翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 留在书桌上的书不是我的。 The teller at counter 6 will pay you against your number slip. 六号柜台的出纳员会根据您的号码牌付钱给您。 How much would I get for 60 French francs? 六十法郎我可以兑换多少钱? Will six twenties be all right? 六张二十元的行吗? Tornados are touching down all over the place. 龙卷风即将袭击这整个地方。 The Longshan Buddhist Temple is one of the oldest temples in Taipei. 龙山寺是台北历史最悠久的古寺之一。 The front balcony is still available. 楼厅的前座还有。 The third row in the circle. 楼厅第三排。 Luxembourg is the smallest of the Common Market countries. 卢森堡是欧洲共同市场国家中最小的。 The aloe is a liliaceous plant. 芦荟是百合科植物。 Improved filters have made it safe to smoke. 滤嘴改进后使抽烟安全了。 Filter tips clean some harmful substance from the smoke. 滤嘴能消除香烟中一些有害的物质。 Mind how you go! 路上小心! A pleasant journey to you! 旅途愉快! Enjoy your trip! 旅途愉快! Travelling has always interested me. 旅行一向使我感兴趣。 I'm crocked up after the trip. 旅行之后我累坏了。 How much is the total sum of dollars in traveler's checks? 旅行支票的美元总数为多少? The traveler's checks cost two percent of total amount of purchase. 旅行支票要花购买金额的百分之二的手续费。 Is travel one of your interests? 旅游是你的爱好之一吗? Will there be a guide on the tour? 旅游中有导游吗? The steamer calls at Yokohama. 轮船在横滨停泊。 It's your turn to deal now. 轮到你发牌了。 It's your turn! 轮到你了! It's your turn now. 轮到你了。 The tires are OK, they just need air. 轮胎没问题,只是要打气了。 Robert's appointment with the doctor is 8:45 a.m. 罗伯特与医生约好上午 8 点 45 分见面。 Um, it's an idea. 呣,是个好主意。 Um, it's worth considering. 呣,这值得考虑。 Mum, have you met Jane? She's my classmate. 妈妈,你见过简吗?她是我的同学。 May I trouble you to hold the door for me? 麻烦你帮我扶一下门行吗? Could I trouble you for a match? 麻烦你借个火行吗? After the marathon, most of the competitors looked all in. 马拉松比赛之后,大多数选手都显得疲劳不堪。 The roads are so crowded. 马路上真是拥挤。 So-so, thanks. 马马虎虎,谢谢。 Bearing up, bearing up. 马马虎虎。 It's just so-so. 马马虎虎而已。 Leave this place immediately. 马上滚开。 A table will be available in a few minutes. 马上会有一张餐桌空出来。 Directly sir, well, it's done, thank you. 马上就好了,先生,照好了,谢谢。 Right away, sir. 马上就来,先生。 It'll be wonderful to get back home soon. 马上能回家,真是太好了。 Mary, my good friend Kate. 玛莉,认识一下我的好朋友凯特。 Mary, this is my cousin Tom. 玛莉,这是我的表弟汤姆。 Mary is quite equal to Bill in brains. 玛莉和比尔智力相仿。 Do Mary and her sister work in this office? 玛莉和她妹妹在这办公室里工作吗? Mary and Tom will come to my house today. 玛莉和汤姆今天要来我家。 It's a great relief Mary didn't travel on that plane. 玛莉没有坐那班飞机真令人欣慰。 Mary always prefers staying at home to going window-shopping. 玛莉总是喜欢待在家里,而不愿出去逛街。 Whom did Mary marry? 玛丽和谁结的婚? It's no good complaining. 埋怨又有什么用呢。 Please give me 4 tickets. 买四张票。 How about buying a new radio? 买一台新的收音机怎么样? Take a form from here and fill it in. 买张电报单填上。 What's the purpose of buying this useless TV set? 买这台没用的电视机有何意思呢? Have you got the time, Mike? 迈克,你戴表了吗? Mike, can you introduce me to her? 迈克,你能介绍我认识她吗? Mike's son might be getting married one of these days. 迈克的儿子也许这几天内就要结婚了。 Yes. We have ginseng. 卖的。我们有人参。 Do you sell portable cassette players? 卖手提卡式放音机吗? Mind how you go. Bye-bye! 慢走。再见! Drizzling? Look at my clothes, they're soaked. 毛毛雨?看看我的衣服,它们全湿透了。 No way! 没办法! There's no way. 没办法。 No way out. 没办法。 No escape. 没办法。 No way. 没办法。 It's helpless. 没办法了。 