翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 I'm glad to have the pleasure of your acquaintance. 很高兴能认识您。 I'm glad to be of service to you. 很高兴能为您服务。 I'm glad to be at your service. 很高兴能为您服务。 It's great that you'll come over for dinner tomorrow evening. 很高兴你明晚能和我们一起吃晚饭。 Nice having you. 很高兴你能来。 I'm very happy to know her. 很高兴认识她。 I'm delighted to make your acquaintance. 很高兴认识你。 Delighted I was able to help. 很高兴我能帮助你。 Good to see you again. 很高兴又见到你。 Very good, but you should be our chairman. 很好,不过你要当我们的主席。 Good, that's agreed then. 很好,大家都同意了。 Fine, just fine. 很好,很好。 Fine, the minutes are accepted. 很好,会议记录通过了。 Very well, I will pay. Please give me a receipt. 很好,我付。请给我一张收据。 Very well, let's go then. 很好,我们走吧。 Fine, thanks. 很好,谢谢。 Pretty well, thank you. 很好,谢谢你。 Quite good, thank you. 很好,谢谢你。 Very well, thank you. 很好,谢谢你。 All right, thank you. 很好,谢谢你。 Fine, thank you. 很好,谢谢你。 Very well, so long as everybody joins in. 很好,只要大家都参加。 It's quite right. 很好。 It'll do fine. 很好。 Splendid! 很精彩! Most probably it will be fine tomorrow. 很可能明天天晴。 It's most possible that he is working in the lab. 很可能他现在在实验室里工作。 It's quite certain that he'll leave Shanghai. 很肯定他会离开上海。 My pleasure. 很乐意。 With pleasure. 很乐意。 Willingly. 很乐意。 It's quite fascinating. 很迷人。 It's obvious that our team will win the game. 很明显,我们将会赢这场比赛。 The competition is obviously lost. 很明显比赛输了。 It is too obvious that his son has already married. 很明显他的儿子已经结过婚了。 It's clear that he has suffered a great deal. 很明显他遭受了很多痛苦。 It's hard to make a card with only one trump. 很难仅用一张王牌赢牌。 It's difficult to give an opinion right away. 很难马上发表看法。 It's hard to tell the offensive potential for the opponents' side. 很难判断对方的进攻潜力。 Hard to tell. Sometimes we can find the problem right away and sometimes it may take an hour or two. 很难说。有时我们马上就能找出毛病,有时也许得花上一两个小时。 Hard to tell. It could be address of some house. 很难说。这可能是某家的地址。 It's my pleasure, good-bye and good luck! 很荣幸,再见,祝您好运! That's all right. 很顺利。 That's OK. 很顺利。 It's a pity the park is closed. 很遗憾,公园关门了。 Sadly on that particular morning, I shall be preparing for an examination. 很遗憾,那天早上我刚好要准备考试。 Much to my regret, I wouldn't be able to attend your wedding ceremony. 很遗憾,我不能来参加你们的结婚典礼了。 It's a pity. 很遗憾。 I'm sorry to tell you your account is already overdrawn. 很遗憾地告诉您,您的户头已经透支了。 It's a pity you're leaving so soon. 很遗憾你这么早就走了。 We're sorry to see you off. 很遗憾我们得为你送行了。 There's a good chance of having another good harvest. 很有可能会获得又一个好收成。 It's quite probable that a motorway will be built here. 很有可能会在这儿建一条高速公路。 There's a good chance that it will turn fine tomorrow. 很有可能明天会转晴。 It is most likely that you've caught a cold. 很有可能你感冒了。 Very likely he will take painting as his career. 很有可能他会选择绘画作为职业。 It is very amusing. 很有趣。 Sure. I gave out 50 balloons in less than 10 minutes. 很愉快,不到 10 分钟我发掉了 50 只气球。 I will. 很愿意。 It's my pleasure to introduce. 很愿意为你介绍。 That's quite right. 很正确。 Dead right. 很正确。 Henry, you're wanted on the phone. 亨利,有你的电话。 Well, of all the nerve! 哼,真是不要脸! The rear side-panel is all right. 后侧板没问题。 It's no use crying over the spilt milk. 后悔无用。 The rear seats are all occupied. 后面的座位全坐满了。 The rear quarter vent is damaged. 后三角玻璃通风窗已经损坏。 What will it be like the day after tomorrow? 后天的天气会怎样? It will reach there after tomorrow. 后天可以到。 Would you be able to come the weekend after next, on Saturday? 