翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 Food shortages often occur in times of war. 战争时期常常发生粮食短缺的情形。 As a result of the war, the fields lay waste and the people lived in destitution. 战争使得田园荒芜, 民生凋敝。 The war separated many families. 战争使许多家庭妻离子散。 A war demands of us enormous sacrifices of life and property. 战争需要我们在生命和财产方面作出巨大的牺牲。 Wars have influenced the course of history. 战争影响了历史的进程。 The war brought people only suffering. 战争只能使人民遭殃。 Get up off the floor and stop making such a show of yourself. 站起来,别躺在地上出丑了。 Chamberlain tried to appease Hitler with Sudetenland at Munich. 张伯伦在慕尼黑企图牺牲苏台德地区来安抚希特勒。 Professor Zhang is modest and courteous. 张教授为人谦恭。 Professor Zhang has attained remarkable achievements in this field. 张教授在这一领域取得了卓越的成就。 Camphor-wood has efficacy against the attacks of insects. 樟木有防止虫蛀的功效。 It's not easy to master a foreign language. 掌握一门外语并不容易。 Is service included in the bill? 帐单中包含服务费吗? The account has been written off. 账已注销。 We must either find a way or make one. 找到一条路,否则走出一条路。 Tell him to come at once. 召唤他马上来。 Do as I tell you, no but about it. 照我说的去做,不得反对。 Do as I say, not as I do. 照我说的做,别照我做的做。 Philosophers' ideas have great influence on the nation. 哲人们的思想对一个民族的影响是很大的。 Philosophy is not so profound; it is close to people's life. 哲学并不高深,离人们的生活很近。 The basic question of philosophy is the origin of the earth. 哲学的根本问题是关于世界的本源问题。 Philosophical semantics is too abstruse to understand. 哲学语义学深奥难懂。 The chair is a bit shaky. 这把椅子有些晃动。 This chair has only three legs. 这把椅子只有三条腿。 The gang of scoundrels severely jeopardized public security. 这帮歹徒严重危害着社会安定。 The cunning and shrewd rascals had the impertinence to defy their superiors and start a rebellion. 这帮刁滑之徒竟敢犯上作乱。 This reference book is very useful to our study. 这本参考书对我们的研究很有用。 Is this reference book of any use to me? 这本参考书对我有用处吗? The journal makes its appearance once two months. 这本刊物两个月出版一次。 This textbook has twenty units. 这本课本有二十单元。 You never get tired of reading this book. 这本书百读不厌。 This book contains all the information you need. 这本书包含你所需的一切资料。 The book gave free rein to the reader's thought about mankind in the future. 这本书畅想了人类的未来。 The very style of the book fascinates. 这本书的风格本身就会引人入胜。 This book is above me. 这本书对我来说是太难了。 This book will be of great value to him in his study. 这本书将对他的研究有很大价值。 These books will provide us with all the information we need. 这本书将为我们提供所需要的全部信息。 The book is likely to be useful, only it's rather expensive. 这本书可能有用,只是相当贵。 The book is as dry as dust. 这本书枯燥无味。 The book is rich in content and succinct in style. 这本书内容丰富,文字简练。 Have you completed the collation of this book? 这本书你校勘完毕没有? There is a page missing in this book. 这本书缺了一页。 This book was written centuries ago. 这本书是几百年前写的。 The book would make an ideal gift. 这本书是理想的馈赠。 This book is his, not yours. 这本书是他的,不是你的。 The book embodies the results of his own original research. 这本书体现了他独创性研究的成果。 I've only skimmed through the book. 这本书我只浏览过一遍。 This book gives a good picture of life in China 100 hundred years ago. 这本书形象地描写了一百年前的中国生活。 The book has been selling like hot cakes. 这本书一直很畅销。 The book is due for return. 这本书已经到期了。 The book contains much new information. 这本书有很多新信息。 Some pages of the book are damaged. 这本书有几页已经破损。 These memories are, in fact, an attempt on his part to build up his own image. 这本所谓回忆录实际上是为他自己树碑立传。 