翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 我会尽一切可能帮助你。 I will be at your side, as I promised you. 我会陪在你身边,就象我答应你的那样。 My home isn't very big, but very comfortable. 我家不很大,但很舒适。 The distance between my home and the school is two kilometers. 我家到学校的距离是2公里。 There is a post office near my home. 我家附近有个邮局。 My house is four miles distance from the sea. 我家离海四英里。 Our family have been farmers for generations. 我家祖祖辈辈都是农民。 I most decidedly object to it. 我坚决反对它。 I simply couldn't figure out his intention. 我简直揣摩不透他的用意。 I shall sell my house by auction. 我将把我的房子拍卖掉。 I shall await instructions. 我将等候指示。 I'll confer with him on the subject. 我将和她商议这件事。 I'll confer with him on the subject. 我将和他商议这件事。 I will do my best. 我将会尽力而为。 I'll spare no efforts to help you. 我将竭尽全力帮助你。 I shall try to act according to your desires. 我将努力按你的愿望去办。 I'll go along with you. 我将随同你一起去。 I will visit you around Christmas. 我将在圣诞节前后去拜访你。 I taught her to ride a bicycle. 我教她骑自行车。 I have taken the place of the duties of a sick fellow-official. 我接替了一位患病同僚的工作。 I got rid of his hang-up. 我解开了他心上的疙瘩 I can easily finish this work today. 我今天可以很轻易地把这份工作做完。 I had a letter this morning. 我今天收到一封信。 I haven't seen her recently. 我近来没有见过她。 I often take my children to play in the park. 我经常带我的孩子们去公园玩。 I look up to your great name. 我景仰大名。 I am awaiting the good tidings of your success. 我静侯你的佳音。 I fixed my eyes on the bronze statue for a long time. 我久久地凝视着那尊铜像。 I refused to bargain over the price. 我拒绝在价格上讨价还价。 I am no stickler for authority. 我决非拘泥于权威的人。 I think you hurt his pride by laughing at the way he speaks English. 我觉得你嘲笑他说英语的方式刺伤了他的自尊心。 I don't think I have the courage to tell him the bad news. 我觉得我没有勇气告诉他这个坏消息。 I thought it was a reasonable proposal, but he didn't agree. 我觉得这是个合理的建议,但他不同意。 I felt as if my heart would burst with joy. 我觉得自己高兴得心花怒放。 Our army tightened the ring of encirclement. 我军紧缩了包围圈。 Our troops immediately returned fire. 我军立即进行了还击。 Our army forced the enemy to retreat. 我军迫使敌人退却。 The enemy trembled with fear on hearing of our army. 我军使敌人闻风丧胆。 Our troops won in the very first battle. 我军首战告捷。 Our soldiers annihilated a force of three hundred enemy troops. 我军战士消灭了300名敌人。 I see through your little game. 我看穿了你那套把戏。 I read a pleased expression on her face. 我看到她脸上有一种喜悦的表情。 I saw her knowing look. 我看到了她会意的眼色。 I found him pruning his roses. 我看到他正在给玫瑰修剪枝条。 I really and truly saw it, It can't be wrong. 我看得千真万确, 决不会有错。 I'll let you have an answer after mature consideration. 我考虑成熟后,再给你回答。 May I bring my chair next to yours? 我可以把我的椅子移到你的旁边吗? May I take a picture of you? 我可以给你照相吗? I can recommend it without any reservations. 我可以毫无保留地推荐它。 May I borrow your saw? 我可以借你的锯子吗? May I borrow your pen? 我可以借用你的钢笔吗? May I ask a question? 我可以问一个问题吗? May I ask a question? 我可以问一个问题吗? I can assure you that your son will be happy here. 我可以向你保证,你儿子在这里会很快乐的。 I am pining for home. 我渴望回家。 I desire happiness. 我渴望幸福。 I was too tired to walk any further. 我累得再也走不动了。 I have been away from Paris for two weeks. 我离开巴黎已经两星期了。 I'll go right away. 我立刻就去。 We bid each other farewell with tears in the eyes. 我俩含泪而别。 We poured our words right from our hearts. 我俩倾诉衷肠。 We had a heart-to-heart talk all night long. 我俩倾谈了一夜。 