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Turn to the left and you will find the post. 向左转,你会找到邮局的。 Those men like him who consider themselves no ordinary beings are too numerous to mention. 象他那样自命不凡的人,不胜枚举。 The firemen arrived at the critical moment. 消防队员在千钧一发之际赶到。 Time spent in vice or folly is doubly lost. 消磨于恶习或愚行的时间是加倍的损失。 We shouted and jumped for joy when hearing the news. 消息传来,大家欢呼雀跃。 The news has been confirmed. 消息得到了证实。 Though very small, the grass has great vitality. 小草虽小,但有强大的生命力。 The funny performances of the clown often make the audiences clap their hands and laugh aloud. 小丑的滑稽表演经常令观众拍手大笑。 The small boat was driven by the current downstream. 小船顺江漂流而下。 The boat is nearer and nearer to the small island. 小船越来越濒近小岛了。 The peddler hawked his wares from door to door. 小贩挨户叫卖货物。 The little girl cuddled her pet cat. 小姑娘亲热地搂抱着小猫。 The little dear is very lovely. 小乖乖非常可爱。 Children depend on their parents for food and clothing. 小孩依赖他们的父母供给衣食。 The lads work with vigor and energy. 小伙子干起活来真是生龙活虎。 For a long time, Xiao Li has wanted to be a meteorologist, and now he has got his wishes. 小李很早就想当气象员,现在终于如愿以偿了。 The young couple is in harmony. 小两口和和美美。 The wheat is growing well in the fertile soil. 小麦在沃土中长势很好。 The kitten uses that box as its bed. 小猫把那个盒子当做它的床。 The little cat gave me a playful bite. 小猫顽皮地轻轻咬了我一下。 There is a desk in the boy's room. 小男孩的房间里有张写字台。 The little boy is piling up his building blocks. 小男孩正在搭积木。 The girl lost her balance and fell off the balance beam. 小女孩失去了平衡,从平衡木上摔了下来。 The little girl drowned in the river. 小女孩在河里淹死了。 The little girl drew a square on the paper. 小女孩在纸上画了一个正方形。 The niggardly husband never gave her enough money for food. 小气的丈夫从不给她足够的钱买食品。 If one doesn't correct a small flaw immediately, after a considerable period of time it will become a bad habit. 小缺点如果不马上改掉, 天长日久就会变成坏习惯。 The little mountain stream is dashing down to the plain. 小山涧奔流而下,流向平原。 Grandmother told me many stories about the Toad on the moon when I was a little child. 小时候,奶奶总给我讲天上玉蟾的故事。 The story my mother told me when I was young was fictitious. 小时候妈妈给我讲的那个故事是虚构的。 An hour is a measure of time. 小时是时间的一个量度单位。 The military counselor Wu Yong in the novel "Water Margins" is a man of ingenuity. 小说《水浒》中的吴用在军事上足智多谋。 The novel has a sad ending. 小说的结尾是个悲惨的结局。 Novels are fictitious and can not be looked upon as history. 小说是虚构的作品, 不能当成历史。 The thief was put into prison for one year. 小偷被监禁一年。 The thief was very crafty. 小偷非常狡黠。 The thief was up to his old tricks. 小偷故伎重演。 The thief dived into an alley to escape from the police. 小偷潜入一条小巷躲避警察的追捕。 The thief slipped away down a side street. 小偷悄悄从一条小马路溜走了。 The thief jumped into a car and made his escape. 小偷跳上汽车逃走了。 The thief leaped the wall and ran away. 小偷越墙逃跑了。 The thief had left his prints on the handle. 小偷在把手上留下了指纹。 The thief broke into the house during the night. 小偷在夜间破门进入住宅。 The thief was finally caught. 小偷最终被擒。 It's dark and gloomy in the small room. 小屋非侈暗。 The stream was so narrow that we could easily stride over it. 小溪很窄,我们能很容易跨越过去。 The stream winds through the fields. 小溪蜿蜒流过田野。 A little fresh spring is flowing by the hillside. 小小清泉在山边流淌。 The principal gave awards to the best students in each class. 校长给各班最优秀的学生颁奖。 The principal said a lot to encourage him,expecting him to make persistent efforts and do exceedingly well in the future examination. 校长讲了许多鼓励他的话,希望他再接再厉,在今后的考试中取得优异成绩。 The agreement shall enter into force when our signatures are affixed. 