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Don't trust him. 这个人是个滑头,不要相信他。 He's a rascal. Leave him alone. 这个人是无赖,你别理他。 Though he is young, he speaks in a serious way. 这个人虽然年轻, 但说话的神情很庄重。 The man is as good as his word. He thinks and acts in one and the same way. 这个人言行一致,他的所作所为表里如一。 The man is vulgar in speech. Stay away from him. 这个人言语粗鄙,离他远些。 This man is quite tricky and undependable. 这个人油头滑脑,很不可靠。 This person is seemingly far away, but is actually right before your eyes. 这个人远在天边, 近在眼前。 This person is seemingly far away, but is actually right before your eyes. 这个人远在天边, 近在眼前。 He was quite unreasonable. 这个人真不通情理。 The man is always mentally deranged. 这个人总是疯疯癫癫的。 This man always swelled with pride and considered everybody and everything beneath his notice. 这个人总是骄傲自满,目空一切。 The day we have been looking forward to has come at long last. 这个日子好不容易盼到了。 The murderer kicked the bucket last year. 这个杀人犯去年已一命呜呼了。 This mountainous area often suffered from disastrous droughts, and a lot of common people became homeless. 这个山区常常闹旱灾,很多老百姓流离失所。 The businessman stored up rice to corner the market. 这个商人储藏大米,囤积居奇。 The businessman entertained the guests with a false smile. 这个商人满脸假笑地招待客人。 There are productive lands everywhere in this province. 这个省到处都是膏腴之地。 The complete set of equipment in the lab was imported. 这个实验室的全套设备都是进口的。 The small town was secluded. 这个市镇与外界隔绝。 I am mainly responsible for the accident. 这个事故的主要责任应由我来负。 The incident astounds both China and foreign countries. 这个事件震惊中外。 This office will open in November. 这个事务所将在十一月开业。 This is a considerable figure. 这个数目相当可观。 The man who arrogated to himself the merits of others let the cat out of the bag in the end. 这个贪天之功的人终于露出了马脚。 A great number of families lived in this village. 这个屯落里有许多人家。 The headstrong impetuous man rushed into things without forethought. 这个顽固的莽汉,不预先考虑,仓促行事。 The prince is tall and stalwart. 这个王子高大魁伟。 This problem is urgent and can not be evaded. 这个问题非常紧迫, 不容回避。 The issue is sharp and complex. We can never let down our guard. 这个问题尖锐复杂,我们决不能掉以轻心。 The problem is not solved yet. 这个问题目前尚未解决。 We'll consider the problem over and over again. 这个问题我们还需再三斟酌。 We'll discuss the problem later. 这个问题我们回头再说。 We have talked the problem over for a long time. 这个问题我们已商量许久了。 The problem will be solved satisfactorily in the end. 这个问题终归会得到圆满的解决。 This Greek dish is of a very early date. 这个希腊盘子是很早时期的制品。 The rural town stretched along the bay. 这个乡镇沿着海湾伸展。 How heavy is this box? 这个箱子有多重? The news inspired people. 这个消息振奋人心。 The little girl is small, weak and pitiful. 这个小姑娘身体弱小,让人可怜。 The child's voice was so feeble that it is hardly audible. 这个小孩的声音细弱得叫人难以听见。 The child is fluent and lively. 这个小孩口齿伶俐, 活泼好动。 The child has regular features. 这个小孩模样十分周正。 The child has a stubborn temper. 这个小孩脾气执拗。 The child was wearing his clothes askew. 这个小孩身上的衣服歪七扭八。 The little boy can count up to a thousand. 这个小男孩能够数到一千。 The little boy ran off to get his brother. 这个小男孩跑去找他的哥哥。 The little boy left primary school at eleven. 这个小男孩十一岁时小学毕业。 The little girl is not very clever at addition. 这个小女孩不太善于做加法。 The little girl saw her birthday presents and broke into a smile. 这个小女孩儿看到生日礼物破颜笑了。 The little girl is innocent and lively. 这个小女孩非常天真活泼。 The little girl is very naughty. 这个小女孩非常顽皮。 The little girl is pretty. 这个小女孩很漂亮。 The little girl only eats lean pork. 这个小女孩只吃瘦肉。 The sketch is vivacious. 这个小品很生动。 This new product has been put on the market. 这个新产品已投放市场。 