翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 有许多关于月球上月桂的神话故事。 There are many unforgettable things in the past. 有许多难以忘怀的往事。 There are numerous items to choose from. 有许许多多可选择的项目。 A strange story has been going round. 有一个离奇的故事一直流传着。 One of the prisoners has escaped. 有一个囚犯逃跑了。 A regiment stayed behind to keep guard on the frontier. 有一个团留下来防守边境。 There was fried chicken for dinner. 有炸鸡肉作晚餐。 Where there is a will, there is a way. 有志者,事竟成。 Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings. 有智慧而无志向,正如鸟儿没有翅膀。 Any is better than none. 有总胜于无。 It was a time of sunshine and gentle breezes, of trees and shrubs bursting into glorious blossom. 又是风和日丽、万木争荣的时节了。 The children in the kindergarten are bright and lovely. 幼儿园里的孩子都很聪慧可爱。 Fish cannot live without water. 鱼离开了水是不能生存的。 Fish cannot breathe out of water. 鱼离开水就不能呼吸。 The fish is canned in the factory. 鱼在这家厂里装成罐头。 Fishing boats are coming and going on the blue waves. 渔船在碧浪中穿行。 Some trawlers anchored in the fishing port. 渔港里停泊着几艘拖网渔船。 Happiness is a form of courage. 愉快是勇气的一种形式。 The business can not be done when it is overdue. 逾期不予办理这项业务。 Public opinion is against him. 舆论对他不利。 He was very guileless in affiliating with people. 与人交往,他非常朴实。 After arguing with him for an hour, We made a fair trade. 与他争论一小时后,我们做成了一桩公平交易。 While working with her colleagues, she is always thinking about her personal gains and losses. 与同事们一道工作时,她总是斤斤计较个人得失。 Compared to many women, she was indeed very fortunate. 与许多妇女相比,她确实非常幸运。 There are the sun,the moon and the stars in the universe. 宇宙中有日月星辰。 Rain turns dust into mud. 雨把尘土变成了软泥。 After rain the sky looked blue and was dotted with flimsy white clouds. 雨过天晴,白云朵朵。 The rain has almost stopped; it's just drizzling now. 雨几乎停了,现在只是下毛毛雨。 The rain had cleaned the air, and the grass smelled fresh and sweet. 雨水净化了空气,青草闻起来清新芳香。 A rainy day always gives me the blues. 雨天老是使我心情烦闷。 It's raining hard. 雨下得很大。 The rain is really pouring down. 雨下得真大。 The remarks are meaningful and thought-provoking. 语辞隽永,耐人寻味。 Speech is the image of actions. 语言是行动的反映。 The tulips are in full bloom now. 郁金香花正在盛开。 Are you all ready? Now start! 预备好了吗? 好, 开始! Scattered showers are expected this afternoon. 预计今天下午有零星阵雨。 He is expected to win the game with ease. 预计他在比赛中会轻易获胜。 The weather forecast says there will be thunderstorms in the middle part of our country. 预计我国中部地区有雷雨。 Scattered showers are expected this afternoon. 预料今天下午有零星阵雨。 Anticipating pleasure is also a pleasure. 预期快乐本身也是一种快乐。 He who denies all confesses all. 欲盖弥彰。 A staff [stick] is quickly [soon] found to beat a dog with. 欲加之罪,何患无辞。 If you want peace, prepare for war. 欲求和平必先备战。 Haste makes waste.  欲速则不达。 More haste, less speed. 欲速则不达。 Unfortunately she passed away in a car accident. 遇到车祸她不幸身亡。 When coming across complicated problems, he would remain unruffled and take them calmly. 遇到复杂的问题,他总是泰然处之,沉着应付。 When we come up against difficulties, we should cross a river in the same boat. 遇到困难,我们应该同舟共济。 Don't be pessimistic and discouraged when you meet with difficulties. 遇到困难不要悲观气馁。 He was at a loss what to do in the face of difficulties. 遇到困难他便束手无策了。 