翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 我向孩子们挥臂一呼"快过来。" It is a fact that I have written this sentence. 我写了这个句子是事实。 I am filled with desire to go back home. 我心中充满了回家的渴望。 I appreciate his poetic utterances. 我欣赏他那富有诗意的话语。 I kept faith with him. 我信守了对他的诺言。 I have an appointment on Wednesday. 我星期三有个约会。 I've been studying Spanish for three months. 我学西班牙语已经三个月了。 I went home along a winding mountain path. 我沿着弯曲的山路回家。 I have a dog and a cat, but they fight all the time. 我养了一只猫和一只狗,但它们老是打架。 I invited her to enjoy the beautiful scene on a bright day. 我邀请她共度这个良辰美景。 I looked up into the sky and saw the kite become smaller and smaller. 我遥望天空,只见风筝越来越小。 I'll give my coat a good brush. 我要把我的衣服好好刷一下。 I'm going to call on one of my former classmates. 我要去看望我的一位老同学。 I'm just going to check in these books at the library. 我要去图书馆还这些书。 I want to insure my residence. 我要为自己的住宅保险。 I want a double room with a view. 我要一间能看到风景的双人房间。 I'll sue you for libel. 我要以诽谤罪控告你。 Having white hair and ruddy complexion, my grandfather is hale and hearty. 我爷爷是位鹤发童颜的矍铄老人。 I came here immediately after having my supper. 我一吃完晚饭就来这里了。 I found myself in an entirely new world the moment I arrived in Beijing. 我一到北京就感到耳目一新。 I haven't the slightest idea what you are talking about. 我一点也不明白你在说些什么。 On my own I can do very little, 我一个人的力量是微乎其微的。 I gave the alarm as soon as I saw the smoke. 我一看见冒烟,就发出了警报。 I can't stay any longer. 我一刻也不能再呆下去了。 I've kept on thinking about that all the time. 我一直惦记着这件事。 I have been looking forward to seeing you. 我一直期待着和您见面。 I have been seeking it all round. 我一直在四处寻找它。 I am attached to every tree and bush in my hometown. 我依恋故乡的一草一木。 I suspect that he was lying. 我疑心他在说谎。 I have kept a reserve fund in case of accidents. 我已筹备了一笔准备基金以防不测。 I have arranged that one of my staff will meet you at the airport. 我已经安排好派一个职员到飞机场接你。 I've been writing for three hours. 我已经写了三个小时了。 I have engaged a room at this hotel. 我已经在这个旅馆里预订了一个房间。 I'm old enough to have the freedom to do as I like. 我已经足够大了,有权去做我喜欢做的事。 I have been penalized for my carelessness. 我因粗心而被处罚。 I obeyed from fear. 我因惧怕而屈服。 I can't open the door because I've lost the key. 我因为丢失了钥匙, 无法开门。 I was out of breath after running for the bus. 我因为追赶公共汽车,弄得上气不接下气。 I shall never forget the favors you have done to me. 我永远不会忘记你的恩情。 I will never forget your kindness. 我永远忘不了你的好意。 I noted down his telephone number with a pencil near the telephone. 我用电话旁的一根铅笔记下了他的电话号码。 I rubbed the window with a cloth. 我用一块布擦窗子。 I feel a little timid. 我有点儿发憷。 I have a simple and easy method. 我有个简易的方法。 Please be brief because I am in a hurry. 我有急事,请长话短说。 I have many books. 我有许多书。 I have a matter of importance to deal with. 我有要事要处理。 I have a pair of leather mittens. 我有一副皮连指手套。 I have a pure heart of a newborn baby. 我有一颗赤子之心。 I have the pure heart of a newborn baby. 我有一颗赤子之心。 I have a 5-dollar bill. 我有一张5美元的钞票。 I'm duty bound to visit my old aunt. 我有义务去探望年老的姑妈。 I have a feeling that we are being followed. 我有种感觉我们正被人跟踪。 Since I cannot foretell things like a prophet, I cannot help taking a small loss. 我又不能料事如神,总不免要吃点小亏。 The seat on my right side is empty. 