翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 He expressed the thoughts and feelings to his friends. 他向朋友抒发情怀。 He went forth into the desert to pray. 他向前走到沙漠中祈祷。 He offered them a new contract. 他向他们提出一份新合同。 He addressed the audience in an eloquent speech. 他向听众发表了雄辩的演说。 He assigned and explained a task to us. 他向我们交代了任务。 He waved goodbye to us again and again. 他向我们频频挥手告别。 He told us his troubles. 他向我们诉说了他的不幸。 He gave me some good advice. 他向我提了一些很好的意见。 He was trying to provoke me. 他向我挑衅。 He applied to the bank for a delay of payment. 他向银行申请缓期付款。 He is as timid as a sheep. 他象绵羊一样怯懦。 He's sly as a fox. 他像狐狸般狡猾。 He disappeared in the dense fog. 他消失在浓雾里。 He has served in the company for three years. 他效力于这个公司已经3年。 He looked at me smilingly. 他笑迷迷地看着我。 He told me the news with a laugh. 他笑着告诉我这个消息。 He looked at the baby with a smile. 他笑着看着这个婴儿。 He leant on the back of the sofa. 他斜靠在沙发的背上。 He weighed every word when he wrote the report. 他写那篇报告时字斟句酌。 He has a facile imagination in writing. 他写文章才思敏捷。 He is always loading his writing with fancy phrases. 他写文章常堆砌辞藻。 He has a kind heart. 他心地善良。 He is worried and confused and at a loss what to do. 他心烦意乱,不知所从。 He nursed an aspiration to be a poet. 他心怀当诗人的愿望。 He is very pleased with himself. 他心里美滋滋的。 He was utterly confused and couldn't fall asleep. 他心乱如麻,难以入睡。 He is broad-minded. 他心胸坦荡。 His state of mind was not at ease. 他心绪不宁。 He accepted our invitation with pleasure. 他欣然接受了我们的邀请。 He gladly set pen to paper. 他欣然命笔。 His new enterprise is full of life and has a bright future. 他新生的事业生气勃勃,前途光明。 He pledged in all sincerity and seriousness that he would always remain faithful. 他信誓旦旦地保证,他将永远忠贞不渝。 He rushed into the room excitedly and told me the good news. 他兴冲冲地跑进来,告诉我这个好消息。 He ran toward us excitedly. 他兴冲冲地向我们跑来。 He is a man of wide interests. 他兴趣广泛。 His vulgarity made him unwelcome in my home. 他行为粗野,这使他在我家不受欢迎。 He was surreptitious in his movements. 他行踪诡秘。 He is firm in character. 他性格坚强。 He is of a liberal disposition. 他性格开放。 He has a steady disposition. 他性情沉稳。 He is good-humored and never took offence. 他性情好,从不气恼。 He had a hot temper. 他性子火暴。 He was frank, open and aboveboard. 他胸怀坦白,光明磊落。 He's broad-minded. 他胸怀坦荡。 He cherishes a great aspiration. 他胸怀壮志。 He is broad-minded. 他胸襟坦荡。 He has nothing hidden in the mind. 他胸无城府。 He made a false report on the output. 他虚报产量。 He needs a high income to support such a large family. 他需要有高收入才能供养得起这样一个大家庭。 He was walking with slow steps. 他徐步走来。 He describes everything in perfect order. 他叙事有条不紊。 He narrated his own personal experience of the Turkish bath. 他叙说自己洗蒸汽浴的感受。 He read out the result of a voting. 他宣读选举结果。 He chose Germany, but personally I'd prefer to go to Spain. 他选择了德国,而我个人倒更喜欢西班牙。 He had a thorough knowledge of both western and Chinese learning. 他学贯中西。 He is diligent at his lessons. 他学习用功。 He has learnt the skill for years. 他学艺有年。 He was a corrupt official, playing favoritism and committing irregularities. 他徇私舞弊,是个贪官。 He is true to his word. 他言而有信。 