The novel portrays the growth of an artist. 这本小说描写了一个艺术家的成长。 I have read the novel from cover to cover. 这本小说我从头至尾地看了一遍。 This magazine published excellent stories. 这本杂志登载优秀的小说。 I'll reckon carefully how to spend this sum of money. 这笔钱还要好好算计一下。 The deal promised well. 这笔生意很有希望。 There is a profit of over 20,000 yuan from the transaction. 这笔生意盈余2万多元。 This entry contains an accounting error. 这笔账目有差错。 It has not cooled his ardor in the cause of the people. 这并未使他献身于人民的事业的热忱冷却下来。 These are only vague and general opinions. 这不过是空泛的议论。 It's not just my opinion but the general public's. 这不仅是我个人的意见,也是群众的意见。 This is not his fault. I am to blame for not having made the whole thing clear to him. 这不能怪罪他,只怪罪我没有交代清楚。 There's nothing to feel disgraced about. 这不是丢脸的事。 It wasn't a recorded show, it was live, 这不是录音表演,这是现场转播。 This is no easy job. 这不是轻而易举的事。 This is just the beginning, not the end, of the war. 这不是战争的终结, 而只是开始。 The dictionary has been completely revised. 这部词典已彻底修订过。 There are still some imperfections in the film. 这部电影还有许多缺憾之处。 The satiric play is pregnant with meaning. 这部讽刺剧意味无穷。 The opera was preceded by a short overture. 这部歌剧开始前有一简短的序曲。 This machine is modeled on one recently made in Shanghai. 这部机器是模仿上海的一种新产品制造的。 The American film will be shown within the next few days. 这部美国影片即日上映。 This epic extolled the founder of this primitive tribe. 这部史诗歌颂了这个原始部落的创始人。 This book is too difficult for me to understand. 这部书写得太艰深了,让人读不懂。 The plan of the novel is the author's original creation. 这部小说的构思是作者的独创。 The ending of the novel bears a soul-stirring charm. 这部小说的结尾具有回肠荡气的魅力。 The plot of this novel broke away from convention. 这部小说的情节不落窠臼。 The plot of the novel is intricate and fascinating. 这部小说的情节错综复杂, 引人入胜。 The novel was still in the initial stage. 这部小说还处在创始阶段。 The novel contains many moving and heroic deeds. 这部小说里有许多可歌可泣的英雄事迹。 There are many common sayings in the novel. 这部小说里有许多俗语。 This novel is a work of excellence. 这部小说是优秀作品。 This novel is very ordinary. 这部小说写得平淡无奇。 This novel is only mediocre. 这部小说写得一般。 This film is based on a novel by D.H.Lawrence. 这部影片是根据D.H.劳伦斯的小说改编的。 I've seen this film twice. 这部影片我已经看过两次了。 The film reproduced artistically the true history. 这部影片艺术地再现了历史的真实。 This book synthesised the strong points of different schools and incorporated things of diverse nature. 这部著作综合各家所长, 兼收并蓄。 The dictionary has been revised and enlarged to 1500 pages. 这部字典增订到1500页。 The work can be ranked as a masterpiece throughout the ages. 这部作品堪称千古绝唱。 These are his inherent qualities. 这才是他固有的本色。 The dish tastes a bit sweet. 这菜有点儿甜味。 The lawn need mowing. 这草坪的草该割了。 We won the match with ease. 这场比赛我们轻松地取得了胜利。 The game is now in its final stages. 这场比赛现在处于最后阶段。 The road was blocked for 3 hours because of a traffic accident. 这场车祸使道路堵塞了3个多小时。 The play was over before we could fully enjoy it. 这场戏我们还没尽情欣赏就结束了。 The play was over before we would enjoy it to our heart's content. 这场戏我们还没有尽情欣赏就结束了。 The rain ruined my painting. 这场雨把我的画给毁了。 The present movement has profound historical significance. 这场运动具有深远的历史意义。 The dispute was settled by mediation. 这场争端通过疏通而得到解决。 The political tempest finally subsided. 这场政治风暴终于平息了。 The natural calamity was quite serious. 这场自然灾害很严重。 Three people can sit in the back of this car. 这车的后座可坐3个人。 There is something wrong with the car. 这车有点毛病。 