翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 请向拉普教授转达我最好的祝福。 Please remember me to your wife. 请向你的太太问好。 Please convey my best wishes to your parents. 请向您的父母转达我最美好的祝福。 Please give Professor Smith my best wishes. 请向史密斯教授致意。 Please write it down here. 请写在这里。 Please fill in the receipt in duplicate. 请一式二份填写这份收据。 Doctors come to Cabin 8 at once, please. 请医生赶快到 8 号舱。 Please put it in simpler words. 请用较简单的话说。 Bang the door, please. 请用力关上车门。 I do beg your pardon, but aren't you Mr. White's secretary? 请原谅,你是怀特先生的秘书吗? Forgive me, but are you really sure she's qualified? 请原谅,你真的能肯定她是合格的? Excuse me, my name is John Smith. 请原谅,我是约翰·史密斯。 Pardon me. 请原谅。 Please forgive me. 请原谅我。 Please forgive me for having disturbed you. 请原谅我打扰了你。 Please forgive my forgetfulness. 请原谅我的健忘。 Forgive us for being late. 请原谅我们来迟了。 Forgive me for asking, but are you Mr. White's financial analyst? 请原谅我问一下,你是怀特先生的财务分析员吗? Allow me to help you. 请允许我帮您的忙。 Let me, on behalf of our teacher, wish you good luck. 请允许我代表我们的老师,祝您好运。 May I present Mr. David Brown, manager of A.B.C. Company. 请允许我介绍一下大卫·布朗先生,A.B.C.公司经理。 Allow me to introduce our director, Mr. Brown. 请允许我介绍一下我们的厂长,布朗先生。 Allow me to propose a toast to your success. 请允许我提议为您的成功干杯。 Please allow me to propose a toast to your health. 请允许我提议为您的健康干杯。 Let me propose a toast to your promotion. 请允许我提议为您的晋升干杯。 May I offer you my profoundest apologies. 请允许我向你表示我最诚挚的歉意。 May I offer you my sincerest apologies. 请允许我向你表示我最真诚的歉意。 May I introduce Mr. Harris, our new manager. 请允许我向您介绍哈里斯先生,我们的新经理。 May I extend to you my deep sorrow on the news? 请允许我在得到这一消息后向你表示我深切的悲痛。 Allow me to introduce myself. 请允许我自我介绍一下。 May I have another napkin, please? 请再给我一条餐巾,可以吗? Please come back again soon. 请再来。 Please look back in a few days? 请在几天后再来看一看。 Please come to the airport 2 hours before departure. 请在起飞前两个小时到达机场。 Please sign it under signature. 请在签名栏下签名。 I would like blue cheese dressing on my salad, please. 请在沙拉里放一些蓝酪沙拉浇汁。 Please sign on the top line. 请在头一行上签名。 Please write down your name and occupation here. 请在这儿写下你的姓名和职业。 Please endorse the check. 请在这张支票上背书。 Please write your account number on the back of the check. 请在支票背后写上您的帐号。 A detective story, please. 请找一本侦探小说。 This way, please. Will this table do, sir? 请这边走,这张桌子可以吗,先生? What was that again? 请重复。 Recut the deck, please. 请重新签牌吧。 Attention, please. 请注意。 May I have your attention, please. 请注意。 Order please, now has anyone anything else to say? 请注意秩序,谁还想发言? Hold the strap, please. I'm making a turn now. 请抓牢皮带。我现在要转弯了。 Please make the volume greater. 请转大声一点。 Be sure to have your health certificate ready. 请准备好健康证明书。 Take my seat, please. 请坐我这儿。 Please! 求求你! The drive shaft is useless now. 驱动轴没有用了。 Would it be better to cancel the meeting? 取消这次会议不是更好吗? A trip to Paris intrigues me a great deal. 去巴黎旅行引起我很大的兴趣。 Where do I get off to go to the museum? 去博物馆要在哪里下车? It'll be interesting to visit the museum. 去参观博物馆一定会很有趣。 Buses leave for downtown every two hours. 去城里的巴士每 2 小时开一班。 The liners for Dalian have been postponed. 去大连的客轮都延迟了。 Is Fifth Avenue third right? 去第五大街是第三条横马路右转弯吗? How do I get to the Fifth Avenue? 去第五大街怎么走? Which platform for Tokyo? 去东京的火车在哪个站台? Let's cheer our side on. 