I was unlucky to have met the shrew shouting abuse in the street 遇见了这个泼妇骂街,算我倒霉。 Once natural and man-made calamities happened, they had to rely on the government's relief. 遇上天灾人祸,他们只能靠政府救济。 One must have one's own opinions and not drift with the current. 遇事要有主见,决不能随波逐流。 When shepherds quarrel, the wolf has a winning game. 鹬蚌相争,渔翁得利。 The wrong has been righted. 冤案得到昭雪了。 Many valiant generals served under the leadership of the marshal. 元帅手下有许多骁将。 Many strange flowers and grasses are growing in the garden. 园里生长着许多奇花异草。 Stay where you are and wait for an order. 原地待命。 Green trees reach to the sky in the virgin forest. 原始森林里碧树参天。 Lights glimmered in the distance. 远处闪烁着灯光。 Somebody is calling us in the distance. 远处有人在呼唤我们。 A close neighbor is better than a brother far off. 远亲不如近邻。 Far in the distance lies the Dongting Lake, a vast expanse of misty waters. 远望洞庭,烟波浩渺。 Weeds grass grow in the yard. 院子里野草丛生。 May God grant you pardon for your sins. 愿上帝宽恕你的罪过。 May our country be prosperous throughout the ages. 愿我们的祖国千秋万代, 永远昌盛。 John and Peter are brothers. 约翰和彼得是兄弟。 John promises well as an actor. 约翰有希望成为演员。 John plays back in the team. 约翰在这个队打后卫。 The moon is shining upon the water. 月光映照在水面上。 The moon threw its silvery light upon the lake. 月亮把它的银光洒在湖上。 The moon revolves round the earth. 月亮围绕着地球旋转。 There is no life on the moon. 月球上没有生物。 The crescent moon had broken through the clouds, casting its faint beams from the fathomless dark blue night sky onto the hills and fields. 月牙透过云层把微光从深广的暗蓝色夜空撒向山丘的田野上。 The goddess in the moon danced and sang in the celestial halls. 月中嫦娥在琼楼玉宇里歌舞。 The book is more easily read than described. 阅读书籍要比叙述其内容更省力。 He cannot speak well that cannot hold his tongue. 越是不会讲话的人,越是口若悬河。 Clouds are banking up. 云层正在堆积。 The blue canopy of the heaven appeared between the clouds. 云块间露出了碧蓝的天幕。 Dark clouds were bearing down, and heavy rain would come soon. 云幕低垂,大雨就要来临。 There are six straight tracks on the sports ground. 运动场上有六条修直的跑道。 There are more than five hundred people on the playground. 运动场上有五百多人。 The stands around the stadium were crowded with people. 运动场周围的看台上挤满了人。 The opening of the sports meet is subject to postponement in case of rain. 运动会开幕日期遇雨顺延。 Motion is the mode of existence of matter. 运动是物质的存在方式。 Sports players often clap their hands to cheer each other up. 运动员经橱掌鼓舞士气。 The athletes go with vigorous strides. 运动员迈着矫健的步伐。 The athletes displayed great tenacity throughout the contest. 运动员在比赛中表现出坚韧的斗志。 The player was throwing a javelin. 运动员正在投掷标枪。 Transport has always been the master key of trade. 运输一向是贸易的关键。 The acrobats' performances drew loud applause from the audience. 杂技演员的表演博得阵阵喝彩。 A great disaster is occurring. 灾祸临头。 Medical aid must be sent to the stricken area posthaste. 灾区需用医药,急如星火。 Can I pour you another cup of tea? 再给你倒杯茶好吗? If you hold out a little longer, you will not fall short of success at the last stage. 再坚持一下就不至于功亏一篑了。 Would you like some more apple pies? 再来点苹果馅饼好吗? The mobilization of the army was completed in 48 hours. 在48小时内完成了对军队的动员。 Out of sheer boredom I would pick up a book and read on and on. 在百无聊赖中,我随手抓过一本书,读下去。 In the northern hemisphere, spring is in March and April. 