翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 她很时髦,不是吗? How long will she be staying? 她将逗留多长时间? She will go to Paris, as you know, in three days. 她将去巴黎,你知道的,在三天之后。 She's called Tessa Eliot, yes? 她叫苔莎·艾略特,对吗? She seems to be sitting on the sea. 她看上去好像坐在海里。 She got divorced. 她离婚了。 She isn't as strong as she was. 她没有以前那样强壮了。 She is good at landscape and still life. 她擅长画风景画和静物画。 She's a widow. Her husband died last year. 她是个寡妇。她的丈夫去年死了。 She is a good student, or better, a brilliant one. 她是个好学生,更确切地说,是一个出类拔萃的学生。 When was she born? 她是何时出生的? She's a character actress. 她是一个性格演员。 Is she a fine tragic actress? 她是一个优秀的悲剧演员吗? She is a very good actress. 她是一位很好的演员。 What did she say? 她说什么? She seems a little stiff. 她似乎有点儿呆板。 She likes baseball better than basketball. 她喜欢棒球甚于篮球。 She prefers to wash her clothes by hands rather than by machine. 她喜欢用手洗衣服,而不愿用机器洗。 She should be there by now. 她现在可能已到那儿了。 She wants to stay until June. 她想待到六月。 She would like to stay another two months. 她想再待两个月。 How much longer does she wish to remain in this country? 她想在这个国家再待多长时间? She needs more training and exercises, or am I talking nonsense? 她需要更多的训练和锻炼,我没瞎说吧? She wanted Mr. Lin to go with her. 她要林先生陪她一同去。 She might have missed the train. 她也许没赶上火车。 She is kind of, er, excited. 她有点儿,呃,兴奋激动。 She is a bit camera-shy. 她有点怕拍照。 It's unbelievable how many cats she has. 她有那么多猫真令人难以置信。 She sometimes works on Saturday, but she never works on Sunday. 她有时候在星期六工作,但她从不在星期天工作。 She dressed with an individual flair, I rather envy her. 她在穿着打扮方面有个人独特的风格,我非常羡慕她。 She certainly doesn't deserve it. 她真不应该得到如此的报应。 She is suffering from fatigue. 她正感到疲劳。 She is preparing for the final examinations. 她正在准备这此期末考试。 She knows how to explain it. 她知道怎么解释它。 She wrote to me only yesterday. 她昨天刚写信来。 The possibility of solving the traffic problem is remote. 解决交通问题的可能性极小。 It's easy to solve the problem. 解决这问题很容易。 The answer is to give everyone free medical treatment. 解决之道在于让每个人都可享受免费治疗。 The guide will give you a complete introduction to the exhibits. 解说员会向你们做全面的展品介绍。 More and more people are giving up smoking. 戒烟的人越来越多了。 Can you give me a light? 借个火行吗? Could I ask you for a light? 借个火行吗? The weather this winter has been disappointing. 今年冬天的天气一直令人失望。 Are you going to have geography this year? 今年你上地理课吗? Would you consider going north this summer? 今年夏天你考虑到北方去吗? Would 10:30 today be all right? 今天 10点 30 分可以吗? It's not only hot today, but the smog is quite bad. 今天不仅是天气热,而且烟雾相当糟。 It's not likely to go there by ship today. 今天不可能坐船去那儿了。 What's the exchange rate today? 今天的兑换率是多少? The exchange rate today is 300 Japanese yen to the pound. 今天的兑换率是一英镑换三百日圆。 The traffic is not very heavy today. 今天的交通不很拥挤。 It's 600 French francs at today's selling rate. 今天的卖出价是六百法郎。 What's the temperature today? 今天的气温是多少? What's the weather forecast for today? 今天的天气预报怎么说? Today's dance party is quite successful. 今天的舞会十分成功。 What date is it today? 今天几号? Would it be convenient to see you today? 今天见你方便吗? You'll get it fixed today, won't you? 今天就能修好是吗? What about a new cut today? 今天理个新发型如何? There isn't any available for today. 今天没有了。 It isn't so cold today as yesterday. 今天没有昨天冷。 You don't seem to be quite yourself today. 今天你好像不太高兴。 Have you seen John today? 今天你看见约翰了吗? You seem to be pretty well today. 今天你看来精神不错。 What brings you here today? 今天什么风把你给吹来了? Today is the 5th of June. 