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measures can solve the difficult problem. 一定要拿出切实可行的办法才能解决这个难题。 An agile and brave cavalry rushed at the enemy. 一队剽悍的骑兵向敌军冲去。 A band of soldiers slipped into the enemy's barracks. 一队战士潜入了敌人的营垒。 The two lovers were looking at each other with amorous eyes. 一对情人脉脉含情地相望着。 The more plowing and weeding, the better the crop. 一分耕耘,一分收获。 It takes two to make a quarrel. 一个巴掌拍不响。 A soldier who had fled before the battle began was severely punished. 一个临阵脱逃的士兵受到了严厉的惩罚。 An idea flashed into his mind. 一个念头在他脑海里闪现。 A strange idea began to take shape in my mind. 一个奇怪的想法在我的脑海里萌生。 A warmhearted man acted as a go-between for him and introduced him to a girl. 一个热心人牵线搭桥给他介绍了一位姑娘。 One cannot live apart from society. 一个人脱离了社会就不能生活下去。 A man is accounted innocent until he is proven guilty. 一个人未被证明有罪前,被视为是清白的。 A man is only as good as what he loves. 一个人要用他所爱的东西有多好来衡量。 It is very difficult for one to have an intimate friend. 一个人要有一个莫逆之交很难。 One should do his best for the cause of world peace. 一个人应该为世界和平事业尽最大努力。 Every man is his own worst enemy. 一个人最大的敌人就是他自己。 A new world opened up for him. 一个新的世界展现在他的面前。 A crooked banker tried to deceive the public by starting a fire to destroy the records. 一个行为不端的银行家企图采用火焚记录的办法来掩人耳目。 A coolish wind blew off the sea. 一股凉丝丝的风从海面吹来。 An intense popular interest in collection has sprung up in the country. 一股收藏热在全国兴起。 Several years passed in a flash. 一晃几年又过去了。 I arranged the flowers in the vase as soon as I came back home. 一回到家里,我就把花在花瓶里插好。 Soon the ground was covered with a thick layer of snow. 一会儿地上就积了一层厚厚的雪。 The whole family sat on the soft grass to have a picnic. 一家人坐在柔软的草地上野餐。 When a body is dug up after many years, all the flesh has gone, and only a skeleton is left. 一具尸体经多年之后被挖掘出来时,所有的血肉荡然无存,只剩一架骷髅而已。 Everything had been well, but it unexpectedly took a turn for the worse halfway. 一开始本来很好, 谁想到中途发生了逆转。 We laughed at the sight of his strange clothes. 一看到他古怪的穿着,我们就笑了。 An atom bomb would destroy a city. 一颗原子弹能摧毁一座城市。 A truck appeared over the hill. 一辆卡车在山丘上出现。 There are four wheels in a car. 一辆汽车有四只轮子。 A red sun is slowly rising, shedding rays of dazzling brilliance. 一轮红日冉冉升起,放射出耀眼的光辉。 A full moon was hanging over the garden. 一轮圆月挂在花园的上空。 He had a bumper wheat harvest after a year's intensive and meticulous farming. 一年来的精耕细作,他种的小麦获得了丰收。 He joined the army a year ago. 一年以前,他参军了。 A flourishing and prosperous panorama spread out before our eyes. 一派欣欣向荣的景象展现在我们的眼前。 All plants need water and sunlight. 一切草木都需要水和阳光。 It had all been arranged. 一切都已操办。 All good things come to an end. 一切美好的事物皆有终结之时。 All is well. 一切顺利。 All knowledge originates from labor. 一切知识均起源于劳动。 A select group were invited to the wedding reception. 一群经过挑选的人士被邀请参加婚宴。 A band of robbers held up the train. 一群强盗抢劫了火车。 A crowd gathered to see what had happened. 一群人聚拢起来看发生了什么事。 A crowd gathered about the entrance. 一群人相聚在入口处。 An apple a day keeps the doctor away. 一日一苹果,医生远离我。 Death pays all debts and all thoughts are dashed. 一死百了,万念惧灰。 People turn pale at the mere mention of cancer. 一提起癌,人们便谈虎色变。 Speaking of football, he would continue saying it with interest. 一提起足球,他就津津乐道。 A snake lay coiled in the grass. 一条蛇蜷曲在草丛里。 A brook is murmuring down through low hills. 一条小溪穿过小山潺潺地流着。 A stream flows at a great speed past the house. 一条小溪从房子旁边奔流而过。 As soon as we heard his accent, we knew he was from Sichuan. 一听他的腔调,就知道是四川人。 A big elephant is running amuck in the village, tearing up the trees by the roots. 