翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 The goalkeeper got the ball and booted it half way across. 守门员得到了球,把它一脚踢过了半个场地。 To start with, you thaw the meat in the microwave oven. 首先,你把肉放在微波炉里解冻。 To start with, you insert the key into the lock. 首先,你把钥匙插入锁里。 Above all, you open the lid. 首先,你打开盖子。 First of all, you make out a book list. 首先,你得开一张书单。 Firstly, you should pare the skin. 首先,你得削皮。 To begin with, you pour some fresh water into a kettle. 首先,你往水壶里灌入一些净水。 To begin with, you fill the tank with oil. 首先,你往油箱里注满油。 First, we can buy a present. Then we can go to the movies. 首先,我们可以买件礼物。然后我们可以去看电影。 Firstly you push this red button, then the blue one. 首先你按红色按钮,再是蓝色的。 First you have to turn on the light. 首先你得开灯。 First you dial the number, then you can speak to the operator. 首先你得先拨号,然后就可和接线员通话了。 First let me introduce myself. 首先请让我自我介绍一下。 First I'd like Mr Blake to give us his views. 首先我想请布莱克先生说说他的见解。 Well-educated people are less likely to smoke than men with fewer years of schooling. 受过良好教育的人吸烟人数比没受什么教育的人少。 The shipment has to be postponed due to the bad weather. 受天气影响,我们不得不延期装运。 The ticket office is outside the main entrance. 售票处在大门外面。 The price of a book is usually inside the front cover or on the back cover. 书价通常印在封面内或封底上。 The call number is in the upper left corner of the card. 书码在卡片的左上角。 Book jackets are free of charge. 书套是赠送的。 Will a letter telegram do? 书信电报行吗? There is a book on the desk. 书桌上有一本书。 What'll you do during the summer vacation? 暑假里你打算做什么? Is there a horse under the tree? 树下有一匹马吗? The regular rate for double is 43, but yours is 50. 双人房的普通价为 43 元,但你的房间是 50 元。 It could happen to anybody. 谁都可能发生这种事。 Has anyone got any objection to the decision? 谁对这项决定有异议? Who told you that? 谁告诉你的? Who gives you the right to steal my bike? 谁给你权利偷我的自行车的? What gives you the right to behave like that? 谁给你权利这么做的? Don't tell me you've seen it. 谁会相信你见过它。 Somebody call an ambulance! 谁叫一辆救护车! Could anyone tell me? 谁能告诉我? Who gave you the right to spy on me? 谁让你来刺探我的? Who's your partner? 谁是你的搭档? Who'll be my partner? 谁是我的搭档? Who is the most popular novelist in China? 谁是中国最受欢迎的小说家? Who asked you? 谁问你啦? Who won? 谁赢了? Who's going to speak at the meeting? 谁在会议上讲话? The Aquarium holds a comprehensive exhibition of the life in the seas and oceans of the world. 水族馆全面展出了世界上的海洋生物。 Have a sweet sleep. 睡个好觉。 By the way, what do you suggest for sunburn? 顺便问问,日炙你说用什么药呢? By the way, is the book I want in? 顺便问问,我要的书来了吗? By the way, can I get a bus to the center from here? 顺便问一声,我在这儿能不能搭到去市中心的公共汽车? By the way, what's the pay like? 顺便问一下,工资情况怎么样? By the way, how long will it take? 顺便问一下,要花多长时间? By the way, is there a socket for my razor? 顺便问一下,有插我剃刀的插座吗? Go down this passage and then you turn left at the third crossing. 顺着这条道走,然后在第三个十字路口往左拐。 Follow this street until you get to a barber's, the cinema is a little further on. 顺着这条街到一家理发店处,电影院再往前一点儿。 Follow this road until you come to a post office. 顺着这条街一直走到邮局处。 Head straight up the street about a block and then turn right. 顺着这条街一直走约一个街区,然后右转弯。 Go down this street and turn left at the first traffic light. 顺着这条街走,然后在第一个红绿灯处左拐弯。 Walk three blocks down the street and there you are. 顺着这条街走三个街区就到了。 Go straight along this street to a tall building. 顺着这条路一直走到一座高楼处。 There's just a chance I can show my skills. 说不定这正好可以显示我的才干。 Can't say, really. 说不上来,真的。 Better to do well than to say well. 说得好不如做得好。 You bet! 说定了! Watch your mouth or I'll tell you where to get off! 说话注意!否则我要好好教训你! Can you honestly say you've tried everything? 说老实话你什么都试过了吗? Is it true to say you have been treated unjustly? 