翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 We should rectify the undesirable tendencies in time. 我们应该及时纠正不良倾向。 We should make careful planning and detailed calculation so as to cut down expenses. 我们应该精打细算以节约开支。 We should show reverence and love to our teachers. 我们应该敬爱师长。 We should develop the vast reserves of oil. 我们应该开发大量蕴藏的石油。 We should abandon outdated conventions and bad customs. 我们应该抛弃这些陈规陋习。 We should get rid of the cowards' and the sluggards' ways of thinking. 我们应该去掉懦夫懒汉思想。 We should keep our word. 我们应该守信。 We should first distinguish clearly between right and wrong. 我们应该首先明辨是非。 We ought to seek truth. 我们应该探求真理。 We should carefully investigate the problem, and we cannot declare the matter closed before it is thoroughly settled. 我们应该仔细调查问题,而不能草率收兵。 We should strengthen the legal system. 我们应加强法制。 We should keep on investigating and searching after truth. 我们应坚持调查研究,不断探求真理。 We should face the future and the world. 我们应面对未来, 面向世界。 We should foster our abilities to study independently. 我们应培养自学能力。 We should always help each other. 我们应始终互相帮助。 We should work strictly under the constitution of the association. 我们应严格按照协会的章程办事。 We should progressively reduce the production cost. 我们应逐步降低生产成本。 We ought to send people to help on our own initiative. 我们应主动派人去支援。 We should pay attention to synonym discrimination. 我们应注意对同义词的辨析。 We own 100 acres of farmland. 我们拥有一百英亩农田。 We did a computer search for all the hyphenated words. 我们用电脑查找所有用连字符连接的词。 We visited a border town. 我们游览了一座边城。 We have a splendid national culture. 我们有灿烂的民族文化。 We have policemen for our protection. 我们有警察的堡。 What can we do to chase her gloom away? 我们有什么法子能消除她的抑郁呢? We have militant bonds of friendship. 我们有战斗情谊。 We just can't possibly suffer a thorough defeat, after all the preparations we've made. 我们有准备,决不会一败涂地。 We made direct arrangements with the manufacturers. 我们与厂家直接洽谈。 We engaged in a contest with the champion. 我们与冠军交锋。 We were far from the frontier. 我们远离前沿。 We stop working to have lunch at 12 o'clock. 我们在12点钟停止工作来吃午饭。 We found many beautiful shells on the shore. 我们在岸边找到了好多美丽的贝壳。 We have found oil under the North Sea. 我们在北海发现了石油。 We grow our own green vegetables in the garden. 我们在菜园里自己种青菜。 We conversed at the dinner table. 我们在餐桌上交谈。 We plant trees and flowers in spring. 我们在春天种花种树。 We are waiting for God's dreadful judgement. 我们在等待上帝令人生畏的审判。 We set up an observation station in the South Pole where water freezes as soon as it is poured out. 我们在滴水成冰的南极建立了考察站。 We were greatly aided in our investigation by the cooperation of the police. 我们在调查的过程中得到警方的大力协助。 We planted fruit trees round the house. 我们在房子周围种植了果树。 We lost the way in the dark. 我们在黑夜中迷路了。 We've grown many vegetables in our garden. 我们在花园里种了许多蔬菜。 We met an enemy attack calmly under the direction of the general. 我们在将军的指挥下沉着应战。 We lament for the martyrs before their tombs. 我们在烈士灵前哀吊。 We were drifting on the boundless ocean. 我们在漫无边际的海洋上飘泊。 We set out in the dim moonlight. 我们在朦胧的月色下出发了。 We saw few students there. 我们在那儿几乎没看见学生。 We discovered a secret passage behind the wall. 我们在墙后发现了秘密通道。 We made camp under the shade of trees. 我们在树荫下宿营。 We are having a heart-to-heart talk. 