翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 Do they have children? 他们有孩子吗? What kind of equipment do they have? 他们有什么样的设备? They talked and laughed. 他们又谈又笑。 They come home in the evening and don't feel good. 他们于晚间回家,而感觉不舒服。 They worked very hard both on sunny days and on rainy ones. 他们在晴朗的日子和下雨的日子都非常辛苦的工作。 They are happier when they are in the country. 他们在乡下时比较快乐。 What were they doing? 他们在做什么? They stood in the kitchen. 他们站在厨房里。 They have some very funny polar bears here. 他们这里有一些很有趣的北极熊。 They're building a new house up the street from me. 他们正在我这条街上盖新房子。 Two or three of them look familiar. 他们之中有两三个看起来面熟。 They have only one child and are going to buy the apartment. 他们只有一个小孩并且要买这间公寓。 It was fated that they should fail. 他们注定要失败的。 It's likely that they visited the museum yesterday. 他们昨天可能参观了博物馆。 Did they play in the park yesterday morning? 他们昨天在公园玩吗? They operated on him last night. 他们昨晚给他动过手术。 Were they busy yesterday evening? 他们昨晚很忙吗? His name is John Smith. 他名叫约翰·史密斯。 There's little probability that he'll go to London tomorrow. 他明天去伦敦的可能性很小。 He was fated to be hanged. 他命该被绞死。 It was very wicked of him to say that to you. 他那样跟你说,真是太坏了。 He prefers to start right now rather than put it off till next month. 他宁可现在就开始做,而不愿拖到下个月。 He couldn't understand how this could happen. 他弄不明白这事怎么会发生。 He equals Coe's record. 他平了科的纪录。 Is he any good at painting? 他擅长绘画吗? She's terrifically beautiful! 他实在是美极了! He is an influential figure in early 20th-century. 他是二十世纪初具有影响的人物。 He's a star of stage. 他是话剧明星。 Is he a teacher? 他是教师吗? He's my bridge partner. 他是我桥牌的搭档。 Is he a famous artist? 他是一位著名的艺术家吗? He's John's father. 他是约翰的父亲。 He is one of the top seeds. 他是最佳种子选手之一。 He's the most experienced athlete in the field. 他是最有经验的田径运动员。 He didn't hold a card! 他手中无一张好牌! He ran off his three hearts. 他手中无一张红心。 He always holds some trumps! 他手中总有几张王牌! He speaks in the same manner as his uncle. 他说话的样子和他叔叔一样。 He said he knew a lot of people there. 他说认识那里的很多人。 He said he spoke a little English. 他说他会讲一点儿英语。 He said he would rather not tell his age. 他说他宁愿不要谈他的年龄。 He's tired because he worked hard all day today. 他所以疲倦是因为他今天整天辛勤工作。 He did well. 他踢得不错。 He listened to my story with an air of growing disbelief. 他听我讲故事,脸上显出越来越不相信的神情。 He forgot to clean his desk. 他忘了清理书桌。 He asked if our party was going to start at 7 o'clock. 他问晚会是否 7 点开始。 He can't decide what to do. 他无法决定该做什么。 What a good dancer he is! 他舞跳得多好啊! He will shuffle the deck and deal the cards. 他洗牌之后发牌。 I'm extremely glad that she is all right now. 他现在一切都好,我高兴极了。 He believes that his wife is going to get a promotion soon. 他相信他的妻子马上会得到提升。 He is a great believer in fresh air as a cure for illness. 他相信新鲜空气对治愈疾病有益。 He wrote many great dramas. Take Hamlet for example. 他写了很多大剧作,比如《哈姆雷特》。 Is he any good? 他行吗? He needed a blood transfusion. 他需要输血。 He decided on a career in the army. 他选定了军人作为职业。 Has he studied French very long? 他学法文已经很久了吗? What's he like at public speaking? 