翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 I'm sorry to say that the picture is very bad. 我很遗憾,这画太糟了。 I regret to say I can't accept your suggestion. 我很遗憾我不能接受您的建议。 I'm fairly certain about his punctuality. 我很有把握他会很守时。 I have every confidence that he'll get a promotion soon. 我很有信心,他不久就会晋升的。 I have every confidence in his success. 我很有信心他会成功的。 I'm quite willing, but you should be part of it. 我很愿意,不过你也要参加。 I'd like to, but my friend is coming this Sunday. 我很愿意,但我的朋友这星期天要来。 I do like it very much. 我很愿意。 I'd like to. 我很愿意。 I'd love to. 我很愿意。 I'd like to. 我很愿意。 I'm quite prepared to take up this new post. 我很愿意接受这个新职位。 I'd like to introduce our president, Mr. Smith. 我很愿意介绍一下我们的校长,史密斯先生。 I'd like to come. 我很愿意来。 I'm perfectly willing to clean it for you. 我很愿意为你打扫。 I hate you! 我恨你! I could kick myself. 我恨死我自己了。 It took me about, um, six days to finish the job. 我花了大约,呃,六天的时间才完成这工作。 I am doubtful whether the author is still alive. 我怀疑该作者是否还活着。 I doubt that I'll do anything tomorrow. 我怀疑明天我会做任何事情。 I'm doubtful of the team's chances in the match. 我怀疑这个队在比赛中获胜的可能性。 I suspect the plan to be not feasible. 我怀疑这计划是不可行的。 I might as well have been speaking to a brick wall. 我还不如对着砖墙说话呢。 I still have two stops to pass, don't I? 我还得坐两站,对吗? Where else might I rent one? 我还可以到何处去租? I haven't made up my mind yet. 我还没有决定。 I haven't decided where to stay when I am there. 我还没有决定到了那里以后住在哪里。 I haven't made up my mind yet. 我还没有拿定主意。 I still haven't found out the problem. 我还没找出毛病。 Anything else I can do for you? 我还能为你做点什么吗? I'd rather not come. 我还是不来吧。 I'd rather not, really, I'm not used to strong drinks. 我还是不试的好,我喝不惯烈酒。 I still can't go along with you. 我还是不同意你的观点。 Can I have the OK to have another helping? 我还要一份行吗? I have quite a long way to go. 我还要坐好长一段路。 I still have two finesses to make a grand slam. 我还有两张飞牌来完成大满贯。 Do you mind if I switch over? 我换个频道,你不介意吧? I can still recall the boy's features. 我回忆得起这个男孩的容貌。 I would! It is a great sport. 我会!它是一项很棒的运动。 I will set the waves a little looser than usual. 我会把波浪做得比平时宽松一些。 I'll cut the sides a bit short, but not so much at the back. 我会把两边剪短一些,但后面不要那么短。 I'll return it as soon as possible. 我会尽快还来。 I'll see what I can do. 我会尽力的。 Do I receive a monthly statement? 我会收到银行的每月结单吗? I'll miss you. 我会想你的。 I'll forever remember your kindness. 我会永远记住你的好意。 I'll forever remember your advice. 我会永远记住你的忠告的。 I'll remember it forever. 我会永远记住这事的。 I'll support you in whatever you do. 我会支持你做的一切。 I'll see. 我会酌情办理的。 I'll do it, but only for a day. 我会做这事的,不过只做一天。 I'll probably have eggs and toast for breakfast. 我或许吃点鸡蛋和土司当早餐。 I'm head over heels about skin-diving. 我极喜欢潜水运动。 I'm head over heels about this book. 我极喜欢这本书。 I'm dying to know what happened. 我极想知道发生了什么事。 I'm waiting eagerly to watch the performance. 我急切地等待着观看这场演出。 I'm eagerly looking forward to meeting my good friends. 我急切地盼望见到我的好朋友们。 I'm eager to meet my mother at the airport. 我急切地要去机场接我的母亲。 I'm anxious to know what your decision is. 我急切想要知道你的决定是什么。 I plan to go to New York this evening. 我计划今晚去纽约。 It's my plan that I'd like to get a new job. 我计划找一份新的工作。 I can't remember when we had such a snowy day. 我记不得何时我们曾有过这样多雪的日子了。 I can't remember. 我记不得了。 I hadn't remembered that. 我记不得那点了。 I have no memory of his name. 我记不得他的名字了。 I can't remember having seen the man before. 我记不得以前见过这个人。 I can't place her. 我记不得在哪儿见过她。 