The new word gained its immediate acceptance with the newspapers and the crowd. 这个新词立刻得到报纸和群众的认可。 The envelope was firmly sealed. 这个信封封得很严实。 The sheep are lambing this week. 这个星期绵羊要产羔。 This term will begin on September 7th. 这个学期将于九月七号开始。 Are there any exams at the end of this term? 这个学期期末有考试吗? This term will begin on March 1st. 这个学期三月一日开始。 We will all have a course in ancient history this term. 这个学期我们都有一门古代史课程。 This student is good at French. 这个学生法语好。 This student is slow in learning English. 这个学生学英语很笨。 The student made no attempt to keep forging ahead. 这个学生在学习上不思进取。 There are altogether 300 teachers in this school. 这个学校总共有教员300人。 This slick salesman refuses to come to his senses. He doesn't realize how serious the problem is. 这个油头滑脑的商人执迷不悟, 他还没有感到问题的严重性。 This slick salesman refuses to come to his senses. He hasn't realized how serious the problem is. 这个油头滑脑的商人执迷不悟,他还没有感到问题的严重性。 He has earned a lot of money in this month. 这个月他已经赚了好多钱了。 We've been to several plays this month. 这个月我们看了好几场戏。 The exhibition is sponsored by the Machine-Building Ministry. 这个展览会由机械工业部主办。 Unexpectedly, this soldier could have a narrow escape from death. 这个战士能够死里逃生,是人们没有想到的。 The soldier is as brave as a lion. 这个战士象狮子一样勇猛。 Our army won victory in the first battle. 这个战役,我军旗开得胜。 I shall travel to New York by air this weekend. 这个周末我将要乘飞机去纽约旅行。 The prime culprit was sentenced to life imprisonment. 这个主犯被判无期徒刑。 This is a novel idea and is worth adopting. 这个主意很有新意, 值得采纳。 The criminal was determined to cast off his old self and turn over a new leaf. 这个罪犯决心脱胎换骨,重新做人。 The criminal has already fled to another part of the country. 这个罪犯已经逃窜外地。 The broad masses demanded the execution of the criminal for his atrocious crimes. 这个罪犯罪大恶极,广大群众要求处决他。 This seat is shaded by a tree. 这个座位有一棵树遮荫。 The rope was not strong enough, so we used wire. 这根绳子不够结实,所以我们用金属线。 The moral of the story is "Look before you leap." 这故事的寓意是三思而后行。 The story is wearily tedious. 这故事冗长乏味,令人厌烦。 The view has not received wide acceptance. 这观点还没有得到广泛的认可。 The child spends at least one yuan or so a day. 这孩子, 一天至少花块儿八毛的。 The boy is doing much better than he did last year. 这孩子比去年出息多了。 The boy has a strong character. 这孩子个性很强。 All show tender care for the child. 这孩子很招人怜爱。 The child died young due to a serious disease. 这孩子患了重病,不久就夭折了。 The child has no manners. 这孩子没规矩。 The baby was given a piece of candy. 这孩子拿到了一块糖。 The child gets ill too often. 这孩子三天两头犯病。 The boy is never seen without a book in his hand, and he will fully develop his talents in the future. 这孩子现在手不释卷,将来会有所作为。 The child disappeared in the twinkling of an eye. 这孩子一转眼就不见了。 The child is fretting for his absent mother. 这孩子因母亲不在而焦躁不安。 The child has a strong thirst for knowledge. 这孩子有强烈的求知欲。 The child is resigned to being backward in his studies. 这孩子在学习上甘居下游。 The child is blinking his eyes. He must be sleepy. 这孩子直在眨眼,想是困了。 The boy has become enchanted with making model airplanes. 这孩子做飞机模型都入迷了。 The glad news carried joy into the hearts of all. 这好消息使大家满心喜悦。 With water in front and a hill at the back, this garden had a dense growth of evergreen trees and formed a "retreat away from the world". 这花园依山傍水,四面苍松翠柏,绿树成荫,仿佛是世外桃源。 The topic provoked an interesting debate. 这话题引起了一场有趣的争辩。 This time my luck is in. 这回可来了运气了。 The work is done slovenly. 这活干得很潦草。 The group of bandits had no regard for laws. 这伙强盗目无法纪。 The disorderly mobs fought against their own men and at last ended in common ruins. 这伙乌合之众同室操戈,同归于尽。 The machine is simple in structure. 这机器的构造简单。 