翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 He is a man of great wisdom. 他是一个才智超群的人。 He is a serious young man. 他是一个持重的年轻人。 He's a young man of noble birth. 他是一个出身高贵的青年。 He's an honest peasant. 他是一个淳朴的庄稼人。 He is a rogue. No one believes him. 他是一个刁民,没有人相信他。 He is a sentimental person. 他是一个多愁善感的人。 He is a tall boy. 他是一个高大的男孩。 He is a painter of street scenes. 他是一个画街景的画家。 He's a crafty and evil person. 他是一个奸邪之人。 He's a noble man of moral integrity. 他是一个节操高尚的人。 He's a debauchee. 他是一个酒色之徒。 He is a man of soldierly bearing. 他是一个具有军人风范的男子。 He's a double-dealer. Don't believe him. 他是一个两面派,不要相信他。 He is an able man. 他是一个能人。 He's a person of noble nature and unsullied character. 他是一个品性高洁的人。 He is a cavalryman. 他是一个骑兵。 He's an unbearably vulgar person. 他是一个俗不可耐的人。 He is broad-minded. 他是一个心胸宽阔的人。 He is a short man with the physique of a swimmer. 他是一个形体像游泳运动员的矮个子男子。 He was a statesman with a great mind. 他是一个胸怀开阔的政治家。 He is a little man with a little mind. 他是一个胸襟狭小的小人。 He is a fat-witted fellow. 他是一个愚鲁之徒。 He's a man of loyalty and chastity. 他是一个忠贞之士。 He is a noble-minded patriot. 他是一名爱国志士。 He is a member of the Labor Party. 他是一名工党党员。 He is one of the State Councilors. 他是一名国务委员。 He was a specially appointed correspondent. 他是一名特派记者。 He is an impartial and incorruptible judge. 他是一名铁面无私的法官。 He is a scholar who has wide learning and a retentive memory. 他是一位博闻强记的学者。 He is a poet of profound learning. 他是一位才高八斗的诗人。 He's a talented and wise man of our time. 他是一位当代俊哲。 He's a student who has both ability and political integrity. 他是一位德才兼备的学生。 He was a liberal giver to charities. 他是一位对慈善事业慷慨解囊的施舍者。 He is a veteran of the law. 他是一位法律界元老。 He is an honest and frank person. 他是一位耿介之士。 He's an honest and frank official. 他是一位耿介之士。 He was an honored guest. 他是一位贵宾。 He is a poet of great renown. 他是一位赫赫有名的诗人。 He's an honest and kind peasant. 他是一位厚道的农民。 He is a scholar with a broad mind. 他是一位旷达之士。 He's a model worker. 他是一位劳动模范。 He's a member of good cadre, honest in performing his official duties. 他是一位廉洁奉公的好干部。 He is a highly skilled doctor who can effect a miraculous cure and bring the dying back to life. 他是一位妙手回春的神医。 He is a highly skilled doctor who can effect a miraculous cure and bring the dying back to life. 他是一位妙手回春的神医。 He is a novelist who can vividly describe a landscape. 他是一位能够生动地描绘风景的小说家。 He's a pious adherent of Buddhism. 他是一位虔诚的佛教徒。 He's a kind old man. 他是一位仁慈的老人。 He was a diminutive commander. 他是一位身材矮小的司令官。 He was a much experienced veteran general. 他是一位身经百战的宿将。 He is a business tycoon. 他是一位实业界巨子。 He was a gaunt old man. 他是一位瘦削的老人。 He's an unsullied tax collector. 他是一位一身清白的税务员。 He is a Doctor of Philosophy. 他是一位哲学博士。 He's an honest peasant. 他是一位正直的农民。 He is a friend who will give forthright admonition and a teacher who is strict with his students. 他是一位诤友严师。 He is an authority on modern Chinese history. 他是一位中国近代史的权威。 He's an old man who is intelligent and resourceful. 他是一位足智多谋的老叟。 He joins the staff on my invitation. 他是应我邀请加入这个班子来工作的。 He's a new badminton star. 他是羽毛球新星。 He is the commander in chief of an expedition. 他是远征队的统帅。 He is temporarily acting for her in that post. 他是暂时代理她的职务。 He kept the seal. 他是掌印的。 He is a top student in the school. 他是这所学校里的优等生。 He was a pioneer of china's aerospace industry. 他是中国航天工业的拓荒者。 He was one of the founders of oncological research in china. 他是中国肿瘤学研究的创始人。 He is the chief aid. 他是主要助理。 He paid for it out of his own pocket. 他是自己掏腰包的。 He is the best of teachers. 他是最好的老师。 It's he who will give the final decision. 他是最后拍板的人。 He came down with illness last night and is still under emergency treatment. 他是昨天夜里发的病,现在还在抢救。 