在北半球,春季是三月和四月。 When he was critically ill, a nurse gave him an injection. 在濒危时刻,护士给他打了一针。 We will meet in Beijing in the near future. 在不久的将来,我们将在北京见面。 The weak points of the play became apparent in dress rehearsal. 在彩排中,这出戏的不足之处才暴露出来。 In the early morning light we could just see the dark forms of the mountains. 在晨曦中,我们仅能看到群山的轮廓。 Don't put the trivial above the important in dealing with the complex case. 在处理复杂的案情时不要轻重倒置。 Several people were hurt in the struggle. 在打斗中,有几个人受伤。 In big cities you can see many eye-catching posters. 在大城市,你会看到许多触目的招贴广告。 In the street I caught sight of an old friend whom I had not seen for years. 在大街上无意中瞥见了一位多年不见的老朋友。 There is a bird nest at the upper part of the tree. 在大树的上端有一个鸟窝。 In university, he is the commonly acknowledged skilled talent. 在大学里他是大家公认的高才。 After he was oppressed with power and beguiled with money by the scoundrels, he began to commit crimes. 在歹徒的威逼利诱下,他走上了犯罪的道路。 Football fever gripped the town when the local team reached the cup final. 在当地的足球队打进了优胜杯的决赛圈后,全市掀起一阵足球热。 He would rather die than surrender under the enemy's cruel torture. 在敌人的酷刑之下,他宁死不屈。 He did not show the slightest timidity before the enemy. 在敌人面前他丝毫没有怯懦的表现。 I'm always nervous when I make a speech. 在发言时,我总是感到紧张。 You are not legally bound to answer these questions. 在法律上,你没有义务非回答这些问题不可。 In the hotel, I happened to meet my old friend whom I haven't seen for years. 在饭店我适逢多年未见的故友。 Under feudalism, young people could not marry the person of their own choice. 在封建制度下,婚姻不能自主。 He doesn't worry about personal gains or losses in his work. 在工作中,他常常忘怀得失。 This engineer showed his magic power in his work. 在工作中,这位工程师大显神通。 To create troubles in public places should be condemned by social opinion. 在公共场所里无理取闹应该受到社会舆论的谴责。 There is a river on the left of the highway. 在公路的左边有一条河。 Flowers in full bloom are seen anywhere in the park. 在公园里盛开的花朵随处可见。 At the critical moment, he came out boldly. 在关键时刻,他挺身而出。 He is unable to make a decision at the critical moment. 在关键时刻,他总是举棋不定。 At the center of the square stands a monument. 在广场中心矗立着一座纪念碑。 There is an oasis on the vast and bare expanse of the desert. 在广漠的沙漠里有一片绿洲。 On the international children's day, children are dressed in their holiday best. 在国际儿童节,孩子们身穿节日盛装。 Our goods are second to none on the world market. 在国际市场上,我们的商品不亚于任何人。 After many years abroad, he wanted to return home to his country. 在国外多年后,他想回到故乡。 The children played with fire crackers all night long during the Spring Festival. 在过年期间, 小孩子们通宵达旦地玩爆竹。 In the past the despots preyed upon the people. 在过去豪强鱼肉百姓。 There have been great advances in medicine in the last ten years. 在过去十年里,医学取得了巨大的进步。 They were like devils preying on the people in the past. 在过去他们凶神恶煞般地鱼肉百姓。 Swimming in the sea is great fun. 在海里游泳很好玩。 It's my idea to hold the party outside the house. 在户外聚会是我的主意。 He spoke first at the meeting. 在会上他首先发言。 Searching handluggage at airports is now standard procedure. 在机场检查手提行李现在已成例行程序。 In the classroom, the pupils sat up straight, listening to the teacher. 在教室里学生们端坐听老师讲课。 In the economic reform, some people are bound to fall behind. 在经济改革中总不免有人要落伍的。 