一头大象在村子里横行无忌,把许多树连根拔起。 A German scientist interrupted me and asked if I came from China. 一位德国科学家打断了我,并问我是否来自中国。 A customs officer examined his passport. 一位海关官员查验了他的护照。 I was accosted by a stranger. 一位路人和我搭话。 A plan began to form in his head. 一项计划在他脑子中形成。 There is always some difficulty at the beginning of a new job. 一项新的工作,开始会有些困难。 Some countries wantonly interfere in the internal affairs of other countries. 一些国家粗暴地干涉别国内政。 Some countries have possessed nuclear weapons. 一些国家已拥有核武器。 Some people objected that the new tax law was unfair. 一些人反对说,新税法不公平。 Some people tempted the young with pornographic books and periodicals. 一些人用黄色书刊诱惑青少年。 Some came by land. 一些人由旱路来。 Some merchants make money by way of munitions. 一些商人以贩卖军火赚钱。 Some books and magazines are very vulgar. 一些书刊庸俗不堪。 Some innocent people were massacred in cold blood by the aggressors. 一些无辜的人惨遭侵略者的杀戮。 A word once spoken cannot be taken back even by a team of four horses. 一言既出,驷马难追。 He started at the mere rustle of leaves in the wind. 一有风吹草动就胆战心惊。 A sudden shout scared her out of her wits. 一阵突然的叫声吓得她魂不附体。 A small boat was floating on the vast lake. 一只小船荡漾在宽广的湖面上。 One scabbed sheep infects the whole flock. 一只羊生疮整群羊遭殃。 Rows of storied buildings have replaced the grass huts. 一幢幢楼房已经代替了蓬门荜户。 A bridge links the two sides of the river. 一座桥把河两岸连接起来。 Well fed, well bred. 衣食足而后知廉耻。 The doctor's tone was serious. 医生的语气很严肃。 The doctor told me I was in need of a good rest. 医生对我说,我需要好好休息。 The doctor delivered her baby. 医生给她接生。 The doctor gave him an examination to see if he had chest trouble. 医生给他做了检查,看他是否有肺病。 The doctor managed to save his life. 医生救了他的命。 The doctors shall operate on his central nervous system. 医生们将要对他的中枢神经系统动手术。 The doctor decided to perform an operation on the patient at once. 医生们决定, 立即对病人施行手术。 The doctor thought that there was something wrong with his blood circulating system. 医生认为他的血液循环系统出了毛病。 The doctor made his diagnosis after studying the patient's symptoms. 医生研究了病人的症状后做出了诊断。 The doctor inserted a steel plate into his damaged leg. 医生在他受伤的腿中植入了一块钢板。 The doctor looked at her tongue. 医生诊看了她的舌头。 Advances in medical science have made it possible to cure many so-called "obstinate illnesses". 医学的发达,使很多所谓痼疾都能治好。 Heroes appear one after another in the medical circle. 医学界英杰辈出。 The medical student studies the skeleton of the human body. 医学专业的学生研究人体的尸骸。 Do as I say, not as I do. 依其言而行事,勿观其行而仿之。 In my humble opinion, we shouldn't do it in this way. 依我的拙见,我们不应该这样做。 Follow the old routine. 依照常规办事。 In accordance with the manager's instructions, the company sped up its production. 依照经理的指示,公司加快了生产。 The apparatus is spotlessly clean. 仪器上一尘不染。 The ceremony proceeded in a solemn atmosphere. 仪式在庄严的气氛中进行。 The immigration officer stamped my passport. 移民官员在我的护照上盖了戳。 Diffidence is the poison of true friendship. 疑心是友谊的毒药。 Do as you would be done by. 已所不欲者勿施于人。 Make the best of a bad bargain. 已知吃亏,尽力而为。 Beware beginning. 以谨慎开始。 He used to dispose of something perfunctorily. 以前他对一些事情常常苟且了事。 I cannot have a complete understanding of the problem with my poor opinion and shallow learning. 以我的浅见薄识是无法全面理解这个问题的。 The following is a summary of the results. 以下是成果提要。 An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth. 以眼还眼,以牙还牙。 We are as hosts at home awaiting the arrival of our weary visitors. This will give us victory in every battle. 以逸待劳,以主制客,此乃百战百胜。 The desolate scene in the former days has all gone. 异日萧条破败的景象荡然无存。 Difference of opinion broke the party up into camps. 