I'm disappointed that I missed the plane. 没赶上飞机我很失望。 It's OK. We can call a taxi. 没关系,我们可以叫一部计程车。 Never mind, it's a just one of those things. 没关系,这是常有的事。 Not at all. 没关系。 That's all right. 没关系。 Never mind. It's not the end of the world. 没关系。这还不是世界的末日。 That's all right. 没关系的。 No kidding! Are you sure that he's gone with her? 没开玩笑吧!你能肯定他是和她一起去了? It's not as bad as all that. 没那么糟。 You haven't been told about it? 没人告诉你这件事吗? No one knows how he got to the city. 没人知道他怎么到了那城市。 No trouble at all. 没什么。 It was nothing really. 没什么。 No reason why not. 没什么不可以的。 Nothing serious, just give it a good wash. 没什么大问题,好好清洗一下就行了。 No complaints. 没什么可抱怨的。 There's nothing to get upset about. 没什么可不安的。 Nothing to worry about. 没什么可担心的。 No reason why you shouldn't get a pay raise. 没什么理由不该给你加薪的。 There's no reason to feel discouraged. 没什么理由你要感到气馁的。 Nothing can make me lose hope for this life. 没什么能使我失去对生活的信心。 Nothing serious. 没什么严重的。 No problem! 没问题! Well, it takes only 45 minutes to get to the airport. 没问题,到机场只需 45 分钟。 No problem. 没问题。 No problem. 没问题。 It's hopeless. 没希望了。 Fancy her saying such rude things! 没想到她竟说出这么粗鲁的话来! Can't work up much enthusiasm for outing? 没兴趣去远足吗? No dice. 没用。 No, I'm afraid that's all there is. 没有,恐怕只有这个。 No, where do you want to go? 没有,您要去哪儿? No, I'm going to. 没有,我正要去。 No, sir, nothing except my personal luggage. 没有,先生,行李之外无他物。 No, nothing. 没有。 There's no need to mop the floor every day. 没有必要天天拖地板。 Haven't you got anything cheaper? 没有更便宜的座票吗? It's OK. That can happen to the best of us. 没有关系,谁都会发生这种事情的。 That's quite all right. 没有关系。 That's OK. 没有关系。 That's all right. 没有关系。 That's OK. 没有关系。 There's no reason to apologize. 没有理由道歉。 There's no reason to feel discouraged. 没有理由感到气馁。 There's no reason to apologize for such a trifling thing. 没有理由为如此小事而道歉。 There's no reason why you should get there so early. 没有理由一定要你那么早到达那里。 No. There are only hard one. 没有了。只有硬卧。 Aren't there any other seats? 没有其他座位了吗? There's no money for a color TV set, I have to go without. 没有钱买得起彩色电视机,我只好不买了。 No one can make me change my mind. 没有人能够让我改变主意。 No one shall prevent us from investigating the crime. 没有人能阻止我们调查这件罪行。 There aren't any steep hills, are there? 没有什么陡坡吧? It's nothing to get upset about. 没有什么可苦恼的。 There's nothing to make you feel frustrated. 没有什么可让你感到气馁的。 You can't beat skin-diving. 没有什么可胜过潜水运动。 There's nothing to feel discouraged about. 没有什么可以为之感到气馁的。 Nothing can stop me from carrying out my plan. 没有什么能阻止我实施我的计划。 Don't touch the car unless I tell you to. 没有我的旨意你不许碰那汽车。 There's no hope left. 没有希望了。 There're no signs of snow. 没有一点儿下雪的迹象。 You can't do that without proof! 没有证据你不能那么做! That plum tree is in full bloom. 梅花正盛开着。 May will go to the movies tomorrow. 梅明天要去看电影。 A photo is taken each time you press the button. 每按一次按钮就拍下一张照片。 Never forget to put on the lens hood after you use the camera. 每次照相机用完以后,千万不要忘记把遮光罩盖上。 Rub in this cream every four hours. 每隔四小时涂这种药膏。 Come to have an injection every other day. 每隔一天来打一针。 The idea that everybody will have fun makes us excited. 每个人都会玩得好的想法使我们感到兴奋。 Everyone is busy and can't go to the party. 每个人都忙而不能去参加聚会。 Everyone likes the holiday and is going to have fun. 每个人都喜欢假日并且会过得高兴。 