我们在说知心话。 We have tea at four o'clock in the afternoon. 我们在下午四点钟喝茶。 We appreciate a masterwork of his. 我们在欣赏他的佳作。 We should proceed in an orderly way, advance step by step in our studies, and not reach for what is beyond our grasp. 我们在学习上应当循序渐进,不能好高骛远。 We are closely following the development of world events. 我们在严密注视国际局势的发展。 We gathered together and talked in a jovial mood. 我们在一起谈笑风生。 It's impossible for us to finish the work in one day. 我们在一天之内完成这份工作是不可能的。 We went for a sail on the lake by moonlight. 我们在月光下到湖上去划船。 We make up our mind to turn grief into strength when mourning over his death. 我们在追悼他时,决心化悲痛为力量。 Once we lived in London. 我们曾经住在伦敦。 Our distance of travel this time will be about 3000 kilometers, 我们这次行程约有3000公里。 We must break through the tight encirclement this time. 我们这次一定要杀出重围。 We're very much in need of medical workers, especially surgeons. 我们这里很需要医务人员, 特别是外科医生。 We set great store on the cultural heritage of the past. 我们珍重历代的文化遗产。 We are now in times of peace and prosperity. 我们正处于太平盛世。 We are planning to visit Europe this summer. 我们正打算今年夏天去欧洲旅行。 We are heading home. 我们正向家的方向走去。 We are just about to start. 我们正要出发。 We were having breakfast. 我们正在吃早餐。 We are now flying high up over lofty mountains. 我们正在崇山峻岭上空飞行。 We are undertaking a great cause. 我们正在从事一项伟大的事业。 We are holding a meeting. 我们正在开会。 We are trying to narrow the gap between our country and the developed countries. 我们正在努力缩小与先进国家的差距。 We are discussing national affairs. 我们正在讨论国事。 There is a brotherly affection among us. 我们之间有兄弟般的情谊。 We've only got to stand together, show a united front, and we're bound to win. 我们只要团结起来,建立统一战线,就一定会胜利的。 Only when we rely on both courage and resourcefulness can we defeat the rival. 我们只有既靠勇敢又靠智谋,才能打败对手。 We have only a small garden. 我们只有一个小花园。 We made long-term plans. 我们制定了长期计划。 Few of us have his address. 我们中几乎没有人知道他的地址。 We serve the people faithfully. 我们忠实地为人民服务。 We finally clambered up the precipitous cliff. 我们终于登上了险峻的峭壁。 We maintain that international disputes should be settled by peaceful means. 我们主张用和平的方式解决国际争端。 We live on the same block. 我们住在同一个街区。 We listened but could hear nothing. 我们注意听,但什么也听不见。 We stored up some fruits for the winter. 我们贮藏了一些过冬吃的水果。 We changed the subject of conversation. 我们转换了一个话题。 We were ready to take the blame for what had happened. 我们准备对所发生的事承担责任。 We were going to launch a counterattack. 我们准备发起反攻。 We would be ready to die the cruelest death for our principles without any grudge. 我们纵然肝脑涂地,在所不惜。 We crossed wide stretches of moorland without relief. 我们走过一大片景色单调的荒野。 We saved time by taking a shortcut. 我们走捷径以节省时间。 The car raised quite a dust as we drove off. 我们走时车子扬起了一阵尘土。 We were walking along the path which was winding through high peaks. 我们走在峰回路转的山路上。 We follow the principle of peaceful coexistence. 我们遵循和平共处的原则。 We sat there watching basketball. 我们坐在那看篮球比赛。 We had a rest on the ridges. 我们坐在田埂上休息。 The cake we made was somewhat of a failure. 我们做的蛋糕不大成功。 We should be aboveboard in all of our dealings. 我们做各种事情都应该光明正大。 Whatever we do, we must see things through from beginning to end, and must not do things by halves. 我们做任何事情都要善始善终,不要虎头蛇尾。 