I have hardly enough strength left to move my feet. 我连移动双脚的力气都几乎没有了。 I came to understand the unspoken words in his work. 我领悟到了他作品中的潜台词。 My mother bought a dozen eggs. 我妈妈买了一打鸡蛋。 My mother usually cooks a hot meal in the evening. 我妈妈通常在晚上煮一顿热饭。 My mother always treats us like children. 我妈妈总把我们当孩子看待。 I am taking the liberty of writing to you. 我冒昧地写信给你。 I went out in the rain and got wet through. 我冒雨出去,结果被淋得湿透了。 I haven't the patience to hear your complaints. 我没耐性再听你的抱怨。 I have no direction, I just get wherever the wind blows. 我没有方向,只是随风到处飘。 I have not a moment's leisure. 我没有一点空闲。 I failed to note that he had left. 我没有注意到他已经走了。 I go to the university twice daily. 我每天去那所大学两次。 My sister is around your age. 我妹妹和你年龄相仿。 My sister always takes pity on some stray cats or dogs. 我妹妹总是哀怜无家可归的猫或狗。 We lamented for a friend over his death. 我们哀悼朋友的逝世。 We lay the maxim to our heart. 我们把此箴言记在心里。 We surrounded the enemies so closely that they could not break through. 我们把敌人层层包围住, 使他们无法突围。 We spread butter on bread. 我们把奶油涂到面包上。 We put the books in piles on the floor. 我们把书在地板上堆起来。 We retail most of these products to overseas customers. 我们把这些产品的大部分零售给海外顾客。 We are a happy crew in our office. 我们办公室的一伙人相处得很愉快。 We have defended the fruits of labor. 我们保卫了我们的胜利果实。 We guarantee that similar things won't happen again. 我们保证不再发生类似的事件。 We sat down on the grass with our backs to the wall. 我们背对墙坐在草丛中。 We were turned away with some excuse. 我们被挡驾了。 We were wet with the sea spray. 我们被海水的浪花溅湿。 We were stunned with the sudden news. 我们被这突然的消息惊呆了。 We know each other very well. 我们彼此熟识。 We disdain a man for his snobbishness. 我们鄙夷势利小人。 We must get rid of the chains of the interdictions and taboos. 我们必须摆脱清规戒律的束缚。 We must protect the earth. 我们必须堡地球。 The regulations must be widely advocated. 我们必须广泛宣传交通规则。 We must publicize the meeting widely. 我们必须广泛宣扬这次会议。 We must practice strict economy and combat waste. 我们必须厉行节约,反对浪费。 We must meet the manifold needs of the people. 我们必须满足人们多种多样的需要。 We must get rid of the bad habit of writers who like to disparage one another. 我们必须清除文人相轻的坏习气。 We must take precautions against the flood. 我们必须曲突徙薪,防治洪水。 We must make the most of our youth and strike while the iron is hot. 我们必须善于利用青春年华, 趁热打铁。 We must increase production levels. 我们必须提高生产水平。 We must limit our spending. 我们必须限制我们的开支。 We must go over the mountain. 我们必须越过那座山。 We must leave early. 我们必须早点离开。 We must find a place for this new picture. 我们必须找一个地方放这张新照片。 We must make a new start. 我们必须重新开始。 We transformed the wilderness into cultivated land. 我们变荒原为耕地。 We were puzzled about his words. 我们不解他这话什么意思。 We cannot take the order on terms quoted. 我们不能按所开价钱接受订购。 We must not equate thrift with stinginess. 我们不能把勤俭和吝啬等同起来。 We cannot deviate from the Olympic spirit. 我们不能背离奥林匹克精神。 We shouldn't judge people by appearance. 我们不能从外表看人。 We couldn't seek only temporary ease and comfort. 我们不能苟且偷安。 We never yield to dictatorship. 我们不能屈服于独裁政治。 We must not let our youth slip idly by. 我们不能让青春虚度。 We cannot tolerate his mistakes. 我们不能容忍他的错误。 We can never forget the merits and virtues of the martyrs. 我们不能忘记烈士们的功德。 We shouldn't idle away our time. 我们不能虚度年华。 We should not mark time because there are difficulties before us. 我们不能在困难面前裹足不前。 