我右首的座位无人坐。 He is a perfect stranger to me. 我与他素不相识。 I have never made his acquaintance. 我与他素昧平生。 I wish everybody good luck at the beginning of the year. 我预祝大家岁首大吉。 I came across an old friend in changed circumstances. 我遇到了一位境遇变化了的老友。 He was walking towards town when I met him. 我遇到他时,他正往镇上走去。 I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their hard work on the project. 我愿借此机会感谢每一位为这个项目辛勤工作的人。 I'd like to be her intimate friend and good companion. 我愿做她的挚友良朋。 He made a promise of help, as I pleaded with him again and again. 我再三央求,他才答应帮忙。 I cannot bear it any longer. 我再也不能忍受了。 I am expecting a visitor. 我在等一位来宾。 I met him at the bus stop. 我在公共汽车站遇到他的。 I spent my early childhood in my hometown. 我在故乡度过了自己的孩提时代。 I groped for the light switch in the dark room. 我在黑暗的房间里摸索着找电灯开关。 I bank with Bank of Communications. 我在交通银行存款。 I bought this loaf of bread in the chain store opposite the street. 我在街道对面的连锁商店里买了这只面包。 I met him in the street. 我在街上遇到他。 I wiped my shoes on the mat before I came in. 我在进门前把鞋在垫子上擦了擦。 I never flinch from difficulty. 我在困难面前从不畏缩。 I have an account with Midland Bank. 我在米德兰银行开有户头。 I am trying to find out experience in teaching. 我在摸索教学经验。 I heard it on the 7 o'clock news. 我在七点钟的新闻报道中听到了这则消息。 I passed the store on my way to the library. 我在去图书馆的路上经过了那家商店。 I looked for her in the crowd but couldn't see her. 我在人群中寻找她,但看不到。 I watched by his bedside. 我在他床边守护。 I ran across an old friend of mine in the library. 我在图书馆里与一位老朋友不期而遇。 I work in a small company. 我在一家小公司工作。 I'm boarding with a friend. 我在一友人处寄膳宿。 I ran into an old friend in the alien land. 我在异国他乡遇到故知。 该友邦大使拒绝会见任何新闻记者或电视台记者。 我在异国他乡遇到故知。 The ambassador of the friendly nation refused to give any interviews to journalists or TV men. 我在异国他乡遇到故知。 I eulogize the tall and straight trunk of the white poplar. 我赞美白杨树那挺拔的株干。 How can I enlighten your wooden head? 我怎么才能让你这木头疙瘩开窍呢? I've been there already and don't want to go again. 我曾到过那,不想再去了。 I had warned him not to tell anyone about it. 我曾经叮嘱他不要和任何人讲这件事。 I thought it might be true. 我曾认为这可能是真的。 I once raised a little puppy. 我曾饲养过一只小狗。 I had been a footman for 20 years. 我曾做过20年的听差。 My husband is a stamp collector. 我丈夫是个集邮者。 My husband is a kind person. 我丈夫是一个善良的人。 My husband has several shirts of different colors. 我丈夫有好几件颜色不同的衬衫。 I've found a good way to solve the problem. 我找到了一个解决问题的好办法。 Please cut out my overcoat according to this pattern. 我这件大衣请你照这个式样裁剪。 Everything is fine with me; there is no need for you to be concerned. 我这里一切都好,不用挂念。 I'm talking offhand, simply speaking my mind. 我这是信口开河,随便谈谈脑子里想的东西。 I say so by way of example. 我这样说只是举个事例而已。 I don't know how I can possibly thank you enough. 我真不知该怎样感谢你才好。 I sincerely hope that he can accept the criticism of others. 我真诚地希望他能接受别人的批评。 Is it necessary for me to attend the meeting? 我真的必须参加这个会议吗? I'm so tired I could sleep for a whole day. 我真是累极了,简直可以睡上一整天。 I find it really hard to bring up the matter. 我真是有口难言。 I do miss you. 我真想念你啊! I asked the teacher for her advice. 我征求这位老师的意见。 How much money I earn is none of your concern. 我挣多少钱与你无关。 I am busy cooking dinner. 我正忙着做饭。 