In endless flow of absolute truth, there are innumerable relative truths. 在绝对真理的长河中,有无数的相对真理。 He could find no way out in the face of difficulties. 在困难面前, 他感到一筹莫展。 He shrank from the difficulties. 在困难面前, 他退缩不前了。 We never flinch from difficulties. 在困难面前我们决不退缩。 Would you like more mashed potato? 在来点马铃薯泥好吗? The two belligerent parties were compelled to cease fire under the intervention of the United Nations. 在联合国的干预下,交战双方被迫宛。 Write your name on the front cover of the exercise book. 在练习簿的封面上写上你的名字。 Stars are twinkling in the boundless sky. 在辽阔无垠的天空上到处是繁星闪烁。 In the army, lieutenants are subordinate to captains. 在陆军中,中尉是上尉的部下。 He met many interesting people in his travels. 在旅行中他遇到了许多饶有风趣的人。 The pound stayed firm against dollar in London but fell a little in New York. 在伦敦英镑对美元仍坚挺,但在纽约却跌了一点儿。 I was walking by the river one beautiful moonlit night. 在美丽的月夜我沿河散步。 When he was dying, he still thought of the children. 在弥留之际,他还想着孩子。 It was most difficult to find a job in those years when the war was going on with all its stresses and strains. 在那兵荒马乱的日子里,找份工作是极其困难的。 People who stand taller than 1,70 meters are a rarity of rarities there. 在那儿身高超过1.70米的人有如凤毛麟角。 I met few people congenial to me in the department. 在那个单位里,我没碰到几个意气相投的人。 He was always pure-hearted in that dazzling world with its myriad temptations. 在那个花花世界里,他总是一尘不染。 In those years many people lived in poverty. 在那个年代很多人生活在贫困中。 In those hard years, they lived in poverty. 在那艰苦的岁月里,他们生活十分贫困。 Through those long years of imprisonment and torture, he remained faithful and unyielding. 在那些遭受囚禁和酷刑的漫长岁月里,他始终坚贞不屈。 We led a hard life in those years when the flames of war raged across the land. 在那战火连天的日子里,我们过着艰苦的生活。 In that case they would receive financial aid from the state. 在那种情况下,他们将得到国家的财政援助。 Have some cream in your coffee. 在你的咖啡里加点奶油吧。 In Europe, there are many top-notch football players. 在欧洲有许多足球健将。 With the help of his friends, he finally straightened things out in his mind and was determined to give up evil and return to good. 在朋友们的帮助下,他终于想通了,决心改邪归正。 He recovered soon under his wife's tender loving care. 在妻子体贴入微的关怀下,他很快就痊愈了。 During the hand-to-hand fight, he fully displayed his talents. 在肉搏战中他大显身手。 In society we should always guard against the sniper's shot. 在社会上我们要时常提防冷箭伤人。 He spent a lot of money in the Christmas rush. 在圣诞节前的抢购中,他花了很多钱。 In midsummer many people go swimming every day. 在盛夏许多人天天去游泳。 Life is poetically compared to the morning dew. 在诗歌中,人生被比喻为朝露。 In experimenting we find out that sound travels with different velocities thorough different substances. 在实验中,我们发现声音以不同的速度通过不同的物质而传播。 On the question of using cadres we should never appoint people by favoritism. 在使用干部的问题上,我们决不能任人唯亲。 He revealed his real nature in front of the facts. 在事实面前,他原形毕露。 He looked around with vigilance when searching for the scoundrel. 在搜捕歹徒时,他机警地环视着四周。 Of all the girls, she is the most tolerant. 在所有的姑娘当中,她是最宽容的。 On the wall of his office was a large map. 在他办公室的墙上是一幅大地图。 While he was in office, he did many good things that benefited people. 在他当政期间,他做了许多有利于人民的事。 He managed the company when his father was away ill. 在他的父亲生病不在的时候,他管理公司。 