We cannot copy indiscriminately the experience of others. 我们不能照搬别人的经验。 We must not look only at the surface of things. 我们不能只看事情的表面。 We mustn't do things to benefit ourselves at the expense of others. 我们不能做损人利己的事。 We mustn't be persons who are unambitious and have no special skills. 我们不能做胸无大志, 一无所长的人。 We are not teachers. 我们不是老师。 Unfortunately, we were tightly encircled. 我们不幸陷入重围。 We don't need the individualists of that kind who strive for reputation. 我们不需要那种沽名钓誉的个人主义者。 We don't need the individualists of that kind who strive for reputation. 我们不需要那种沽名钓誉的个人主义者。 We shouldn't wait until problems pile up before trying to solve them. 我们不要等问题成了堆才去解决。 We shouldn't overstate our past achievements. 我们不要夸大已经取得的成绩。 We shouldn't be cruel to animals. 我们不应该对动物残忍。 We should not pass over this disgraceful affair in silence. 我们不应该对这件可耻的事保持缄默。 We should not judge a person by his appearance. 我们不应该以貌取人。 We shouldn't be tied down by the traditions of the past. 我们不应受过去传统的束缚。 We adopted the strategy of making a feint to the east but attacking in the west. 我们采取声东击西的战术。 We used outflanking tactics and the enemies were confused and disoriented. 我们采用迂回战术, 把敌人弄得晕头转向。 We participated in the spring fair. 我们参加了春季展览会。 We are often influenced by sentiment. 我们常常受情感的影响。 We spent many hours in a pleasant conversation. 我们畅谈了好几个小时。 We are striding forward towards the great goal of modernization. 我们朝着现代化的宏伟目标迈进。 We mourned with deep grief for a dead friend. 我们沉痛悼念亡友。 We blocked the enemy successfully. 我们成功地阻击了敌军。 We ate some of the fruits and froze the rest. 我们吃了一些水果,把剩下的冷藏起来。 We shall find out the truth early or late. 我们迟早会查明事实真相。 We had an adequate discussion on the subject. 我们充分地讨论了这个问题。 We had an adequate discussion on the subject. 我们充分地讨论了这个问题。 Let's go out for a breath of fresh air. 我们出去吸口新鲜空气吧。 We walked home through the fields. 我们穿过田野走回家去。 They probed into the subject from different angles. 我们从不同角度对这个问题进行了探讨。 We approach the problem from different angles. 我们从不同角度探讨这一问题。 We never profess to be aloof from politics and material pursuit. 我们从不自命清高。 We watched the country out of the window. 我们从窗口眺望旷野。 We got a bird's-eye view of lofty and steep mountains from our plane. 我们从飞机上鸟瞰峥嵘的群山。 We learn from the past, experience the present and hope for success in the future. 我们从过去中学习,体验现在,展望未来的成功。 We learned the matter from an American paper. 我们从一家美国报纸上获悉此事。 We enveloped the enemy on the right. 我们从右面包抄敌军。 We can see the mountain from the distance. 我们从远处就可以看到那座山。 We have saved some money against our old age. 我们存了一些钱,以备老年之用。 We arrived at some compromise. 我们达成了某种妥协。 We all have seen the film "The Last Emperor". 我们大家都看过《末代皇帝》这部电影。 The most important task for us at present is to improve the quality of our products. 我们当前的任务是提高产品质量。 Let's have tea on the lawn. 我们到草坪上去喝茶吧。 We went to the station to see him off. 我们到车站去给他送行。 When we arrived, the enemy had escaped and were nowhere to be found. 我们到达时,敌人已逃之夭夭。 We arrived home late. 我们到家时晚了。 We went to the front and brought gifts and greetings to the soldiers. 我们到前线去慰劳战士们。 We received his full support. 我们得到他的全力支援。 We have to fix an exact date. 我们得定个确切的日期。 We will buy some furniture for our new house. 我们得给我们的新房子买些家具。 Our newspaper is a national newspaper. 我们的报纸是全国性的报纸。 