今天是 6 月 5 日。 Today is the first day of spring. 今天是春季的头一天。 Today is my birthday. 今天是我的生日。 It's not probable that they will come to see us today. 今天他们是不可能来看我们了。 It's so hot that I can't work today. 今天太热了以致我无法工作。 The weather is nice today. 今天天气很好。 I feel lazy today; I'm just going to take things easy. 今天我感到懒洋洋的我要稍松口气了。 I'll have Chinese food for a change today. 今天我想吃中菜,换换口味。 I suppose to have cable today, can you check it for me? 今天我应该收到电报的,你能帮我查一下吗? I'm going to see a film this afternoon. 今天下午我要去看电影。 How about meeting me after work this afternoon? 今天下午下班后咱俩见见面如何? What day is it? 今天星期几? Are there any good seats left for tonight's show? 今天夜场还有好票吗? Will the swimming pool be open today? 今天游泳池开放吗? Chilly today, isn't it? 今天有些寒冷,是吗? I'm feeling rather fragile this morning. 今天早上我感到很虚弱。 Of course it will not rain tonight. 今晚当然不会下雨。 Can I still get tickets for tonight's movie? 今晚的电影票还有吗? Are there any tickets left for tonight's performance? 今晚的节目还有票吗? What's on Channel 8 this evening? 今晚第八频道有什么节目? What time does the store close tonight? 今晚店何时关门? Do you feel like coming to pub with me tonight? 今晚跟我一起去酒馆,如何? This had been a splendid evening. 今晚过得愉快极了。 Are there anything available for tonight? 今晚还有什么票吗? Come and see me this evening. 今晚来看我吧。 I feel excited that I'm going to see the famous film star tonight. 今晚能去见那位著名的影星,我感到很兴奋。 Take these books home with you tonight. 今晚你把这些书带回家去。 What are you going to watch tonight? 今晚你打算看什么节目? What'll you be doing this evening? 今晚你打算做什么? Do you happen to be free this evening? 今晚你有空吗? Are you doing anything special tonight? 今晚你有什么要事吗? Miss Page is unable to dance tonight. 今晚佩奇小姐不能跳舞。 There's a movie at 7 this evening. I wonder if you'd like to go. 今晚七点有电影,你要不要去看? How about going to the movies tonight? 今晚去看电影如何? Would you give me a lift home tonight? 今晚让我搭便车回家好吗? What's on tonight? 今晚上映什么? I'm not leaving for London tonight. 今晚我不打算出发去伦敦了。 What a delicious dinner we'll enjoy tonight! 今晚我们能享受一顿多么可口的晚餐啊! OK if I go to the concert this evening? 今晚我去听音乐会行吗? I hope you don't mind but I just don't feel up to it tonight. 今晚我实在没有兴致,希望你别见怪。 I'm having a few friends to dinner tonight, and I hope you can make it. 今晚我要请一些朋友来聚餐,并希望你也能来。 I booked a double room here for tonight. My name is... 今晚我在这里预定了一间双人房,我叫...... What are they going to play tonight? 今晚演什么戏? It'd be great to go to the movie tonight. 今晚要是能去看电影就太好了。 There's a good TV show tonight. 今晚有好的电视节目。 There's a cool breeze this evening. 今晚有凉爽的微风。 There'll be a movie show in the lounge this evening. 今晚在休息室放映电影。 Money is not everything, or am I talking through my hat? 金钱不等于一切,或者我在瞎说吧? A gold necklace would do nicely. 金项链会很恰当。 I should like to say how grateful I am. 谨表示我深切的谢意。 I'd like to wish you a happy birthday. 谨祝你生日快乐。 In spite of what you say, I think perhaps time is another problem. 尽管你这么说,我仍认为时间可能是一个问题。 Much as I wish to, I really can't. 尽管我愿意留下,但我又不得不走。 Try to avoid any greasy food. 尽量不要吃油腻食品。 Try not to worry. 尽量不要担心。 Try not to get too upset about it. 尽量不要过于为此烦恼。 Try not to upset yourself. 尽量不要让自己不安。 Try and look on the bright side. 尽量朝好的方面看吧。 Try to look on the bright side of things. 尽量从好的方面看吧。 Try to look on the bright side of things. 尽量想想事物光明的一面吧。 What's the news? 近况怎么样? What's new? 近况怎样? How are you getting along these days? 近来你好吗? How's your sleep recently? 近来你睡眠怎么样? What's happening? 近来如何? Anything new? 