What he says is earnest. 他言谈恳切。 He is vulgar in speech. 他言语粗鄙。 He strolled along the street. 他沿街漫步。 He watched his woods filled up with snow. 他眼看着他的树林渐渐被雪覆盖。 He sings popular songs. 他演唱的是通俗歌曲。 He has been fed up with moving with prominent officials and eminent personages. 他厌烦了周旋于达官显贵之间。 He invited us to the party. 他邀请我们参加晚会。 He invited us to his country estate for a weekend shoot. 他邀请我们到他乡下的庄园去过一次打猎的周末。 He was far ahead of others. 他遥遥领先。 He will express it in his own tongue. 他要用自己的语言来抒写它。 He wants to be a promising youth. 他要做一个有出息的青年。 His grandfather is nearly seventy. 他爷爷快七十岁了。 His grandfather died the year before last. 他爷爷是前年去世的。 He's really too aggressive. 他也太嚣张了。 He became serious and said, "No! That won't do." 他一本正经地说"不行,那不行!" Watching TV while doing his homework, he fooled himself thinking that he could do both things simultaneously, 他一边做功课一边看电视, 自欺欺人地以为可以双管齐下。 As soon as he came to the country, he was welcomed by the local people. 他一到乡下就受到了地方上群众的欢迎。 Little does he care whether we live or die. 他一点也不管我们是死是活。 He is always self-willed and disagreeable. 他一贯刚愎自用,性情乖戾。 He has consistently given guidance and help to young people. 他一贯提携青年人。 He has persistently been doing good for the people and worked selflessly for the public interest, but he never gives thought to personal gains or losses. 他一贯为人民做好事,克己奉公,从不计较个人得失。 He slipped off when he saw what was going to happen. 他一看苗头不对就溜了。 Once he is here he won't leave; he just sits there as bold as brass. 他一来了就不走,死皮赖脸地坐在那儿。 He struck the boy under the left eye. 他一拳打在男孩左眼下边。 All through the years he led a simple life without seeking wealth and fame. 他一生淡泊,生活简朴。 He had a lifetime of frustrations. 他一生坎坷。 He hasn't come round yet. Could you try and straighten him out? 他一时想不通,你开导开导他好吗? He keeps his gravity all along. 他一向不苟言笑。 He has been in the forefront of the movement. 他一向站在运动的最前列。 He was attempting the experiment heart and soul. 他一心一意准备实验。 He hit the mark with a single comment. 他一语破的。 He always bemoans his inadequacy in the face of difficulties and has to give up half way. 他一遇困难便望洋兴叹, 只好半途而废。 He expressed his thanks again and again. 他一再表示感谢。 He sharply pointed out the shortcomings in the work. 他一针见血地指出这项工作的缺点。 He went straight ahead, looking steadily forward. 他一直朝前走,双眼目不斜视。 He let a week go by before answering the letter. 他一周以后才回信。 He turned and stalked off. 他一转身扬长而去。 He returned to his hometown in glory. 他衣锦还乡。 He passed away many years ago. 他已过世多年。 He has realized his error and shown repentance. 他已悔悟. He has established his own firm. 他已建立起自己的公司。 He has paid a formal visit to his father-in-law. 他已经拜见了岳父大人。 He has denied his country and his principles! 他已经背弃了自己的国家和原则! He has taken courageous and resolute action. 他已经采取了果敢的行动。 He has been in straitened circumstances. 他已经处于贫困的境地。 He has already been well known in the world. 他已经名扬天下了。 He secured the release of the hostages. 他已经设法使人质获释。 He has become a celebrity. 他已经是大名鼎鼎的人物了。 He had passed the entrance examination of the college. 他已经通过了大学的入学考试。 