翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 这里阳光充裕。 There is plenty of space here to move about. 这里有很大的活动空间。 The strokes in the calligraphic works and paintings on display here are vigorous. 这里展出的字画, 笔力雄浑。 It is a paradise on earth. 这里真是人间天堂。 It is really a fairyland on earth. 这里真是人间仙境。 Plans are being drawn up to build a big hydroelectric station here. 这里正在筹划建设一座大型水电站。 Natural resources are short here. 这里资源贫乏。 The two villages are three miles apart. 这两个村子相距三英里。 The two rooms have the same amount of floor space. 这两个房间的面积相等。 The two countries have abolished the trade barriers. 这两个国家取消了贸易壁垒。 These two countries have a common boundary. 这两个国家有共同的边界。 The two countries are separated by vast oceans. 这两个国家远隔重洋。 A fierce battle is raging between the two countries. 这两个国家正在进行一场激战。 The two good friends fell out and became enemies. 这两个好朋友反目成仇。 The two families have been feuding with each other for many generations. 这两个家族有好多代的世仇了。 The two friends show utter devotion to each other. 这两个朋友肝胆相照。 The two of them are similar in many respects. 这两个人在很多方面有相似之处。 Of these two men, the former is dead but the latter is still alive. 这两个人中,前者已死,而后者仍然活着。 The two companies fought fiercely over the market. 这两家公司为了市场而展开激烈的争斗。 The two families are separated only by a wall. 这两家只有一墙之隔。 The two handicrafts achieved the same result by different methods. 这两件艺术品的制作有异曲同工之妙。 He has made rapid progress in recent years and we need to look at him with new eyes. 这两年他学习进步很快,令人刮目相看。 The enmity between the two persons is as deep as a sea. 这两人之间仇深似海。 There was enmity between the two persons. 这两人之间有冤仇。 The two old friends met again in a strange land and were very excited. 这两位老朋友在异地重逢, 分外激动。 The cost of the two items amounts to 1,000 yuan. 这两项开支合计1000元。 The two brothers are very much alike. 这两兄弟非常相像。 The two model ships are largely identical but with minor differences. 这两只舰船模型大同小异。 This bike is light and handy. 这辆车骑起来真轻巧。 The train starts from Beijing. 这辆火车从北京开出。 The truck is of unknown origin. 这辆卡车来历不明。 The tires of this car don't have enough air in them. 这辆汽车的轮胎气不足了。 I've known lots like him. They all bully the weak and fear the strong. 这路人我见多了,都是欺软怕硬。 For me such a large sum of money is an astronomical figure. 这么多的钱对我来说, 简直是个天文数字。 It has no warlike significance. 这没有好战的意味。 The sight of the beautiful mountains took our breath away. 这美丽的山色使我们为之神往。 The door is made of oak. 这门是橡木做的。 This boy is very smart; he may be another Edison. 这男孩很聪明,他可能成为另一个爱迪生。 The boy has quite recovered. 这男孩已彻底恢复健康。 The girl tied the ends of the thread. 这女孩把线的两端结起来。 The girl speaks with fluency; she is really a clever girl. 这女孩伶牙俐齿,挺聪明的。 The girl has a light hand for knitting. 这女孩手巧,精于编织。 This shopping list is to be sent to Tom for his approval. 这批购物清单将送交汤姆审定。 The goods must be delivered on schedule. 这批货物必须按期交。 This horse is hard to control. 这匹马很难驾驭。 This piece of glass seems to be part of a lamp. 这片玻璃似乎是一盏灯的一部分。 The reportage is really moving. 这篇报告文学确实感动人。 The paper will be finished soon. 这篇论文不久就可以完成。 The paper was brief and to the point. 这篇论文要言不烦。 The review made a penetrating analysis of that novel. 这篇评论对那部小说的分析鞭辟入里。 The article has a logical composition. 这篇文章布局合理。 The article has a controversial tone. 这篇文章带有一种论争的笔调。 The viewpoint of the article is biased, You'd better revise it. 这篇文章的观点偏颇, 最好进一步修改。 The article has a meaningful ending. 这篇文章的结尾意味深长。 The article has an exciting ending. 这篇文章的收尾很是精彩。 Reading the article is like chewing wax. 这篇文章读起来简直味同嚼蜡。 This article is short and pithy. 这篇文章短小精悍。 This article is all in a mess. 这篇文章很是杂乱无章。 After his revision, this article has been turned into gold. 这篇文章经过他的修改,犹如点石成金。 The article comes straight to the point. 这篇文章开宗明义。 The article can be cut down. 这篇文章可以压缩一下。 This article can be cut down. 这篇文章可以压缩一下。 