I can't bring the address to mind. 我记不起那个地址了。 I remember vividly he didn't return me the money. 我记得很清楚他没有还钱给我。 I remember nobody was in the room at that time. 我记得那时没人在房间里。 As I remember it, he was once hit by a car. 我记得他曾被一辆小汽车撞过。 It is my recollection that he won the championship for three times. 我记得他曾三次夺得冠军。 As I can recall, she didn't come back until 8 o'clock. 我记起来,她到八点才回来。 I insist on being present. 我坚持要在场。 I've looked at the battery and it looks OK, I think. 我检查过蓄电池,看上去没问题。 I could hardly accept the fact that he had let me. 我简直不能接受他已经离我而去的事实。 I could hardly believe that he should have done such a thing to me. 我简直不能相信他竟然对我做这样的事。 I just can't think what I'll do without it. 我简直不能想像没有了它我会怎样。 I simply couldn't believe the time passed so quickly. 我简直不相信时间过得这么快。 I can't believe my ears! 我简直不相信自己的耳朵! I can't wait till my mother comes back. 我简直等不到我母亲回来了。 I could hardly wait for another minute. 我简直等不及了。 I can hardly move. 我简直没法转身了。 I could hardly endure it. 我简直受不住了。 I would recommend you to do some light manual labor. 我建议你从事一些轻体力劳动。 I should recommend going there earlier. 我建议你早些去那里。 I'd suggest going to see him yourself. 我建议你自己去看他。 I'd propose you give us a detailed report. 我建议您给我们作个详尽报告。 I would suggest you have it in big waves. 我建议您做大波浪。 I suggest that we deal with it immediately. 我建议我们马上处理这个问题。 I propose that we cancel the negotiation. 我建议我们取消谈判。 I will feather the sides to make it a little bouncy. 我将把您的头发两边向后卷成羽毛状,使它有弹性。 I'll try my best to study English hard. 我将尽量努力学习英语。 I'll do anything to see the film. 我将尽一切可能去看这部电影。 I will try a knock-out hairdo on you. 我将替您做一个很出色的发型。 I will leave the hotel at 7:30 tomorrow morning. 我将在明天早晨七点半离开旅馆。 I'll develop and print the roll of film myself. 我将自己来冲印这卷胶片。 Do I make myself clear? 我讲的你们明白吗? Is that reasonably clear? 我讲的你们听懂了吗? Am I making myself clear? 我讲的清楚明白吗? My first name is Bill. 我叫比尔。 I bid two spades. 我叫二黑桃。 My name is Katherine, but please call me Kate. 我叫凯瑟琳,就叫我凯特好了。 My name is John Smith. 我叫约翰·史密斯。 I take your point. 我接受你的意见。 My sister is the oldest. 我姐姐是最大的。 Have I got the go-ahead to borrow the magazine? 我借这本杂志行吗? I will pick up our tickets this afternoon at the box office. 我今天下午会去售票处拿我们的票。 I'm checking out today. Get my bill please. 我今天要结帐离去了,请把帐单给我。 I want a double room for tonight. 我今晚要一间两张床的双人房。 I should like to express my gratitude. 我谨表示我的感谢。 I should like to express my appreciation. 我谨表示我的谢意。 May I wish you every success in the new experiment! 我谨祝你的新试验一切顺利! I'd like to wish you a merry Christmas. 我谨祝你圣诞快乐。 I'd like to wish you every success in your study. 我谨祝您的学业一切顺利。 I'd like to wish you every success. 我谨祝您一切顺利。 I often go outside for a smoke. 我经常到户外去抽烟。 I often have bad hands. 我经常手气很差。 I often decline an offer of a smoke. 我经常谢绝敬烟。 It's my considered opinion that TV is harmful to people. 我经过深思熟虑的看法是,电视对人有害。 I'm warning you, get out of my room! 我警告你,滚出我的房间! I'm warning you that those stairs are not safe. 我警告你那些梯子是不安全的。 How disappointing it is that I should have missed the wonderful football match. 我竟然错过了那场精彩的足球赛,真是令我失望。 I should have made a fool of myself I public. 我竟然会当众出丑。 Now how should I put this, a great success? 我究竟该怎么表述呢,一个伟大的成功? Now how can I better put it, an anti-hero? 我究竟应该怎么说才更好呢,一位反英雄? Now how can I put it clearly, a miserable failure? 我究竟应该怎么说才清楚呢,一次惨败? Now how should I best put it, a tragedy? 我究竟应该怎么说才最好呢,一出悲剧? Now how can I best say it, a comedy? 