翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 Just think, all that hard work for nothing. 你想想,我花了那么多力气,到头来一场空。 Just think of all the futile efforts. 你想想,一切努力付之东流。 Just think! My sister will be here in three days. 你想想。我的姐姐三天内就要到这儿来了。 What kind of cigarettes did you have in your mind? 你想要买哪种香烟? Do you want me to tell you something funny? 你想要我告诉你有趣的事吗? Do you want me to sign this letter? 你想要我在这封信上签名吗? Do you fancy joining us? 你想一起去吗? How many copies do you want to print from the negative? 你想用这张底片印几张? Are you trying to fool me? 你想愚弄我吗? Would you like to have a photo taken with your daughter? 你想与你女儿合拍一张吗? Do you want to go shopping with me? 你想与我一起去买东西吗? Do you like to reserve a single room or a double room? 你想预订单人房还是双人房? Do you want to know something interesting? 你想知道一些有趣的事吗? Do you wish to send it as an urgent telegram? 你想作为紧急电报发出吗? Where would you like to sit? 你想坐在哪里? What do you mean shouting like a madman? 你像个疯子似地大叫,是什么意思? Did you enjoy the play? 你欣赏这出戏吗? You can do it! 你行的! Do you have any contraband in your luggage? 你行李里有违禁品吗? Neither your brother nor his girl friend was at the party. 你兄弟和他的女友都未到聚会。 You need a high-caloric diet. 你需要高热量饮食。 You need an operation to have your tonsils removed. 你需要进行手术来摘除扁桃体。 Do you need to see my passport? 你需要看我的护照吗? What do you want? 你需要什么? You need some gargle to relieve your sore throat. 你需要些含漱剂来治你的喉痛。 You need a new starter. 你需要一个新的启动装置。 You need to study in a quiet place. 你需要在一个安静的地方读书。 You'll need some tests. 你需要做几个检验。 You choose to overcall instead of remaining silent? 你选择争叫,而不是默不作声? Do you want to insure it? 你要保价吗? Would you like to join me for coffee? 你要不要和我一起喝咖啡? Would you like me to show you around the school? 你要不要我带你参观学校? Will you have some apples? 你要吃苹果吗? Where are you going? 你要到哪里去? Do you want some deer's antlers? 你要点鹿茸吗? Would you like some essential balm? 你要风油精吗? You'll have to pay a total sum of 285 dollars for duty. 你要付的关税总额为二百八十五美元。 How large is your money order? 你要汇多少钱? Do you want imported tobacco? 你要进口烟草吗? You must pay ten yuan for the excess. 你要另付 10 元超重费。 You can go whenever you wish. 你要去随时都可以去。 What kinds of ale would you like? 你要什么啤酒? If you can leave the car here for a few days, we'll give it a thorough overhaul. 你要是能把这辆小轿车留在这儿几天,我们可以给它彻底检修一下。 If only you knew about it. 你要是知道就好了。 Keep your words! 你要守信用! A manicure is necessary if you'd like to try nail enamel. 你要涂指甲油的话需要先修指甲。 Do you want me to put down your name as the next candidate? 你要我把你的名字作为下一个候选人记下吗? Would you like me to draft the report? 你要我起草这个报告吗? Which one would you choose? 你要选择哪个? How many copies do you want printed off? 你要印几张? It's all right if you use it. 你要用一下,当然可以。 What kind of job are you seeking? 你要找哪种工作? What sort of job are you after? 你要找哪种工作? Which size do you want? 你要照几寸的? Do you want to be taken full-length? 你要照全身的? Would you like orchestra seats? 你要正厅前座吗? The first thing you're asked to do is to turn off the light. 你要做的第一件事是关掉灯。 The first thing you're asked to do is to fill in your name. 你要做的第一件事是填上你的名字。 You'll have to take an electrocardiograph examination. 你要做一次心电图检查。 You're no better, you stupid S.O.B. 你也好不到哪里去,你这狗娘养的笨蛋。 As soon as you put oil in it, you put the peanuts in. 你一把油放进去,就加入花生。 