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Surely you could borrow one from the library, then? 那么你一定能从图书馆借一本啰? Can I buy the reproductions of the exhibits then? 那么我可以买展示品的复制品吗? We're agreed that we should draft a new plan soon, then. 那么我们都同意我们应该很快起草一份新的计划。 Then I declare the motion carried unanimously. 那么我们宣布该项动议一致通过。 What about Thursday, then? 那么星期四如何? That's good news indeed. 那确实是个好消息。 What a magnificent appearance that lion has! 那狮子真是个庞然大物! That reminds me of the time we were traveling in Hangzhou. 那使我想起我们在杭州旅游的那段时光。 That's the Frontier Defense Inspection Station. 那是边防检查站。 That's a good idea, but it may not be practical. 那是个好主意,但也许不可行。 That's for you. 那是给你的。 That's called the Flowery Path Park. 那是花径公园。 That's Jane Parker. Didn't you meet her at Steve's party? 那是简·派克。你难道没有在史蒂夫家的晚会上见过她吗? That's a very nice coat. 那是件很漂亮的外套。 That is the hall of the War of Resistance against Japanese Invasion. 那是抗日战争展览厅。 That's a peacock. 那是孔雀。 It's from, hang on a sec, oh yeh, Japan. 那是来自,等一会儿,对了,日本。 That statue is called Wei Tuo. 那是韦驮的塑像。 It was my fault. 那是我的错。 Surely that's obvious, isn't it? 那是显而易见的,不是吗? That's the sort of thing modern plays are all about. 那是现代戏剧所要表现的那种东西。 That's a book. 那是一本书。 Is that a book? 那是一本书吗? It was a six-hour flight. 那是一次六小时的飞行。 That's a liberal point of view. 那是一个开明的观点。 It's on, I've nearly got it, uh, Monday. 那是在,呃,记起来了,星期一。 That's a rare book. 那是珍本书。 That just can't be done. 那是做不到的。 How much does that typewriter weigh? 那台打字机有多重? That is too expensive. Have you got anything cheaper? 那太贵了。你们有没有便宜些的? That's wonderful. What date is that? 那太好了,哪一天? That would be very nice. 那太好了。 That would be great. 那太好了。 That would be very nice. 那太好了。 That's great. 那太好了。 That would be delightful. 那太好了。 That would be very nice. 那太好了。 I'd like that very much. 那太好了。 That would be wonderful. 那太好了。 Sounds great. 那太好了。 That street is only two miles long. 那条街道只不过二英里长。 What is the price for that long skirt with pleats? 那条有褶边的长裙多少钱? That sounds like fun! 那听起来很好玩! That fat one is grinning from ear to ear. 那位胖罗汉正咧开嘴大笑。 Would you please elaborate on this point? 那问题请您详细阐述一下好吗? I'll be pushing off, then. 那我该走了。 Well, what shall we do then? 那我们该怎么办呢? How about the next dance? 那下一个舞和我跳怎么样? That's splendid news. 那消息太好了。 All of those houses have been built in the last ten years. 那些房屋全都是在最近十年内建造的。 How funny those monkeys are! 那些猴子真有趣! Are those horses white? 那些马是白色的吗? Those men aren't students, either. 那些男人也不是学生。 Do you know any of those people? 那些人当中你认识谁吗? Those are books. 那些是书。 Where are the books? 那些书在哪里? What beautiful trees those are! 那些树是多么漂亮呀! Those bridges and islets all highlight the garden scenery. 那些小桥和湖心岛格外突显了园林的景色。 That's all right. 那行。 The implication seems to be we have to do some extra work today. 那言下之意似乎是我们今天得加班了。 In that case, you have to take the same number in the opposite direction. 那样的话,你只好坐回头车了。 In that case, I might as well bring them back with me. 那样的话,我还不如拿回去。 Would that be right? 那样对吗? Would that be correct? 那样对吗? That seems to be OK, then. 那样似乎可行。 That's OK, then. 那样行。 It depends on whether you travel by plane or by train. 那要看你是搭飞机去还是乘火车去。 It depends on the sort of your seat. 那要看你要哪种位子。 That might never happen. 那也许不会再发生了。 It's going to be fun. 那一定会很有趣。 