意见分歧使该党分裂成若干集团。 They displayed only a part of their products because the space was limited. 因场地有限,他们只展出了部分产品。 He is away all year for the sake of his work. 因工作关系, 他整年出门在外。 Delays are dangerous. 因拖出危险。 She turned her head away, feeling too ashamed to meet his gaze. 因为害羞而不敢和他凝视的目光相遇,她把头扭开了。 She envied and hated me because of such trifles. 因为那一点小事,她就嫉恨我。 He left Chongqing because the climate did not agree with him. 因为气候不适应,他离开了重庆。 A large quantity of air-conditioners has been sold since the temperature is high. 因为气温很高,有大量空调售出。 He did not feel ashamed to ask and learn from his subordinates, so he could manage everything for the best. 因为他不耻下问,所以他能把各种事情都处理得很好。 He was notorious for his noisy parties in the town. 因为他搞了多次喧闹的晚会,所以他在镇上声名狼藉。 Their travel plan was cancelled because of the bad weather. 因为天气不好,他们的旅行计划取消了。 As it was a hot day she wore a cool dress. 因为天气热,她穿了一件凉快的衣服。 They hurried on because it was getting dark. 因为天色暗下来了,他们匆匆赶路。 Many beautiful fish are fast disappearing because of the severe pollution. 因为污染严重,许多美丽的鱼类正在面临绝种。 The two nations had a conflict because of the boundary of a river. 因为一条河流的分界,两国发生了冲突。 Procrastination is the thief of time. 因循拖延是偷盗时间的窃贼。 A strange combination of circumstances made me unable to attend the party. 阴错阳差, 使我没能出席那个宴会。 The 15th of the first month in the lunar calendar is the Lantern Festival. 阴历正月十五是元宵佳节。 There was an unbroken spell of wet weather. 阴雨连绵。 There must be something wrong with the engine; it's making funny noises. 引擎一定是出了故障,发出一种奇怪的杂音。 It's against law to conceal evidence. 隐藏证据是违法的。 These contradictions should be correctly handled. 应当正确处理这些矛盾。 A stewardess should be employed by her ability, not by her looks. 应该根据能力而不是容貌来录用空中小姐。 Children should be encouraged to be independent thinkers. 应该鼓励孩子们成为独立思考者。 Children should be taught to share their toys. 应该教育孩子们分享玩具。 The British Empire flourished in the 19th century. 英帝国在十九世纪昌盛一时。 The English rural area looks best in May and June. 英国乡村在五六月间风景最美。 Britain declared war on Germany in 1911. 英国在1914年向德国宣战。 England once banished many criminals to Australia. 英国曾把大批罪犯发配到澳大利亚。 Britain's nearest neighbor is France. 英国最近的邻居是法国。 The United Kingdom was a mighty empire before World War I. 英联邦在 What are the difference between the American and British systems of government? 英美两国的政府体制有什么不同? A hero's good name spreads far and wide. 英雄美名天下扬。 English is her mother tongue. 英语是她的母语。 English is spoken all over the world today. 英语现在通用于全世界。 The English language has an interesting history. 英语有着饶有趣味的发展历史。 The baby emitted forth a cry. 婴儿哇哇地啼哭了。 The baby was born on 8 o'clock. 婴儿在8点钟出生。 The battalion commander lined his men along the railway. 营长命令士兵们沿铁轨排开。 The barracks was inspected daily. 营房每天都受到检查。 The plot of the film is ingeniously conceived. 影片的构思相当巧妙。 The film left an indelible impression on people. 影片给人留下了难以泯灭的印象。 The 10,000-seat stadium was packed to capacity. 拥有一万个座位的运动场座无虚席。 I will never for the rest of my life forget the help he gave me when I was in the most difficult situation. 永世难忘在我最困难的时候他给我的帮助。 It is a poor heart that never rejoices. 永远不快乐的心很可悲。 A brave man risks his life, but not his conscience. 勇敢的人可用生命冒险,但不以良心冒险。 Courage and resolution are the spirit and soul of virtue. 勇气和坚定是美德的精神与灵魂。 The warriors will be remembered throughout the ages. 勇士们万古流芳。 Take one's courage in both hands. 勇往直前,敢作敢为。 Be bold in putting things into practice and blazing new trails. 勇于实践, 大胆创新。 It is nothing to be surprised at. 用不着少见多怪。 