Traffic accidents have increased in the past few days because of fog. 这几天由于下雾, 使交通事故增多。 These arrangements are subject to periodic review. 这几项安排每隔一定时间须予复查。 The paper advertises for two editors. 这家报纸招聘两名编辑。 The paper advertises for two editors. 这家报纸招聘两名编辑。 This hotel provides first-class service, so they have many customers. 这家宾馆的服务上乘, 宾客很多。 This museum has many art treasures. 这家博物馆收藏了许多艺术珍品。 The company changed its name not long ago. 这家公司不久前更换了名称。 This firm manufactures cars. 这家公司大量生产汽车。 The company employed a well-paid foreign expert as adviser. 这家公司高薪聘请外国专家当顾问。 The company will get benefits from its new way of doing the business. 这家公司将会从新的经营方式中获得效益。 The company's future is uncertain. 这家公司前途未卜。 The company now uses a computer to do all its account. 这家公司现在使用电脑来计算所有的帐目。 This company was in serious financial difficulties. 这家公司陷入严重的财政困难。 What's that fellow up to, sneaking around like that? 这家伙鬼鬼祟祟,想干什么? The hotel is badly managed. 这家旅馆经营不善。 There are several bars in the hotel. 这家旅馆里有好几个酒吧。 The hotel provides a reservation of tickets for its residents. 这家旅馆为旅客提供订票服务。 The hotel is fitted up with modern comforts. 这家旅馆装有舒适的现代化设施。 The law office will start business today. 这家律师事务所今天开业。 This store just has everything that one expects to find. 这家商场里各种商品应有尽有。 The shop sells copper vessels of all shapes. 这家商店出售各种形状的铜器皿。 It's a month since the shop began doing business. 这家商店刚开张一个月。 The shop furnishes everything that is needed for camping. 这家商店供应各种野营用品。 This shop often swindles customers. 这家商店经常欺诈顾客。 This shop specially deals in high-grade goods. 这家商店专门经营高档商品。 This business company was founded in 1721. 这家商业公司建立于1724年。 The oil company will ship out piping and heavy equipment. 这家石油公司将用船运出输油管道和重型设备。 Visiting time in this hospital is from 4 to 6. 这家医院的探望时间是从4点到6点。 Some articles in the magazine were intolerable to the eye. 这家杂志上的一些文章不堪入目。 The price was somewhat higher than I'd expected. 这价格比我预料的稍高一些。 This plane can reach speeds in excess of 1000 kilometers an hour. 这架飞机可以达到每小时一千公里以上的速度。 This room is sunny and bright. 这间房子又向阳,又透亮。 It was an old tumble-down thatched cottage. 这间旧茅屋摇摇欲坠。 It was a bijou residence. 这间居室小巧雅致。 This hotel room is not equipped for cooking. 这间客房没有配备烹调器具。 There was nothing but silence in the room. 这间屋内声息全无,一片寂静。 The handicraft shows fine workmanship. 这件工艺品做工精细。 This antique is a rare commodity worth hoarding against a later higher price. 这件古董奇货可居。 This coat is too small for me. 这件上衣对我来说太小了。 It becomes an interesting story on everybody's lips. 这件事被传为佳话。 The work must be finished in one way or another. 这件事必须设法做好。 There is no need arguing about this matter. 这件事不必辩论了。 This event has made the headlines. 这件事成了重大新闻。 The consequences would be too ghastly to contemplate. 这件事的后果不堪设想。 The outcome of the incident is what is called "There is no story without coincidences," 这件事的结局真所谓无巧不成书。 It's not finally settled yet. 这件事还没有最终决定。 He won't forget the incident as long as he lives. 这件事会令他一辈子难忘。 The matter taught vast numbers of students a lesson. 这件事教育了广大同学。 You'd better take everything on yourself. 这件事你一个人包办了吧。 He foamed with anger over the matter. 这件事气得他七窍生烟。 It is a thorny business. 这件事情很棘手。 You should seek advice from your lawyer on this matter. 这件事情你应该请教你的律师。 The rights and wrongs of the case are perfectly clear and admit of no dispute. 这件事情是非分明, 无可争辩。 The rights and wrongs of the case are perfectly clear and admit of no dispute. 这件事情是非分明,无可争辩。 Think over the matter and then make a decision. 这件事情斟酌斟酌再决定。 