去给我们队加油吧。 Go to the International Travel Agency. 去国际旅行社。 What is the best way to go to the beach? 去海滩最好的路是哪一条? A month at a health resort will surely do you good. 去疗养所住一个月肯定对你有好处。 Shall I get down here for the Art Gallery? 去美术馆是在这儿下车吗? On which track does the Milan limited express depart? 去米兰的特快列车在第几站台? What's is the best way to get there? 去那里最好的方法是什么? Go to hell! 去你的! Get along with you! 去你的,我不信! Get away with you! 去你的,我才不信呢! To the stack room. 去书库。 Go take a long walk on a short pier. 去跳海吧! Go jump in a lake. 去跳湖吧! Is this right for the car park? 去停车场这儿走对吗? Which direction is it to the theater? 去戏院是哪一个方向? To the Shelly Company. 去雪莉公司。 Wouldn't it be nice to go sightseeing? 去游览观光不是挺好的吗? How about having a medical checkup? 去做个体检,怎么样啊? Go and have your chest X-rayed. 去做一次胸部的 X 光透视。 All the trumps dropped. 全部王牌都被吊出。 That's all wrong. 全错了。 The process should be carried out according to the following procedures:... 全过程应按下列步骤进行:...... By full rate, it is 50 cents per word. 全价电报每字 50 美分。 Indeed, her voice is sweet and melodious. 确实,她的声音很甜润。 Really fine. 确实很好。 There's really no cause to be alarmed. 确实没什么可大惊小怪的。 There's really no reason to be worried. 确实没有理由担心。 There's really no reason to be worried about your illness. 确实没有理由为您的病担心。 There's no need to get so upset, really. 确实没有任何理由如此烦恼。 That's quite true. 确实如此。 Quite true. 确实如此。 What will you do then? 然后你做什么? Then, I shave, brush my teeth and comb my hair. 然后我刮脸,刷牙和梳头发。 Then I asked him if he knew anybody in New York. 然后我问他在纽约是不是有认识的人。 Hair-dyeing is very popular now. 染发现在很流行。 Wouldn't it be a good idea to leave the room clean and tidy? 让房间保持干净整齐不是很好吗? Trust you to make a mess of it. 让你把这事弄得一团糟。 I can't tell you how sorry I am for having kept you waiting 3 hours. 让你等了整整三小时,我说不出我有多么抱歉。 Let me comb you out. 让我把您的头发梳理梳理。 Let me see... perhaps I could fit you in at 4:30 tomorrow. 让我查一下......也许我能把你安排在明天 4 点 30 分。 Let me tell you what, but it's only between ourselves. 让我告诉你实情,但是只能我们两人知道。 Let me tell you something, he was once put into prison. 让我告诉你一件事,他曾经坐过牢。 Will you let me check your luggage? 让我检查一下你的行李好吗? Let me see. Oh, yes. You can have one on the tenth floor. 让我看一看,哦,是的,你可以在 10 楼住一间。 I'll just see what there is. 让我看一下。 I'll have a look at the sailing schedule for you. 让我看一下船次时刻表。 Let me see what's available. 让我看一下有什么。 May I think about that for a moment? 让我考虑一下好吗? Allow me. 让我来吧。 Let me check the register. 让我来查一下登记册。 Let's see your ticket. 让我来看看您的票。 Let me try a pipe of that tobacco of yours. 让我来试试你的烟叶。 Let's go out and have a rest. 让我们出去一会儿吧。 Let's change the subject. 让我们换个话题。 Let's see if we can darn it. 让我们看看是否能为您修补一下。 Let's do the disco. 让我们来跳迪斯科吧。 Let's jitterbug. 让我们来跳个吉特巴吧。 Let's play a round of bridge. 让我们来玩一圈桥牌吧。 Let's make this decision by voting. 让我们用投票方式来作出决定。 Let's have another look at the fly wheel. 让我们再检查一下飞轮。 Let's decide it by the fall of the coin. 让我们掷硬币来决定吧。 Let's sit in this compartment. 让我们坐在这个车厢里吧。 You'll let me go there, won't you? 让我去那儿,好吗? Let me have a try, would you? 让我试一试,好吗? Let me try. 让我试一试。 Let me translate that letter for you. 让我替你翻译那封信。 Let me look up the program first. 让我先查一下节目表。 Let me give you a facial massage first. 让我先替您进行脸部按摩。 Let me see, at 146 Parker Street? 