后一周的周末,星期六,你能来吗? Nonsense! 胡说! Rubbish! 胡说! Nonsense! 胡说八道! Nonsense. 胡说八道。 Rubbish. 胡说八道。 On the other side of the lake is the Jade Belt Bridge. 湖的那边是玉带桥。 The water of this lake is deep and crystal-clear, smooth as a mirror. 湖水清澈深邃,光洁如镜。 The blossoms are now at their best. 花儿正盛开。 I've just been given this prescription by Dr. Worsen. 华生医生刚给我开了这张处方。 How late are they open for skiing? 滑雪会开放到多晚? Mr White, you are out of order. 怀特先生,您不符合会议规程。 Could you have your vote please, Mr White? 怀特先生,请您投票表决好吗? The choice is yours, Mr. White, leave or stay? 怀特先生,是去是留由您选择。 May we ask you some questions now, Mr. White? 怀特先生,我们现在能问你一些问题吗? Mr White, now it's your turn. 怀特先生,现在该您发言了。 Welcome to our store. 欢迎光临我们的商店。 OK, thanks. 还不错,谢谢。 Can't complain. 还过得去。 It's a good thing the car didn't hit the truck. 还好小汽车没有撞到卡车。 Can one still buy tickets to the university basketball games? 还可以买到大学篮球赛的票吗? No, not yet. When it is in, I'll call you. 还没有。如果来了,我会通知你。 I used to do a great of skating when I was a boy. 还是个孩子的时候我经常溜冰。 Let's leave it to chance. 还是碰碰运气吧。 Thank you anyway. 还是要谢谢你。 Thank you just the same. 还是要谢谢你。 Anything else? 还要点别的什么? By the way, I don't want a night flight. 还有,我不要乘夜间的航班。 But still, smoking is harmful to non-smokers' health, too. 还有,吸烟对不吸烟者的健康也是非常有害。 But then again, more and more smokers have died of lung cancer. 还有,越来越多的吸烟者死于肺癌。 It's quite a way yet. 还有好长一段路。 And what to follow? 还有呢? Are there any soft berths left? 还有软卧吗? Any different views? 还有什么不同见解吗? It also has some rare collections. 还有些稀有收藏品。 There is one more point you should consider. 还有一点你应该考虑。 One more thing, don't let the wires touch. 还有一件事,不要让电线相碰。 I still have a few seats in the mezzanine. 还有一些中厅的座位。 Change it. 换掉它。 In other words, you'll come instead. Right? 换句话说,你将代替他来,对吗? To put it in another way: he is very shrewd. 换句话说,他这个人很精明。 In other words, none of us can go to the movie. 换句话说,我们都不能去看电影。 In other words, we'd better change our plan. 换句话说,我们最好改变一下计划。 There will be a new Russian film at the Palace Theater. 皇宫戏院将新上映一部俄罗斯影片。 Huang, we would love you to come to our wedding party. 黄,我们想邀请你参加我们的婚礼。 A great party, Mr Huang. 黄先生,聚会好极了。 But to go back to what you were saying about camping, who will go to rent some sleeping-bags? 回到你说的露营一事,谁去租些睡袋呢? Turn round and take the first on the right. 回头走,在第一条十字路口右转弯。 Don't you offer a seasonal discount? 会没有季节性折扣吗? Will I be confined to the hospital? 会要我住院吗? It would make a great difference! 会有很大区别! Will there be any popular music concerts? 会有流行音乐会吗? Do I have a chance of obtaining a seat? 会有座吗? What time will the wedding begin? 婚礼何时开始? How was the wedding reception? 婚礼招待会进行得怎样? What's the interest rate for the current account? 活期存款的利率是多少? A current or deposit account? 活期存款还是定期存款? You may have the matches free. 火柴免费奉送。 Is it right that the train is supposed to arrive in at 8:00? 火车 8:00 进站,对吗? The train is going very fast. 火车开的很快。 Here comes the train. 火车来了。 The train is slowing down. 火车慢下来了。 Which way is the train station? 火车站在哪边? The spark plugs need cleaning. 火星塞需要清洗一下。 Move on, boys! 伙计们,快! Perhaps I can try it. 或许我能试一试。 Cash on delivery will be all right. 货到付费也可以。 The shipment of the goods will arrive at your port in due time. 货物将准时运到贵港。 When the goods have been loaded, you can get the Bill of Lading signed by the master of the vessel. 货运上船以后,你可以拿到由船长签字的提单。 It's a narrow victory margin. 