I don't have the heart to get you into the trouble. 这件事让你跟着受连累,我于心不忍。 The matter will be borne in his mind forever. 这件事使他铭心刻骨。 I felt completely in the dark on this question. 这件事使我感到茫然。 He made a thorough investigation of the case. 这件事他作了详尽的调查。 Don't worry. The matter is beginning to take shape. 这件事已有了眉目,不要着急。 It is the local authorities who should deal with this matter. 这件事应由官府处理。 I have nothing to do with this. 这件事与我不相干。 I have nothing to do with this, 这件事与我无关。 The event received only very brief mention in the paper. 这件事在报上只是略谈了一下。 This new dress becomes you. 这件新衣服很合你身。 The unjust case was redressed. 这件冤案得到平反。 This will become an eternal regret. 这将成为一段千古遗恨。 It will be a production that will be handed on from age to age. 这将是传世之作。 It is an inspiring speech. 这讲话鼓舞人心。 This is only an exercise in composition. 这仅仅是一篇习作。 This is just a partial view. I offer it for your reference. 这仅是一孔之见,谈出来供大家参考。 This is the ending of the novel. 这就是那部小说的结局。 That was the Age of Enlightenment. 这就是启蒙时代。 This is where he lives. 这就是他居住的地方。 This is the crux of the matter. 这就是问题的关键所在。 Therein lies the crux of the problem. 这就是问题的症结所在。 This is the man who wanted to see you. 这就是要见你的那个人。 This is by no means a good way to solve the problem. 这决非解决问题的良计。 The ancient tree blots out the sky and covers the sun with luxuriant foliage. 这棵古树,枝繁叶茂,遮天蔽日。 This tree looks high and strong but actually its trunk is hollow. 这棵树看起来又高又壮,实际上树干是空的。 This could change our life. 这可能会改变我们的生活。 It is a great happy event. 这可是件大喜事。 This is a high precision job, There mustn't be the slightest slip. 这可是细活,不能有一星半点的差错。 It can be summed up in one or two words. 这可以用三言两语概括起来。 It is really fantastic stories and theories. 这可真是奇谈怪论。 This piece of cloth is just the right length for a shirt. 这块布恰好够做一件衬衣。 The crops on this plot are sparse. 这块地的庄稼长得稀稀落落。 Compared with a mountain, the rock is microscopic. 这块儿石头和这座大山相比极为微小。 This piece of meat is four jin odd. 这块肉四斤挂零。 The crystal is natural, not artificial. 这块水晶是天然的,不是人造的。 The land is not fertile enough to repay cultivation. 这块土地不够肥沃,不值得耕种。 This land yields good crops. 这块土地收成好。 The old man could not walk without a stick. 这老人没有手杖就走不了路。 The old man is hale and hearty. 这老者鹤发童颜。 This kind of problem frequently crops up. 这类问题是经常发生的。 You are not allowed to smoke here. 这里不许吸烟。 The terrain of here is strategically situated and difficult of access. 这里的地势非常险要。 The scenery here is enchantingly beautiful. 这里的景色迷人。 The scenery here is like another world. 这里的景色真是别有天地。 The boss is young, about thirty years old. 这里的老板很年轻, 也就三十岁上下。 The peaks here are famous for their towering crags. 这里的山峰以山石突兀而出名。 The water source has dried up and agriculture production is severely threatened. 这里的水源枯竭, 严重威胁着农业生产。 It's very hot here in summer. 这里的夏天特别热。 Flower shops can be found everywhere here. 这里的鲜花店比比皆是。 The postal service here is very unreliable. 这里的邮政服务很不可靠。 The place is quiet, tastefully laid out and conveniently located. 这里环境幽雅, 交通便利。 It's nice and cool here. Let's sit down and have a rest. 这里凉快,坐下来歇会儿。 Forest-clad mountains and limpid streams complete the scene here. 这里山清水秀,景色优美。 Forest-clad mountains and limpid streams complete the scene here. 这里山清水秀,景色优美。 It is a strategic pass to the northeast. 这里是通往东北的要隘。 This is a good district with abundant fish and rice. 这里是鱼米之乡。 Small earthquakes are so common here that people never make a fuss about it. 这里小地震是常见的事,人们并不为此而大惊小怪。 There is a great abundance of sunshine here. 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司