A clear thread of thought run through the article. 这篇文章脉络分明。 This article is vague and general in content and must be substantiated. 这篇文章内容空泛, 必须加以充实。 The essay is simple and unadorned. 这篇文章朴实无华。 The article was lengthy and jumbled. 这篇文章冗杂不堪。 The article was discussed by us all, but I did the actual writing. 这篇文章是集体讨论,由我执笔的。 The beginning and the ending of the article respond to each other. 这篇文章首尾相应。 This article is too long. You had better shorten it drastically. 这篇文章太长了,你就大刀阔斧地删吧。 The article is well-organized. 这篇文章条理清楚。 The article is rich in both content and style of writing. 这篇文章文情并茂。 This article is easy but convincing. 这篇文章写得非常平易明白,但很有说服力。 This article is rather hackneyed. 这篇文章写得太呆板了。 This article needs polishing. 这篇文章需要润色一下。 The draft of this article has been finalized. 这篇文章已经定稿。 The language of the article is dull. 这篇文章语言乏味。 The article has a profound message. 这篇文章寓意深邃。 The essay is most penetrating and powerful. 这篇杂文极为深刻有力。 The essay bitterly satirized some unhealthy tendencies in society. 这篇杂文辛辣地讽刺了社会上的一些不良现象。 The plan of the work is original with the author. 这篇作品的构思是作者个人的独创。 The net weight of this jar of coffee is 180 grams. 这瓶咖啡净重180克。 Isn't that asking the question knowingly? 这岂不是明知故问吗? The wall requires a new coat of paint. 这墙需要再涂一层新油漆。 The sight is quite moving. 这情景很感人。 It all depends on your support and guide. 这全靠了您的提挈。 The man uses coarse language. 这人说话粗俗。 The man has reached middle age. 这人已到了中年。 This meat should be seasoned with salt and mustard. 这肉里应该加些盐和芥末。 These three youngsters loved ease and hated work. 这三个年轻人好逸恶劳。 The three men stopped at no evil. 这三个人无恶不作。 The three clubs cooperated in a party. 这三家俱乐部共同协办了一次聚会。 The signs of human habitation are sparse in the mountain area. 这山乡中人烟稀少。 The window looks upon the street. 这扇窗户面向大街。 Only at that moment, he woke up suddenly. 这时他才猛醒过来。 It relieved him of his unnecessary anxieties. 这使他消除了不必要的焦虑。 The matter is utterly forgotten. 这事被彻底遗忘了。 This completely destroyed his creative ability. 这事彻底摧毁了他的创造力。 That can be settled through discussion. 这事好商量。 The matter is now the subject of negotiation between Japan and America. 这事件是日美两国间正在交涉的问题。 I've heard a little about it, but I don't know the details. 这事略有耳闻,详细情况不很清楚。 Will you do it for me? 这事你代劳吧。 Though the incident is of no importance, it has some bad influence. 这事虽无关紧要,但影响不好。 We'll look into that right away. 这事我们马上就去调查。 We must straighten it out face to face, lest there should be misunderstandings. 这事我们要当面说清楚,以免发生误会。 It's up to you to decide. 这事由你定夺。 It is really beyond expectation. 这事真出乎意料。 The matter is worth thinking deeply about. 这事值得深思。 Up to until now, nobody had cared to ask about this matter. 这事至今无人问津。 It is a story in the Arabian Nights. 这是《天方夜谭》中的一个故事。 These are the original data of the case. 这是案件的原始材料。 This is the biggest flood in a century. 这是百年不遇的大水灾。 These were warning signs of a storm. 这是暴风雨的前兆。 It is an inevitable law of nature. 这是不可避免的自然规律。 This is the general trend of development and the common aspiration of the people. 这是大势所趋,人心所向。 This is the most pressing task at present. 这是当前最急迫的任务。 This is the appendix to the investigation report. 这是调查报告的附件。 It is a disturbance of social tranquility. 这是对社会安宁的扰乱。 This is a review containing unfair censures of a new book. 这是对一本新书进行非难的文章。 It was a banished offender. 这是个被流放的犯人。 This is an abstract concept. 这是个抽象的概念。 It is a formidable project. 这是个非常艰巨的工程。 This is an age of constant change of events. 这是个风云变幻的时代。 It is a quaint old hamlet. 这是个古雅的村落。 Since this is a pivotal question, we must not touch on it lightly. 这是个关键问题,不能轻描淡写,一笔带过。 It is a popular show, so advance booking is essential. 这是个很受欢迎的演出,所以一定要提前订票。 This is a downright lie. 这是个弥天大谎。 It is a secret. 这是个秘密。 This method attends to each and every aspect of the matter. 