说你受到不公平的待遇,这符合事实吗? To be frank with you, you can profit a lot from it. 说实话,你可以从中赚一大笔钱呢。 Do you honestly feel that's wise? 说实话,你认为这明智吗? Honestly, you're always making trouble. 说实话,你总是惹麻烦。 To tell you the truth, I'm rather pessimistic about everything. 说实话,我对一切都相当悲观。 To be quite frank, I find it rather tedious. 说实话,我发觉它很乏味。 I can't honestly say I'm all that interested in reading your article. 说实话读你的文章我并不那么感兴趣。 It's inappropriate to say he is a trouble-maker. 说他是个闹事者是不妥当的。 Would Mr Stone be able to see me at 8 sharp tomorrow? 斯通先生能在明天 8 点整见我吗? Forty cents. 四十美分。 Four days. 四天。 It's valid for four days. 四天内有效。 Seems believable. 似乎令人相信。 It seems to be your fault. 似乎是你的错。 It seems it will rain this afternoon. 似乎下午会下雨。 Where do you wish me to take you? 送您去哪儿? Could you take me to the Far East Cinema? 送我到远东电影院好吗? There's a charge for delivery. 送衣到府上是收费的。 Susan is the prettiest girl in class. 苏珊是班里最漂亮的女孩。 The speedometer doesn't run. 速度计不转了。 Feel free. 随你便。 Suit yourself, but it's probably better to come back later. 随你的便,不过还是过些时候来拿好些。 As you wish. 随你的便。 It's up to you. 随你的便。 Feel free to do that. 随你去做这件事。 Drop in anytime you like. 随时欢迎你来玩。 Any time. 随时为你效劳。 The damage is light. 损伤很小。 So, if I take your meaning right, it's unwise to quit my job now. 所以,如果我理解你的意思的话,你是说我现在辞职不太好。 So what you're really saying is, life is too hard for you. 所以你说的真正意思是,生活对于你太艰辛了。 So is the basic idea that "women's place is in the home?" 所以说你的基本观点就是"妇女应该待在家里"? So we have to be gone by 8:00? 所以我们必须在 8:00 之前离开吗? They are all engaged. 所有的线路都有人在打。 All the anthologies are arranged on the fifth stack. 所有的选集都在五号架上。 All of those people are friends of mine. 所有那些人都是我的朋友。 Which one of those men is Mr Taylor? 所有那些人之中谁是泰勒先生? Of all the lab assistants, Tom works hardest. 所有实验室助手中,汤姆工作最卖力。 How much do all these come to? 所有这些药要多少钱? He took his fruit into town but not to the market. 他把水果运到镇上但不运到市场里去。 He is believed to be the richest man in Europe. 他被公认为是欧洲的首富。 He was 2 meters over the other runners. 他比其他赛跑运动员领先 2 米。 He can't drive a car. 他不会开车。 He not only plays the guitar, but he writes lovely songs. 他不仅会弹吉他,而且还能写动人的曲子。 He is not only strong and healthy but also very smart. 他不仅强壮健康,而且还很聪明。 It's not possible he will miss the train. 他不可能会赶不上火车。 It's unlikely for him to write such a good composition. 他不可能会写出这么好的作文。 There's no probability that he'll come back in a few days. 他不可能几天之内就回来。 He can't have come back yet. 他不可能已回来了。 It's a real let-down that he didn't keep his promise. 他不守信真是令人失望。 He didn't want to say anything to influence my decision. 他不想说任何话来影响我的决定。 Not only did he lost his bag, but he himself got lost. 他不只弄丢了包,而且他自己也迷路了。 His long absence gave some cause for worry. 他长期缺席使人担心。 He's making a dash toward the goal. 他朝球门猛冲。 He ate two apples. But he is still hungry. 他吃了两个苹果。但是他仍然饿。 He never lost a day's work through tiredness. 他从不因为劳累而耽误一天的工作。 He promised to take me to Tokyo soon. 他答应不久就带我去东京。 She agreed that she would show me around the city tomorrow. 他答应明天带我去逛城。 It's not out of the question he will defeat his rival. 他打败他的对手不是不可能的。 He trumped with a heart. 他打出了一张红心王牌。 He trumped my ace with a heart. 他打出一张红心王牌,吃了我的 A。 They called us just as we were having dinner. 他打电话给我的时候,我们正在吃饭。 He is about 35 years old. 他大约 35 岁。 Where on earth can he be? 他到底到哪里去了? What could he mean? 他到底是什么意思? He's got three scores. 他得了三分。 He's always in good form. 他的比赛状态总是很好。 His long speech wearied the students. 他的长篇大论使学生听得感到疲倦了。 His phone number is, um, if my memory doesn't fail me, 2457698. 他的电话号码是,呃,如果我没记错的话,2457698。 His style is characterized by strong, black outlines and is widely imitated by later artists. 