协定签字后立即生效。 The Western Lake looks very beautiful with gentle wind and drizzling rain. 斜风细雨下的西湖分外美丽。 Check the facts up before you write your report. 写报告前要事先核准事实。 One good way to master the ideas of an article is to make an outline of it. 写概要是掌握文章内容的一个好方法。 The ability to write is a supreme test of linguistic competence. 写作能力是对语言能力的最高形式的检验。 After being relieved of his office, he went back to his hometown. 卸任后,他回到了家乡。 Thank you for the trouble you have taken in reading over the manuscript for me. 谢谢你不厌其烦地替我审阅这个稿子。 Thank you, sir. 谢谢您,先生。 Thank you for your kindness. 谢谢您的好意。 If one person is confused and worried, he must be at a complete loss what to do. 心烦意乱,不知所从。 A watched pot never boils. 心急喝不了热粥。 Laugh and grow fat. 心宽体胖。 There are so many thoughts welling up in my mind that I really don't know where to start. 心里千头万绪, 不知从何说起。 The best hearts are always the bravest. 心灵最高尚的人,也总是最勇敢的人。 Cheerfulness is the promoter of health. 心情愉快是健康的增进剂。 He felt very hungry after four-hours' hard work. 辛苦工作了四个小时后,他觉得非常饿。 The new book is very interesting. 新出的这本书非常有趣。 During the joyous Spring Festival, the whole world joins in the jubilation. 新春佳节,普天同庆。 The new law has received the royal assent. 新的法规已得到国王的批准。 A new system of taxation will be brought into effect next year. 新的税收制度将于明年实行。 The new emperor ascended the throne. 新皇帝登基了。 The new workers' houses have all the necessary fittings. 新建的工人住宅设备齐全。 The bride wore a beautiful white dress. 新娘穿了一身美丽的白色礼服。 New-born things are emerging one after another. 新生事物总是层出不穷。 The power of the press is very great. 新闻界的力量非常大。 Fresh air and exercise are good for the health. 新鲜空气和运动有益于健康。 The new battleship shall be armed with 16-inch guns. 新战舰将以16英寸口径的大炮武装起来。 The new policy earned the approbation of the people. 新政策得到了人民的认可。 The new government's prime task is to reduce the level of inflation. 新政府的主要任务是减低通货膨胀的水平。 The new governor's assumption of post will take place next Tuesday. 新州长将于下星期到任。 My wages are the principal source of my income. 薪金是我收入的主要来源。 There is no reply to my letter which I posted two months ago, It seems like a stone dropped into the sea. 信寄出两个月未见回音, 看来是石沉大海了。 The stars are keenly shining. 星光辉映。 The sheen of the starlight stole over him. 星光悄悄地照到他身上。 Sunday is the first day of the week. 星期日是一周的第一天。 A single spark can start a prairie fire. 星星之火,可以燎原。 On a starry night, lots of stars twinkle in the sky. 星夜的天空上有许多眨着眼的星星。 Actions speak louder than words. 行动胜于空谈。 Actions speak louder than words. 行动胜于言辞。 Strong in action, gentle in method. 行动要坚强,方式要温和。 We've already packed and will set out tomorrow morning. 行李都打好了,我们明天早上就动身。 Pedestrians walk on the pavement. 行人走便道。 The situation is favorable for us. 形势对我们有利。 The situation took a favorable turn. 形势好转了。 A happy family is a haven. 幸福的家庭是一座避风港。 The tears of happiness flowed down her cheeks. 幸福的泪水顺着她的脸颊流淌。 No sweet without sweat. 幸福来自汗水。 Happiness lies, first of all, in health. 幸福首先在于健康。 Happiness lies in the consciousness we have it. 幸福在于自知拥有幸福。 Fortune has not always smiled upon me. 幸运之神并不一直向我微笑。 An eagle was hovering over the valley. 雄鹰在山谷中飞翔。 The majestic music reverberated in the sky. 雄壮的乐曲回响在空中。 Pandas are precious creatures. 熊猫是珍贵的动物。 They sang songs to amuse themselves during the break. 休息时,大家一起唱唱歌,娱乐娱乐。 Rest is a good thing, but boredom is its brother. 休息是件好事,无聊却是其兄弟。 It takes a lot of labor to build a railway. 修筑一条铁路要花费许多劳动力。 Vainglory blossoms but never bears. 虚荣光开花,永远不结果。 