翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 Don't you think so? 你不这样认为吗? Don't you feel it's quite easy? 你不这样认为这很容易吗? Didn't you know about the robbery yesterday? 你不知道昨天发生的抢劫案吗? You mustn't pass it on. 你不准把这事传出去。 You're not to be late. 你不准迟到。 You mustn't stop your study. 你不准中断学业。 You're not smart not to be my partner. 你不做我的搭档那是不明智的。 Can you guess what I've just heard? 你猜得出我刚听说的事吗? Guess what: he had a quarrel with his wife just now. 你猜怎么着:他刚才和他妻子吵架了。 Do you often go to the cinema? 你常去看电影吗? Your engine stalls. 你车上的引擎发动不起来。 What kind of breakfast did you have? 你吃的是哪类早餐? You shouldn't be particular about what you eat. 你吃东西不应挑剔。 What's yours? 你吃什么? What do you mean by smoking my cigars? 你抽我的雪茄烟,这是什么意思? Aren't you ashamed of your rude words? 你出言粗鲁,不感到羞愧吗? Do you rent masks and flippers? 你出租面罩和蛙鞋吗? What would you do in my position? 你处在我的地位会怎么做呢? That's a very smart blouse you're wearing. 你穿的这件衬衫真时髦。 You cut across the Park Street and then you turn right. 你穿过派克大街,然后再往右转弯。 What's your size? 你穿几号的? You look really wonderful in that blue skirt. 你穿那条蓝裙子真是漂亮极了。 Get me a hammer from the kitchen, will you? 你从厨房里拿一把铁锤给我好吗? Where did you hear that? 你从哪儿听说的? Since when have you been feeling like this? 你从什么时候开始有这种感觉的? You promised! 你答应过的! You bet it is. 你打赌是这样的。 Who're you calling? 你打给谁? Did you clean my room? 你打扫了我的房间吗? Are you going to leave for Tokyo? 你打算出发去东京吗? What are you going to do about that? 你打算对此做些什么呢? When do you plan to leave? 你打算何时离开? Are you planning to go to Paris with him? 你打算和他一起去巴黎吗? Do you plan to stay with Shelly Company? 你打算继续为雪莉公司工作吗? You'll call on him tonight, won't you? 你打算今晚去看望他,是吗? What channel are you going to watch? 你打算看哪一个频道? Are you thinking of seeing a new picture? 你打算去看场新电影吗? How would you like to pass the summer vacation? 你打算如何度过暑假? Do you plan to apply for a new job? 你打算申请一份新工作吗? What are you going to do in the library? 你打算在图书馆做什么? What're you going to do with it? 你打算怎么应付这件事? Are you going on an all expense tour? 你打算作全包旅游吗? What do you mean to do? 你打算做什么? What're you going to do? 你打算做什么? Are your bowels acting properly? 你大便正常吗? Do you have anything imported? 你带进来什么东西了吗? How much foreign currency are you carrying? 你带有多少外币? You really have surpassed yourself with that hat. 你戴了这顶帽子更好看了。 Are you worried? 你担心吗? What's worrying you? 你担心什么? Is there anything worrying you? 你担心什么? You're surely not suggesting that the project is unpractical. 你当然不是在暗示这方案不可行吧。 You certainly wouldn't. And it saves you a lot of trouble, too. 你当然不想超重。同时,也省了你许多麻烦。 Of course, you may. 你当然可以了。 You are certainly a talented artist. 你当然是位有天赋的艺术家。 You certainly can! 你当然行! Whom did you take me for! 你当我是谁! Are you keen on travel at all? 你到底爱好旅游吗? What's the matter with you? 你到底是怎么回事? What on earth are you talking about? 你到底在说什么? You could discuss the schedule with your tour leader after you get to the hotel. 你到旅馆以后可以和你们领队谈。 How far are you traveling? 你到哪儿? You'd better do something about your watch. Mine says seven. 你得把表修一修了。我的表是 7 点。 You've just got a bad cold. 你得的只不过是重感冒。 You'll have to pay quite a sum for the duty. 你得付一大笔关税。 You'll have to put on another windscreen. 