他的风格以粗壮、黑色的轮廓为特点,广为后来的艺术家所模仿。 I'm very much fascinated by his stories. 他的故事使我深深着了迷。 His picture suggests strong influence of Romanticism. 他的画受到浪漫主义的很大影响。 His drawings owe a great deal to Xu Bei-hong. 他的画在很大程度上受徐悲鸿的影响。 His lies drove me mad. 他的谎言简直要把我气疯了。 His answer isn't right, is it? 他的回答不对,是吗? I'm very angry at his indifference. 他的冷漠真令我生气。 What's his native language? 他的母语是哪一种? His friend was injured in an airplane crash. 他的朋友在一次飞机坠毁事件中受了伤。 He's lost his wallet, I mean that, he can't afford to pay his dinner. 他的钱包丢了,我是说,他付不起餐费了。 His failure is a great pity. 他的失败十分令人遗憾。 Everything took place as if he was predestined to fail. 他的失败似乎是命中注定的。 His loss will be left throughout the country. 他的逝世是国家的一大损失。 What he had done really disappointed me. 他的所作所为真令我失望。 His proposal wasn't up to much. 他的提议没什么了不起。 What about his proposal? 他的提议怎么样? What's his topic? Just let me think about it. 他的题目是什么?让我想想。 His rude behavior indeed let me down. 他的无礼行为真让我失望。 His new collection of poems is unlike his previous anthologies. 他的新诗集和他以前的选集不一样。 His many self-portraits are among the best of this century. 他的许多自画像是属于本世纪最好的。 He plays admirably. His part is a very difficult one. 他的演技令人倾倒。他的角色是很难演的。 I'm quite fascinated by his lecture. 他的演讲使我着了迷。 He speaks English perfectly. 他的英语讲得非常好。 His works are full of wit and vitality. 他的作品充满机智和活力。 He knows as much English as I do. 他懂英语和我一样多。 He's so robust and never has a trace of weariness. 他非常健壮,从不显示一丝倦意。 He's as tough as old boots. 他非常强健。 In all probability, he will pass the maths exam. 他非常有可能会通过数学考试。 He has just missed an open goal. 他刚错过了一个得分机会。 He told me he had an important meeting to attend. 他告诉我他要参加一个重要的活动。 It makes me sick the way he talks down to me. 他跟我说话时那傲慢的样子真叫我恶心。 He used to be able to read Latin well. 他过去阅读拉丁文的能力很强。 He was too dramatic to be realistic. 他过于做作,因而不真实。 There's no doubt that he is the thief. 他毫无疑问就是小偷。 Things always seem to happen to him. 他好像总不顺利。 He is about the same size as that man over there. 他和那边那个男人的尺寸差不多。 He differs with his cousin over political views. 他和他的表弟政治观点不同。 Both he and his sister came to the party. 他和他姐妹都来参加聚会。 He's most probably gone to London. 他很可能已去伦敦了。 He's most probably been told about the bad news. 他很可能已听说这坏消息了。 He is sorry that you lost the game. 他很难过你们输了比赛。 He's tough and never feels tired. 他很强壮,从不感到疲倦。 He is very brave, or rather very bold. 他很勇敢,或者说是很大胆。 It took him a long time to make up his mind. 他花了很长时间才作出决定。 Isn't he going to help? 他会不帮忙吗? It seems funny that he should have done such a thing. 他会做出这种事,这好像太好笑。 He answered almost all of my questions. 他几乎回答了我所有的问题。 He just sped off. 他加速跑掉了。 He will tell you when to say hello. 他将告诉你何时打招呼。 He speaks French with an American accent. 他讲法语带有美国口音。 What a disappointment that he should have lost his job. 他竟丢了差事,真令人失望。 He should have treated me like that. 他竟然如此地对待我。 Why on earth didn't he come? 他究竟为什么不来? Why the hell didn't he say it? 他究竟为什么不说? How sad he looks! He must have lost the game. 他看来多么哀伤!他一定输了比赛。 He seems to have a lot of strange ideas. 他看来似乎有很多古怪的念头。 He looks ill. 他看上去病了。 He seems to be a professional dancer. 他看上去似乎是个职业舞蹈家。 He looks as if he were "reciting poems along the lakeside". 他看上去像是"行吟泽畔"。 We're surprised that he failed the test. 他考试不及格,我们感到震惊。 He can have been delayed by heavy snow. 他可能被大雪耽误了。 It's likely that he will arrive late. 他可能迟到。 Maybe he will come. 他可能会来。 Possibly he hasn't heard the bell. 他可能没听到铃声。 Perhaps he's right. 他可能是对的。 He could be telling lies. 他可能是在说谎。 He may be at home. 他可能在家里。 Surely he will succeed. 他肯定会取得成功。 He is certainly right. 他肯定是对的。 He must be our new English teacher. 