Tell me what happened in your own words. 用你自己的话把发生的事情告诉我。 Fine traditions should be passed on from generation to generation. 优良传统要世代相传。 Vacillation is the cause of his failure. 优柔寡断是他失败的原因。 Good literature and art works should suit both refined and popular tastes. 优秀的文艺应该是雅俗共赏的。 The high quality mineral water has passed the state-level test. 优质矿泉水已通过国家级鉴定。 He has known both grief and happiness. 忧患和快乐他都经历过。 Anxiety ages us. 忧虑催人老。 It's silent in the deep and gloomy valley. 幽暗的山谷寂静无声。 The long-drawn-out sound of a flute is coming from far to near. 悠长的笛声由远而近。 Being deeply grieved,he didn't sleep a wink. 由于悲伤过度,他昨夜目不交睫。 He was on the verge of death due to the serious illness. 由于病重,他已命在旦夕。 Drastic measures have been taken in order to avoid a disaster. 由于采取了断然措施,从而避免了一场灾祸。 With effective measures, the situation was out of danger. 由于采取了有力措施, 形势转危为安。 Owing to the long drought, the crops have failed. 由于长期干旱,庄稼欠收。 I was full of and effervescing with the joy of creation. 由于创作的乐趣,我感到满足和欢欣。 The road is too narrow for cars to get by. 由于道路狭窄, 汽车无法通过。 As winter approached the weather became colder. 由于冬季来临,天气变得更冷了。 The influence of her surroundings made her love the stage and eventually she became an actress. 由于耳濡目染她爱上了话剧艺术,后来成为一名演员。 We couldn't arrive on time because of a traffic jam. 由于发生交通阻塞, 我们无法按时达到。 He tossed and turned in bed, unable to sleep because he was too excited. 由于激动, 他翻来覆去睡不着。 He had to become a burglar due to his poverty. 由于家境贫困, 他不得不做了梁上君子。 She's always conspicuous because of her fashionable clothes. 由于她那时髦的衣服,她总是引人注目。 They lay on the ground in disorder and fell asleep due to exhaustion. 由于精疲力竭, 他们横七竖八地躺在地上便睡着了。 With the air conditioner on, it's cool inside the carriage. 由于开了空调, 车厢里面十分凉爽。 Being obsessed with the desire of gain, he began to engage in theft last year, but now he is unable to extricate himself. 由于利欲熏心,他从去年开始偷盗,现在已不能自拔。 With good preparations, he got his graduation thesis done at one go. 由于前期准备充分, 他的毕业论文一气呵成。 Her loss of reason ruined her happiness. 由于失去理性, 她彻底葬送了自己的幸福。 They were looked down upon due to their political trickery. 由于他们玩弄权术而被人们瞧不起。 The policeman wrote him a ticket since he violated traffic regulations. 由于他违反交通规则,警察给他开了一张罚款单。 Since our contract is near its term we must negotiate a new one. 由于我们的合同快到期了,我们必须谈判新的合约。 Through our efforts, we retrieved the loss at last. 由于我们的努力, 终于挽回了损失。 Some impatience was exhibited owing to the non-arrival of the speaker. 由于演讲者未到,听众显得有些急躁。 Because of the big mistake, what we had achieved was irrevocably lost. 由于一重大失误, 已取得的成就付之东流。 Because of the disagreement of our views, we could not but part company . 由于意见上的不统一,我们只好分道扬镳了。 The police are advising motorists to reduce speed because of the fog. 由于有雾,警察告诫驾车者减慢速度。 Because of elaborate planning, the project is making good progress. 由于运筹细致周到, 工程进展很顺利。 The national economy stagnated because of the war. 由于战乱, 国家的经济发展出现了停滞。 His legs felt stiff from having sat for so long. 由于坐得太久, 他的双腿感到僵直。 The post office is just round the corner. 邮局一转弯就是。 The tourist complained that the room was too dirty. 游客抱怨说房间太脏了。 Tourists walk in the Summer Palace with deliberate steps. 游人款步漫游颐和园。 Swimming is not her strong point. 游泳不是她的特长。 Friendship cannot stand always on one side. 友谊是双方的事。 Friendship cannot stand always on one side. 友谊是双方的事。 There are 26 votes for him and 8 against him. 有26票赞成他,8票反对他。 When you are ill, see the doctor as soon as possible. 有病要及早治。 Some day he will become an excellent engineer. 有朝一日,他会成为一个杰出的工程师。 