He had a draft worked out in his mind. 他已经有了腹稿。 He had already gone to take up office. 他已经走马上任了。 He has seen through the vanity of the world. 他已看破了红尘。 He is retired due to old age. 他已年老退休。 He has left this mortal world. 他已撒手人寰。 He has been thrown into jail. 他已身陷囹圄。 He has been widely known. 他已是大名鼎鼎了。 He has been here in London for many years. 他已在伦敦呆了很多年了。 He has proved his courage in the battle. 他已在这场战斗中证明了自己的勇气。 He had been going on campaigns for many years. 他已征战多年。 You won't be able to catch up with him now-he is too far away. 他已走远, 你追赶不上了。 He looked upon the gangster with hatred. 他以仇视的目光面对着歹徒。 He is well known for being tolerant and generous towards others. 他以待人宽厚闻名。 He regarded the famous scientist with worship in his eyes. 他以敬慕的目光注视着这位著名科学家。 He won the golf match by two shots. 他以两杆的成绩赢得了这场高尔夫球赛。 He once led a life of luxury and dissipation. 他以前过的是纸醉金迷的生活。 He died at his post. 他以身殉职。 He wrote the powerful poem with a delicate touch. 他以神来之笔创作出雄浑的诗篇。 He thinks she is in love with him, but it's only a dream. 他以为她爱上他,但只是梦想而已。 He finished the job at the expenses of his health. 他以牺牲健康完成了这项工作。 He whiled away his time by playing chess. 他以下棋来打发日子。 He lives by his pen. 他以写作为生。 He won honor for his courage. 他以勇气赢得大家的尊敬。 He found pleasure in helping others. 他以助人为乐事。 He prided himself on the fact that he always called a spade a spade. 他以自己一向直言不讳而自豪。 He was extremely excited. 他异常兴奋。 He is in low spirit. 他意气消沉。 He has not given full expression of his views yet. 他意犹未尽。 He is strong of will. 他意志坚强。 He resolutely went back to the front. 他毅然决然地重返前线。 He threw aside the writing brush and joined the army resolutely. 他毅然投笔从戎。 He was arrested on a charge of having infringed the Election Law. 他因被指控触犯选举法而被逮捕。 He was discharged for dishonesty. 他因不诚实而被罢职。 He was booked on a charge of speeding. 他因超速开车而被记录在案。 He was fined thirty dollars for speeding, 他因超速行车被罚款30美元。 He was excited and joyful at the success. 他因成功而激动欣喜。 He was on trial for theft. 他因盗窃罪受到审理。 He was cited for settling lawsuits correctly. 他因断案准确而受到表彰。 He was troubled by religious doubt. 他因对宗教的疑惧而十分烦恼。 He was charged with an attempted crime. 他因犯罪未遂而被起诉。 His life is in dire danger from cancer. 他因患癌症而生命垂危。 He got a fine reputation for being generous with his money in helping others. 他因慷慨解囊而获得好名声。 He was cited for contempt of court. 他因藐视法庭而受到传讯。 Age has clouded his memory. 他因年老而记忆模糊。 He became notorious because he gained fame by deceiving the public. 他因欺世盗名而臭名远扬。 He plundered public funds and was severely punished. 他因侵吞公款而受到严惩。 He was imprisoned for creating public disturbance. 他因扰乱公共治安而坐牢。 He was sentenced to capital punishment because of murder. 他因杀人而被处以极刑。 He stained his military record by going AWOL. 他因擅离职守而玷污了军绩。 He was awarded the Nobel Prize for achievements in physiology. 他因生理学方面的成就而被授予诺贝尔奖。 He was vexed at his failure.' y 他因失败而懊恼。 He fell ill because of homesickness. 他因思乡而病倒了。 He spent money like water before he was arrested for the crimes of graft and embezzlement. 他因贪污盗窃而被捕,被捕前他挥金如土,一掷千金。 