I'm trying to learn English. 我正在尽力学英语。 I am reading a book about the rise and fall of the Roman Empire. 我正在看一本关于罗马帝国兴衰的书。 I am cooking apple pies with my newly bought frying pan. 我正在用我新买的煎锅做苹果馅饼。 I am boiling the milk. 我正在煮牛奶。 I know what happened. 我知道发生了什么事。 I know where the picturesque old-world village is. 我知道那个风景如画的古老村寨在哪儿。 I knew if I kept at it I should succeed. 我知道如果我坚持下去就会成功。 I am in charge of financial affairs. 我职掌财务。 Just to satisfy my curiosity, how much did you pay for your car? 我只是出于好奇,请问你买这辆车花了多少钱? I am merely reporting what he said. 我只是转述他的话。 I only wear a tie on special occasions. 我只在特殊场合才打领带。 I only have eyes for you. 我只在意你。 I have had no reply from her so far. 我至今没有得到她的答复。 I finally managed to find the book I was looking for. 我终于找到了一直在找的书。 I welcome your idea with all my heart. 我衷心欢迎你提的意见。 I live on the top floor. 我住在顶层。 I live in the west of the city. 我住在该城市的西部。 I live among the mountains. 我住在群山之中。 I wish you a very happy future. 我祝你有非常幸福的未来。 I made a detailed inquiry about the facts. 我追问事实真相。 I always feel she has a grudge against me. 我总感到她对我记恨在心。 I have found you out at last, you cheat! 我总算把你看透了,你这个骗子! I reached the gate that opened onto the lake. 我走到临湖而开的那扇门前。 I walked on the path of the field. 我走在田间小路上。 I clenched my fist and hit him. 我攥紧拳头向他击去。 I haven't heard any news from my son lately. 我最近没听到我儿子的任何音讯。 I saw him only yesterday. 我昨天才见到他。 I lost my wallet yesterday. 我昨天丢了钱包。 I bought several books yesterday. 我昨天买了好几本书。 I sat by his side. 我坐在他旁边。 I was sitting in the garden enjoying the sunshine. 我坐在庭院里享受明媚的阳光。 Every cloud has a silver lining. 乌云背后有阳光。 Dark clouds were gathering in the sky. Heavy rain would come soon. 乌云密布,大雨就要来临。 Black clouds are an unmistakable sign of coming rain. 乌云是下雨的明显前兆。 Dark clouds are a sign of rain or snow. 乌云是雨或雪将至的预兆。 The clouds threatened a big storm. 乌云预示着暴风雨即将来临。 The sky was covered with dark clouds. 乌云遮天。 Fling dirt enough and some will stick. 污物摔多必沾身。 Wine cups and dishes lay about in disorder in the room. 屋里杯盘狼藉。 The room is dimly lit. 屋里灯光暗淡。 The room is full of sunshine. 屋子里充满阳光。 The bandits made off with everything in the house. 屋子里的东西被匪徒们洗劫一空。 The furniture in the room was placed askew. 屋子里的家俱摆得歪歪斜斜。 The house has been given a thorough cleaning, inside and outside. 屋子里里外外都打扫得很干净。 The room was in a mess. 屋子乱得一塌糊涂。 No comment. 无可奉告。 Ideas of inertia and complacency are both wrong. 无所作为和骄傲自满的论点都是错误的。 It's certain that every effect must have a cause. 无疑,每个结果必定有其原因。 Light glared from the unshaded bulb. 无罩灯泡发出耀眼的光。 Empty vessels make the most sound. 无知的人叫得最欢。 Ignorance is the mother of impudence. 无知是鲁莽之源。 He's just and fair in argument. 吴教授持论公允。 Professor Wu is extremely modest. 吴教授虚怀若谷。 Multi-colored flags were flying over the rooftop. 五彩缤纷的旗子在屋顶上飘扬。 The sum of 5 and 3 is 1. 五加三的总和是八。 The five-star red flag is fluttering in the wind. 五星红旗迎风飘扬。 At midnight you'll hear the clock strike twelve. 午夜时你会听到钟打12点。 The cities of Wuchang, Hankou and Hanyang are often referred to as Wuhan. 武昌、汉口和汉阳常统称武汉。 Practicing gongfu strengthens the physique. 武术可以锻炼筋骨。 Cover your eyes and don't peek. 捂上眼睛,别偷看。 