Our troop advanced wave upon wave undeterred by the hail of fire. 我们的部队冒着猛烈的炮火前仆后继地前进。 Our success is beyond the shadow of a doubt. 我们的成功是不容置疑的。 Our earth moves through space. 我们的地球在太空中运行。 We are of the same status. 我们的地位是同等的。 Our team returned home in triumph. 我们的队伍凯旋归来。 Our line of defense was strongly fortified. 我们的防线壁垒森严。 Our plane was delayed by fog. 我们的飞机因大雾而误点了。 We hold identical views. 我们的观点一致。 Our country has a glorious past. 我们的国家有一段光辉的历史。 It took us only a few minutes to get through the Customs. 我们的海关检查只花了几分钟时间。 Our plan must remain a secret. 我们的计划必须保密。 We have modified our plan. 我们的计划稍有变更。 Our reporter was the first person on the scene. 我们的记者是最先到达出事地点的。 We spent part of our holiday in France, and part in Germany. 我们的假期部分是在法国度过的, 部分是在德国度过的。 With a rich experience, our manager finished the work very satisfactorily. 我们的经理驾轻就熟,把事情办得圆圆满满。 It's time we wrote off all our old scores at one stroke. 我们的旧账可以一笔勾销。 Our club is a member of the Football League. 我们的俱乐部是足球联合会的一员。 Wherever our army went, the hostile army dispersed, and in less than a month, the whole province was liberated. 我们的军队所向披靡,不到一个月就解放了全省。 Our teachers throw themselves heart and soul into their work of bringing up a new generation. 我们的老师为培养新一代而呕心沥血。 Our leader enjoined upon us the necessity for strict secrecy. 我们的领导嘱咐我们要严守机密。 Our shooter hit the target every time without a miss. 我们的射手弹无虚发。 Ours is a time when people of talents are coming forth in large numbers. 我们的时代是人才辈出的时代。 Our attitude is one of letting bygones be bygones. 我们的态度是既往不咎。 Our conversation ranged over many topics. 我们的谈话涉及很多话题。 Our boss has a lot of drive. 我们的头儿很有魄力。 My heart was beating violently. 我们的心剧烈地跳动。 We are much alike in character. 我们的性格很相似。 Our language colleagues all agreed with our opinion. 我们的研究语言的同事们都同意我们的意见。 Our purpose is very clear. 我们的意图很清楚。 Our friendship is everlasting and unchanging. 我们的友谊天长地久。 Our principle is that everything must be realistic. 我们的原则是一切从实际出发。 We have debts totaling 5000 dollars. 我们的债务总计为五千美元。 Our policies should fit in with the actual circumstances, otherwise they will be meaningless. 我们的政策要切合实际,否则毫无意义。 Our policies should conform with the interests of the people. 我们的政策应该合乎人民的利益。 Our football team was the first to reach the finals. 我们的足球队率先进入了决赛。 Our motherland has a long history and magnificent scenery. 我们的祖国历史悠久, 山河壮丽。 We climbed up the hill to overlook the surrounding wonderful scenery. 我们登上山,俯瞰周围的胜景。 We waited for a long time, but there was no response. 我们等了许久,还是没有回音。 We lit the candle and the candle lit the room. 我们点燃了蜡烛,蜡烛照亮了房间。 We are all prisoners of our past. 我们都摆脱不了往事的羁绊。 We were all intoxicated with the spirit of the festival. 我们都沉醉在节日的欢乐里。 We were all looking at each other in dismay and at a loss for words. 我们都面面相觑,不知说什么才好。 We all held our tongues. 我们都默不做声。 We are all in a corrupted world. 我们都身处浊世。 We were all excited at the news. 我们都为这消息感到兴奋。 We all expect buying and selling at reasonable prices. 我们都希望买卖公平。 We all wish for the country to be prosperous and the people at peace. 我们都希望我们的国家国泰民安。 We all look forward to the day when the scientists can discover more secrets of the universe. 我们都向往那一天,科学工作者能发现更多的宇宙秘密。 We had a splendid holiday. 我们度过了一个极好的假期。 