You're bound not to win. 你一定不会取胜的。 You must come to the wedding ceremony. 你一定得来参加结婚典礼。 Do you have to leave so soon? 你一定得这么早走吗? You're bound to like it. 你一定会喜欢它的。 You must remember her help to us. 你一定记得她给与我们的帮助。 You can do it! 你一定能做到! Do try some Mao-tai! 你一定试试茅台酒! You must be insane, you ugly old hag! 你一定是疯了,你这又老又丑的老巫婆。 You can't be serious. 你一定是在开玩笑。 You must be joking! 你一定是在开玩笑。 You must be joking. 你一定是在开玩笑。 You must be either for or against it. 你一定是赞成或反对它。 You must join us for supper. 你一定要和我们一起吃晚饭。 You must come! 你一定要来! You must come again. 你一定要再来。 You should pay six dollars all together. 你一共该付六美元。 How is everything with you? 你一切都好吗? Walk until you get to the first crossroad. 你一直走到第一条十字路口的地方。 The moment you've done that, you scissor off the wire. 你一做完这,就剪断电线。 You are through with the customs formalities. 你已办完海关手续了。 Have you had breakfast already? 你已经吃过早饭了吗? Who have you invited? 你已经邀请谁啦? Have you ever done anything like that before? 你以前做过那事吗? Have you done that sort of job before? 你以前做过那种工作吗? What do you think you are? 你以为你是什么东西? Who do you think you are? 你以为你是谁? You might have left me some coffee! 你应该给我留点咖啡! You should return me three books. 你应该还给我三本书。 You should persist in your ambition. 你应该坚持你的雄心大志。 You should have reminded me! 你应该提醒我一下! You could agree that prices are going up. 你应该同意价格正在上涨的观点。 You ought to be ashamed of what you're doing. 你应该为你的所作所为而感到羞耻。 You might have asked! 你应该问一下! You could have asked! 你应该问一下! You should keep 1.2m away from the subject. 你应该与被摄物保持一点二米的距离。 You should be there at 8:05, but you may be a bit late. 你应该在 8:05 到那儿,但可能晚一点。 You don't have to go through all the procedures. We travel agency will do all the necessary things for you. 你用不着办这么多手续。我们旅行社会为你安排所有必要的事情。 There's no need to upset yourself. 你用不着让自己不安的。 Can you manage chopsticks or would you rather have a knife and fork? 你用筷子呢还是用刀叉? You're smart to overcall with three clubs. 你用三梅花争叫是明智的。 Is your nose stuffed up? 你有鼻塞吗? There's need for you to help them with their new experiment. 你有必要帮助他们进行新实验。 Do you have to slam the door? 你有必要摔门吗? You have the nerve to ask me for more? 你有胆量再来跟我要? How much do you have in notes for Deutschmarks? 你有多少德国马克现钞? Have you got any working experience? 你有工作经验吗? How many sisters and brothers do you have? 你有几个姐妹和兄弟? Do you have any experience? 你有经验吗? Would there be any possibility of your coming to the meeting? 你有可能来参加会议吗? Do you have Chrysler parts? 你有克莱斯勒的零件吗? There's no way you can get it. 你有没有办法得到它。 Did you hear Lucy was getting married? 你有没有听说露西要结婚了? Did you hear that he would retire soon? 你有没有听说他不久要退休了? Have you ever heard that they broke up? 你有没有听说他们吹了? Did you hear what happened last night at the dance party? 你有没有听说昨晚舞会上发生的事? What sort of experience do you have? 你有哪方面的工作经验? You're able to catch up with your classmates. 你有能力赶上你的同班同学。 What are your interests? 你有什么爱好? What soft drinks do you have? 你有什么不含酒精的饮料吗? Are you importing anything? 你有什么东西带进来吗? Have you anything to declare? 你有什么东西要报关吗? Would you recommend a better choice? 你有什么更好的建议呢? What would you recommend? 你有什么好的建议? What's your view? 你有什么见解? What's your opinion? 你有什么看法? Do you have any chronic disease? 你有什么慢性病吗? Is there anything the matter with you? 你有什么事吗? What're your hobbies? 