Don't ride the high horse.  勿摆架子。 Don't take your harp to the party. 勿反复罗嗦。 Don't put all your eggs in one basket. 勿孤注一掷。 Harp not for ever on the same string. 勿老调重谈。 Don't meet trouble half-way. 勿杞人忧天。 We must do good rather than evil, on however humble a scale. 勿因善小而不为,勿因恶小而为之。 Birds of a feather flock together. 物以类聚,人以群分。 Birds of a feather flock together. 物以类聚。 As the mist lifted, the mountains revealed themselves one behind the other. 雾气逐渐消失, 重叠的山峦一层一层地显现出来。 The setting sun had boundless beauty, Just because the yellow dusk is so near. 夕阳无限好,只是近黄昏。 The setting sun has boundless beauty; Just because the yellow dusk is so near. 夕阳无限好,只是近黄昏。 Xi'an is one of the ancient capitals of our country. 西安是我国古都之一。 Spain is our favorite holiday spot. 西班牙是我们喜欢的度假地点。 The beauties of the West Lake in spring were beyond his expectation. 西湖的春景比他所预料的更加美丽。 Smoking is harmful to one's health. 吸烟对健康有害。 Smoking is not good for your health. 吸烟对你的健康没有好处。 Smoking is bad for health. 吸烟对身体有害。 It is generally accepted that smoking is harmful to our health. 吸烟有害健康,这是大家公认的。 Mr. Heath is the former Prime Minister of Britain. 希思先生是英国前任首相。 You are expected to answer the call with immediate actions and not with vacillation. 希望大家闻风而动,不要举棋不定。 We hope from now on there will be more exchanges between our two peoples. 希望今后两国人民之间有更多的交往。 We hope you can acknowledge your mistake in public. 希望你当众认错。 I hope you will pay attention to this problem. 希望你对此给予关注。 Hope is a lover's staff. 希望是爱者的手扶之杖。 They are expected to act according to circumstances. 希望他们能够见机行事。 It was completely hopeless. They had to await their doom. 希望已绝, 他们只能坐以待毙了。 The once barren hillsides are now good farmland. 昔日荒坡,今日良田。 The stream is very limpid. 溪流十分清澈。 The good news spread to every corner of the country. 喜讯传遍了祖国的每个角落。 People broke into cheers at once when they heard the good news. 喜讯传来,人们顿时欢呼起来。 Joy mingled with surprises. 喜悦和惊异交织在一起。 The mountain path is narrow and rugged. 狭隘的山路崎岖不平。 It's impossible to tell who will win the next election. 下届选举谁能获胜无法预知。 There was a heavy downpour. 下了一阵暴雨。 Good afternoon! 下午好! They are going to move to a new house next week. 下星期他们将迁入新居。 Next Monday will be my 21st birthday. 下星期一是我二十一岁的生日。 Next Tuesday is his birthday. 下周二是他的生日。 Lotus flowers are in full bloom in the pond in summer. 夏季的水塘中,芙蓉盛开。 In summer the days are long. 夏季昼长。 The blazing sun beats down in summer. 夏日骄阳似火。 In summer, flowers are competing in splendor in the garden. 夏天的花园,百花争艳。 He's always full of cheer in summer. 夏天他总是高高兴兴的。 Hawaii is called an island paradise. 夏威夷被称为海岛乐园。 Hawaii is a famous tourist resort. 夏威夷是著名的旅游胜地。 Celestials live in the great void. 仙人生活在太虚之中。 Read the text first and then explain the new words. 先读课文,然后解释生词。 Draw an outline before you fill in the details. 先画轮廓,再画细部。 Advancing culture is bound to triumph over declining culture. 先进的文化必然战胜没落的文化。 First come, first served. 先来先招待。 The martyr laid down his life for the country. 先烈为国捐躯。 Would you like to try this jacket on for size, sir? 先生,你要不要试穿一下这件夹克衫,看看尺寸是否合适? The teacher had both extensive knowledge and profound scholarship. 先生的学问博大精深。 