The weather during our holiday was perfect. 我们度假时的天气好极了。 Our team has won the football match. 我们队赢得了足球赛。 We should have compassion for the disabled people and give help to them. 我们对残疾人要有怜悯之心,并帮助他们。 We should not be the least bit negligent in our work. 我们对工作要一丝不苟。 We must be patient with children. 我们对孩子要有耐心。 We showed deep sympathy for her. 我们对她表示深切的同情。 We have a great admiration for the gold medallists. 我们对金牌获得者极为敬佩。 Our opinions were divided on the matter. 我们对那件事的看法有分歧。 We should not be soft-hearted towards those who killed people and seized their goods. 我们对那些杀人越货的家伙不要心慈手软。 We condole with you on your misfortune. 我们对你的不幸表示慰问。 We must be honest and faithful to the people. 我们对人民必须忠诚老实。 We have great expectations of him. 我们对他抱着很大的期望。 We are genuinely convinced by his talents. 我们对他的才干心服口服。 We must make allowances for his ignorance. 我们对他的无知必须谅解。 We are pleased with our purchases in advance. 我们对预购的物品很满意。 We must not wink at this error. 我们对这个错误决不能睁一眼,闭一眼。 We have really shown the utmost tolerance and patience towards these people. 我们对这些人,真可谓做到仁至义尽。 We must be realistic in our self-estimation, neither being conceited nor belittling ourselves. 我们对自己的估计应该实事求是,不要自高自大,也不要妄自菲薄。 We found that he was a guy who thinks in one way and behaves in another. 我们发现他是个表里不一的家伙。 We oppose extravagance and waste. 我们反对铺张浪费。 We are against the policy---the weak will stand an easy prey to the strong. 我们反对弱肉强食政策。 We treat each other with all sincerity, and share weal and woe. 我们肝胆相照荣辱与共。 Let's go now, or we may fail to keep the appointment. 我们赶快出发,否则会延误约期。 The focal point of our work is to increase economic efficiency. 我们工作的重点是提高经济效益。 If we rely on wishful thinking and pay no attention to realistic conditions, things will not turn out as we wish. 我们工作如果只凭主观愿望,不顾客观条件,就会事与愿违。 The rules and regulations of our company are being perfected. 我们公司的规章制度日趋完善。 Our company employed about one hundred people. 我们公司雇佣了大约一百人。 We share the happiness of a family union. 我们共享天伦之乐。 We have purchased some valuable jewelry. 我们购置了几件贵重首饰。 We hired an advertising company for help to sell our product. 我们雇用了一家广告公司来推销我们的产品。 We attended a demonstration of the new manufacturing process. 我们观看了新制造工序的示范表演。 We carry out the policy of putting prevention first in medical work. 我们贯彻以预防为主的医疗方针。 Why don't we crack open a bottle of champagne to celebrate? 我们何不开瓶香槟酒庆祝一下呢? We are glad to be on land again. 我们很高兴又踏上陆地了。 We're going on holiday soon, probably next month. 我们很快就要去度假了,多半是下个月。 We crossed that brook easily. 我们很容易地跨过了小河。 We went to bed late. 我们很晚才上床。 We cooperate with each other harmoniously. 我们互相合作得非常好。 We gave presents to each other. 我们互相赠送礼品。 The flowers run riot in our garden. 我们花园里鲜花烂漫。 We were deeply grieved to recall him. 我们怀着沉痛的心情缅怀他。 We saw the guests off cordially. 我们欢送客人。 We stride into the new year in high spirits. 我们欢欣鼓舞地跨入了新的一年。 We answered the fire of the enemy. 我们还击敌人的炮火。 We are not at the end of our rope. 我们还没有到山穷水尽的地步。 We thought that the situation was as bad as it could be, but worse was to follow. 我们还以为那是最坏的情况呢,可没想到更糟的还在后面。 We shed tears and left. 我们挥泪而别。 We'll heat some water to wash clothes. 我们会热点儿水洗衣服。 We will grant his last wish. 我们会实现他的遗愿。 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司