Many newspapers appeal to the crowd. 许多报纸受到人民的欢迎。 Many colorfully dressed girls were working in the fields. 许多穿红戴绿的姑娘在田间劳动。 Many buildings were demolished by a hurricane. 许多房屋被飓风吹毁。 Many women lie about their age. 许多妇女常在自己的年龄上说谎话。 The petals of many flowers expand in the sunshine. 许多花的花瓣在阳光中开放。 Many diseases are caused by bacteria. 许多疾病是由细菌引起的。 Many families were broken up and their members killed in the chaos caused by the war. 许多家庭在战乱中家破人亡。 Many farmers are working in the fields. 许多农民在田里干活。 Many people believe that prison isn't a cure for crime. 许多人都相信监禁解决不了犯罪问题。 Many people fawn on him only because of his wealth. 许多人奉承他就因为他有钱。 Many people sought his acquaintance. 许多人竭力想结识他。 A crowd gathered at the scene of the fire. 许多人聚集在火灾现场。 Many people would like to take holidays abroad. 许多人愿意到国外度假。 Many businessmen make their fortune by fair means or foul. 许多商人为了赚钱而不择手段。 Carelessness is the cause of many accidents. 许多事都归咎于粗心大意。 Many prominent figures saw the movie. 许多头面人物观看了这部电影。 Many literary gems flew from his deft pen. 许多文学珍品出自他的生花妙笔。 Many students started to prepare for the exams only at the last moment. 许多学生常常考试前临阵磨枪。 Many famous writers and speakers use the word habitually. 许多有名的作家和演说家常使用这个词。 Many languages have Latin as their base. 许多语言都以拉丁语为基础。 Many well-known figures attended the grand conference. 许多知名人士出席了这次盛会。 The golden rays of the rising sun light up the windows. 旭日的灿灿金光照在窗子上。 The morning sun rises in the east, shedding its rays in all directions. 旭日东升,光芒四射。 The noise subsided. 喧闹声平息了。 A pine tree stands at the edge of the steep cliff. 悬崖的边缘有一颗松树。 The cyclone brought misery to thousands of people. 旋风给成千上万的人带来苦难。 The result of the election has been published. 选举结果已揭晓。 Have the votes been counted yet? 选票算好了没有? To choose time is to save time. 选择时间就是节省时间。 The students help each other and encourage each other. 学生们互相帮助,互相砥砺。 The students listened respectfully to their teacher's instructions. 学生们聆听老师的教导。 Students stand hand in hand in a row. 学生们手牵手站成一排。 The students held colorful flags to greet the foreign guests. 学生们手执彩旗欢迎外宾。 The students assembled in front of the auditorium, 学生们在礼堂门前集合。 The students occupied the Administration Block. 学生们占领了行政大楼。 The students are reading the text loudly. 学生们正在朗读课文。 A student should develop in an all-round way-morally, intellectually and physically. 学生应该德智体全面发展。 Many of the students came from other countries. 学生中许多人来自其他国家。 Learning is the eye of mind. 学问是心灵的眼睛。 Theoretical study must be closely integrated with practice. 学习理论要紧密结合实际。 Don't slack off in your studies. 学习上不可懈怠。 Is learning a foreign language a question of learning new skills or a question of acquiring new knowledge? 学习外国语是学习一种新技能,还是获取新知识呢? Learning how to learn is life's most important skill. 学习学习的方法是人生最重要的技巧。 How far is the school from here? 学校离这里多远? Every classroom in our school is bright and clean and takes on a new look. 学校里每间教室都窗明几净,焕然一新。 The school advertised for teachers in the newspaper. 学校在报纸上登广告征聘教师。 Schools should be surrounded by a pure and healthy environment. 学校周围的环境应该是纯洁而健康的。 Snowflakes were drifting down and the piercing wind chilled me to the marrow. 雪花纷飞,寒风刺骨。 Snowflakes are dancing in the air. 雪花在天空中飞舞。 Blood is thicker than water. 血浓于水。 Blood is thicker than water. 血浓于水。 When the touring theatrical troupe arrived at the mountain village, the villagers beaming with delight all ran to tell one another. 巡回剧团来到山村,人们笑逐颜开奔走相告。 The dentist told the boy not to eat too many sweets. 