你有什么嗜好? Have you got anything particular to declare? 你有什么特别的东西要申报吗? What do you have in the way of teddy bears? 你有什么样的泰迪玩具熊? Do you sometimes feel short of breath? 你有时觉得气喘吗? Do you have the necessary experience? 你有所必需的经验吗? Are you capable of negotiating? 你有谈判能力吗? Have you some small change? 你有些零钱吗? Have you got credit cards? 你有信用卡吗? Do you have any brothers? 你有兄弟吗? You have a radio, don't you? 你有一台收音机,不是吗? You're under an obligation not to smoke in public places. 你有义务不在公共场所吸烟。 You have the courage in you to overcome all the difficulties. 你有勇气克服一切困难。 Do you have a receipt for this necklace? 你有这项链的收据吗? Do you have anything for my insomnia? 你有治疗失眠的药吗? Do you have any medicines for this? 你有治这个病的药吗? Can you also give me something for this rash? 你有治这种皮疹的药吗? Have you got a bike? 你有自行车吗? Do you mind travelling with a group? 你愿和旅行团一起旅游吗? How would you like to join us for a cocktail party? 你愿意参加我们的鸡尾酒会吗? Would you like to come to Stratford for the weekend? 你愿意到斯特拉福来过周末吗? Would you like to join us? 你愿意和我们一起去吗? Would you accept my invitation to a stag party? 你愿意接受我的邀请参加男性聚会吗? Would you like to come to our barbecue party? 你愿意来参加我们的烤肉聚会吗? Would you rather take the one in the corner? 你愿意坐在角落里的那张餐桌吗? Would you like to sit near the dance floor? 你愿意坐在靠近舞池边吗? As you go farther north, so the winter becomes longer and more severe. 你越往北走,冬天越长也越寒冷。 Will you allow me to borrow the book? 你允许我借这本书吗? Send us a note when you're coming through here again. 你再次路过这里时给我们捎个信。 Please give us a ring when you're in the area again. 你再来这一地区时请给我们打个电话。 You can't get this price elsewhere. 你再也找不到比这更便宜的价格了。 Are you catching the ten fifteen train to Beijing? 你在赶十点一刻去北京的火车吗? Who are writing to? 你在给谁写信? Have you got any experience in management? 你在管理方面有何经验吗? You'll get off at the square stop and transfer to Bus No. 17. 你在广场下车换乘 17 路。 What are you doing in the restricted area? 你在禁区里做什么? You're joking! 你在开玩笑! Are you kidding? 你在开玩笑吧? Where did you grow up? 你在哪儿长大的? Where did you see Jane? 你在哪看到珍? What pretty drink are you mixing there? 你在那儿调制什么漂亮的饮料? How long did you work there? 你在那儿工作多久了? Did you have a good time at Sally's party? 你在莎丽的聚会上过得愉快吗? Where were you born? 你在什么地方出生的? We're glad you've enjoyed your stay in Hong Kong. 你在香港过得愉快我们很高兴。 What are you thinking about? 你在想些什么? What lesson are you studying? 你在学哪一课? You can match John in knowledge of linguistics. 你在语言学方面的知识与约翰的相当。 Are you accusing me of cheating? 你在指责我欺骗吗? Would you come around noon? 你在中午前后来好吗? Are you asking for trouble? 你在自找麻烦吗? Would you be in favor of that? 你赞成吗? Do you approve? 你赞成吗? Are you for the outing tomorrow? 你赞成明天去远行吗? Are you in favor of his coming? 你赞成他来吗? You should have told me about it earlier. Bloody hell! 你早该告诉我的,该死的混蛋! Do you usually feel tired in the morning? 你早上是否通常觉得疲劳? So you've already known it? 你早已听说这件事了? How dare you stack the deck! 你怎敢洗牌作弊! How dare you speak to me like that! 你怎么敢那样对我讲话! How dare you be so rude! 你怎么敢如此粗野! What do you reckon? 你怎么看的? What do you make of it? 你怎么理解它的? What's the matter with you? 你怎么了? What's wrong with you? 你怎么了? How can you do that to me? 你怎么能对我做这种事呢? How can you say that? 你怎么能那么说? How can you do that to him? 你怎么能那样对待他? How can you treat me like that? 