Whatever we do, we must see a thing through from beginning to end. 我们做任何事情都要善始善终。 I dreamed of many imperial palaces in different styles. 我梦到了许多风格各异的宫阙。 I aimed at the target but hit the wall. 我瞄准了目标射击,但却打在了墙上。 I look down upon such people, they've no character. 我藐视这种人,他们没骨气。 I see what you mean. 我明白你的意思。 My mother is a teacher. 我母亲是一位教师。 My mother is fifty years old. 我母亲已经五十岁了。 I picked up the knife and threw it out of the window. 我拿起了那把刀,把它扔到了窗外。 How could I deceive you? 我哪能诓骗你? That I have been able to attend such a grand meeting fills my mind with a myriad of thoughts and ideas. 我能参加这样的盛会,真是百感交集,思绪万千。 I am master of myself. 我能掌握自己的命运。 I can decide my own destiny. 我能主宰自己的命运。 I prefer to see animals living in their natural state. 我宁愿看处于野生状态的动物。 My daughter is a nurse. 我女儿是一名护士。 My daughter has many toys. 我女儿有很多玩具。 When her pet dog died my daughter wept her heart out. 我女儿在她的爱犬死去时痛哭流涕。 I admire your foresight and sagacity. 我佩服你的远见卓识。 I cast a sidelong glance at him. 我瞟了他一眼。 My mother-in-law has a sewing machine. 我婆婆有一台缝纫机。 My wife entertained him as honored guest. 我妻子把他作为贵客款待。 I shed tears in sadness. 我凄然泪下。 I hope for the grace of God. 我期望上帝的恩惠。 I don't deserve such honor. 我岂敢接受这样的荣誉。 I was shaking with anger. 我气得浑身抖动。 There must be something wrong with the engine of my car. 我汽车的引擎一定是出故障了。 I signed for a registered letter. 我签收了一封挂号信。 I've turned it over and over in my mind, but still haven't found a way out. 我前思后想,还是没有办法。 As I had plenty of money I was able to help her. 我钱很宽裕,能帮助她。 I knocked at the door several times, but there was no response. 我敲了几下门,但没人答应。 The hostess was putting the room in order when we knocked at the door. 我敲门的时候,女主人正在整理房间。 I think highly of your frankness. 我钦佩你的直率。 I admire his bee-like assiduity in his work. 我钦佩他在工作中蜜蜂般的勤劳精神。 I listened to their conversation. 我倾听他们的谈话。 I have asked some friends for tea. 我请了一些朋友来喝茶。 I invited him to dinner, but he declined on account of urgent business. 我请他吃饭,但他因有要事推辞了。 I'll get the book you want. 我去给你拿那本你想要的书。 I went to the post office to mail the letters. 我去邮局寄信。 I wouldn't advise you to go against your father. 我劝你不要违背你父亲。 I adviced him to make hay while the sun shone. 我劝他抓紧时机。 I love our beautiful motherland. 我热爱祖国的锦绣山河。 I haven't known her long. 我认识她不久。 I've known her for years. 我认识她好几年了。 I know him, but we don't frequently see each other. 我认识他,但我俩并不常来常往。 I've known Tom for years. 我认识汤姆很多年了。 I don't think it will happen, but if it should what shall we do? 我认为那件事不会发生,但如果真的发生,我们该怎么办? I consider it a great honor to be invited to dinner. 我认为能被邀请参加晚宴是很大的荣幸。 I think you are very brave. 我认为你非常勇敢。 I dare say you are right. 我认为你是对的。 I think autumn is the most beautiful season in a year. 我认为秋天是一年中最美的季节。 I think he is right. 我认为他是对的。 I thought his speech was very apropos. 我认为他说得很中肯。 I think I am quite a patient person. 我认为我是一个相当有耐心的人。 I think these interesting old customs should be preserved. 我认为这些有趣的旧习俗应该保存下去。 I'm still trying to get to second base with you. 我仍旧试着想和你发展到第二阶段。 I lost my sense of taste. 我丧失了味觉。 When I last saw him, he was as poor as a church mouse. 我上次见到他的时候,他已经一贫如洗了。 When I last saw him, he was in fine feather. 我上次见到他时,他兴高采烈。 