这是个面面俱到的办法。 This is a special case, deserving special treatment. 这是个特殊的案件,应该获得特殊处理。 It is a natural harbor. 这是个天然港。 This is a united camp. 这是个团结的营垒。 This is a developing industrial city. 这是个新兴的工业城市。 This special case deserves special treatment. 这是个需要特别处理的特例案件。 This is a difficult and complicated case. 这是个疑难病症。 This is a solemn cathedral. 这是个庄严肃穆的大教堂。 It was edited from the original text. 这是根据原文编译的。 This is an expression peculiar to people from Guangdong. 这是广东人特有的一种说法。 This is an epoch-making achievement. 这是划时代的业绩。 This is sarcasm, not constructive criticism. 这是讥讽,不是善意的批评。 This is an awkward matter. 这是件为难的事。 This is a matter for congratulation. 这是件值得庆贺的事。 It was an arena of rivalry. 这是角逐的场所。 This is the new hairstyle popular this year. 这是今年流行的新式发型。 The matter is the focus of world attention. 这是举世瞩目的大事。 This is the fruit of labor. 这是劳动的结晶。 This is a contest of strength. 这是力量的较量。 This is an outstanding example of strict economy. 这是厉行节约的一个出色范例。 This is your internal affair; it is not for us to interfere. 这是你们内部的事, 我们不便干预。 This is an expanse of open country. 这是片空旷的原野。 This is a eulogy of the eminent naturalist. 这是篇颂扬这位杰出博物学家的致辞。 It is an authentic work of Qi Baishi. 这是齐白石的真迹。 These conclusions were lamely inferred. 这是牵强地推演出来的结论。 This was under the force of circumstances. 这是情势所迫。 This is the gateway to knowledge. 这是求得知识之路径。 It's a matter of life and death, and we can't treat it lightly. 这是生死攸关的大事,不可掉以轻心。 It is perfect scandal. 这是十足的丑事。 It is without precedent in history. 这是史无前例的。 It is his enduring masterpiece. 这是他的不朽名作。 This is his great ambition. 这是他的弘愿。 This was the first time that he acted as an honored guest. 这是他第一次做嘉宾。 This is their average yearly output. 这是他们每年的平均产量。 It is an abhorrence to his feeling. 这是他深恶痛绝的事。 This is the first time in his life that he has climbed Mount Tai. 这是他有生以来第一次登泰山。 This is the first time in his life he has swum across the Yangtze River. 这是他有生以来第一次横渡长江。 This is against the law. 这是违法的。 This is our final offer. 这是我方的最后报价。 These are our constant agree against the enemy. 这是我们对敌的一贯策略。 This is our consistent policy. 这是我们始终如一的方针。 This is our newly-built cultural center. 这是我们新建的文化中心。 This is our experience of recent years. 这是我们新近几年的经验。 This is the chief criminal of the case of murder. 这是凶杀案的罪魁祸首。 This is an important document that should be properly kept. 这是要件,应妥善保存。 This is a very exciting book. 这是一本非常扣人心弦的书。 Here is a book about Roman history. 这是一本关于古罗马历史的书。 This is an exquisite photo album. 这是一本精致的相册。 This is highly profitable business. 这是一本万利的生意。 This is a novel with much local color. 这是一部富于地方色彩的小说。 That was the biggest earthquake in a century. 这是一场百年不遇的大地震。 It was a violent political upheaval. 这是一场激烈的政治动乱。 This is an entirely new sort of wedding ceremony. 这是一次别开生面的婚礼。 It was a horrible accident---I'll spare you the details. 这是一次令人毛骨悚然的事故,我就不告诉你细节了。 This couple respects each other like guests. 这是一对相敬如宾的好夫妻。 It is a sad love story. 这是一个哀婉的爱情故事。 This country's territory is vast. 这是一个幅员辽阔的国家。 It was an embarrassing situation, but they carried it off well. 这是一个尴尬的局面,但是他们成功地应付过去了。 This is an alliance for offence and defense. 这是一个攻守同盟。 It's a dark and moonless night. 这是一个黑暗无月的夜晚。 This is a lively melody. 这是一个欢快的曲调。 This is an ideal ending. 这是一个理想的结局。 It is a day that the whole world joins in the jubilation. 这是一个普天同庆的日子。 It's a tragic tale. 这是一个凄惨的故事。 This is a clear and bright moonlit night. 这是一个清朗的月夜。 This is a storyteller of infinite jest. 这是一个无比诙谐的说书人。 This is a good place for a picnic. 这是一个野餐的好地方。 This is an important meeting, Please attend it on time. 这是一个重要的会议,请你准时参加。 This is a box of assorted cookies. 这是一盒什锦饼干。 This is a newly established enterprise. 这是一家初创的企业。 This is a firm of long standing. 这是一家历史悠久的商号。 This is a medium-sized hospital. 这是一家中型医院。 It is a sturdy tree. 