你怎么能如此对待我? How could you be so selfish? 你怎么能如此自私? How can you take upon yourself to behave so? 你怎么能有这种举止呢? What do you say? 你怎么说? How did you help your father? 你怎样帮你父亲? How will you explain yesterday's event? 你怎样解释昨天的事情? What do you make of his statement? 你怎样理解他的话? Have you ever thought of giving up smoking? 你曾想过要戒烟吗? Don't phone me until you have found the boy! 你找不到那男孩就别给我打电话! You idiot! 你这白痴! You knucklehead! 你这呆子! You stupid bloody idiot! 你这个愚蠢该死的白痴! You crook! 你这坏蛋! You have there a new lady's dress. With costly laces, too. 你这里有一件女式新衣裙,而且镶有名贵的花边。 What's wrong with your convertible? 你这辆敞篷车有什么问题? Your car just needs a tune-up. 你这辆车只需要调整一下。 Do you think so? 你这么认为吗? You dumbbell! 你这傻瓜! What do you mean? 你这是什么意思? You really have a lovely place. Will you show me around? 你这屋子真不错,带我四处看看好吗? It'll get you nowhere. 你这样是行不通的。 It's very nice of you to say so. 你这样说真好。 How very kind of you to say so. 你这样说真是太好了。 It's very kind of you to do this. 你这样做真是太好了。 You're so stupid! 你真笨! How wise of you! 你真聪明! How dare you! 你真大胆! You really needn't worry about that. 你真的不必为此担心。 Are you positive you can't stay any longer? 你真的不能再住些日子啦? Are you really sure you can't give me a ticket? 你真的肯定你不能给我一张票吗? Can you really be sure of her honesty? 你真的能肯定她很诚实吗? Do you really expect me to believe that? 你真的想要我相信这事? Do you really want to know what I think? 你真的要知道我是怎样想的吗? Did you really and truly say so? 你真的这样说过? You're very kind, but really anyone else could do it. 你真好,其实其他人也能做的。 You really make me mad! 你真叫我恼火! You are getting on my nerves. 你真叫我生气。 Shame on you! 你真可耻! That's very kind of you, but I don't think I will. 你真客气,不过我想还是不要了吧。 You are silly! 你真傻! You are really the most particular customer I've ever met. 你真是我所碰到的最挑剔的顾客。 How lucky you are! 你真幸运! Lucky you! 你真幸运! Lucky old you! 你真幸运! You're so lucky, we do have a vacancy. 你真幸运,我们的确有一个空缺。 You really must tell me if there's anything I can do to help. 你真应该告诉我是否需要我帮点什么忙。 Did you work all day? 你整日都在工作吗? You frightened me to death, staying out all night. 你整夜不回来,让我害怕死了。 You are the right man for the job. 你正是适合这项工作的人选。 You're the very man we need. 你正是我们所需要的人。 She's going to retire, you know? 你知道,她准备退休了。 You'll have to accept the arrangement, you know. 你知道,你将不得不接受这安排。 Yow know, she's had a rough time in the last few years. 你知道,前几年她过得挺艰难。 I'm not sure that's very wise, you know. 你知道,我不能肯定这是否很明智。 It's happened to me, you know. 你知道,这事我遇到过。 You know, it's a disgusting habit. 你知道,这是个很令人讨厌的习惯。 Do you know how to do it? 你知道该怎么做吗? Do you know where the railway station is? 你知道火车站在哪儿吗? Have you got any idea about robots? 你知道机器人吗? Do you know what happened to Jane? 你知道简的事吗? Did you know? 你知道吗? Any clue? 你知道吗? Got any idea? 你知道吗? You know it? Jane's got a new job. 你知道吗?简得到了一份新工作。 Do you know when the gallery's open? 你知道美术馆何时开门? Do you happen to know what's on at the Magic Theatre tomorrow? 你知道明天美琪剧院上演什么节目吗? And you know the scandal? 你知道那丑闻吗? What do you think you're doing? 你知道你在做什么吗? Do you know what the population of Japan is? 你知道日本人口有多少吗? Have you got any idea when to leave for Rome? 你知道什么时候出发去罗马吗? And you know something? 你知道什么事吗? Do you know what's dutiable? 你知道什么是要付税的东西吗? 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司