获胜比分接近。 I'm just relieved to learn about his quick recovery. 获悉他很快康复了,我甚感欣慰。 It's a relief to learn about his final success. 获悉他终于成功,真叫人欣慰。 Misfortunes never come singly! 祸不单行啊! Fat chance! 机会极少! Will chicken salad be all right? 鸡肉沙拉行吗? Basically it comes down to whether you hitchhike or go by bus. 基本的一点是你搭便车去还是乘公共汽车去? Basically, we seem to be saying the same thing. 基本上我们说的是同一件事。 So the basic question is, who will go? 基本问题是:谁去? Does the basic rental fee include accident insurance? 基本租车费包括意外保险吗? Even after hours of work his energy never seems to give out. 即使连续工作几个小时,他的精力也好像永远用不完。 Granted, but he's only a teenager. 即使是这样,但他只是个十几岁的孩子。 The charge for urgent cable is twice that of the ordinary one. 急电是普通电报费的两倍。 Is stamp-collecting your main hobby? 集邮是你的主要嗜好吗? Stamp-collecting is a lovely way to pass the time. 集邮是一种令人愉快的消遣方法。 Some books. 几本书。 What time do you have? 几点啦? The house might fall down in a few months. 几个月内这所房屋也许会倒塌。 When shall I expect to have the proof? 几时可看样片? The cancellation of the plan puts him in a bad mood. 计划的取消使他很不开心。 Remember to buy me some eggs. 记得给我买些鸡蛋。 Remember the man we talked with yesterday? 记得昨天和我们说过话的那个人吗? Jot down the call number. 记下它的索引号码。 Remember to drop me a line. 记住给我捎个信。 Remember about that. 记住那件事。 Remembering these words is very easy. 记住这些字是容易的。 The museum has a collection of Du Fu's poems and paintings. 纪念馆收藏了杜甫诗作和绘画作品。 Since you are not a fish, you cannot know how a fish feels. 既然你不是一条鱼,你不能够知道鱼怎样感觉。 Since you can't find your laundry form, you must show your identity card. 既然您已找不到洗衣单,请出示您的身份证。 Don't you want me to varnish your toe-nails since you've had a pedicure? 既然修了脚趾甲,是否要涂亮趾甲呢? Go on! 继续下去! Go on! 继续下去! Keep it on! 继续下去! Crack on! 继续做! How long does it take for a letter to go to Tainan? 寄到台南的信要多久? Do you want to send these letters by air? 寄航空信吗? How much is an airmail letter to London? 寄伦敦的航空信要多少钱? What about Hongkong? 寄香港要多少钱呢? When people offer sacrifices, dances are presented. 祭祀时要跳舞。 Double for penalties! 加倍! Come on, team. 加油,加油。 The tank filler sleeve is stuck. 加油孔被堵塞了。 How is everything at home? 家里一切都好吗? How is your family? 家人好吗? Prices will go up soon. 价格不久会上涨的。 How much is it? 价格多少? It's reasonable to believe that the price will go up. 价格会上涨的想法是有一定道理的。 It can't be true that the prices will go up soon. 价格马上要上涨不可能是真的。 It doesn't seem correct to say that the prices are rising all the time. 价格总是在上涨的说法似乎是不对的。 The driving mirror should be changed. 驾驶镜应该换了。 Assuming it rains tomorrow, what shall we do? 假定明天下雨的话,我们该怎么办? How about holidays? 假期怎么样? Suppose I make a reservation first? 假如我先预定好呢? The rockeries are piled up in an uneven and intriguing way. 假山堆得起伏有致,别有情趣。 Traveling during the rush hours can be a bit of a bind. 尖峰时间旅行真有点讨厌。 Stick to the end, and you'll be selected the mayor. 坚持到底,你会被选为市长的。 Keep it up! 坚持下去! Keep at it! 坚持下去! Keep it up! 坚持下去! Stick to it! 坚持下去! Slow down, or you'll be arrested! 减速,否则你要被逮捕了! Jane, come and meet Mary, my little sister. 简,来见一下玛莉,我的小妹妹。 So Jane said. 简是这么说的。 To put it in a nutshell, we'd better leave at once. 简言之,我们最好马上就走。 Jane needs 5 points for lead. 简要得 5 分才能领先。 How incredible that a thief broke into my house! 简直不可思议,一个小偷闯进了我的家! It's unbelievable that my wallet was stolen. 简直不能相信我的钱包给偷了。 It was a waste of time and money. 简直是浪费时间和金钱。 It's just so much nonsense! 简直是一派胡言! It's so nice to meet you. 