He thrown away all his property in speculation. 他因投机倒把而倾家荡产。 He was dismissed from the service for his careless behaviors. 他因玩忽职守而被革职了。 He was abashed at forgetting his wife's birthday. 他因忘了妻子的生日而感到惭愧。 He was chosen as a broadcaster for his round and sonorous voice. 他因为嗓音圆润洪亮而被选为播音员。 His illness accounts for his absence. 他因为生病,所以才缺席。 He was fined heavily for a breach of the police regulations. 他因违反治安规则而被处以大笔罚款。 He is blinded by lust for gain because of his success. 他因一时成功而利令智昏。 He stormed at the unexpected delay. 他因意外耽搁而大发雷霆。 He won the medal for his exploit in Korea. 他因在朝鲜的功勋而获得奖章。 He was taken to the hospital to be treated for snake bite. 他因遭蛇咬而被送到医院治疗。 He was blamed for starting a rumor to create trouble. 他因造谣生事而受到谴责。 He was put in jail for grand larceny. 他因重大盗窃案而被监禁。 He died with a grievance in his heart. 他饮恨而终。 He should rid himself of aloofness and arrogance. 他应当去掉孤傲习气。 He deserved to be punished. 他应当受到惩罚。 He is liable for the fault of his son. 他应该为他儿子的过失负责。 He is brave and fearless. He has the makings of an explorer. 他英勇无畏,具有探险者的气质。 He has a good grasp of English grammar. 他英语语法学得很扎实。 He won praise from his teacher. 他赢得老师的赞扬。 He won the first game and I won the second, so now we are even. 他赢了 He owns a store. 他拥有一家店铺。 He is mediocre and unambitious and drifts with the tide. 他庸庸碌碌, 随波逐流。 He faced the difficulty with courage. 他勇敢地面对困难。 He bravely kept his pledge. 他勇敢地遵守誓愿。 He has the courage to correct his mistakes. 他勇于改过。 He usurped power by contemptible measures. 他用卑鄙的手段得以篡权。 He adorned his story with all sorts of adventures that never happened. 他用各种虚构的冒险奇遇修饰他的故事。 He sketched the situation in a few vivid words. 他用几句生动的语言简述了局势。 His hostility to the woman found vent in a sharp remark. 他用尖刻的话来发泄对那个女人的忌恨。 He stared at me with sharp eyes. 他用锐利的目光盯着我。 He felt the rough bark of the tree with his hand. 他用手摸着粗糙的树皮。 He drummed on the table with his fingers. 他用手指咚咚地敲打着桌子。 He delighted the audience with his performance. 他用他的表演使观众喜悦。 He insulted others with filthy language. 他用污秽的语言侮辱人。 He washed the wound with a disinfectant. 他用消毒药水冲洗伤口。 He was concerned about his country and his people. He was a loyal minister. 他忧国忧民,是一位忠臣。 He was haunted with gloomy thoughts. 他忧思萦怀。 He was condemned because he committed an offense through negligence. 他由于过失犯罪而被判刑。 He was impeded in his career by a lack of belief in himself. 他由于缺乏自信而阻碍了事业的发展。 He was admitted to the hospital suffering from burns. 他由于烧伤,被送入医院治疗。 He turned angry from embarrassment for being criticized. 他由于受了批评而恼羞成怒。 He did it through an oversight. 他由于疏忽才干了这事。 He was sent into prison for stealing. 他由于偷窃被送入监狱。 He received a medal for his heroism. 他由于英勇而获得一枚奖章。 Because of his physical defect, he can not go to school. 他由于有生理缺陷, 不能上学。 He was promoted from a clerking job to a managerial position. 他由职员晋升为经理。 He bought a book by mail. 他邮购了一本书。 He sent me a package by post. 他邮寄给我一个包裹。 He idled about and did no decent work. 他游手好闲,不务正业。 He is endowed with indomitable will. 他有不屈不挠的意志。 He has an exceptionally good memory. 