让我想想,在派克大街 146 号? Let me think. 让我想想。 Let me think about it, don't rush me. 让我想一想,别催我。 Let me assure you, you will succeed in your experiment. 让我向您保证,您的试验会成功的。 Will you let me use your bike? 让我用一下你的自行车,好吗? Let me sit down; I'm shattered. 让我坐下我累坏了。 Let's go northward first. 让咱们先朝北走。 Bear left around the bank. 绕着银行往左拐。 What's the point of running round the sports field? 绕着运动场跑步有什么意义呢? How is man distinguished from animal? 人和动物的区别在哪儿? People have donated a large sum of money to reconstruct the old temple. 人们捐助了一大笔钱重修这座古寺。 What people like most are those landscapes painted on the Long Corridor. 人们喜欢的是那长廊上的多幅山水彩画。 That really is the limit. 忍耐是有限度的。 It's been really nice knowing you. 认识你真是令人高兴。 It's not correct to suppose that you'll leave your children. 认为你要离开你的孩子的想法是不对的。 Any time will suit me. 任何时间对我都合适。 I can come any day except Thursday. 任何一天我都能来,只有星期四例外。 We've sold out for today's matinee, but there's an evening performance. 日场已客满,但有夜场的。 How is it coming? 日子过得怎么样? The days are getting hotter. 日子一天天热起来了。 If necessary, you may go to see the dentist. 如果必要的话,你可以去请牙医看看。 Let me finish if it is not urgent. 如果不要紧的话请让我说完。 A heart lead allows me to discard a spade. 如果出的是一张红心,我就可以垫出一张黑桃。 What difference would it make if universities accepted fewer students? 如果大学录取的学生少了会产生什么区别? If the traffic is not too heavy, it'll take an hour. 如果电报业务不太忙,要花 1 个小时。 She'll definitely cry if her mother leaves her alone. 如果她母亲让她一个人待着,她肯定会哭的。 We'll be glad if you can come tonight. 如果今晚你能来,我们将会很高兴。 I'd like to change my reservation, if possible. 如果可能的话,我想换班机。 If I may, I'd like to correct one thing you said. 如果可以的话,我想纠正你说的其中一点。 I should like to have a day off, if I may. 如果可以的话,我想休假一天。 If I'm not mistaken, Mary was the first one to arrive here. 如果没错的话,玛莉是第一个到此的人。 If there're no different views, let's turn to the next point. 如果没有不同的看法,我们开始讨论下一个问题。 We should be all right, if there're no traffic jams. 如果没有交通堵塞,我们就能赶到。 If there's no other business, let's move to the next item on the agenda. 如果没有其它的事,我们着手讨论议事行程上的下一项。 I'd prefer a cup of coffee, if there's no much trouble. 如果没有太多麻烦,我更喜欢喝杯咖啡。 It would be more appropriate if you wrote a letter to him about your need. 如果你把你的要求写信告诉他,那是非常适宜的。 If you don't take my word for it, you'll see! 如果你不把我的话当回事,你等着瞧! If you don't mind my saying so, your smile is really charming. 如果你不介意,我想说你的微笑真是迷人极了。 I'd rather have some tea, if you don't mind. 如果你不介意的话我宁愿喝茶。 If you can't repay the loan, mind your neck! 如果你不能归还借款,小心你的脖子! If you fail to carry out the contract, you'll have to make up for the losses. 如果你不能履行合同,那你就得赔偿损失。 You'll hurt my feelings, if you don't behave yourself. 如果你不守规矩,我会不高兴的。 If you don't mind, you'll fall. 如果你不小心,你会堕落的。 If you don't mind, you'll fall! 如果你不注意,你会堕落的! You'd be very unwise if you dare oppose me. 如果你胆敢反对我那是非常不明智的。 If your fever lingers, come to me again. 如果你发烧不退,请再来复诊。 If you have any allergic reaction after taking the medicine, come to me immediately. 如果你服了这药有任何过敏反应,请立即前来复诊。 If you dare speak to me like that, you'll be sorry. 如果你敢那样对我说话,你会后悔的。 If you have further questions, please call again anytime. 如果你还有问题,请随时再来。 I'll teach you a lesson if you go on like this. 如果你继续这样下去,我会教训你的。 If you insist. 