This drawer is too tight for me to open it. 这抽屉太紧了,我打不开。 The play touched one to the depths of one's soul 这出剧感人肺腑。 The play is drawing big crowds. 这出戏吸引了大批的观众。 The ship came to land safe and sound. 这船平安抵陆。 The ship made a safe landfall. 这船平安抵陆。 This is pure and simple slander. 这纯系毁谤。 This is pure slander, and I'll sue him for defamation if he doesn't apologize. 这纯属诬蔑,如果他不向我道歉,我就控告他诽谤。 The real hero of the match was our goalkeeper. 这次比赛中真正的英雄是我们的守门员。 The tragic accident taught us a lesson that we would bear in our mind forever. 这次惨重的事故给我们留下了刻骨铭心的教训。 The conference was on a grand scale. 这次大会规模宏大。 The lesson is profound, We'll never recommit the same error. 这次的教训太深刻了, 千万不可重蹈覆辙。 It is estimated that the meeting will last four days. 这次会议预计要开四天。 The examination is divided into two parts and covers the following subjects. 这次考查分两个部分,包括以下科目。 The trip lasted a month from beginning to end. 这次旅行,首尾经过了一个月。 The travel enlarged my world. 这次旅行扩大了我的眼界。 The trip was insipid and disappointing. 这次旅游平淡无奇, 令人失望。 The driver was not to blame for the accident. 这次事故怪不着司机。 The accident cost him dear. 这次事故使他损失惨重。 The oncoming force of the typhoon was ferocious. 这次台风来势凶猛。 We have full assurance of success this time. 这次我们稳操胜券。 The sole survivor of the crash was a little boy. 这次撞车事故的唯一幸存者是一个小男孩。 The bush blooms in the spring. 这丛灌木在春天开花。 The error is too obvious to require a particular refutation. 这错误很明显,不需要专门驳斥。 This dish is a bit hot. 这道菜有些辣。 This floor needs a good sweep. 这地板需要好好清扫一下。 The two brothers have entirely different temperaments. 这弟兄俩的性情完全不同。 You needn't labor a point that is perfectly plain. 这点很明显,你用不着讲个没完。 For him the loss was only a drop in the ocean. 这点损失对他来说, 只不过是九牛一毛。 It's a trifle thing not worth mentioning. 这点小事不足挂齿。 The hat and shoes are a perfect match. 这顶帽子和鞋子完全相配。 We may find it useful in the future, 这东西日后可能用得着。 This house is not large enough for us, and further, it is too far from the town. 这栋房子对我们来说不够大,而且离城太远了。 The house is worth a lot of money. 这栋房子值很多钱。 This building fronts the railway station. 这栋建筑面朝火车站。 The building faces north. 这栋建筑物朝北。 The involved and abstruse passage makes several interpretations possible. 这段艰涩的文字可以作出好几种解释。 The short act is full of wit and humor. 这段小品妙趣横生。 The couple was quarreling furiously about whose turn it was to cook the dinner. 这对夫妇对该轮到谁做晚饭而激烈争吵着。 The couple is deeply in love with each other. 这对夫妻情爱深笃。 The couple live far apart from each other. 这对夫妻山南海北,天各一方。 The couple sleep in the same bed but dream different dreams. Each of them has his own plan. 这对夫妻同床异梦,各有各的打算。 This couple cherished the same ideals and followed the same path. 这对夫妻志同道合。 It means a great deal to her. 这对她意义重大。 The young couple was affectionate and happy with each other. 这对小夫妻恩恩爱爱,两心相悦。 The scenery here is really delightful to the eyes. 这儿的风景真叫人赏心悦目。 What a lovely scenery it is! 这儿的景物多么优美啊! This is the summer resort. When summer comes, visitors both at home and abroad will come here in a continuous stream to spend their holidays. 这儿是避暑胜地,夏天的时候,国内外的游人纷至沓来,到这里度假。 Those words really drove the point home. 这番话说得很透彻。 The speech is full of platitudes. 这番话无非是老生常谈。 The room is 15 feet in length and 10 feet in breadth. 这房间长15英尺,宽10英尺。 The room is in a mess. 这房间凌乱不堪。 Flowers make no difference to this room. 这房间有没有花没什么区别。 The room had a cozy, homelike atmosphere. 这房间有一种宾至如归的舒适氛围。 