He happened to be present at the right moment and saw the mirage. 他适逢其会看到了海市蜃楼。 He got a threatening letter. 他收到一封恐吓信。 He was wounded in the arm. 他手臂受伤。 He came into the room with a sword in his hand. 他手里拿着剑走进了房间。 He died a natural death. So did his regime. 他寿终正寝了,他的政权也随之寿终正寝了。 He's popular among the elders and brethren. 他受到父老兄弟的欢迎。 He was examined by the police. 他受到警察的盘问。 He was examined by the police. 他受到警察的盘问。 He was quite pleased to be praised by the teacher. 他受到老师的表扬心里乐滋滋的。 He was given a dry reception. 他受到冷淡的接待。 He has enjoyed a splendid education. 他受到良好教育。 He received a penalty. 他受到了处分。 He enjoyed the esteem of his friends. 他受到朋友们的敬重。 He was repressed by his boss. 他受到上司的压制。 He was the victim of a false alarm. 他受了一场虚惊。 He expressed earnest love to his motherland. 他抒发了对祖国的挚爱之情。 He expressed deep love of his country. 他抒发了强烈的爱国热情。 He performs perfectly on the piano. 他熟练地演奏钢琴。 He broke a bone in his leg. 他摔断了一根腿骨。 It was only reasonable that he became the general manager. 他顺理成章的当上了总经理。 What he said is clear and logical, but what he did isn't the way it is at all. 他说得头头是道, 但做起来根本不是那么回事。 There is not a particle of truth in what he says. 他说的没一句真话。 There is no truth in what he says. 他说的没有一句实话。 He pondered his words thoroughly. 他说的每一句话都仔细琢磨过。 Never mind what he said. 他说的那些话,你别在意。 The jokes he told were quite obscene. 他说的笑话很下流。 He spoke with an American accent. 他说话带着美国英语口音。 He speaks just like a VIP. 他说话的口气俨然是个大人物。 He is a witty talker. 他说话很有风趣。 He speaks with biting sarcasm. 他说话尖刻。 He speaks in a humorous and implicit vein. 他说话幽默含蓄。 He talks incoherently. 他说话语无伦次。 He is outspoken in his remarks. 他说话直率。 He speaks glibly. 他说起话来油腔滑调的。 He said he would come, he didn't, though. 他说他要来,可是并没有来。 He speaks British English. 他说英国英语。 He is free from any bias. 他丝毫不偏心。 A myriad of thoughts welled up in his mind. 他思绪万千。 He is dead set on following you. 他死心塌地跟你走。 He died on the eve of victory. 他死于胜利前夕。 He looked around but could see nobody. 他四处望了一下,看不到什么人。 He seems to know everything. 他似乎什么都懂。 He seems an energetic person. 他似乎是一个精力充沛的人。 He gave a bunch of flowers to his girlfriend. 他送给女友一束花。 Though nearly at the age of fifty, he still retains childlike innocence. 他虽年近半百,但仍童心未泯。 Aged as he is, he may well serve as a consultant, for an old hand is a good guide. 他虽年迈, 但老马识途, 作为顾问总是可以的。 She is not very clever but she is painstaking. 他虽然不很聪明,但很刻苦。 He led a thrifty and simple life although he was an official. 他虽然当官,但生活俭朴。 Though he made some mistakes, he is not devoid of any merit. 他虽然犯了错误, 但并非一无是处。 With all his riches he is unhappy. 他虽然富裕,但生活并不快乐。 Quick-witted as he was, he was stumped by this question. 他虽然机智,竟被这个问题弄得哑口无言。 He may not be a man of ability, but he is a firm and yielding sticker. 他虽然没有多大本领,但他是个坚韧不拔的人。 He didn't pass the exam, but it was a good attempt. 他虽然没有通过考试,但他做了很大的努力。 Although he is a famous writer, he is still as common as an old shoe. 他虽然是个名作家,却平易近人。 He would turn around and strike at any moment. 他随时都会反戈一击。 What he said was out-and-out lie. 他所说的彻头彻尾是谎言。 What he said were all words from the depths of his heart. 他所说的都是肺腑之言。 Danger attended everything he did. 他所做的每一件事都有危险。 He's much too peremptory to cooperate with others. 他太蛮横,没法跟人合作。 He was too young to know the way of the world. 他太小,还不懂世情。 He's too mean to buy us a meal. 他太小气,不肯请我们吃饭。 He was rude and unreasonable. 他态度强横。 He was insatiably avaricious; the more he got, the more he wanted to have. 他贪得无厌,得寸进尺。 He gave cheerfulness to the feast by pleasant talk. 他谈笑风生,给宴会带来愉快的气氛。 He is dignified, and open and aboveboard. 他堂堂正正,光明正大。 He lay on a sofa, reading a book. 他躺在沙发上看书。 He listened with pleasure to the beautiful music. 