That's wrong surely. 那一定是错了。 That's more than we can allow you free. 那已经超出了免税限额。 Then don't dance with him any more. 那以后不要再和他跳了。 Will it be insured? 那有保险吗? That has nothing to do with it. 那与这毫不相干。 It's a real pity! 那真可惜! That had me worried for a moment. 那真让我担心了一阵。 That would be a great help, thanks. 那真是帮了大忙了,谢谢。 That would be a great help. 那真是帮了大忙了。 That sort of books are rubbish. 那种书籍毫无价值。 Granny told you not to play with the cat any more. 奶奶叫你不要再和猫玩了。 The boys are talking and laughing. 男孩们在谈着笑着。 Men smoke more than women do. 男人吸烟比女人多。 Isn't there anything less expensive? 难道没有便宜一些的票了吗? Isn't there anything quicker? 难道没有更快一点的吗? Don't you think it would be nice to live in the suburb? 难道你不认为住在郊区是件好事吗? Aren't you the lucky one? 难道你不幸运吗? Haven't you started studying for tomorrow's test yet? 难道你还没有学习,准备明天的考试吗? Couldn't I persuade you to stay a couple of days more? 难道我没法劝你再多待几天了吗? And do I want to listen? 难道我想听吗? No wonder the lion is called "the king of animals". 难怪狮子被称作"兽中之王"。 Can you oblige me with your car? 能把你的车借我用一用吗? Can I help you with your luggage? 能帮您提行李吗? I'm only too glad to be able to help you. 能帮助您,我真太高兴了。 Could you show me the receipt for this? 能出示一下这东西的收据吗? It'll be terrific to get the signature of that famous singer. 能得到那位著名歌手的签名,一定会很棒的。 Would you please change this money back into Swiss francs for me? 能否把我这笔钱换回到瑞士法郎? Would you tell me how to cook the dish? 能否告诉我怎么做这道菜? Can we work this out between ourselves? 能否就我们二人之间来解决? Could I ask for your advice about the financial problem? 能否请你对我的财务问题做些指导? Could I ask for some advice? 能否请你给些建议? Could I ask whether it is correct to partake in this plan? 能否请你说说我参与这项计划是否正确? Could you find out whether there's a remittance for me from Hong Kong? 能否请您查一下是否有我来自香港的汇款。 Would you mind telling me how to get to the Department Store? 能否请您告诉我去百货公司怎么走? Could you be persuaded to take a morning flight? 能否说服您搭早班飞机? Could you give us some more information about the plan? 能否再给我们说一些有关这计划的情况吗? Can you tell me where to get off? 能告诉我在哪儿下车吗? Could you tell me the price of the watch? 能告诉我这手表的价格吗? Could we have some tidbits? 能给我们来些小点心吗? Can I have a program? 能给我一张剧目吗? Would you have a dance with me? 能和您跳个舞吗? Won't it be good to have a talk with my favorite writer? 能和自己最喜爱的作家交谈,这有多好啊。 Positive? 能肯定吗? Can I get two tickets for this evening? 能卖我两张今晚的票吗? How clever of you to get the tickets for the concert. 能弄到这场音乐会的票,你真聪明。 It was nice to have you. 能请到你真是令人高兴。 How splendid it is to have dinner at that famous restaurant! 能去那家著名的餐厅用餐,多棒啊! It'll be really great to attend the concert. 能去听音乐会,实在太好了。 May I have the honor of engaging you for the next dance? 能赏光请您跳下一支舞吗? May I have the honor of the tango? 能赏光请您跳一曲探戈吗? I'm only too delighted to be of some service. 能为您效劳,我真是太高兴了。 May I help you? 能为您效劳吗? May I have the honor of asking you for the first tango? 能有幸请您跳第一曲探戈吗? Meeting you again is going to be wonderful. 能再见到你真是太好了。 Well, I'd be reluctant to go to the ball. 嗯, 我不太情愿去参加舞会。 Well, that's a rotten thing to do. 嗯,不该这么做的。 Well, to tell you the truth, I won't go with him. 嗯,告诉你实话吧,我不准备和他一起去。 Well, that's what they say, but there's no smoke without fire. 嗯,那是他们说的,但无风不起浪嘛。 Well, how did you like the film? 嗯,你觉得这部电影如何? Well, what do you think of the movie? 