近来怎样? How goes it? 近来怎样? How're things? 近来怎样? Has the bus been using more petrol than usual? 近来这辆客车是否比平时费油? Chinese opera is interesting. 京剧很有意思。 Be in touch. 经常联系。 After several days discussion, we have reached an agreement on the price. 经过几天的讨论,我们在价格上达成了一致意见。 Economy, please. 经济舱。 What is the fare for an economy class ticket? 经济舱票价多少钱? Experience often determines ability. 经历常能决定能力。 Sensational news! 惊人的消息啊! It mightn't be a bad idea to warn him. 警告他一下,这主意不错。 Here's to you. 敬你一杯。 I've often heard about you. 久仰,久仰。 I've heard so much about you. 久仰,久仰。 I know you very well by reputation. 久仰大名。 What is the service hours of the bar? 酒吧何时营业? There's absolutely no comparison between San Francisco and Los Angeles. 旧金山不能与洛杉矶相比较。 Just bring yourself. 就带你自己吧。 Personally, I entirely approve of the plan. 就个人而言,我完全赞成该计划。 Personally, I prefer winter weather. 就个人而言,我喜欢冬天。 Say three tickets. Would that suit you? 就拿三张票吧。你觉得合适吗? That's that, then. 就那样。 Do let me go to the cinema this evening. 就让我今晚去看电影吧。 That is the man! 就是那个人! That's it. 就是这个意思。 That's the way it goes. 就是这么回事。 That's the way the ball bounces. 就是这么回事。 That's the way the world is. 就是这么回事。 That's how the cookie crumbles. 就是这么回事。 Just follow the porter. 就随行李搬运工去吧。 Just for me! 就为了我吧! Personally, I wouldn't go so far as to say that. 就我个人而言,我还不至于说那个。 In my view, there's too much violence on TV. 就我看来,电视上暴力太多。 As far as I'm concerned, the best dish is steak. 就我来说,最好吃的菜是牛排。 As far as I can recollect, he was once dismissed from school. 就我所能回想起来的,他曾被开除出校。 As far as I recall, my first English teacher was a middle-aged woman. 就我所能回想起来的,我的第一位英语老师是个中年妇女。 As far as I could remember, I did return him the money. 就我所能记得的,我确实把钱还给他了。 To my knowledge, everyone is interested in making big money. 就我所知,人人都对赚大钱感兴趣。 As far as I can remember, there's a sports program. 就我所知,是体育节目。 For all I know, he is going to retire. 就我所知,他准备退休了。 Just as French people enjoy their wine, so the British enjoy their beer. 就像法国人喜欢喝葡萄酒一样,英国人喜欢喝啤酒。 Shall I touch up your hair? 就修一修吗? Almost there! 就要到了! Nearly there! 就要到了! It's time to begin. 就要开始了。 It's just round the corner. 就在拐角处。 That settles it. 就这样决定了。 It's a go. 就这样说好了。 Not even this time? 就这一次,也不行吗? Just this once! 就这一次吧! The chrysanthemums are very beautiful. 菊花很漂亮。 To exemplify what I mean, let us look at C.Bronte's Jane Eyre. 举个例子来阐述我的观点,请看勃朗特的《简爱》。 Hands up, come out! 举起手,出来! Hands in the air! 举起手来! The plot is quite simple, the theme is great though. 剧情相当简单,但主题意义重大。 Now the curtain is down. 剧终闭幕了。 I was told the letter telegram is the cheapest. 据说书信电报费最便宜。 I was told that there will be a fantastic film in our local cinema. 据说我们本地电影院将上映一部出色的影片。 It is said that working in a roomful of smokers is harmful to nonsmokers. 据说在一屋子吸烟人中间工作对不抽烟的人来说是有害的。 As far as I know, the leaving time would be 7:15. 据我所知,开车时间是 7:15 。 According to the news, a warm front is moving this way. 据新闻报道,一股暖锋正朝这边移动。 It was argued that the plan is not sensible. 据争辩者认为,这计划不明智。 What about food for the party? 聚会的食品怎么办? What was the party like? 聚会进行得怎样? The film winder doesn't work well. 卷片旋钮不太好使。 Hell no! 决不! Never! 决不! Absolutely certain. 绝对有把握。 Does Jazz Music grab you? 爵士乐对你有吸引力吗? There's no way driving better than walking. 开车决不会比步行好。 Why didn't you jump to two clubs at the opening bidding? 开叫时你为什么不跳叫二梅花? Why do you shut out calls at the opening bidding? 