见到你真高兴。 Hell's bells! 见鬼去吧! Go to hell! 见鬼去吧! We were relieved to see you back safe. 见你平安归来,我们感到放心了。 I am glad to see you back safe. 见你平安回来我真高兴。 What's the sense in building motorways? 建筑公路又有什么意义呢? It's almost midnight. Let's make a toast to old friends. 将近半夜了。让我们为老朋友干杯。 Talk more sense! 讲理一点! Be more reasonable. 讲理一点! The exchange rate is 6:1. 交换率是六比一。 In case of loss or damage of any article, we'll be responsible only up to ten times the amount charged for laundering. 交洗的东西如有遗失或损坏时,我们负责赔偿洗衣费十倍以内的赔偿金。 There's a charge for delivery outside of the city. 郊区送货上门酌情收费。 Where can I get some glue? 胶水在哪儿? Hurry him up! 叫他赶快! The better choice is to deal with the problem immediately. 较好的选择是立即处理这个问题。 Textbooks are usually predated. 教科书通常是提前出版的。 Take my advice and don't stay up late. 接受我的忠告,不要再熬夜了。 Accept that, or we won't hire you. 接受这个条件,否则我们不雇佣你。 When the call comes, I'll let you know over the microphone. 接通时,我会用麦克风叫你的。 The next procedure is to insert the battery. 接下来的步骤是装进电池。 What comes next is to beat the eggs. 接下来是打蛋。 The next step is to get in touch with our foreign customers. 接下来是和我们的外国客户联系。 The next is the Hall of Amphibious Animals. 接下来是两栖动物展览厅。 The following is the Lamasery of Harmony and Peace. 接下来是雍和宫。 Next I'd like to ask Mr Kent to brief us on the project. 接下来我想请肯特先生向我们简单说一下有关这方案的情况。 Operator, I would like to place an international call to London. 接线生,我要打一通国际电话到伦敦。 Operator, I'd like the number of the Grand Theater. 接线员,请告诉我大戏院的电话号码。 The next thing you must do is to ice the milk completely. 接着你必须做的是把牛奶彻底冰镇一下。 The next thing you have to do is to put some beer in it. 接着你得做的是放些啤酒进去。 Next you should put some sugar in it. 接着你该放些糖。 The next thing you do is to empty the bottle. 接着你要做的是倒空瓶子。 The next thing to do is to cut the meat into small pieces. 接着要做的事是把肉切成小块。 Jill was a bit upset at my leaving early. 杰尔不高兴我早走。 Jill is getting taller and taller. 杰尔长得越来越高了。 Jack, uh, what's his name? 杰克,呃,他叫什么名字? Jack is not only a good student but also a basketball player. 杰克不仅是个好学生,而且还是名篮球队员。 Jack is the taller of the two boys. 杰克是两个孩子中较高的那位。 Jack's got eight hits in seven innings. 杰克在七个回合中,击中八次。 Have a happy anniversary! 结婚周年快乐! Happy anniversary! 结婚周年快乐! She's overwrought because of all the work and difficulties. 她被所有的工作困难弄得精疲力竭。 Is she unable to come to my birthday party? 她不能来参加我的生日聚会吗? It's not unlikely that she will break her promise. 她不是不可能会违背诺言。 She doesn't like dogs, but he does. 她不喜欢狗,但是他喜欢。 She couldn't open the door, even by exerting all her strength. 她打不开门,即使用尽力气也不行。 The boldness of handling made her extremely successful. 她大胆的手法使她极为成功。 Her bag is on the desk. 她的包在桌上。 You've got her phone number right, haven't you? 她的电话号码你弄对了,是吗? How is her accent in French? 她的法语口音怎样? Her friend is neither handsome nor polite. 她的朋友既不英俊,又不礼貌。 Her singing voice is unbelievably good. 她的嗓音这样好,真令人难以置信。 Her date of birth is Feb. 10th, 1946. 她的生日是 1946 年 2 月 10 日。 Her birthday is Nov. 27th, 1950. 她的生日是 1950 年 11 月 27 日。 What is her birthday? 她的生日是哪一天? She treats all her children alike. 她对她的孩子一视同仁。 How's she now? 她感觉怎么样了? She told me that I shouldn't say things that might hurt people. 她告诉我,我不该说可能伤人的话。 She is tall enough to be a member of the school basketball team. 她够高了,可以参加学校篮球队。 How's she getting on? 她过得怎么样? She's chic, isn't she? 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司