这是一棵粗壮的大树。 It is pure gold. 这是一块纯粹的金子。 This is a piece of uncultivated land. 这是一片处女地。 It is a vast expanse of fertile land. 这是一片沃野。 This essay is written in elegant style. 这是一篇文笔典雅的散文。 This is a case of murder. 这是一起凶杀案。 This is a charity school. 这是一所慈善学校。 This is an important line of communication. 这是一条交通要道。 This road is broad and level. 这是一条坦荡的大道。 This is a senior of the profession. 这是一位同行中的老前辈。 The work was executed by a well-known artist. 这是一位著名艺术家创作的作品。 This is a capable and vigorous army. 这是一支精悍的部队。 This is an invincible army. 这是一支无往不胜的军队。 This is a high-quality kind of ink. 这是一种高级墨水。 This is an unsettled law case. 这是一桩悬案。 This mountain runs from east to west. 这是一座东西走向的山脉。 This is a grand building. 这是一座宏大雄伟的建筑。 This is an old-fashioned building. 这是一座老式的建筑物。 This is a well-known city. 这是一座名城。 This is a secluded village. 这是一座偏僻的村庄。 This is one of the standard books on the subject. 这是有关这个问题的权威著作之一。 This is something unheard of ever since the beginning of history. 这是有史以来没听说过的新鲜事。 This was a deliberate action. 这是有预谋的行动。 It was discovered among waste paper. 这是在废纸堆里发现的。 This is the policy to run the country well and give the people peace and security. 这是治国安民之策。 It is an article written expressly for the paper. 这是专门为该报而撰写的文章。 These are the mere ravings of megalomaniacs. 这是自大狂者的一派胡话。 This is a developing town. 这是座发展中的城镇。 It was a shabby mountain villa. 这是座破败的山庄。 This song touches the heartstrings of the audience. 这首歌打动了观众的心弦。 Which line comes last in this poem? 这首诗的最后一行是什么? This poem is very implicit. 这首诗非常含蓄。 This poem fully expressed his sentiment. 这首诗酣畅淋漓地抒发了他的感情。 This poem fully expresses the author's feelings. 这首诗酣畅淋漓地抒发了作者的情感。 Feeling and setting happily blended in the poem. 这首诗情景交融。 The poem showed her outstanding talent in literature. 这首诗使她在文坛上崭露头角。 This poem expresses the leisurely and comfortable mood of the poet. 这首诗写出了诗人闲适的心情。 It was written by an unknown author. 这书是一位无名作者写的。 The shoes are a perfect fit. 这双鞋子穿着非常合脚。 The ship sustained damage to its bottom. 这艘船的底部已损坏。 The ship was due to sail the following morning. 这艘船定于第二天启航。 The ship will start its maiden voyage next Monday. 这艘船将于下周一开始它的处女航。 The colossal passenger ship is about to set sail. 这艘巨型客轮马上就要出航了。 Preparations were started last year for the construction of the university. 这所大学从去年开始筹建。 This university has created a number of prominent talents. 这所大学造就了一批杰出的人材。 This house has a good orientation. 这所房子的朝向很好。 The house is a little heaven. 这所房子是一个小乐园。 The old house was quite silent. 这所旧房子非常寂静。 The school is run by the local people. 这所学校是民办的。 This college was founded under the auspices of an overseas Chinese. 这所学院是由一位华侨赞助创办的。 The college was founded in 1920. 这所学院于1920年建立。 This printer can print 40 pages in a minute. 这台打印机一分钟能打印40页。 The machine cannot be assembled for lack of some parts. 这台机器由于缺少零件不能组装。 This computer has a 256K memory. 这台计算机的内存是256K。 This soup tastes of chicken. 这汤里有鸡肉的味道。 The tea set is incomplete. 这套茶具残缺不全。 This program gives managers a valuable planning tool. 这套程序是经理人员制订计划的可贵的工具。 The flat has complete facilities and it is convenient to live in. 这套单元设施完备, 居住非常方便。 This set of furniture has a very shiny coat of paint. 这套家具油漆得挺光亮。 This set of furniture is durable. They have had it for over 30 years. 这套家俱结实耐用, 在他家已经使用了30余年。 What is the price of the suit? 这套西装多少钱? The clear and boundless sky is as blue as the calm sea. 这天晴空万里,天蓝得像平静的大海。 The field was deserted. 这田野十分荒僻。 The ship sank in the violent storm. 这条船在惊涛骇浪中沉没。 The trees in the avenue were deep-rooted and thick with leaves. 这条大道上的树木根深叶茂。 This borderline is indefinable. 这条分界线难以确定。 The dog remained faithful to his master. 这条狗始终忠于它的主人。 The river flows through the city from east to west. 这条河从东到西贯穿这座城市。 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司