A cigarette thrown into the woods in dry weather may start a fire. 在天气干燥时把点燃的香烟扔进树林可能会引起火灾。 In the early days of the railroad, the train was slow. 在铁路出现的初期,火车的速度很慢。 We have always been as good as our word in our contacts with people of other countries. 在同各国人民交往中,我们一贯言行一致。 She often talks extremely foolish nonsense in the presence of others. 在外人面前, 她常讲一些愚不可及的疯话。 She's a rare talent in literary and art circles. 在文艺界她是一个奇才。 Large numbers of persons of superior talents appear in the country. 在我国涌现出大批英才。 There is a supermarket near my home. 在我家的近处有个超级市场。 In our family both my husband and I are wage earners. 在我们家里,丈夫和我都挣工资。 A small boat was drifting on the boundless sea. 在无边无际的海面上漂着一只小船。 Such sentences would be used by an Englishman under similar circumstances. 在相似情境下,英国人也许会用这样的句子。 There is a mountain on the right of the small river. 在小河的右面有一座大山。 In many countries, tobacco is a government monopoly. 在许多国家,烟草是政府的专卖事业。 In the election, he played the role of a contemptible wretch making trouble. 在选举中他扮演了一个跳梁小丑的角色。 A dictionary is an invaluable aid in learning a new language. 在学习一种新语言时,词典是非常有用的工具。 There are many lively children at school. 在学校有许多活泼的孩子。 The criminal in custody tried to escape from jail. 在押犯企图越狱逃跑。 The villagers drove the invaders away in a fight flashing with knives and swords. 在一场刀光剑影的格斗中,村民们把侵略者赶跑了。 Among a people general corrupt, liberty cannot long exist. 在一个普遍腐败的民族里,自由是不可能长期存在的。 We destroyed about 25 brigades in the next three months. 在以后的3个月中,我们歼灭了大约25个旅。 He grew weak in after years. 在以后的几年里,他变得衰弱了。 Under the cloudy vault of heaven, a small boat was sailing on the sea. 在阴暗的天穹下,一叶小舟在海上航行。 In England traffic must keep to the left. 在英国,车辆必须靠左行驶。 I am just a little better than he is in English. 在英语方面, 我比他稍逊一筹。 At the end of the film, the hero wept bitterly. 在影片的结尾,主人公伤心地哭了。 One must not be vague on matters of principle. 在原则问题上不能含糊。 Accompanied by the dean, they visited the hospital. 在院长的陪同下,他们参观了医院。 On the autumn night with a bright moon and a gentle breeze, we gave a campfire party. 在月白风清的秋夜,我们举行篝火晚会。 After the burglary I had all the locks changed. 在遭到盗窃之后,我把所有的锁都换了。 On the battlefield, the soldiers marched forward courageously. 在战场上战士们勇往直前。 It was quite a job for her to bring up several children all by herself and rely on others for a living during the war. 在战争年代,她一个人拉扯好几个孩子,不得不仰人鼻息,真难为她了。 We should adopt flexible strategy and tactics in a war. 在战争中应运用灵活机动的战略战术。 In the gymnastic contest, the two teams kept abreast with each other. 在这次体操比赛中, 两队并驾齐驱, 不分先后。 The old man in the village is of noble character and high prestige. 在这村里他老人家德高望重。 Here we can see the sails of fishing boats that appear on the horizon. 在这儿我们能看到天边的渔帆。 There is no racial discrimination to be felt in this city. 在这个城市里感觉不到种族歧视。 A dozen households are scattered in the village. 在这个村落中, 疏散地居住着十几户人家。 The characters in this play speak in different dialects just as in real life. This really breaks a new path. 在这个话剧里,演员说各地方言,真是别开生面。 Several cars are available within this price range. 在这个价格范围内,有好几种汽车可供选购。 I don't feel at ease in the strange place. 在这个陌生的地方,我觉得很不自在。 There is no room for compromise on this matter. 