你得换一块挡风玻璃。 You'll have to speed up your work. 你得加紧工作。 You'd better start studying for the test or you'll fail it. 你得开始用功准备考试,否则你会考不及格的。 You'll have to run. 你得快点。 You'll have to hurry up! 你得快一点! You are expected to pay a lot of duty on the valuables. 你得为这些贵重物品付一大笔关税。 You will have to go to the registration office first. 你得先去挂号去。 You'll have to go and claim your luggage before proceeding through customs. 你得先去领行李,然后进行海关检查。 You write it down in the upper right-hand corner. 你得写在右上角。 You must come full speed. 你得迅速赶来。 How long have you had this trouble? 你得这病多久了? The first thing you have to do is to fill the glass with water. 你得做的第一件事是往杯子里倒满水。 Anything wrong with your watch? 你的表坏了吗? Your watch is ten minutes ahead of time and you're still late. 你的表快了 10 分钟,可是你还是迟到了。 Where's your number plate? 你的车号牌在哪里? Your car door doesn't shut properly. 你的车门关不紧。 Your car really needs a thorough overhaul. 你的车确实需要大修了。 Your car needs a new shock absorber. 你的车子需要新的避雷器。 What a terrible situation for you! 你的处境多么艰难! Your typing is not adequate for this job. 你的打字不适合这项工作。 Your phone number is, one minute, oh yes, it's 13910572772. 你的电话号码是,等一下,对了,13910572772。 Your phone number is, just a minute, oh yeh, 19691003. 你的电话号码是,等一下,对了,19691003。 Does your TV set function well? 你的电视机情况好吗? Your message contains only 10 words, but the minimum charge is 22, so it's cheaper to send it by ordinary. 你的电文仅 10 个字,但起码要按 22 字收费,所以还是发普通电报便宜。 There will be no problem with your son. 你的儿子不会出事的。 What lovely earrings you have! 你的耳环真可爱! Your room number is, just a moment, oh yeh, it's 809. 你的房间号码是,等一下,对了,809。 Your story is really great. 你的故事真是好极了。 Your painting shows a great deal of talent. 你的绘画表现出你非凡的才能。 Now's your time, jump at the chance! 你的机会来了,抓住它! How were your holidays? 你的假期过得怎么样? I'm not at all convinced by your opinion. 你的看法根本说服不了我。 What's that under your paper! 你的考卷底下是什么! What time does your class begin? 你的课什么时候开始? Are your neighbors very friendly? 你的邻居都很友善吗? What's your destination? 你的目的地是哪里? Your hard work will certainly result in great achievements. 你的努力工作必定会使你获得巨大的成就。 Your effort is bound to be successful. 你的努力一定会成功的。 Does your friend speak English? 你的朋友会讲英语吗? What's your friend doing? 你的朋友在做什么? Do you need a bandage for your cut? 你的伤口需要绷带吗? Your arm's got a fracture. 你的手臂骨折了。 Is your watch right? 你的手表准吗? Does your watch keep good time? 你的手表准吗? You're through now. 你的手续办完了。 Your books are two days overdue. You have to pay fines. 你的书过期两天,你必须交罚金。 What's the color of your book? 你的书是什么颜色? Your days are numbered! 你的死期不远了! Your manner isn't very nice. 你的态度不太好。 Your guess is as good as mine. 你的推测不比我的差。 How did you break your leg? 你的腿是怎么折断的? Your coat. 你的外套。 Have you got anything dutiable in your trunks? 你的箱内有应纳税的货物吗? Your information really released me from anxiety. 你的消息确实使我宽慰。 Your shoes are always so shiny, what do you do to them? 你的鞋总是这么亮,你是怎么做的? There's some respiratory murmur in your heart. 你的心脏有点杂音。 Your diligence will absolutely lead you to great success. 你的辛勤努力必定会使你获得巨大的成功。 There will be no problem with your new experiment. 你的新试验不会有毛病的。 Your luggage weighs ten kilos in excess of the allowance. 