如果你坚持的话。 If it's all right with you, I'll call on you tomorrow evening. 如果你觉得方便的话,我明天晚上来看望你。 If you're sure it's no trouble for you. 如果你肯定这么做不费事的话。 I'll talk to him if you like. 如果你乐意的话,我去跟他谈。 If you are tired, you can go to bed. 如果你累了,你可以去睡觉。 If you take a boat trip, you can enjoy the magnificent sights along the river. 如果你们乘船旅行,你们可以欣赏沿岸的壮丽景色。 Don't stay up late at night, if you see what I mean. 如果你明白我所说的意思,那么晚上不要熬夜。 If you don't come up with the money by tomorrow, we'll come back and break your neck! 如果你明天不把钱送来,我们会回来掐断你的脖子! If you compare Mary and Sally, you will find they are so different. 如果你拿玛莉与莎莉比较一下,你会发现她们是如此的不同。 We'll regard it as an honor if you could attend the conference. 如果你能参加会议,我们将把它视为一种光荣。 It would help us greatly if you could attend the opening ceremony 如果你能参加开幕典礼,那将是对我们的巨大帮助。 I'd be surprised if you would get it. 如果你能得到它我会惊奇的。 We'd be very grateful if you could give us some advice. 如果你能给我们提些建议,那我们会非常感激的。 I'd be very pleased if you go there with me. 如果你能和我一起去那儿,我将会非常高兴。 I'd greatly appreciate it if you might let me share the office with you. 如果你能让我与你一起使用这办公室,那我会非常感谢的。 I'd be grateful if you'd give me a lift. 如果你让我搭便车,我会很感激的。 If you lose, you'll be stuck with a fat debt. 如果你失败了,你会负债累累的。 If ever you are in Rome, please do look me up. 如果你什么时候来罗马,请务必来看我。 What would you do if you were me? 如果你是我,你会做什么? If you follow my advice, you'll not cooperate with that company. 如果你听从我的忠告,你就不会与那家公司合作。 I think our company should increase investment, if you follow me. 如果你听明白的话,我认为我们公司应该增强投资。 If you violate the rules here, we shall have to dismiss you from the post. 如果你违反了这里的规定,我们将不得不开除你。 If you ask me, I think it's impossible. 如果你问我,我认为那是不可能的。 If you like, I can make you a model plane. 如果你喜欢,我可以给你做一只模型飞机。 You'd better hurry if you want to catch that train. 如果你想赶上那班火车,你最好快一点。 If you like to visit the Art Exhibition, I'll take you with me. 如果你想看艺术展,我愿带你一起去。 If you want to make a complaint, he is over there. 如果你想提意见,他在那边。 You may buy a catalog if you like. 如果你想要的话可以买一本目录。 Just let me know if you need any help. 如果你需要帮忙,就告诉我。 If you need help, please contact stewards. 如果你需要帮助,请找服务员。 If you want, I could buy you a hat. 如果你要的话,我可以给你买顶帽子。 If you want to send it by urgent, you have to add indication "urgent" before the receiver's name and address. 如果你要拍发紧急的,就得在收报人名字和地址前加一个"急"字。 If you ask me, they don't open until 9:30. 如果你要问我,我觉得他们要到 9:30 才会开门营业。 If you'd like me to. 如果你要我来的话。 If you want me to. 如果你要找我的话。 Remember to come and see me if ever you're here. 如果你以后来到这里,记得来看我。 If you have time, you can see both of them. 如果你有时间,你可以两者都看。 I'd be very glad if you would. 如果你愿意,我将十分高兴。 If you like. 如果你愿意。 If you run against the traffic lights again, you'll be deprived of your license. 如果你再闯红灯,你的执照就会被吊销。 If you speed again, you'll be put into jail. 如果你再次超速,你就会被送进监狱。 If you're late again, you'll leave me no choice but to give you no credit at the end of the term. 如果你再次迟到,我别无选择,只好在期终不给你学分了。 If you don't do better than that, you'll get it in the neck from the manager. 如果你再干不好的话,你就要受到经理的处罚了。 If you find my briefcase, please contact me at my hotel. 如果你找到我的手提箱,请与我住的饭店联络。 If you want my advice, I'd write to the committee about the problem. 