在这个问题上,没有调和的余地。 I beg to differ with you on the subject. 在这个问题上,你的意见,我不敢苟同。 All travelers find this hotel a home away from home. 在这家饭店住宿的旅客都有宾至如归的感觉。 Of these alternatives, I prefer the former. 在这两者之间我愿选择前者。 On the vast sea, the hope of survival was slim. 在这茫茫的大海上, 生还的希望渺茫。 There is a church near the small river. 在这条小河的近旁有一座教堂。 In normal harvest years, we will have a good harvest. 在正常的年景下,我们会有好收成。 The evidence left him speechless. 在证据面前,他哑口无言。 He had to lay down his arms under the watchful eyes of the people. 在众目睽睽之下,他只好放下武器。 Let's get things together at once and be off. 咱们赶紧收拾收拾走吧。 Let's meet at the usual place. 咱们老地方见。 We have shared the same historical experiences. 咱们有着共同的历史遭遇。 Let's go and reason things out with him. 咱们找他说理去。 The fresh air in the morning made him feel glad. 早晨的新鲜空气使他觉得愉快。 Has the morning post arrived? 早晨的邮件来了吗? He put on a thick sweater since it was cold in the morning. 早晨很冷,他穿上了一件厚毛衣。 We sometimes have snow in the early spring. 早春时候我们这儿常常下雪。 There is still a chill in the air in early spring. 早春时节依然是春寒料峭。 The early bird catches the worm. 早起的鸟儿有虫吃。捷足先登。 If I'd known then what was going to happen, I wouldn't have done as I did. 早知今日,悔不当初。 Noise is unpleasant, especially when you are trying to sleep. 噪音令人讨厌,尤其当你想睡觉的时候。 What's the matter? Why are you crying? 怎么回事?你为什么哭? The opening of the exhibition has been postponed. 展览会开幕的日期延迟了。 Many new paintings are shown on the exhibition, and each has its own style. They are just like a hundred flowers in full blossom. 展览会上展出了许多美术新作品,这些作品各具风格,真是百花齐放。 The exhibition is a feast for the eyes. 展品琳琅满目, 美不胜收。 Looking ahead, we are filled with boundless confidence. 展望前程,信心百倍。 A wide stretch of land spread in front of us. 展现在我们面前的是一片广阔的土地。 A cloud of smoke floated over the battlefield. 战场上硝烟弥漫。 The action lasted three hours. 战斗持续了三个小时。 The fight resulted in a stalemate. 战斗形成对峙局面。 War broke out again, plunging the people into misery and suffering. 战祸复发,生灵涂炭。 The disaster of war spread throughout Europe. 战祸弥漫了整个欧洲。 The wartime ban against dancing has been lifted. 战时不准跳舞的禁令已经解除。 The soldiers were temporarily quartered in new barracks. 战士们被暂时安排在新营地。 Before setting out, the soldiers made a pledge to serve the country to repay her kindness, 战士们出发前宣誓一定要报效祖国。 The soldiers fold up their quilts into cubes. 战士们的被子叠得四四方方。 The shouts of the soldiers vibrated in the valley. 战士们的呼声在山谷里震荡。 The soldiers were all used to war or fighting. 战士们个个都能征善战。 The soldiers were lined up. 战士们列队站好。 The soldiers are brave and skillful in battle. 战士们骁勇善战。 The soldiers marched boldly forward. 战士们勇猛前进。 The soldiers engaged in hand-to-hand combat with the enemy. 战士们与敌人展开了肉搏。 The soldiers were practicing twisting of joints. 战士们在练习擒拿术。 The soldiers stood at their posts. 战士们站在各自的岗位上。 The soldiers garrison the frontier. 战士们驻守边陲。 There is no battle we cannot win and no fortress we cannot storm. 战无不胜,攻无不克。 The necessary outcome of a war is a fall in production. 战争带来的必然结果就是生产力下降。 The flames and smoke of war had dissipated. 战争的烽火硝烟已经消散。 During the war their school was evacuated to the country. 战争期间他们的学校被疏散到了乡下。 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司