他陶醉在美妙的音乐中。 The material he supplied is too sketchy. 他提供的材料过于简略。 He mentioned the Japanese annexation of Korea in 1910. 他提及1910年日本对朝鲜的吞并。 He proposed an exhibition of works of art. 他提议举办美术展览会。 He is frank by nature. 他天性爽直。 In deceiving that girl, he was devoid of all sense of shame. 他恬不知耻地欺骗那个女孩子。 He sowed discord between you and me. 他挑拨我们两人之间的关系。 He explained the problem clearly by analyzing it point by point. 他条分缕析地把问题讲清楚。 He turned around as he heard a noise behind him. 他听到身后有响声,便转过身来。 He quite enjoys a happy life. 他挺享福的。 He struggled with the ruffian. 他同歹徒进行了搏斗。 He struggled with his assailants and eventually drove them off. 他同攻击他的人进行搏斗,最后把他们赶走了。 He consented to the proposal. 他同意这项建议。 He commanded his troops, who marched forward as reinforcements. 他统帅所属部队前往增援。 He was painfully aware that the family was divided in its attitude. 他痛苦地意识到一家人的看法有分歧。 He readily agreed. 他痛快地答应了。 He is confused in mind. 他头脑混乱。 He's very smart and discerns what others don't. 他头脑精明,独具慧眼。 He gave me a fright by bursting into a sudden laughter. 他突然大笑起来,吓了我一跳。 Suddenly he had a strange feeling, 他突然感到一种异样的感觉。 He made an excuse and did not come to the party this evening. 他推脱有事,没有参加今天的晚会。 He pushed me and I fell over. 他推我,我跌了下来。 He walked back with decadent sentiments. 他颓废地走了回来。 He was pulling a basket of apples into a hut. 他拖着一筐苹果进了小屋。 He has a rough outside, but a good heart. 他外表粗鲁,心地善良。 He has a decent appearance. 他外表体面。 I saw through his game. 他玩的把戏我都看穿了。 He thumbed his nose at the world and often complained. 他玩世不恭,经常发牢骚。 He led a miserable and dreary life in old age. 他晚景凄凉。 He was virile in his old age. 他晚年身体硬朗。 He graciously declined all the visits. 他婉言谢绝了一切来访。 These gifts were forced upon him. 他万不得已接受了这些礼物。 He was not like that before. 他往常不这样。 He put some sugar into his coffee. 他往咖啡里加了些糖。 He added a small amount of water into the test tube. 他往试管中加入了少量的水。 He had spoiled the soup by putting in too much salt. 他往汤里放盐太多,把汤给糟蹋了。 He did not hesitate to sacrifice his all for protecting his motherland. 他为保卫祖国不惜牺牲自己的一切。 He felt dejected because of that. 他为此而黯然神伤。 He has committed many towering crimes. 他为非作歹,罪恶滔天。 He was an honest and incorruptible official. 他为官清廉。 He did many good things for his country. 他为国家做了许多好事。 He lay down his life for his country. 他为国捐躯。 He was sorry for her and tried to cheer her up. 他为她感到难过,并试图使她振作起来。 He sacrificed his life to rescue another. 他为了救别人牺牲了自己的宝贵生命。 He is going to live by the coast for the sake of his health. 他为了自己的健康,打算到海滨地区去居住。 He was infatuated with the beautiful girl. 他为那姑娘的美貌所倾倒。 He is cautious in order to get promoted. 他为求升迁而小心谨慎。 He's mean and extremely unpopular. 他为人刻薄,人缘儿很坏。 He is honest but slow of speech. 他为人木讷。 He is free and easy. 他为人洒脱。 He is very amiable and flexible. 他为人随和,办事圆通。 He's frank and open with people. 他为人坦率。 He's sinister and ruthless, and has entrapped many innocent people. 他为人阴险毒辣,坑害过很多无辜的好人。 He is honest and upright. 他为人正派。 He's honest and upright. 他为人正派。 He is kindly and simple-hearted. 他为人忠厚老实。 He is kindly and simple-hearted. 他为人忠厚老实。 He is simple and honest. 他为人忠厚质朴。 He is ashamed of what he said. 他为他说的话感到愧疚。 He set us an example of plain living. 他为我们树立了简朴生活的榜样。 He was a martyr for his faith. 他为自己的信仰而殉难。 He married her against the will of his parents. 他违背父母的意愿与她结了婚。 His only diversion is an occasional game of tennis. 他唯一的消遣是偶尔打一场网球。 He disguised himself as a missionary. 他伪装成传教士。 He told her the news in a mild tone. 他委婉地把消息告诉了她。 He told her the news in a mild tone. 他委婉地把消息告诉了她。 He did it without permission. 他未经许可就做了此事。 He has never heard of that before. 他未曾听说过那事。 He is tender and gentle. 他温柔敦厚。 