I lost several pounds last month. 我上个月瘦了好几磅。 One of the buttons has come off my coat. 我上衣上的一颗扣子掉了。 I only have a few pennies with me. 我身上只有几个便士。 I thank you very much indeed for this interview. 我十分感谢您这次接见。 I think fondly of my childhood. 我十分怀恋我的童年。 I often recall my childhood. 我时池想起我的童年时代。 I have often been there. 我时常去那儿。 I tried to preserve my independence. 我试图保持自己的独立性。 I'm a man of my word. 我是个讲信用的人。 I have a bottomed-down mind. 我是个没有什么独到见解的人。 I am a doctor. 我是个医生。 I learned this piece of news from the newspaper this morning. 我是今天早晨从报纸上知道这条消息的。 I am a Clark Gable nut: I have seen all his films. 我是克拉克·盖博的影迷,我看过他演的所有影片。 I left the office at around five o'clock. 我是五点钟左右离开办公室的。 I am in the school football team. 我是学校足球队的队员。 I am an ordinary laborer. 我是一名普通的劳动者。 I helped you in all sincerity. 我是一片诚心帮助你。 I got married at the age of thirty. 我是在而立之年结婚的。 I am the owner of this house. 我是这所房子的主人。 I feel the pricks of conscience. 我受到良心的责备。 My uncle is very conservative; he still thinks that a woman's place is in the home. 我叔父很古板,他至今还认为妇女应该呆在家里。 When I fell asleep, he picked up my book in passing. 我睡着时,他顺手牵羊把我的书拿走了。 I can't express how grateful I am. 我说不出我有多么感激。 I can't say for certain when he will arrive. 我说不准他什么时候会来。 My mouth was parched and my tongue scorched with speaking. 我说得口干舌燥。 I speak not flatteringly but with sincere conviction. 我说的话不是奉承,而是心悦诚服。 I await assignment at any moment. 我随时听候差遣。 I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat. 我所能奉献的没有其他,只有热血、辛劳、眼泪与汗水。 I am too clumsy of speech to participate in the debate. 我太笨嘴拙舌了,参加不了辩论会。 My wife burst into tears when she heard the bad news. 我太太听到这个坏消息就哭了起来。 My wife lost her first child a month before it should have been born. 我太太在产前一个月流产了 I hate to see those who like ease and dislike work. 我讨厌见到那些好逸恶劳的人。 I dislike him because he always does everything as he is told. 我讨厌他,因为他总是一副唯命是从的样子。 I hate this kind of cheap emotion. 我讨厌这种肤浅的感情。 I warned them that there might be snakes in the woods. 我提醒他们树林里可能有蛇。 I caught a curious sound in the neighboring room. 我听到隔壁房间里有奇怪的响声。 I heard the happy laughter of children at play. 我听到了孩子们的嬉笑声。 I heard a shot in his room. 我听到他的房间内一声枪响。 I heard a faint sound in the distance. 我听到远处有个微弱的声音。 I was rather saddened by what he had said and regretted my own inattention. 我听了他的话心里有点难受,只怨自己太粗疏了。 I'm tired of his complaints. 我听腻了他的抱怨。 I have heard of him. 我听说过他。 I usually go to work at 7:30. 我通常七点半去上班。 I usually go shopping on Sundays. 我通常星期天购物。 I usually wake up early. 我通常醒得很早。 I verify the spelling of a word by looking it up in a dictionary. 我通过查词典来验证一个词的拼法。 I pity anyone who has to feed a family on such a low income. 我同情任何需要以如此微薄的收入养活全家的人。 I condemn such crude manners. 我痛恨这种粗鲁的态度。 A disturbing thought crossed my mind. 我突然想起了一件令人烦心的事。 I canceled the original idea. 我推翻了原来的想法。 I am fully qualified for the difficult task. 我完全有能力胜任这项艰巨的任务。 I'm just a rabbit at tennis. 我网球打得很差劲。 Her name has slipped from my memory. 我忘记她的名字了。 I'm pleased at your success. 我为你的成功感到快慰。 One for all, all for one. 我为人人,人人为我。 I racked my brains for a plan. 我为制定一个计划而动脑筋。 I sighed at my misfortune. 我为自己的不幸而叹息。 I have failed to reach them by postal inquiries. 