开叫时你为什么用关煞叫阻止对方叫牌? Slow down! It's starting to snow. 开慢一点!开始下雪了。 It has begun to rain. 开始下雨了。 Do you want anything to start with? 开始要先来点什么吗? Shall we have some drink before the show? 开映前我们喝些饮料好吗? Kate's hair is long. 凯特的头发是长的。 Is Kate's hair long or short? 凯特的头发是长的还是短的? Kate is in the classroom. 凯特在教室里。 Where's Kate? 凯特在哪里? Look! It's happened again! 看!又发生了! Look, I'm sorry to trouble you. 看,对不起我要麻烦你了。 Look here, you pare the potatoes like this. 看,你这样削去土豆皮。 Look, all you do is to press down the button. 看,你只要按下按钮就可以了。 Look, who's coming! 看,谁来了! Look, I wish you'd make up your mind. 看,我希望你能拿定主意。 Look, here are some shell money and copper coins. 看,这里是一些贝壳钱币和铜币。 Don't see why you shouldn't stop writing to her every day. 看不出你为什么不该停止每天给她写信。 Can't see why you have to do it. 看不出你为什么该这么做。 Yes, It's a very touching story. 看到了,这是部非常打动人的故事片。 Watching television bores me. 看电视令我厌烦。 Watch. You slide the film in this way round. 看好,你从这个方向卷胶片。 Look at the camera, it's ruined. 看看这相机,已给毁坏了。 There seems to be no point in arguing. 看来辩论毫无意义。 It looks as if it would rain soon. 看来很快要下雨了。 It seems a strong possibility that she will get married soon. 看来很有可能她马上会结婚。 It seems that she's failed in the exam. 看来她考试没通过。 Chris appears to be able to cope with it well. 看来克里斯能够处理好这件事。 It seems all right. 看来没问题。 It seems that you didn't tell me the truth. 看来你并没有跟我说实话。 It would seem that you were not satisfied with the project. 看来您对这方案并不满意。 It seems interesting to spend several days in the countryside. 看来去乡村过几天会十分有意思的。 That's how it looks. 看来是这样。 Looks like all is taken care of. 看来所有的意见都注意到了。 It would appear that his intention was good. 看来他的意图是好的。 He seems unable to give up his bad habits. 看来他改不掉坏习惯了。 It appears that he likes fishing very much. 看来他很喜欢钓鱼。 It seems likely that they've lost their way. 看来他们多半是迷路了。 It seems that he's got a promotion. 看来他升级了。 It looks like it's going to be sunny. 看来要出太阳了。 It looks like snowing. 看来要下雪了。 It seems to me we'll have a heavy snow. 看来要下一场大雪了。 It seems probable that we will again fail. 看来有可能我们会再次失败。 It looks another storm is coming. 看来又要起风暴了。 See that elephant over there. 看那边的大象。 Look at that! 看那东西! Look at those giraffes. 看那些长颈鹿。 Kind of looks that way. 看起来是那么回事。 It seems credible. 看起来似乎是可信的。 It all depends. About month or so, I'd say. 看情况而定。我想一个月左右吧。 It doesn't look like raining. 看上去不会下雨。 It doesn't look as though it would rain. 看上去不会下雨。 It seems you are right. 看上去你是对的。 Looks like all is OK, then. 看上去一切都解决了。 Reading is not my chief hobby. 看书不是我的主要嗜好。 Look down at the green trees, red pavilions and shining water. 看下面的绿树、红榭,还有闪光的湖水。 It seems to be scarlet fever. 看样子是猩红热。 Looks like we're agreed on this question. 看样子我们在这个问题上没有分歧。 For God's sake, stop snowing! 看在上帝的份上,别再下雪了! Don't, for goodness' sake. 看在上帝份上,别这样吧。 For God's sake be quiet, I'm trying to read, or I won't share the room with you. 看在上帝份上安静点吧,我正想读书呢,不然我不与你同住一间房了。 Look at this picture. What do you think of it? 看这幅画。你觉得怎么样? See the May flowers at their loveliest! 看这些花,五月里最美! It's funny to see the little kangaroos jump into the old ones' pouch. 看这些小袋鼠跳到老袋鼠的袋里去是多么有趣。 Look carefully. 看仔细了。 Watch carefully. You fold the paper in this way. 看仔细了。你这样叠纸。 The one by the window has been booked by telephone. 靠窗的那张餐桌已有人电话预订了。 There are three chairs near the door. 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司