你的行李超重 10 公斤。 How do you spell your last name? 你的姓怎么拼? There can't be any problem with your research work. 你的研究工作不会有什么问题的。 Your prescription is ready. Be sure to take them after meals. 你的药配好了。一定要饭后服用。 You've got a flat tire. 你的一个轮胎破了。 So what you mean is, you can never touch the violin you love. Right? 你的意思是,你永远不能再拉你心爱的小提琴了,是吗? Do you mean to say we're too late? 你的意思是说我们太迟了吗? Your right hand is swollen. Does it hurt? 你的右手肿了。疼吗? What a fine house you have! The location is very good. 你的这所房子真好,地段也不错。 You'll have to pay some duties on these cigarettes. 你的这些香烟要付税。 Your niece is engaged, isn't she? 你的侄女订过婚了,不是吗? You have an interesting idea. 你的主意真是有趣。 What's your address? 你的住址在哪里? Your composition has improved tremendously. 你的作文已大有进步。 What's your seat number? 你的座号是多少? How about a drink while you're waiting? 你等人时要不要来一杯饮料? You wait and see. Things will turn out all right. 你等着瞧吧。一切到头来都会好的。 Where did your brother study before he became an artist? 你弟弟成为艺术家前在哪里读书? What's your brother planning to do tomorrow? 你弟弟计划明天做什么? Have you booked yet? 你订了票吗? Know what I mean? 你懂我的意思吗? Have you got the message yet? 你懂我的意思吗? Know what I'm getting at? 你懂我说的吗? Know what I'm driving at? 你懂我说的吗? Are you traveling alone? 你独自旅行吗? Are you sure about that? 你对此很确定吗? What are your views on the present economic situation? 你对当前的经济形势有何看法? What do you know about Post-impressionism? 你对后印象派了解多少? Have you any particular plan for the coming Christmas? 你对即将到来的圣诞节有什么特别的计划吗? Do you have any interest in skating? 你对溜冰有兴趣吗? Are you interested in wood engraving? 你对木刻感兴趣吗? What's your opinion of your new boss? 你对你的新老板有什么看法? What are you interested in? 你对什么感兴趣? Are you impressed by his subject-matter? 你对他的主题印象深吗? Are you interested in playing football? 你对踢足球感兴趣吗? Don't you dare raise a finger to me! 你对我动一动指头! Are you interested in music? 你对音乐感兴趣吗? Your opinion about this matter is similar to ours in many ways. 你对这件事的看法在很多方面与我们的相同。 How do you see things like this? 你对这类事是怎么看的? How old are you? 你多大年纪? How often do you have your car greased? 你多久才给小轿车上一次油? Your son's behavior really isn't good enough. 你儿子的行为实在不够好。 You were here in February, weren't you? 你二月在这里,不是吗? You're dead right. 你非常正确。 Are you crazy? 你疯了吗? Are you crazy? 你疯了吗? Are you out of your mind? 你疯了吗? Are you off the wall? 你疯了吗? Damn you! 你该死! You ought to be ashamed of yourself. 你该为自己感到惭愧。 You did a fine job. 你干得不错。 Why don't you come over for dinner? 你干吗不来和我们一起吃午饭? Why not come along? 你干吗不一起去? Why don't you lend him some money? 你干嘛不借点钱给他呢? How dare you! 你敢! Don't you dare! 你敢! Are you feeling washed out? 你感到累坏了吗? I'm glad you enjoyed it. 你感到满意,我很高兴。 Are you feeling much better? 你感觉好多了吗? You're just back from your home town, aren't you? 你刚从家乡回来是吗? There's no need for you to worry about that at all. 你根本不必为此担心。 You've got no right at all to bully the weak. 你根本没有权利欺侮弱者。 You terrified me out of my wits, telling me that story. 你跟我讲那种故事,真是把我吓死了。 How is your work going? 你工作好吗? How are you keeping? 你过得怎么样? How is everything going? 你过得怎么样? How are you making out? 你过得怎么样? How's life with you? 你过得怎么样? How's life treating you? 你过得怎么样? Hi! 你好! Good day! 