牙医告诫这男孩不要吃太多糖果。 The dentist's drill made a lot of noise. 牙钻发出很大的噪音。 Asia was awaking from her long sleep. 亚洲正从长睡中觉醒。 The chimney toppled over on the roof. 烟囱倾倒在屋顶上。 Spring comes after the severe winter. 严冬过后是春天。 The severe frost raised the hopes of skaters. 严寒使溜冰者有了希望。 Smoking is strictly prohibited. 严禁吸烟! Brevity is the soul of wit. 言贵简。 Words are like bees, they have honey and a sting. 言语象蜜蜂,有蜜也有刺。 The views along the shore is wonderful. 沿岸光景真好极了。 The hot sun withered the flowers and plants. 炎热的太阳使花草枯萎了。 The hot weather lasted until September. 炎热的天气持续到九月。 The hot weather extended into October. 炎热天气一直持续到十月。 People doing research in this subject are not rare. 研究这个问题的不乏其人。 Not even a blade of grass grows in the saline-alkali soil. 盐碱地上寸草不生。 Out of sight, out of mind. 眼不见,心不烦。 As I watched somebody else buy the last copy of the magazine I wanted so badly, I felt completely helpless. 眼看人家买走最后一本我要买的杂志,真是无可奈何。 It'll be daylight soon. 眼看天就要亮了。 Tears are the silent language of grief. 眼泪是悲哀的无声言辞。 Before our eyes was a stretch of green paddy fields. 眼前是一片绿油油的稻田。 Before our eyes is a stretch of green wheat fields. 眼前是一片绿油油的麦田。 A boundless prairie is before us. 眼前是一望无垠的草原。 At the moment in every household, road and lane, people are discussing the reformation. 眼下家家户户,街头巷尾,人们都在谈论着改革运动。 The situation now is favorable for us. 眼下形势对我们非常有利。 The most urgent thing to do right now is to break through the encirclement. 眼下最要紧的是突围。 The theatre emptied rapidly after the show. 演出结束后,剧场里的人很快走空了。 The actors bowed their thanks at the end of the play. 演出结束时演员们鞠躬致谢。 There is a break during the performance for the audience to take a rest. 演出中有一次中场休息,让听众们稍事休息。 The arbitration award for the oratorical contest was made by a jury of nine professors. 演讲比赛的裁决由九位教授组成的评判委员会做出。 The room was still at the end of the speech. 演讲结束的时候,房间里寂静无声。 The players should often observe and learn from practice. 演员应该经常体验生活。 After dinner, the guests assembled in the hall for a dance. 宴会结束后,宾客聚集到大厅里准备跳舞。 At the end of the party, we thanked our host and went away. 宴会结束时,我们谢了主人后便回家去了。 Several baskets of fruit were eaten at the party. 宴会上,大家吃掉了好几篮水果。 The banquet was permeated with a warm atmosphere of unity and friendship. 宴会上洋溢着团结友好的热烈气氛。 The swallows nested under the eaves. 燕子在屋檐下筑巢。 It is a double-faced behavior to agree overtly but oppose covertly. 阳奉阴违是一种两面派行为。 The sun shone bright and warm. 阳光灿灿,照得人暖洋洋的。 The sun shines brightly. 阳光灿烂。 The sun illuminates every corner of the land. 阳光普照大地。 The glistening and billowing waves of the river are quite charming in the sun. 阳光下,江面波光潋滟,十分迷人。 The sun illuminates all things on earth. 阳光烛照万物。 In the solar calendar, May the first is International Labor Day. 阳历五月一日是国际劳动节。 He who commences many things finishes but a few. 样样都搞,完成者少。 Grasp all, lose all. 样样都要,全都失掉。 Cashew nuts and walnuts are both nuts. 腰果和核桃都是坚果。 People concerned have been called together here to discuss what to do next. 邀集有关人士讨论一下下一步干什么。 Rumors are going round. 谣言不胫而走。 The medicine worked. 药物奏效了。 Effective measures must be taken to prevent the situation from deteriorating. 要采取有力措施, 阻止事态的恶化。 We must make the experiment boldly and must not "fear the wolves ahead and tigers behind". 要大胆实验,不要前怕狼,后怕虎。 We should advance a great deal of talents . 要大量提拔人才。 To win victory, we must seize every minute and second. 要夺取胜利, 我们必须分秒必争。 A principal criminal fell into the net. 要犯落网。 To strive to seek, to find and not to yield. 要奋斗、要探索、要有所发现而不要屈服。 