He is a man of exceptional literary talent. 他文采出众。 He is well versed in both polite letters and martial arts and is almost omnipotent. 他文武双全, 几乎无所不能。 He kissed his wife and children good-bye. 他吻别他的妻子和孩子。 He kissed her on the lips. 他吻了她的嘴唇。 He incriminated innocent people. 他诬赖好人。 He is blind to the probable results of his behavior. 他无法了解他的行为可能带来什么后果。 He couldn't gratify his own passion. 他无法满足自己的情欲。 He is always steady and reliable in whatever he does. He is really well-cultured. 他无论做什么事总是非常稳重,不急躁,的确很有修养。 He is extremely skillful in martial arts. 他武功超群。 In western dress and leather shoes, he assumed solemn airs. 他西装革履,道貌岸然。 He hoped to hold the family together through the difficult period. 他希望维系家人团结,渡过困难时期。 He wants me to go with him. 他希望我同他一起去。 He saved his daughter from the fire but at the cost of his own life. 他牺牲了生命,把女儿从大火中救出来。 He has a pain in the knee. 他膝盖酸痛。 He is fond of worldly enjoyments. 他喜爱世俗的享乐。 He likes to eat chocolate drops. 他喜欢吃巧克力糖球。 He prefers opera to symphonic music. 他喜欢歌剧胜过交响乐。 He enjoys watching a volleyball match. 他喜欢观看排球比赛。 He likes swimming in high summer. 他喜欢在盛夏游泳。 He likes to drink red wine at supper. 他喜欢在晚饭时喝红葡萄酒。 Is he home from work? 他下班回家了吗? He set his heart on pursuing his studies abroad. 他下决心到国外求学。 When he plays chess, he is calm and collected. He really has presence. 他下棋的时候,镇定从容,气度不凡。 Terror rooted him to the ground. 他吓得呆若木鸡。 Terror rooted him to the ground. 他吓得呆若木鸡。 He was scared out of his wits. 他吓得失魂落魄。 He swims every day during the summer. 他夏天每天游泳。 He left first and she left soon afterwards. 他先走的,她随后也走了。 Apparently he wanted to be close to those common people. 他显然想接近那些平民。 He shows quality of leadership. 他显示出领导才能。 He nearly died in an air crash. 他险些在飞机失事中遇难。 He has stopped working and leads a very easy life. 他现在不做事了,过着很舒服的日子。 At present, he was a person straitened in his circumstances. 他现在处境困窘。 He has gained ease in writing English. 他现在写英文已很流畅。 He is riding on the crest of success. 他现在真是春风得意。 He is writing a letter now. 他现在正在写信。 He was steeped in crimes. 他陷入罪恶深渊。 He was quite young. 他相当年轻。 He felt confident that his injustices would be righted. 他相信他的冤屈会受到昭雪的。 He inquired closely into it. 他详细地查问了这件事。 He wanted to get his problem off his chest, but there was no one to whom he could pour it out. 他想把闷在心里的问题讲出来,但找不到一个可以倾诉的人。 He wanted to be a highly skilled doctor who would be able to bring the dying back to life. 他想成为一名能起死回生的神医。 He thought out a good way to overcome the difficulty. 他想出了一个解决困难的妙法。 He wants to be famous---he is tired of being nobody. 他想出名,无名小卒他当腻了。 Trying to be a peacemaker between them, he tried to be clever only to end up with a blunder. 他想当他们之间的调解人, 却弄巧成拙。 His wish to be an actor has come true. 他想当演员的愿望实现了。 He thought it in detail. 他想得很细致。 He was very thoughtful. 他想得很周到。 He has an ulterior motive for wanting to see her. 他想见她是别有用心的。 He wants to run for the presidency. 他想竞选总统。 He thought it over and over and finally hit upon a good idea. 他想来想去, 总算想出了一个好主意。 He tried to use the scandal to blackmail me. 他想利用这种丑闻敲诈我。 It took him quite a while to recall who I was. 他想了半晌才想起我是谁。 He wanted to know the ins and outs of the matter. 他想了解那件事情的前前后后。 When he wanted to do something, nobody could stop him. 他想做什么事, 谁也阻拦不住。 He dictated letters to his clerk. 他向办事员口授信稿。 He looked out of the window. 他向窗外看去。 He was looking up and down the road as if he were expecting someone. 他向大道上张望着,好像在等待着什么人。 He threw a stone into the lake. 他向湖里扔了一块石头。 He gave her an admiring glance. 他向她投以敬慕的一瞥。 He rendered a report to the manager. 他向经理做了汇报。 He fawned on his boss in order to be promoted. 他向老板谄媚以求一官半职。 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司