你好! Hello! Are you Tim's brother David? 你好!你是蒂姆的弟弟大卫吗? Hi! Great music, isn't it? 你好!这音乐真美,不是吗? Hello there, David! 你好,戴维! Hi there, Danny! 你好,丹尼! Hello, old chap! 你好,老朋友! Hello, will you send a taxi to the Park Hotel now? 你好,你现在能派一辆出租车到公园饭店吗? Hi. Please take a look at the bathroom, it's awfully dirty. 你好,请看一下浴室,它脏死了。 Hello, Tom. 你好,汤姆! Hello, I'd like to book a minicab, please. 你好,我想预定一辆小型出租车。 How are you? 你好吗? Are you well? 你好吗? How are things with you? 你好吗? You seem to be generally run-down. 你好像精疲力尽了。 Are you better? 你好些了吗? When did you start to smoke? 你何时开始吸烟的? When are you off? 你何时走? Will you join us? 你和我们一起去吗? Definitely? 你很肯定? You're very photographic. 你很上相。 How right you are! 你很正确! Do you have a sore throat? 你喉咙痛吗? Do you have difficulty in breathing? 你呼吸有困难吗? Can you recall your childhood? 你还记得你的童年时代吗? Could you recollect where he was born? 你还记得他在何地出生的吗? It would be just as well to rewrite your essay. 你还是把文章重写一遍。 It will be just as well for you to mind your own business. 你还是别管闲事的好。 You'd better get a move on it. 你还是快点吧。 It'll be a good idea for you to apply for this job. 你还是申请这份工作的好。 Are you still at that work? 你还在从事那个工作吗? You're expected to bring it back when return. 你回来时还应把它带回来。 You're going to be a doctor. 你会成为一名医生的。 You'll find it very strong. 你会发觉这很厉害。 Do you skate? 你会滑冰吗? You will remember to give her a call, won't you? 你会记着打个电话给她的,不是吗? How many languages can you speak? 你会讲几种语言? You'll come to attend our meeting, won't you? 你会来参加我们的会议,是吗? Do you speak English? 你会说英语吗? You'll pay for this! 你会为这一切付出代价的。 Can you swim? 你会游泳吗? Will you be there? 你会在那儿吗? You would be in favor of his coming, wouldn't you? 你会赞成他来的,是不是? What can you do? 你会做什么? You smell smoke all over! 你浑身上下都是烟味! Have you made any plans for this weekend? 你计划好本周末做些什么了吗? You plan to go to Paris, don't you? 你计划去巴黎,是吗? Your plan is to go to the party, isn't it? 你计划去参加宴会,是吗? Do you plan to go to Tokyo first or Osaka? 你计划先去东京还是大阪? What do you plan to do? 你计划做什么? Can't you remember? 你记不得了? Can't you remember when he was born? 你记不得他什么时候出生的吗? You remember, don't you? 你记得的,不是吗? Do you remember what comes on next? 你记得接下来放什么节目吗? Do you remember her address? 你记得她的地址吗? You remember when to go, don't you? 你记得什么时候出发,不是吗? How many people are there in your family? 你家里有几个人? What would you advise me to see here? 你建议我在这儿看些什么? Do you like travelling on foot better? 你较喜欢步行旅游吗? Which book do you prefer, the thick one? 你较喜欢哪本书,那本厚的吗? Which would you prefer, black or white? 你较喜欢哪个,黑的还是白的? Which one do you prefer? 你较喜欢哪一个? Which would you prefer? 你较喜欢哪一个? Which do you prefer, sugar or no sugar? 你较喜欢哪一种,加糖的还是不加糖的? Do you like apples better? 你较喜欢苹果吗? What are your preferences? 你较喜欢什么? Are you married? 你结过婚没有? Do you mind? 你介意吗? Are you going to go any place this year? 你今年要到什么地方去吗? You really look sharp today. 你今天看上去真漂亮。 What are you going to wear today? 你今天要穿什么衣服? Will you come to dinner with us tonight? 你今晚来和我们一起吃晚饭好吗? Are you doing anything this evening? 你今晚有什么计划吗? How goes it with you? 你近况如何? What's new with you? 你近况怎样? Is your eyesight failing recently? 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司