嗯,你觉得这部电影怎么样? Um, you look terrific! 嗯,你看上去好极了! Well, think of this way, a boss also has a lot of problems. 嗯,你这样想,老板也有许多难题。 Well, you'll have to let me think about it. 嗯,您得让我考虑一下。 Well, you'd better let me think about it for a few minutes. 嗯,您最好让我考虑一会儿。 Well, let me see, oh, yes, it's just across the street. 嗯,让我想一想,哦,对了,就在街对面。 Well, let me see, I second the proposal. 嗯,让我想一想,我附议。 Well, if you did that, you'd violate the regulation. 嗯,如果你那么做,你会违反规定的。 Well, the thing is, the boy is too stupid. 嗯,问题是,这孩子太笨了。 Well, I'm not sure. 嗯,我不清楚。 Well, I'm not really willing to stay here. 嗯,我不太乐意待在这里。 Well, I don't think much of that. 嗯,我不太赞成。 Well, I don't fancy a bar stool. 嗯,我不喜欢高脚凳。 Well, I don't know. 嗯,我不知道。 Well, my particular interest is fishing. 嗯,我的特殊爱好是钓鱼。 Hum, I am glad about that. 嗯,我很高兴那样。 Well, I'll make a punch and pizza. 嗯,我会做潘趣酒和比萨饼的。 Well, I'm definitely opposed to such a solution. 嗯,我绝对不赞成这样的解决方法。 Well, I think others might say the idea is not so good. 嗯,我认为别人可能说这主意并不好。 Well, I don't think much of the idea. 嗯,我认为这主意并不高明。 Yeah, I think so. 嗯,我想有空的。 Well, I can't give you my answer now. 嗯,现在我还不能答复你。 Well, that depends. 嗯,这要看具体情况。 Mmm. 嗯。 Nylon differs from silk in origin and cost. 尼龙和真丝在原料和成本上都不一样。 You can stay as long as you like. 你爱待多久,就待多久。 Do you think you could move your car backward a bit? 你把你的车往后移一点行吗? You cut it into small pieces, then put it in oil. 你把它切成小块,再放入油中。 Have you got it all wrong? 你把它全弄错了吗? You drive me up the wall. 你把我逼疯了! You drive me nuts. 你把我逼疯了。 Where have you put my hand-luggage? 你把我的手提包放在哪儿了? You needn't have told him about that. 你本不必把那件事告诉他。 You shouldn't have quit your job. 你本不该辞去你的工作。 You shouldn't have done that. 你本不该那样做的。 You might have reminded me of that meeting. 你本应该提醒我那次会议。 You don't mean that, surely. 你必定不是这个意思。 You must admit we can't afford such a great amount of money. 你必须承认,我们付不起这么一大笔钱。 You must apologize, or I'll let you know who is the boss here. 你必须道歉,否则我要让你知道这里谁是老大。 Did you have to stop smoking? 你必须得戒烟吗? You've got to do something about that. 你必须对此采取措施。 You must give up smoking and drinking right away. 你必须立刻戒烟酒。 You've got to realize things are getting worse and worse. 你必须认识到,情况越来越糟了。 You must make out an application and go round to the appraiser's office and pay the duty there. 你必须填好一张报关单到估税办公室去纳税。 You've to accept the consequences of whatever you're doing. 你必须为你正在做的一切所造成的后果负责。 You must keep to your bed for at least a week. 你必须至少卧床一周。 The first thing you must do is to turn off the light. 你必须做的第一件事是关掉灯。 You stay out of this! 你别参与此事! You wouldn't like that, would you? 你并不想那样的,是吗? You don't disagree, do you? 你并非不同意,是吗? How long have you been ill? 你病了多久了? You needn't feel scared, I won't leave you alone. 你不必感到害怕,我不会离开你的。 You don't have to upset yourself. 你不必让自己这么不安的。 You need have no fears about it. 你不必为此担心。 You don't have to worry about that. 你不必为此担心的。 Don't come back until you have succeeded! 你不成功就别回来! You aren't worried, are you? 你不但心,是吗? Mind my smoking here? 你不反对我在这里抽烟吧? You might as well take a morning flight. 你不妨搭早班飞机。 You're not supposed to make the wall dirty. 你不该把墙弄脏。 You shouldn't spend so much money buying the shirt. 你不该花这么多钱买这件衬衫。 You shouldn't do that. 你不该那么做。 You're not meant to stick out your head. 你不该伸出你的头。 You oughtn't to go out at night. 