我未能通过邮政查询与他们取得联系。 I have failed to reach them by postal inquiries. 我未能通过邮政查询与他们取得联系。 I could smell that the milk was not fresh. 我闻得出牛奶不新鲜。 I cannot explain it exactly. 我无法把它讲解得很确切。 I was unable to satisfy them of the truth of my story. 我无法使他们相信我说的是实话。 I cannot forget the sad past. 我无法忘掉悲惨的往事。 I could not possibly suspect as much. 我无论如何也不能这样起疑。 I hope to see you again sometime next year. 我希望明年某一时候再见到你。 I hope to try by every means to find an honorable way of settling difficulties. 我希望能想方设法地找到一个体面的办法以摆脱困境。 I hope your idea takes wing. 我希望你的想法成真。 I wish that you would put your cards on the table. 我希望你干脆把话挑明。 I should like you to cooperate on the writing of my next book. 我希望你协助我写下一本书。 I wish he would write more often. 我希望他来信更勤些。 I wish this pain would stop. 我希望疼痛消失。 I wish to hear the details of your adventure. 我希望听到你这次奇遇的详情。 I hope we can part as friends. 我希望我们和和气气地分手。 I hope the weather will improve before Friday. 我希望星期五之前天气会好转。 I hope to get away early in the morning. 我希望一早就动身离开。 I wish this book was written in bigger character. 我希望这本书的字再大一点儿。 I like bright and vivacious strains. 我喜爱活泼欢快的曲调。 I like the tranquility of night. 我喜爱夜晚的宁静。 I enjoy the beautiful night of the Mid-autumn Festival. 我喜爱中秋节的良宵。 I like pink roses. 我喜欢粉色的玫瑰。 I like to read Lu Xun's satirical essays. 我喜欢看鲁迅的讽刺杂文。 I like my clothes to be simple but elegant. 我喜欢朴素但漂亮雅致的衣服。 I like weak green tea. 我喜欢清淡的绿茶。 I like the all-star team. 我喜欢全明星队。 I like the style of his writing but I don't like the content. 我喜欢他的写作风格,但是不喜欢他的内容。 I love the spring when orioles sing and swallows dart. 我喜欢莺歌燕舞的春天。 I enjoy a small talk with a friend. 我喜欢与朋友一起聊天。 I like to read China Daily on my way home. 我喜欢在回家的途中阅读《中国日报》。 I like to study in the library. 我喜欢在图书馆学习。 I'll say a few words first, in the hope of throwing out a minnow to catch a whale. 我先说几句,作为抛砖引玉吧。 I'm not talking for talking's sake; this is important! 我现在不是为了说话而说话,我要说的事很重要! I am very busy and have no time to attend to the matter. 我现在很忙, 无暇顾及此事。 I now declare this meeting open. 我现在宣布会议开幕。 I admire your fortune. 我羡慕你的好运气。 I believe that you can work out this problem by yourself. 我相信你自己能做出这道题的。 We all have our crosses, I suppose. 我想,我们都有各自的难题。 I tried to fix the equipment but I failed. 我想把机器修理好,但是失败了。 I wanted to avoid a meeting with her. 我想避免与她会面。 I want to enjoy a trip to places of interest. 我想畅游名胜古迹。 I long to enjoy a trip to well-known mountains and rivers in the world. 我想畅游世界各地的名山大川。 I want to take away the book which you showed me yesterday. 我想带走你昨天给我看的那本书。 I gather she's ill, and that's why she hasn't come. 我想她是病了,所以没有来。 I imagined she was quite surprised when she heard the truth. 我想她听说真相后一定很惊讶。 I don't suppose you have much time. 我想你不会有很多时间。 I am yearning for the blue ridges of the mountains in my hometown. 我想念家乡的青青山峦。 I want to improve my English. 我想提高我的英语水平。 I think I dropped something. 我想我掉了东西。 I think we may learn much from it. 我想我们能从中学到许多。 I think I'm lost; I can't find the bridge. 我想我是迷路了,我找不到那座桥了。 I want to know how to put this in French. 我想知道如何用法语来表达这件事。 I waved my arms towards the children and cried, "Come on." 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司