他演说怎么样? He won't come back until, er, this Friday. 他要到,呃,本周五才会回来。 He may call on you tomorrow. 他也许明天会来看望你。 He may be right. 他也许是对的。 He also paints religious subjects. 他也以宗教主题作画。 He must have missed the train. 他一定是没赶上火车。 He must be joking. 他一定是在开玩笑。 He must be there. 他一定在那儿。 I'm worried sick by his long absence. 他一直不露面,我很担心。 He has played very well, but he wants to become a better player. 他已经玩得很好了,但是他想成为更好的球员。 He has determined on proving his friend's innocence. 他已决心要证明他朋友的无辜。 He's passed the trials. 他已通过了选拔赛。 He's firmly in control, so he cashed the king of clubs. 他已稳操胜券,所以出了梅花 K。 He's won by a score of 3-1. 他以 3 比 1 获胜。 He won with the queen and then drew three rounds of diamonds. 他以 Q 赢了一墩,然后连吊三轮方块。 He is sort of, er, in low spirits. 他有点儿,呃,精神不振。 He might have told his friend about the news. 他有可能已经把消息告诉他的朋友了。 He has a strong desire for success. 他有取得成功的强烈愿望。 He has a radio, doesn't he? 他有一台收音机,不是吗? He goes to school after breakfast. 他于早餐后上学。 He's done well in the 200-meter dash. 他在 200 米赛跑中成绩不错。 He works quickly when he is in the office. 他在办公室时工作迅速。 He's got hold of the ball out on the touch line. 他在边线上得到了球。 He was having more and more trouble selling his fruit. 他在出售他的水果方面困难越来越多。 He's smart to ruff a spade at trick one. 他在打第一墩时用王牌压黑桃,这很聪明。 He lived in California until he was seventeen. 他在加州一直住到十七岁。 He is in the living room. 他在客厅里。 He was there - or so I assumed. 他在那儿--我是这样想的。 There's not much probability that he'll be back in three days. 他在三天之内回来的可能性不大。 How could he do such a thing to me! 他怎么能对我做那样的事啊! He stood there without moving. 他站那儿不动。 What's he like? 他这人怎么样? He is really happy. 他真的很快乐。 He's really into chess. 他真的喜欢下棋。 He's working on a small slam! 他正设法打小满贯呢! The camera he's using now is a twin-lens reflex one. 他正在使用的是双镜头反光镜相机。 He knows it's inconvenient, but he wants to go anyway. 他知道那不太方便,可是无论如何他要去。 He knew what he had to do. 他知道他该做什么。 He's all talk. 他只是会空谈。 He himself is a fine player. 他自己就是一名好球员。 He always spends in excess of his income. 他总是入不敷出。 It is not too heavy, but I don't know the exact weight. 它不太重,不过我不知道确切的重量。 It gets excellent reception. 它的接收情况极好。 It fits perfectly. 它非常合适。 Next to it is another one where you can have Chinese food. 它隔壁那间供应中餐。 It wears well and keeps its shape. 它很耐穿,不易走样。 Will it be put on again? 它还会上演吗? It may make you a little drowsy. 它可能使人有点想睡。 It could be the name of a street. 它可能是一条街道的名字。 The thing that matters is that it brings countries together. 它可以把许多国家召集到一起。 The similarity lies in the fact that they serve the same purpose. 它们的相同之处在于它们目标相同。 They are similar in that they all have four sides. 它们都有四条边。 They form a graceful architectural complex of ancient temples. 它们构成了优美的古庙建筑群。 They'll be transmitted ahead of all other classes of cables. 它们将比其他各类电报优先拍发。 They'll be delivered on Saturday. 它们将于星期六送到。 They're over there. 它们就在那边。 All are arranged in perfect order. 它们排列整齐。 They're code words. 它们是暗语字组。 They're oranges. 它们是橘子。 