Some books are for intensive study and some are for cursory reading. 有的书必须精读,有的只要稍加涉猎即可。 Some books are for intensive study and some are for cursory reading. 有的书必须精读,有的只要稍加涉猎即可。 Some books are for intensive study and some are for cursory reading. 有的书必须精读,有的只要稍加涉猎即可。 Is there anything for me? 有东西给我吗? How many people were present at the meeting? 有多少人出席会议? How many Asian countries have taken part in the sport meeting? 有多少亚洲国家参加这次运动会? There is a letter addressed to you. 有封写给你收的信。 A young student fainted in the hot sun. 有个年幼的学生在炎炎烈日下晕倒了。 The department concerned is determined to solve the problem of traffic congestion in this section of the road. 有关部门下决心解决这段路面交通梗塞的问题。 The department concerned has taken effective measures. 有关部门已采取了有力的措施。 The department concerned is making a thorough investigation into the incident. 有关部门正在深入调查这事件。 Perseverance leads to success. 有恒心就能胜利。 Out with it. Don't be affectedly bashful. 有话快说,别扭扭捏捏的。 Several high-ranking diplomats were found to be hand in glove with enemy agents. 有几个高级外交官被发现与敌方人员相勾结。 There were hurricane warnings to ships along the coast. 有飓风警报,沿海航行船只要注意。 Two men were fighting. The rest were looking on. 有两个人打架,其他人在观望。 An agent provocateur reported that the enemy had started out. 有密探禀报,敌军已经出发。 His anger flared up when his motives were questioned. 有人对他的动机表示怀疑时,他勃然大怒。 I was told that Spain is a romantic nation. 有人告诉我说,西班牙是个浪漫的国家。 Some people are undaunted in the face of peril, and some display cowardice when faced with death. 有人临危不惧,有人贪生怕死。 Someone refuted this argument. 有人批驳这种论点。 Someone invited him to party, but he declined the invitation. 有人请他赴宴,他推辞谢绝。 Some people think that music is a subject of little importance, That's wrong. 有人认为音乐课是一门无足轻重的学科, 这是不对的。 Someone has sticked a label on the crate. 有人在板条箱上贴了标签。 Someone is knocking at the door. 有人在叩门。 Someone is knocking at the door. 有人在敲门。 Where there is life, there is hope. 有生命就有希望。 Let me know if there is any news. 有什么消息,告诉我一声。 Sometimes the best gain is to lose. 有时吃亏就是最大的便宜。 Sometimes when her friend asked her questions, she pretended to be deaf and mute. 有时她朋友问她问题时,她装聋作哑。 Sometimes when her friend asked her questions, she pretended to be deaf and mute. 有时她朋友问她问题时,她装聋作哑。 Sometimes the patient cried for the pain. 有时这个病人疼得哭起来。 Four men robbed the bank this morning. 有四个人今天上午抢劫了银行。 Achievement provides the only real pleasure in life. 有所成就是人生唯一的真正乐趣。 One evening the school showed a cowboy film. 有天晚上学校放映了一部西部片。 Where there is unity, there is victory. 有团结就有胜利。 Whenever there is a problem, we'll solve it without delay. 有问题我们及时解决。 Boats for hire. 有小船出租。 Some kinds of animals are domesticated more easily than others. 有些动物比其它动物容易驯养。 Some workers were given awards. 有些工人获得奖励。 Some advertisements have no pull at all. 有些广告毫无吸引力。 Some women have a disposition to jealousy. 有些女人生性爱妒忌。 Some beer and chocolate taste bitter. 有些啤酒和巧克力有苦味。 Some people often take rumors for granted. 有些人常常对谣言信以为真。 Some people find it difficult to discern blue from green. 有些人难以鉴别蓝绿两种颜色。 Some people think that the foolish old man was an idiot. as a matter of fact he was not. 有些人认为愚公是一个蠢材, 其实不然。 Some people are very hard to satisfy. 有些人是很难使其满意的。 Some people seem to be always lucky. 有些人似乎从来都是幸运的。 Some people forge official documents. 有些人伪造公文。 Some people believe that God created the world. 有些人相信上帝创造了世界。 Some children are afraid of the dark. 有些小孩怕黑。 There are many fairy tales about the laurel on the moon. 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司