我究竟应该怎么说最好呢,一部喜剧? I just don't see why we shouldn't all take part in the discussion. 我就是不明白,我们为什么不该都参加讨论呢。 I just don't see why we should go to bed so early. 我就是不明白,我们为什么该这么早去睡觉呢。 I just can't get rid of this wretched feeling. 我就是无法摆脱这种沮丧的感觉。 I just can't stand by and watch you. 我就是无法冷眼旁观。 I just can't call her features to mind. 我就是想不起她的容貌。 The name just doesn't come to mind. 我就是想不起那个名字。 Just drop me off here. 我就在这儿下车。 I grew up right here in this neighborhood. 我就在这附近长大的。 It's my decision to give all I have to my son. 我决定把我所有的一切都给我的儿子。 I can't decide between these two choices. 我决定不了在两者中该选择哪一个。 I've decided to save some money. 我决定积蓄一些钱。 I'm definitely going to visit Switzerland this summer. 我决定今年夏季参观瑞士。 I've decided for the project. 我决定赞成这项工程。 I resolve to achieve more in the new year. 我决心在新的一年里取得更大的成绩。 I'm determined to do it better this time. 我决心这次要做得更好。 I'm dead against that idea. 我绝对不赞成那主意。 I could never put up with his lying. 我绝对受不了他说谎。 I'm absolutely sure he will come on time. 我绝对有把握他会准时来。 I would certainly give it my backing. 我绝对赞成。 I don't feel well. 我觉得不舒服。 I find my tour to the gallery quite fruitful. 我觉得到美术馆一游很有收获。 Disco is what turns me on. 我觉得迪斯科很刺激。 I find fishing more enjoyable than hunting. 我觉得钓鱼比打猎更令人愉快。 I feel feverish. 我觉得发烧。 I feel as if it were going to snow. 我觉得好像要下雪了。 I find it difficult to get on with your sister. 我觉得和你的姊姊难以相处。 I find it difficult to reach a conclusion. 我觉得很难得到结论。 I find it difficult to understand. 我觉得很难懂。 My reaction would be: never invest in that project. 我觉得还是不要投资于该工程。 My reaction would be drawing a new plan for the research. 我觉得还是制订一份新的研究计划好。 I find painting very enjoyable. 我觉得绘画十分令人愉快。 I feel in low spirits. 我觉得精神不振。 I find reading distinctly boring. 我觉得看书特别乏味。 I feel that project was not bad. 我觉得那方案不错。 I feel you should go on. 我觉得你应该继续下去。 I feel you should never lose faith in yourself. 我觉得你永远不应对自己失去信心。 I feel so helpless. 我觉得如此无助。 I find it extremely objectionable. 我觉得它非常令人不愉快。 I find it most offensive. 我觉得它很讨厌。 I thought the play was wonderful. 我觉得太妙了。 I feel I must register my disapproval of it. 我觉得我必须表明我并不赞同这样。 I feel obliged not to let them down. 我觉得我不能让他们失望。 I have a feeling that we've taken a wrong direction. 我觉得我们走错了方向。 I really don't feel I can give my approval. 我觉得我实在不能赞成。 I think nothing for me has worked out well. 我觉得我做什么事都不顺利。 I have to say I'm fairly pessimistic. 我觉得相当悲观。 I've got a lot on my mind. 我觉得心头沉重。 I feel that everything is against me. 我觉得一切都在和我作对。 My reaction would be to sell it before it breaks down for ever. 我觉得应该在它要跌价之前就把它卖掉。 I feel a bit low. 我觉得有点无精打采了。 I feel it is my duty not to tell you the secret. 我觉得有义务不把秘密告诉你。 I don't think it would be a good idea to have a trip in such bad weather. 我觉得在这么糟糕的天气去旅行,实在不是好主意。 I find the book very boring. 我觉得这本书十分乏味。 I find the book very interesting. 我觉得这本书十分有趣。 I didn't think much of the movie. 我觉得这部电影并不高明。 I don't think this movie is very exciting. 我觉得这部电影很平淡。 I find the performance distinctly boring. 我觉得这场演出特别乏味。 I find the movie rather uninteresting. 我觉得这电影相当乏味。 I find the painting extremely fascinating. 我觉得这幅画十分迷人。 I feel the plan was unpractical. 我觉得这计划不可行。 I find it a good proposal. 我觉得这是个好建议。 I feel it was the end of the world. 我觉得这是世界末日了。 I feel it is my duty. 我觉得这是我的义务。 I don't find the book very interesting. 我觉得这书不太有趣。 