Are they birds? 它们是鸟吗? They symbolize immortality and longevity. 它们象征着不朽和长寿。 They're life-like. 它们栩栩如生。 How fast will they get to their destinations? 它们要多长时间才能到达目的地? They're getting up and down all the time. 它们总是不停地上上下下跑。 When did it arrive? 它什么时候到的? It is long. 它是长的。 It's caught in the tropic forest of Xishuang Banna. 它是从西双版纳热带森林捕来的。 It's built with the gardens in South China as models. 它是仿照中国南方园林建造的。 It is yellow. 它是黄色的。 It's made in U.S.A. 它是美国生产的。 Where is it made? 它是哪里生产的? What color is it? 它是什么颜色的? It leads to the Times Square. 它通向时报广场。 It was the seat of the court and the imperial residence during the Ming and Qing dynasties. 它原是明、清两代宫廷及后宫的所在。 It's getting closer, beware! 它越来越近了,当心! It enjoys a high reputation in China and abroad. 它在国内外享有盛名。 It shows 96,000 artifacts. 它展出了九万六千件手工艺品。 Tessa's phone number -- it's 74722, right? 苔莎的电话号码是---74722,对吗? That's too much! 太过分了! It's marvelous! 太好了! How marvelous! 太好了! It is terrific! 太好了! It's fantastic! 太好了! It's super! 太好了! It is smashing! 太好了! It's sucks! 太好了! What a suck! 太好了! It's wonderful! 太好了! Wonderful! 太好了! Bravo! 太好了! Lovely! 太好了! Too true. 太好了。 Isn't that a shame! 太可惜了! Do you want a cold-wave, madam? 太太,您要冷烫吗? I'm very grateful to you. 太谢谢你了。 I'm glad to see the sun out again. 太阳又出来了,我真高兴。 What's so terrible about that! 太糟糕了! Talking of the weekend party, I've got a good idea. 谈起周末的聚会,我有个好主意。 How did Thomas shape at center-half? 汤玛斯在中前卫踢得怎么样? Tom, meet Jane. 汤姆,认识一下简。 Tom draws better than Peter. 汤姆比彼得画得好。 Tom is not happy. 汤姆不愉快。 Tom doesn't have time. Neither does Joe. 汤姆没空。乔也没有。 Tom has difficulty in learning the lesson. 汤姆学这课有困难。 How tall is Tom? 汤姆有多高? Tom sometimes helps his father on the farm. 汤姆有时候在农庄上帮他父亲工作。 Tom is holding a safe lead. 汤姆正遥遥领先。 And what would you like after your soup? 汤上完后来点什么? What will you have to follow the soup? 汤上完后来点什么? Won't Mr. Tang perform today? 唐先生今天不表演吗? Sugar and salt differ. 糖和盐完全不一样。 If you evade your fare, you'll be fined. 逃票要罚款的。 It would be a good idea to have a discussion. 讨论一下确实是个好主意。 What a nuisance! 讨厌! Horrible, isn't it? 讨厌极了,不是吗? The point was put forward that we should check the inflation. 提出的要点是我们应该制止通货膨胀。 Raise the bid. 提高开叫数。 What channel is the sports show? 体育节目是在哪个频道? My! 天啊! No unauthorized entry after dark! 天黑以后未经允许不准入内! It's not the end of the world. 天还没塌下来呢。 Oh heavens! 天哪! Oh dear! 天哪! Good lord! 天哪! My goodness! 天哪! Goodness gracious! 天哪! Goodness me! 天哪! Thank goodness! 天哪! Good gracious! 天哪! Good gracious me! 天哪! Good heavens! 天哪! Good God! 天哪! Good Lord! 天哪! Gracious me! 天哪! For Christ's sake! 天哪! For goodness' sake! 天哪! For heaven's sake! 天哪! For mercy's sake! 天哪! For pity's sake! 天哪! For Pete's sake! 天哪! God bless me! 天哪! God bless my soul! 天哪! By heaven! 天哪! Great Scott! 天哪! Good God! 天哪! My God! 天哪! Gosh, isn't it crowded! 天哪!太挤了! Good gracious, no! 天哪,不! Goodness, have you been expelled? 天哪,你被开除啦?! Good gracious, yes. 天哪,是的。 My god, this place is enormous. What luxury! 