如果你征求我的意见,我会就这一问题写信给委员会的。 You can get a clearer picture if you live closer to the station. 如果你住得离电视台近一些,你就能接受更清晰的影像。 I'll wring your neck if you do! 如果你做,我就掐断你的脖子! I should like to use your bike, if you don't see any objection. 如果您不反对的话,我想用一下您的自行车。 If you are in a hurry, we've a two-hour quick service. 如果您很急的话,我们提供两小时快洗业务。 If you recall, I lent you fifty dollars last week. 如果您记得的话,我上星期借给您五十美元。 I won't touch the top if you insist. 如果您坚持,我就不动头顶的头发。 I'd be delighted, if you could help me. 如果您能帮助我,我会很高兴。 Would you do me the pleasure of attending my graduation ceremony? 如果您能来参加我的毕业典礼,我将很高兴。 We should be so delighted if you could come to the dance party. 如果您能来参加舞会,我们将会很高兴的。 We should be glad if you could spend the weekend with us. 如果您能来和我们一起度周末,我们将很高兴。 We'll bring you the soup first if you like. 如果您先上汤,也可以。 I'd be most delighted if you would. 如果您愿意,我会非常高兴。 You can use the dressing room there to try it on, if you like. 如果您愿意的话,可以去那儿试衣室试穿一下。 I should like to call on you tomorrow, if you allow me. 如果您允许,我想明天来拜访您。 Who would really care if boxing were banned? 如果拳击运动被取消谁又会在乎呢? I should be surprised if he comes. 如果他来了我一定会惊奇的。 If hearts break 3-2, I'll surrender a trick to the king. 如果他们的红心是三、二对开,那么我就让一墩给 K。 If they need things, they can buy them in the department store. 如果他们需要东西,他们可以在百货公司买。 If they beat the visiting team, they will be the champion. 如果他们赢了客队,他们就将是冠军。 I would have gone for the picnic if it hadn't rained. 如果天气不曾下雨的话,我早就参加野餐了。 Will you excuse me if I have to arrive ten minutes late? 如果我不得不迟到十分钟的话,你会原谅我吗? Will you forgive me for my having to leave early? 如果我不得不提早离开的话,你会原谅我吗? If I take a long walk, I'll get short of breath. 如果我长途步行,我会气喘吁吁的。 If I were in your position, I wouldn't give up the program. 如果我处在你的地位,我不会放弃这计划。 If I were in your position, I'd think twice about that. 如果我处在你的地位,我会考虑得更周全一些。 I wouldn't do it if I were in your shoes. 如果我处在你的位置,我不会去做的。 I would change my plan, if I were in your position. 如果我处在你的位置,我会改变我的计划。 If I may correct you, only two students went there in fact. 如果我可以纠正你的话,事实上只有两个学生去了那儿。 If I may put forward a suggestion: give all the workers a short holiday. 如果我可以提一个建议的话,那么请给全体工人放个短假吧。 If I may say so, you're wrong there. 如果我可以这样说,那一点上你错了 If I may say so, you're mistaken. 如果我可以这样说,你弄错了。 If I may say so, that's not the case. 如果我可以这样说,情况不是这样的。 If I may say so, these vegetables are delicious. 如果我可以这样说,这些蔬菜味道好极了。 If I may say so, your dress is really charming. 如果我可以这样说的话,你的衣服真是迷人极了。 If I remember correctly, the lecture was cancelled. 如果我没记错的话,那次演讲取消了。 If I'm not mistaken, he didn't return the books to me. 如果我没记错的话,他没有把书还给我。 If my memory serves me right, the meeting was called for May 8. 如果我没记错的话,这次会议定在 5 月 8 日召开。 If I understand right, it's up to me to decide it? 如果我没理解错的话,这得由我来决定? If I got it right, then Mary will not marry him? 如果我没弄错的话,那么玛丽将不嫁给他? If I've got the picture right, then Mike is very careless. 如果我没弄错的话,那么迈克是很粗心的。 Must I renew the book if I fail to finish reading it in time? 如果我没有及时看完这本书必须续借吗? What difference would it make if we don't accept all those terms? 如果我们不接受全部的条件,那又有什么不同呢? It's a pity if we can't reach an agreement on that. 如果我们不能在这点上达成一致,那太可惜了。 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司