The house was painted green outside. 这房子外部漆成绿色。 It passes my understanding. 这非我所能理解。 The report was submitted to the commission for its consideration. 这份报告已呈报委员会审批。 This newspaper gave a faithful account of the event. 这份报纸对那件事进行了如实的报道。 This document carries the royal seal. 这份文件上盖有王室印章。 This document bore his signature. 这份文件上有他的签名。 The letter is written in formal style. 这封信是用正式文体写的。 The letter was written on a single sheet of paper. 这封信只用一张纸写成。 This accords with the aspirations of the people. 这符合人民的心愿。 The map shows the course of the chief rivers. 这幅地图标明了主要河流所经过的地区。 This painting is rather commonplace. 这幅画比较平庸。 This painting is really true to life. 这幅画画得十分逼真。 This painting has pronounced national color. 这幅画具有浓厚的民族色彩。 The painting represents the scene of a good harvest. 这幅画描绘了丰收的景象。 The painting represents the scene of a good harvest. 这幅画描绘了丰收的景象。 This picture is in the manner of Raphael. 这幅画模仿了拉裴尔的风格。 The picture has a vivacious artistic conception. 这幅画气韵生动。 The picture was copied from an original. 这幅画是临摹的。 Who painted this picture? 这幅画是谁画的? It is painted directly from nature instead of from books. 这幅画是直接从大自然写生而不是从画上临摹的。 This painting is worth a thousand dollars or so. 这幅画值千儿八百的。 This painting is very valuable. 这幅绘画非常名贵。 This calligraphy is poorly written and presents a humble show. 这幅字我写得不好,献丑了。 This case involved many people. 这个案件牵涉到许多人。 This method is useless. 这个办法无济于事。 This method has many advantages. 这个办法有很多优点。 The ruffian came to no good end. 这个暴徒没有好下场。 The competition arena is badly in need of repairs. 这个比赛场地急待修缮。 This metaphor is very appropriate. 这个比喻非常贴切。 This patient has rather peculiar symptoms. 这个病人的症状比较特殊。 There is so much noise in this restaurant; I can hardly hear you talking. 这个餐厅里太嘈杂了,我几乎听不到你说话。 This proposal fell upon deaf ears. 这个倡议没人理睬。 The railway station has a spacious waiting room. 这个车站有宽大的候车室 The successful businessman is all things to all men. 这个成功的商人真是八面玲珑。 The parks of this city are famous for their ornate fountains. 这个城市的公园以其华丽的喷泉而著名。 The city has taken on an entirely new look. 这个城市的面貌焕然一新。 The city is quite strange to me. 这个城市对我来说很陌生。 The city has grown; there was heavy traffic on the streets. 这个城市发展了, 处处车水马龙。 The city is garrisoned with 3000 soldiers. 这个城市有3000士兵驻守。 The town has undergone great changes. 这个城镇经历了巨大的变化。 We are well served with gas in this town. 这个城镇煤气供应得很好。 This word is no longer in current use. 这个词现在已经不再使用。 This word has three separate meanings. 这个词有三个不同的意思。 Helicopters can land and take off on the top of the tall building. 这个大厦的顶部可以升降飞机。 The bandit's dead body was cremated. 这个歹徒的尸首被火化了。 The scoundrel did violence to an old man. 这个歹徒对一位老人行凶。 The gangster played the bully. 这个歹徒横行霸道。 The scoundrel couldn't escape the responsibility for the offence. 这个歹徒罪责难逃。 This word has five letters. 这个单词有五个字母。 At present, this party is in power. 这个党目前是执政党。 The party went out of power. 这个党下台了。 This island is triangular in shape. 这个岛的外形呈三角形。 This place was not well known in the past. 这个地方早先并不怎么出名。 It has been a flourishing place here since ancient times. 这个地方自古就是个繁华之地。 The industry of this district is advanced. 这个地区工业发达。 This area has not been covered by the communication net. 这个地区还不在通讯网的覆盖之内。 It was an uninhabited area. 这个地区渺无人烟。 This area is most suitable for growing wheat. 这个地区最适宜种小麦。 This button switches the current on. 