天哪,这地方真大,真豪华! My goodness, that's a difficult one! 天哪,这是个难题! It's muggy. 天气潮湿。 It's certainly a big improvement over yesterday. 天气的确比昨天好多了。 Fine weather we are having. 天气很好。 It's going to be sweltering hot. 天气将热得让人发昏。 Is the weather often like this? 天气经常这样吗? It seems to be clearing up. 天气看来要放晴。 How cold is it? 天气有多冷? The weather report wasn't very promising. 天气预报不太乐观。 The weather report says it's partly cloudy today, with a strong wind from the west. 天气预报说今天少云,有强西风。 What does the weather forecast say? 天气预报怎么说? Lovely weather, isn't it? 天气真好,不是吗? It's a boiling day, isn't it? 天气真热,是吗? Horrible day, don't you think? 天气真糟糕,不是吗? Does the antenna work well? 天线情况好吗? The semi-finals of the track and field events are under way. 田径项目的选拔赛正在进行。 The fields and hills seem to fly fast. 田野、山丘像飞一样掠过。 It's on this open-air terrace that they danced. 跳舞就在这露台上进行。 I'm very concerned to hear that there is going to be a delay. 听到讲误点的消息我很担心。 I am glad to hear that you are much better now. 听到你感觉好多了我真高兴。 I'm most relieved to hear about his recovery. 听到他康复的消息我松了一口气。 It was quite a relief to hear that he wasn't hit by the bus. 听到他没有被公共汽车撞着,令人十分欣慰。 I'm delighted to hear about their June wedding. 听到他们六月份结婚我很高兴。 It was quite a relief to hear about the result. 听到这个结果,令人十分欣慰。 I'm sorry to hear that. 听到这个我很遗憾。 It was quite a relief when I heard the news. 听到这个消息,令人十分欣慰。 I'm sorry to hear that. 听到这个消息我很难过。 How glad I am to hear the good news! 听到这好消息,我多高兴啊! I'm delighted to hear it. 听到这件事我很高兴。 I am glad to hear the news. 听到这消息我真高兴。 It's a relief to hear about the news. 听到这消息真叫人欣慰。 It was quite a relief when I heard the result. 听到这一结果我松了一口气。 It astonishes me to hear that. 听到这一消息真令我吃惊。 I was quite relieved to hear about the latest news. 听到这最新消息,我感到十分欣慰。 Get it? 听懂了吗? Got it? 听懂了吗? Yes, they said it would be slightly above freezing tomorrow. 听过了,天气预报说明天刚过零度。 I'm sorry to hear what you've told me. 听了你告诉我的事,我很遗憾。 Says you! 听你胡说! At your service. 听您吩咐。 It sounds not too bad. 听起来并不太坏。 Sounds great. 听起来好极了。 Sounds quite OK. 听起来还可以。 Sound's all right. 听起来挺不错的。 It sounds pretty well. 听起来挺好的。 Gee, that sounds like a good idea. 听起来像是个好主意。 Sounds like a good idea. 听起来这主意不错。 Listen and repeat. 听然后跟着念。 I'm extremely glad to hear about it. 听说此事,我极为高兴。 Yes. I think the wind's picking up. 听说过。我看已经在起风了。 Heard about the book? 听说过这本书吗? I'm sorry to hear about her misfortune. 听说她的遭遇我很遗憾。 I'm most relieved to hear that she's recovered from her illness. 听说她康复了,我甚感欣慰。 I feel sorry to hear that she has lost all hope of recovery. 听说她已经失去康复的希望我感到很惋惜。 We were relieved to hear that the news was false. 听说那消息是假的,我们感到放心了。 We were disappointed when we heard that you could not come. 听说你不能来,我们很失望。 I'm sorry to know about your resignation. 听说你辞职,我很遗憾。 I'm sorry to hear that your project has been turned down. 听说你的方案被拒绝了,我很遗憾。 I'm really delighted to hear about his safe return. 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司