他肯定是我们新来的英语老师。 He must know how to do farm job. 他肯定知道怎么做农活。 He is as happy as happy can be. 他快活极了。 Is he happy? 他快乐吗? He's overspent with toil. 他劳累过度了。 He'll come here soon. 他马上就要来这儿了。 He has bought apples, but we still need some bread. 他买了苹果,但我们仍需要一些面包。 He felt disappointed that he didn't score a good mark. 他没能取得一个好分数,感到失望。 He walked in without looking at anyone. 他没有看任何人地走进去。 He is less intelligent than John. 他没有约翰聪明。 They had to call in a heart specialist. 他们必须请心脏专门医生来。 They become excited and ask many interesting questions. 他们变得兴奋并且问许多有趣的问题。 They don't often have a bad day. 他们并不经常这么不顺利。 It is very unlikely that they've got lost. 他们不大可能会迷路的。 They couldn't have guessed our intention. 他们不可能猜到我们的意图。 Aren't they students? 他们不是学生吗? They don't like their apartment and are going to sell it. 他们不喜欢他们的公寓而将要把它卖掉。 They don't know when the wedding will be. 他们不知道婚礼什么时候举行。 They not only talked but also shouted and laughed. 他们不只谈话,而且喊叫大笑。 They seemed to be disorganized from the first minute. 他们从一开始防御就组织得不好。 They went to the park to play basketball. 他们到公园去打篮球。 Their suggestion is nothing much. 他们的建议不怎么好。 Their absence upsets me very much. 他们的缺席使我很不安。 The goalie just didn't stand a chance with that one. 他们的守门员根本没有希望挡住那个球。 Their left half plays rough. 他们的左中卫踢得粗野。 They all desire you to be responsible for the project. 他们都想让你负责这个工程。 They studied slowly and did their work poorly. 他们读书慢而且工作做得不好。 They give discount to visitors in groups. 他们对团体来宾打折扣。 They'll very likely go there by bus. 他们多半搭车去那儿。 Do they serve meals here? 他们供应正餐吗? What are they going to do the day after tomorrow? 他们后天打算做什么? They will give you best suggestion to spend a holiday. 他们会给你提供度假的最佳方式。 There's no hope left for their marriage. 他们婚姻没救了。 Their house is different from ours in style. 他们家的房子跟我们的风格不一样。 They're giving Hamlet. 他们将推出"哈姆雷特"。 It's extremely unlikely that they will come to see us this year. 他们今年完全不可能会来看我们。 They might win again. 他们可能会再胜。 They can play or go to the movies. 他们可以玩或是去看电影。 They can read books or magazines which interest them. 他们可以阅读令他们感兴趣的书或杂志。 They're sure they'll win the game. 他们肯定他们会赢得这场比赛的。 They must have gone to bed. 他们肯定已上床睡觉了。 They talked without raising their voices. 他们没有提高声音地讲话。 They haven't got a proper shot at the goal in the first half. 他们上半场没有好好射过门。 They had a baby last month. 他们上月添了一个宝宝。 They're famous men in the world of sport. 他们是运动界的名人。 They've opened the scoring. 他们首开了纪录。 They say we're going to get some rain later. 他们说过些时间我们这儿会下些雨的。 They say he's not very honest. 他们说他不是很诚实。 They say he's going to the United States. 他们说他准备去美国。 They say I must attend the meeting. 他们说我必须参加会议。 They say it can be very risky. 他们说这可能会很冒险的。 They have undoubtedly accomplished the task as planned. 他们无疑按计划完成了任务。 They don't come to the office before lunch. 他们午餐前不来办公室。 They like city life, but they are happier in the country. 他们喜欢都市生活,但是他们在乡下更愉快。 They must be so miserable. 他们一定很悲伤。 They must be so unhappy. 他们一定很不高兴。 They must be so troubled. 他们一定很不好受。 They must be so annoyed. 他们一定很恼怒吧。 They must be so upset. 他们一定很恼怒吧。 They must be so disappointed. 他们一定很失望吧。 They must be so fed up. 他们一定极其厌倦了。 They've been married for quite a few years. 他们已经结婚很多年了。 They've settled on having a party. 他们已决定举行一次聚会。 They've settled where to camp. 他们已决定了野营的场所。 They've settled to support the proposal. 他们已决定支持这项提案。 They won. 他们赢了。 There's very little chance that they can win the match. 他们赢这场比赛的可能性很小。 When they finished lunch, they went to the park. 他们用完午餐后去了公园。 Do they have bodybuilding equipment? 他们有发展肌肉的器材吗? 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司