教师。 He was a mean fellow of the marketplace. 他是个市井小人。 He's a snob, deceiving his superiors and delude his subordinates. 他是个势力小人,欺上瞒下。 He's stubborn and turns a deaf ear to all the advice. 他是个死心眼,谁的话也听不进去。 He's a good all-rounder who likes tennis, basket-ball, and swimming. 他是个体育全才,网球、篮球、游泳,样样都好。 He's a snob of the first water. 他是个头号势利小人。 He is a foreign exchange broker. 他是个外汇经纪人。 He is a steady fellow. 他是个稳重的人。 He's a shameless person. 他是个无耻之徒。 He is an incapable person. 他是个无能之辈。 He is a man without a heart. 他是个无情的人。 He's a man of regular features. 他是个五官端正的人。 He was a person with sinister designs. 他是个心术不正的人。 He is a lucky dog. 他是个幸运的家伙。 He is a lucky dog. 他是个幸运儿。 He is a man who is faithful in keeping his word. 他是个言而有信的人。 He's an insidious enemy. 他是个阴险的敌人。 He is a slippery customer. 他是个油滑的家伙。 He is a man of breeding. 他是个有教养的人。 He is a man of courage. 他是个有气魄的人。 He's a pedant. 他是个迂夫子。 He's a man whose avarice knows no bounds. 他是个欲壑难填的人。 He is a very fine musician. 他是个卓越的音乐家。 He's a founder of the republic. 他是共和国的缔造者。 He is an official in the Ministry of Defense. 他是国防部的官员。 He's expert at computer software. 他是计算机软件方面的行家里手。 He is a teacher. 他是教师。 He's an initiator of Beijing opera reform. 他是京剧改革的倡导者。 He was one of the founders of the state. 他是开国元勋之一。 He made a career for himself by dealing in munitions. 他是靠贩卖军火发迹的。 He's an honored guest from France. 他是来自法国的尊贵客人。 He is one of the aristocrats in decline. 他是没落的贵族。 He is a clear speaker. 他是名条理清楚的演说家。 He was a backstage manipulator. 他是幕后人物。 He was an idol of mine in those days. 他是那个年月我崇拜的偶像。 He left last year and has been away ever since. 他是去年走的, 此后就一直不曾回来。 He is the man of the day. 他是时下的风云人物。 He is the richest man in the world. 他是世界上最富有的人。 He is a man honored by the whole world. 他是受到全世界尊敬的人。 He moved into this house in April. 他是四月份搬进这所房子的。 He was chosen by general election. 他是通过普选推选出来的。 He's an ironhanded person ruling over the country. 他是统治这个国家的铁腕人物。 He joined the army last year. 他是头年参军的。 He is a Beijing native. 他是土生土长的北京人。 He is the most suitable person for the job. 他是完成这项工作最适当的人选。 He is a writer of great literary and artistic talent. 他是位很有才华的作家。 He is an experienced editor and knows how to get essentials from a large mass of materials. 他是位很有经验的编辑, 知道如何披沙拣金。 He is an outstanding scientist. 他是位杰出的科学家。 He was a mediocre writer. 他是位平庸的作家。 He is an art consultant. 他是位艺术顾问。 He is my sometime boss. 他是我从前的上司。 He is my good teacher and helpful friend. 他是我的良师益友。 He is my trusted follower. 他是我的亲信。 He is a distant cousin of mine. 他是我的一位远房表亲。 He is a distant cousin of mine. 他是我的远房表亲。 He is a famous contemporary educator in our country. 他是我国当代著名的教育家。 He was a prominent figure in modern times of Chinese history. 他是我国近代史上的杰出人物。 He is an example for us to follow. 他是我们学习的典范。 He is the head of our school. 他是我们学校的校长。 He is free from blame. 他是无可责怪的。 He was born in May. 他是五月份出生的。 He is the hope of his school. 他是学校的希望。 He was a learned and accomplished worthy. 他是一个博雅君子。 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 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