Each warrior has different facial expression and manner. 每个战士的面部表情和神态都不一样。 Interest is paid at the rate of 6 percent per year. 每年的利率是百分之六。 Too many planes are hijacked in the world every year. 每年世界上有许多飞机遭到劫持。 We can offer you forty days' holiday per annum. 每年我们将给你四十天的假期。 Every fifteen syllables cost three dollars. 每十五个音节要三美元。 $45.00 a night, plus tax. 每晚 45 美元,外加税。 They leave at ten minutes past every hour. 每一小时的前十分钟发车。 The admission fee is 20 cents each. 每张门票二十美分。 What are exhibited in the west wing of the gallery? 美术馆的西厅展出什么? There're several exhibition halls in the gallery. 美术馆内有好几个展示厅。 No way! 门都没有! There's a list of new books outside the door. 门口有一列新书目。 Where's the door? 门在哪里? Mind closely what I tell you! 密切注意我对你说的话! Mind closely what I tell you. 密切注意我告诉你的话。 The admission to the museum is free. 免费参观博物馆。 The delivery is free of charge. 免费送衣到府上。 What's the free baggage allowance? 免费行李的限量是多少? The free allowance for luggage is 30 kilos. 免费行李限重 30 公斤。 Where is the tax-free shop? 免税店在哪里? Surviving, thanks. 勉强凑合,谢谢。 Terrific! 妙极了! Great! 妙极了! Incense and red candles are available in the temple. 庙内有香烛供奉。 I see. All right, then. 明白了。那么好吧。 Probably the bus service will be improved next year. 明年公共汽车的运行状况有可能得改善。 What do you expect to do next summer? 明年夏天你想做什么? We'll be expecting you this time next year. 明年这个时候,我们会等你的。 Tomorrow, oh yes, tomorrow morning, at 7:00. 明天,对了,明天早上,七点钟。 It will be a fine day tomorrow. 明天将是个好天。 It's going to snow tomorrow. 明天将下雪。 How wonderful it is to go to Paris tomorrow! 明天就要去巴黎,太妙了! What're you doing tomorrow? 明天你打算做什么? What are you planning to do tomorrow? 明天你计划做些什么? Can you give me that novel tomorrow? 明天你能把那本小说给我吗? If it doesn't rain tomorrow, I think I'll go shopping. 明天如果不下雨,我想我要去买东西。 Can you be here at 8 tomorrow morning? 明天上午 8 点你能来吗? There's one at nine thirty tomorrow morning. 明天上午 9:30 有一航班。 JAL Flight 657 tomorrow morning is canceled. 明天上午的日航 657 次班机取消了。 Sometime tomorrow morning. 明天上午某个时候吧。 Are you going to have dinner at home tomorrow night? 明天晚上你将在家里吃晚饭吗? I'll not be seeing her off tomorrow. 明天我不打算去送她了。 You won't catch me playing football tomorrow. 明天我要去踢足球才怪呢。 Let's make it five tomorrow afternoon. 明天下午 5 点好吗? There's a plane departing at 4 tomorrow afternoon. 明天下午四点有一班机离开。 Perhaps it'll rain tomorrow. 明天也许会下雨。 What shall we do in our English class tomorrow? 明天英文课我们做什么? What flights are there to New York tomorrow? 明天有哪次班机去纽约? Will you leave for London tomorrow morning? 明天早上你打算出发去伦敦吗? I'll be meeting my mother at the station tomorrow morning. 明天早上我要去车站接我的母亲。 How about 9 tomorrow evening? 明晚 9 点怎样? I'll pick you up tomorrow night at 7:30. 明晚七点半我来接你。 Either plain or secret language can be used, or both. 明语或暗语都可以用,也可两者一起使用。 What time will the store open tomorrow morning? 明早店何时开? What's so interesting about motorcycle race? 摩托车比赛有什么意思呢? Motorcycle is not one of my favorite sports. 摩托车不是我喜欢的运动之一。 Which is more beautiful, the peony or the camellia? 牡丹花和山茶花,哪一种更美丽? The thing about it is to help build people's body and keep healthy. 目的在于帮助人们锻炼体魄,保持健康。 There're no part-time jobs at the moment. 目前没有兼差做的工作。 Food is much expensive nowadays. 目前食品相当贵。 At the moment we're staging different shows in the gallery. 