你不该晚上出门。 Won't you have a cup of tea? 你不喝杯茶吗? Won't you go with me? 你不和我一起去吗? Won't you tell it to my parents, please? 你不会把这件事告诉我的父母吧? You're taking no chances. 你不会冒风险。 You're not going to let me down, are you? 你不会让我失望的,是吗? You won't forget to phone him, will you? 你不会忘记给他打电话的吧? You won't forget about it, will you? 你不会忘记这事的,是吗? Don't you remember his name? 你不记得他的名字了吗? Would you mind answering a few personal questions first? 你不介意回答一些个人问题吧? Not only don't you help me around the house but you also don't help with the kids. 你不仅不帮我做家务,而且也不帮孩子。 Don't you find sculpture very exciting? 你不觉得雕塑很令人兴奋吗? Don't you find skating very enjoyable? 你不觉得溜冰十分令人愉快吗? Do you think this one lovely? 你不觉得这幅画漂亮吗? You can't have forgotten about it. 你不可能忘记这事的。 You can't take them home. 你不能把他们带回家去。 Can't you wear the red one? I like it very much. 你不能穿那件红色的吗?我非常喜欢它。 What a great pity that you can't go with us! 你不能和我们一起去,真是太遗憾了! It's a real pity that you couldn't join us. 你不能和我们一起去,真太可惜了。 You can't just have me stranded here. 你不能就这样把我困在这里。 Can't you be quicker? 你不能快一点吗? You can't just litter wherever you like. 你不能随地乱丢杂物。 You can't just do whatever you like. 你不能随心所欲。 Can't you stay on? 你不能再多待一会儿吗? You mustn't drink too much before driving. 你不能在开车前喝得太多。 You can't just shout whenever you like. 你不能在任何时刻随便乱叫喊。 Don't you think it would be sensible to give up the plan? 你不认为放弃这个计划是明智的吗? Don't you think it might be a good idea to accept their proposal? 你不认为接受他们的提议挺不错吗? Don't you think she is a graceful dancer? 你不认为她舞跳得很优雅吗? Don't you think you should think twice before you act? 你不认为你该三思而后行吗? Don't you think you're overacting a bit? 你不认为你做得太过分了吗? Wouldn't you say that everyone is created equal? 你不认为人人都生来平等吗? Don't you think that heavy drinking is not a good habit? 你不认为嗜酒不是个好习惯吗? Don't you think he should be partly responsible for the accident? 你不认为他对这次事故应负部分责任? Don't you think we'd better head for the play now? 你不认为我们最好现在就出发去看戏吗? Don't you think modern sculpture exciting? 你不认为现代雕塑令人兴奋吗? Don't you think it might be a good idea to wait a moment? 你不认为再等一会儿是个好主意吗? Won't you have a gin and tonic with me? 你不如和我一起喝奎宁杜松子酒吗? You're less of an honest man than I thought you were. 你不如我想像的那样诚实。 You're not serious, are you? 你不是当真的,对吗? Aren't you supposed to show up at six? 你不是应该在六点钟到的吗? You don't like the, now what do you call it, Jazz Music? 你不喜欢,叫什么来着,爵士音乐? You don't like being a, now what's the word, immigrant? 你不喜欢当一名,叫什么来着,移民? Don't you love that dress? 你不喜欢那件衣服吗? Don't you like that singer? 你不喜欢那位歌手吗? Would I be correct in saying you don't like it? 你不喜欢它,对吗? Don't you want to see part two of the series? 你不想看连续剧的续集吗? I understand your not wanting to discuss the matter. 你不想讨论这件事,这我很理解。 Don't you want to hear something funny? 你不想知道一些有趣的事吗? You mustn't breathe a word, but his son was dismissed from school. 你不许透露一个字,不过他的儿子已被学校开除了。 You'd be well advised not to overwork yourself. 你不要过分劳累。 You mustn't upset yourself. 你不要让自己感到不安。 You can't expect me to believe that. 你不要指望我会相信它。 You don't have to copy it. 你不一定要把它抄下来。 You shouldn't sluff that club. 你不应该垫掉那张梅花牌。 You're not supposed to be in here! 你不应在这里! Why don't you have another helping? 你不再来一份吗? Wouldn't you say so? 你不这样认为吗? 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司