他有超人的记忆力。 He is something like his brother. 他有点象他哥哥。 He has an extraordinary memory. 他有非凡的记忆力。 When quarreling with somebody, he has a bad habit of pointing at one person but abusing another. 他有个坏习惯,那就是, 当他跟某人吵嘴时,经常指桑骂槐。 He had the idea of shooting them against a complete plain white background. 他有个主意,以纯白为背景给他们拍摄。 Did he suffer any hurt? 他有过什么痛苦吗? He once had bitter and sad days. 他有过一段悲酸的日子。 He has a distinct gift for drawing. 他有很明显的绘画天赋。 He has the ability to control the situation. 他有驾驭局势的能力。 He had a firm and indomitable spirit. 他有坚毅顽强的精神。 He has the talent of a commander. 他有将帅之才。 He respectfully declined the invitation. 他有礼貌地谢绝了邀请。 He had an opportunity to fully display his talents. 他有了大显身手的机会。 He has made a bit of progress. 他有了点滴的进步。 He is suspected of employing trickery. 他有弄虚作假的嫌疑。 He grumbled sometimes of her extravagance. 他有时抱怨她铺张浪费。 He does odd jobs for me from time to time. 他有时给我干点零活。 He has selfish ideas and distracting thoughts. 他有私心杂念。 He has a fixed income. 他有稳固的收入。 He has congenital heart disease. 他有先天性心脏病。 He is somewhat distracted. 他有些怅惘。 He was somewhat ashamed of his own unseemliness. 他有些自惭形秽。 He has many silver dollars. 他有许多银元。 He has a sharp knife. 他有一把锋利的小刀。 He has a warm heart. 他有一副热心肠。 He is of medium height. 他有一副中等身材。 He has a lumber-mill. 他有一个锯木厂。 He has a chicken farm. 他有一个养鸡场。 He has some pretty strange political ideas. 他有一些很奇怪的政治信念。 He has an instinct for art. 他有艺术天性。 He slowed down his steps intentionally in order for me to catch up. 他有意放慢脚步, 让我能够追赶上他。 He is frank and outspoken and never beats about the bush. 他有意见就坦率地提出来,从不转弯抹角。 He has a gift for music. 他有音乐天赋。 He has sound scholarship. 他有扎实的才学。 He has genuine skill. 他有真功夫。 He has extensive tolerance. 他有着恢宏的气度。 Once again he was disappointed in love, with his heart being like a dead tree. 他又一次失恋,心如槁木。 He is up to his tricks again. 他又在栓招了。 He is acting in a slick way again. 他又在爽头了。 He was very ill as a child and was considered delicate thereafter. 他幼年多病, 而后一向被人认为弱不禁风。 He was installed as college president yesterday. 他于昨天就职学院院长。 He is so ignorant that he cannot write his own name. 他愚昧到连自己的名字都不会写。 He is so ignorant that he cannot write his own name. 他愚昧到连自己的名字都不会写。 He had a quarrel with his girlfriend. 他与女朋友争吵起来。 He shut himself away for a month to catch up on his academic work. 他与世隔绝一个月,力图把功课赶上去。 He works in concert with his colleagues. 他与他的同事协力工作。 He worked in concert with his colleagues. 他与他的同事协力工作。 He grappled wildly with a big tough. 他与一个大个子流氓拼命格斗。 He predicted that there would be a world holocaust. 他预言将有一场世界性的浩劫。 He was caught in a storm. 他遇到暴风。 He is easily discouraged by difficulties and obstacles. 他遇到困难和障碍很容易气馁。 The more he talked, the further he strayed from the point. 他越讲越不着边际。 He planted stolen goods on innocent people. 他栽赃陷害好人。 He has reaffirmed his faith in democracy. 他再次重申了自己的民主信仰。 He will no longer touch the secret anguish in his heart. 他再也不想碰这内心的隐痛了。 He was obstinate in argument. 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司