目前我们正在美术馆举办各种不同的展览。 At present I'm employed by Johnson Company. 目前我为约翰逊公司工作。 It'll be a ten-minute interval. 幕间休息是十分钟。 Be a good sport. 拿出点勇气来。 Be a man. 拿出点勇气来。 Be a man. 拿出勇气来。 Here it is. 拿去。 Which is more fascinating: architecture or sculpture? 哪个更迷人,建筑还是雕塑? Which intrigues you more: swimming or skating? 哪个更吸引您:游泳还是溜冰? Which appeals more: football or baseball? 哪个更有吸引力:足球还是棒球? Which interests you more: French novel or English novel? 哪个您更感兴趣:法国小说还是英国小说? Someone to give up his seat for this old gentleman? 哪位让座给这位老先生? Has anybody heard of the supermarket please? 哪位听说过这个超级市场吗? Which are the best headache tablets? 哪些药片治头痛最好? Which bus goes to the zoo? 哪一班公共汽车会到动物园? Which is more to your taste, fishing or hunting? 哪一个更合您的口味,钓鱼还是打猎? Which seems better, the red one or the blue one? 哪一个显得更好,红的还是蓝的? Which seems best? 哪一个显得最好? Which is the shortest route to the beach? 哪一条路去海滩最近? Which foot hurts? Is it the left one? 哪一只脚受伤?是左边的吗? It's too good to be true. 哪有这么好的事。 Which picture is more beautiful? 哪张画更漂亮? Does that flight go every day? 那班飞机每天都有吗? That was a big help. 那帮了大忙了! Does that include breakfast? 那包括早餐吗? That cage is a monkey house. 那边的笼子是猴馆。 How about that one over there? 那边的一个怎么样? There it is. 那边就是。 That's not my book. 那不是我的书。 The movie's kind of moving. 那部电影有点儿感人。 What's it called, um, the Electronic Data Processing Section? 那部门叫什么,嗯,电子数据处理部门? The long journey knocked me up. 那长途旅行使我累坏了。 That film has already been exposed. 那底片已拍过了。 That'll suit me perfectly. 那对我再好不过了。 There just under the seat. The train will be here directly. 那儿,就在座位底下○车马上就到。 A butterfly is flying over there. 那儿蝴蝶飞舞。 It's far from here, you'd better take a taxi. 那儿离这儿很远,你最好搭一辆出租车。 There's a lot going on in that house. 那房子里发生了好多事。 Isn't that painting great? 那幅画不是很棒吗? That painting is wonderful, isn't it? 那幅画好极了,不是吗? That is, well, excuse my hesitation, far off the point. 那个,呃,请原谅我的犹豫,很不切题。 What about the boy that she was dating? 那个过去和她约会的男孩怎么样了? That one looks very shrewd. 那个看上去很精明。 I'm mad about that girl. 那个女孩让我神魂颠倒。 That man is a teacher, isn't he? 那个人是一个老师,不是吗? I give you my word on that. 那个我可以向你保证。 The little boy is sort of, um, wild with joy. 那个小男孩有点儿,呃,欣喜若狂。 How about that? 那个怎么样? What's that got to do with it? 那跟这有什么关系? That's no trouble at all. 那毫无问题。 That's good. But can you arrange night tour? 那好。但你们能安排夜间游览吗? All right then, just a little. 那好吧,就一点儿。 Ah, well, another time perhaps? 那好吧,以后再另定时间吧? All right then, this is the last one. 那好吧,这是最后一支。 That's great. 那好极了。 That's fine. 那很好。 That's not too bad. 那还不错。 It'll be very helpful. 那会十分有帮助的。 That would give us the greatest of pleasure. 那将使我们荣幸之至。 The lecture completely bushed me. 那讲座使我累坏了。 What time does the show begin? 那节目什么时候开始? That is to say, same time, same place? 那就是说,老时间,老地方啰? That means your sister is falling in love with Peter? 那就是说你的妹妹爱上了彼得啰? That's what I hear. 那就是我听说的。 That's settled then. 那就这么定了。 That'll be no problem at all. 那绝对不会有什么问题的。 That'll probably cost you at least $10. 那可能最少要花掉你十美元。 It'll turn out interesting. 那肯定会很有趣的。 What on earth is the matter there? 那里到底是怎么回事? Do they have waterskiing? 那里可以滑水吗? 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司