The county town is a hundred li or so away from here. 县城离这有百儿八十里。 In modern cities there are high-rise buildings everywhere. 现代化的都市里遍地是高楼大厦。 Modern medicine has increased man's life span. 现代医学延长了人的寿命。 Nowadays people travel in cars rather than carriages. 现今人们旅行都坐汽车,而不使用马车。 Real life isn't as happy as people imagine. 现实生活并不象人们想象的那样美好。 Reality can't be escaped. 现实是不能逃避的。 Fresh and dried fruits are easily available now. 现在,干鲜果品很容易买到。 We should seize the opportunity to counterattack. 现在,我们应乘机反攻。 And now the scene shifts to the warehouse, where the murderer is lying in wait. 现在场景转到仓库,行凶者正埋伏在那里伺机行动。 We have come to the critical moment. 现在到了紧要关头。 The time now is 10:00 p,m, sharp. 现在的时间是晚上10点整。 Pay half now and the rest later. 现在付一半, 剩下的以后再付。 Now many children can be called young but experienced. 现在很多小孩都可以说是少年老成了。 There is very little profit in selling newspapers at present. 现在卖报纸利润很少。 Which football team is the leader in the football championship? 现在哪个队在足球锦标赛中领先? The reforms of enterprises are now at the critical moment. 现在企业的改革正处在紧要关头。 It's too early for getting up. 现在起床还太早。 It is about six o'clock now. 现在是六点钟左右。 It's a quarter past ten. 现在是十点一刻。 It's eleven o'clock now. 现在是十一点钟。 He isn't in, Please call again in a moment. 现在他不在, 请等会儿再来电话。 It is too late to make any dissent. 现在提出异议太晚了。 I can't sing now, but I could when I was young. 现在我不会唱歌了,但我年轻的时候会。 We can make it if we start off now. 现在我们出发还赶得上。 Our chances of victory are very faint now. 现在我们取胜的机会已经微乎其微了。 Time is , time was , and time is past. 现在有时间,过去有时间,时间一去不复返。 There is no time like the present. 现在正是时候。 Now, men are enlisting for the air force. 现正在招募空军。 The deadline is drawing near; we can't delay any more. 限期快到了, 不能再拖延。 A constitution lays down the manner and means by which a state is governed. 宪法规定治理国家的方式方法。 The paths crisscrossed in the fields in the countryside. 乡村的田野里阡陌纵横。 The low thatched cottages in the country have long gone. 乡下那低矮的茅草屋早已消失得无影无踪了。 The photo has faded beyond recognition. 相片已经模糊,不能辨认。 Every sumo wrestler is large and firm-fleshed. 相扑运动员个个都有一个肥硕的身体。 Cross talks are an art form people love to see and hear. 相声这种艺术形式让老百姓喜闻乐见。 The red leaves of maple trees of the Fragrant Hills are the most charming autumn scenery in Beijing. 香山红叶是北京最浓最浓的秋色。 Particulars are too meager to form a decision. 详情不明,难以做出裁夺。 Well, in those days there was no railway here. 想当年, 这里还没有火车呢。 He cheered up at the thought of seeing her again. 想到再次见到她,他就高兴起来。 It's only human nature to want a comfortable life. 想过舒适的生活不过是普通人的本性。 He could not but look up to the sky and sigh deeply when his lifetime of frustrations passed through his mind. 想起自己坎坷的一生,他不由仰天长叹。 If you want to understand today, you have to search yesterday. 想要懂得今天,就必须研究昨天。 The guide was ready enough with his usual pattern on the history of the place, but as soon as you began to question him on anything outside that, he was all at sea. 向导把该地历史的老一套讲得滚瓜烂熟,但当你一问起别的东西时,他就瞠目结舌,无言以对了。 The guide led us to the river. 向导带领我们到河边。 The guide told us to look sharp because there are rattlesnakes around. 向导要我们特别留神,因为附近有响尾蛇。 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司