Do solid work and don't indulge in fantasy. 要脚踏实地去干,不要想入非非。 Be just before you are generous. 要慷慨必先求公正。 Please all and you please none. 要面面俱到者,面面不到。 Petty-bourgeois sentiments should be done away with. 要抛弃小资产阶级的感伤情调。 Readers are requested to make the corrections pointed out in the errata. 要求读者根据勘误表匡正。 A distinction should be made between the primary and secondary tasks. 要区别重要的和次要的任务。 Think well before you act. 要三思而后行。 The policies must be made known to every family and to each individual. 要使各项政策家喻户晓,人人皆知。 Get everything ready beforehand. 要事先作好准备。 We'll run into debt if you spend more than our income. 要是你花的比我们挣的还多,我们就要欠债了。 If you want a share of the pay, you'll have to do your fair share of the work. 要是你想得到一份报酬,你就必须做好你该分担的那一份工作。 If only problems would come one at a time! 要是问题一次只发生一个该多好! I wish I knew his address. 要是我知道他的地址就好了。 I racked my brains in vain trying to change him. 要想改变他, 简直是枉费心机。 If you would hit the mark, you must aim a little above it. 要向射中靶,必须瞄准比靶略微高些。 Be able to be alone. Lose not the advantage of solitude. 要有单独自处的能力,不要放过孤寂的好处。 We should transform our subjective world while transforming the objective world. 要在改造客观世界的同时改造主观世界。 We should transform our subjective world while transforming the objective world. 要在改造客观世界的同时改造主观世界。 To really understand a man we must judge him in misfortune. 要真正了解一个人,需在不幸中考察他。 Take time by the forelock. 要抓住时机。 Keep to the general drift of affairs. 要遵循事情的一般趋势。 Grandpa is very tall. 爷爷的身材十分高大。 Grandpa is interested in raising flowers and plants. 爷爷对培育花卉感兴趣。 Grandpa is under the weather today. 爷爷今天身体欠安。 Christ's message was that God loved the world. 耶稣基督的启示就是神爱世人。 Jesus went out into the wilderness to think alone. 耶稣走进荒野去独自思考。 Some sacred inspiration perhaps had come to him. 也许他得到了某种神的启示。 Perhaps I am wrong, but I think she is near forty. 也许我错了,但是我想她快四十岁了。 It may be many years before the new company can gain a secure foothold in the market. 也许要经过若干年这家新公司才能在市场上取得稳固的立足点。 Perhaps this book will prove to be of some use to you in your studies. 也许这本书会对你的研究有用处。 Countless stars are glistening in the sky at night. 夜空有数不清的亮晶晶的星星。 All was quiet in the dead of nightshe walked alone in the street. 夜阑人静,她一个人走在大街上。 Night began to fall. 夜幕降临。 Night resumed her reign, and a profound silence prevailed over all. 夜色溶溶,万籁俱静。 She still bent over her desk painting in the still of night. 夜深人静她依然伏案作画。 We can see the stars at night. 夜晚我们可以看见星群。 Nightclubs are places of recreation. 夜总会是娱乐场所。 January and February are the coldest months in Beijing. 一、二月是北京最寒冷的月份。 An ounce of prudence is worth a pound of gold. 一盎司谨慎抵得上一磅黄金。 All the ordinary government officials were experts in taking bribes and breaking laws. 一般的官员均以贪赃枉法为能。 Does the common man oppose the ideas of political union between European countries? 一般人是不是反对欧洲国家政治联合的构想呢? In for a penny, in for a pound. 一不作,二不休。 One careless move may lose the whole game. 一步不慎,满盘皆输。 He looked haggard after a serious disease. 一场大病后,他形容枯槁。 All that remained of the building after the fire was an empty shell. 一场大火过后,这座建筑剩下的只是一个空壳。 A movement of technical innovation has been launched on a grand and spectacular scale all over the country. 一场轰轰烈烈的技术革新运动在全国开展起来。 A quarrel caused him to drift apart from his family. 一场争吵使他与家人疏远了。 He became weaker and weaker after the serious illness. 一场重病,使他的身体越来越衰弱。 A sudden downpour interrupted the football match. 一场骤雨中断了这场足球比赛。 Once bit, twice shy. 一朝被蛇咬,十年怕草绳。 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司