这个电钮接通电流。 The quality of service in this restaurant has improved a lot. 这个饭店的服务质量已经有了很大改善。 This port can handle up to 40000000 tons of cargo a year. 这个港口一年可吞吐4000万吨货物。 The production in the factory was increasing by leaps and bounds. 这个工厂的生产突飞猛进。 The products of this factory are close to the advanced world level. 这个工厂生产的产品已经接近国际先进水平。 There are many skilled craftsmen in the factory. 这个工厂有许多能工巧匠。 The company is an unwieldy organization. 这个公司的办事机构庞大。 This company has an abundance of capable people and there is a keen competition. 这个公司人才济济, 竞争十分激烈。 This company resorted to fraud to deceive the customers. 这个公司偷梁换柱欺骗顾客。 The company reduced its staff as a result of mismanagement. 这个公司由于经营不善而裁减人员。 There are altogether no more than 200 people in the company. 这个公司总计不超过200人。 This park is laid out in imitation of Grand View Garden in "A Dream of Red Mansions". 这个公园是仿照《红楼梦》里的大观园设计的。 The girl is fair, slim, graceful and has a musical voice . 这个姑娘亭亭玉立,并且有一副音乐般动听的嗓子。 The girl has a slim waist. 这个姑娘腰枝纤细。 The story is fabricated indeed. 这个故事纯属杜撰。 The story happened in the early years of the 20th century. 这个故事发生于20世纪初叶。 All the dates given in this story follow the lunar calendar. 这个故事中的日期均沿用农历。 The country maintains neutrality. 这个国家保持中立。 This country's wealth comes from its oil. 这个国家的财富来自石油。 The country depends heavily on its tourist trade. 这个国家的经济在很大程度上依靠其旅游业。 The youth of the country are being ignored by politicians. 这个国家的青年没有受到政治家的重视。 The new national boundaries of that country were fixed after the war. 这个国家的新国界是战后划定的。 The country observes a strict neutrality. 这个国家恪守中立。 The country has always had fair government. 这个国家一直治理得不错。 The country had seized vast territories of other countries by piecemeal encroachment or wholesale annexation. 这个国家曾蚕食鲸吞了大片别国土地。 This country is being drained of its best talents. 这个国家最优秀的人才在不断外流。 The king showed no mercy and killed all the prisoners. 这个国王没有宽容之心,杀死了所有的犯人。 The state-operated farm was established in 1953. 这个国营农场是1953年建立的。 The child was spoilt by his grandfather. 这个孩子被他的爷爷给惯坏了。 The boy acts like one possessed. 这个孩子的一举一动像是着魔了。 The child's answer was miles away from the subject. 这个孩子回答得离题十万八千里。 The little child laughs merrily. 这个孩子笑盈盈的。 The boy was disciplined by the school because he picked quarrels and stirred up trouble. 这个孩子因寻衅滋事而受到学校处分。 This conference hall can hold nearly 10. 这个会场能包容近万人。 The plan is almost satisfactory in every way. 这个计划几乎尽善尽美。 The plan was born out of repeated discussions. 这个计划是经过反复讨论产生的。 The plan has some shortcomings. 这个计划有些缺陷。 That fellow often bullied others on the strength of his father's powerful position. 这个家伙依仗他父亲的权势时常仗势欺人。 This holiday was so disappointing. 这个假期真叫人败兴。 The spy was cruel and evil. 这个间谍心狠手辣。 The proposal is incompatible with the present needs. 这个建议不合时宜。 The proposal is fair and reasonable. 这个建议合情合理。 The business of this wineshop is booming. 这个酒家生意兴隆。 The sentence does not read smoothly. 这个句子不通顺。 Before this play is broadcast several cuts must be made. 这个剧目播出前必须经过数次剪辑。 This decision represents the fundamental interests of the people. 这个决定反映了广大人民的根本利益。 This decision creates a dangerous precedent. 这个决定开创了一个危险的先例。 The lovely boy has beautiful blonde curls. 这个可爱的小男孩长着漂亮的金黄色卷发。 The hateful scoundrel was punished at last. 这个可恶的歹徒终于受到了惩罚。 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司