I think they're too near the centre aisle. 我觉得这些座位太靠近中间走廊了。 I think it's awful. 我觉得这糟透了。 I feel such an idiot. 我觉得自己简直是个傻瓜。 I feel such a fool of myself. 我觉得自己是个傻瓜。 Shan't I drive you home? 我开车送你回家不好吗? Would you mind if I open the window? 我开窗,你不介意吧? Would you mind my turning on the light? 我开灯你不介意吧? I thought we were going to lose at first. 我开始还以为我们会输呢。 I'm getting to like modern novels. 我开始喜欢现代小说了。 Mind if I turn on the radio? 我开收音机,你不介意吧? I don't see anything wrong in doing that. 我看不出那样做有什么错。 I can't see any objection to your taking a few days off. 我看不出您休假几天有什么不可以的。 I can't see any objection. 我看不出有什么不可以的。 I don't see why. 我看不出有什么理由。 I'll be late for the movie. 我看电影要迟到了。 I saw your brother walking on the street. 我看见你兄弟在街上走。 I was terrified out of my mind when I watched him fall from that tall tree. 我看见他从那棵高高的树上摔下来时心里真是害怕极了。 I can see no objection. 我看没什么不可以的。 I don't see any problem. 我看没什么问题。 I don't see why not. 我看没有什么不可以的。 I don't think that movie is very enjoyable. 我看那部电影并不怎么有趣。 That ought to be enough meat for four people, I think. 我看那肉够四人吃的。 I don't think you ought to quarrel with you teacher. 我看你不该和你的老师吵架。 I'd say you shouldn't have sold it. 我看你不应卖掉它的。 I think you have to pay for the telephone. 我看你得交电话费。 I think you ought to give her some money. 我看你该给她一些钱。 I think you're meant to line up. 我看你该排队。 I think you should spend much more time on study. 我看你该在学业上花更多的时间。 I think you're going to have a good time. 我看你会过得十分愉快的。 I don't see how you can get away with your duty to clean your bedroom. 我看你没法逃避清扫卧室的义务。 I don't see how you can get out of washing your clothes. 我看你免不了要洗衣服。 I don't really think you should make so much noise. 我看你确实不该这么吵闹。 I don't see how you can talk about music and poetry in the same breath. 我看你是无法把音乐与诗歌相提并论的。 I think you've gone much too far. 我看你太过分了。 I think you need to ask for his help. 我看你需要请他帮忙。 I can see no objection to your request. 我看您的要求没什么不可以的。 I suppose the fall is over. 我看秋天快结束了吧。 It seems to me that they're very close. 我看他们似乎关系很密切。 I think it's going to be a beautiful day. 我看天气会很好的。 I think I'll write my report under the tree where it's cool. 我看我要到那棵树底下去写报告了,那儿凉快。 I can't say much for the acting. 我看演的不怎么样。 I don't think that would prove too difficult. 我看这不会太难的。 I don't see how the TV set can fail. 我看这电视机怎么也不会出毛病的。 I think that's an excellent proposal! 我看这是个出色的建议! That'll be OK by me. 我看这行。 I was thinking of a job in a university. 我考虑要找一份大学里的工作。 I have a cough and it's hard for me to breathe through my nose. 我咳嗽,而且用鼻子呼吸感到困难。 Search me? 我可不知道。 I may well enter for the competition. 我可能参加比赛。 I may wrap up 5 tricks easily. 我可能很容易地囊括 5 墩牌。 I'm probably going to see Dr. Brown. 我可能去见一见布朗医生。 May I exchange this for something? 我可以把这个换别的东西吗? Can I leave this prescription with you? 我可以把这张处方留在你这儿吗? May I put my seat back? 我可以把座位向后倾斜吗? I could have sworn that I saw him coming at 9:00. 我可以发誓我看到他九点来过。 Can I get a Xerox of some material on microfilm? 我可以复印一些微缩胶片上的资料吗? I can tell it to you, but you must keep it to yourself. 我可以告诉你,不过你必须保密。 I can tell you something about him, but you must keep it secret. 我可以告诉你他的一些事,但是你得保密。 I can tell you something about his private life, but don't leak it out to others. 我可以告诉你一些他的私生活,但不要泄露给别人。 I can give you two seats in Row 5. 我可以给您第五排的两张票。 May I have a word with you? 我可以跟你谈一下吗? Could I speak to Mr. Smith? 我可以跟史密斯先生通话吗? I could use a gin and tonic. 我可以喝杜松子酒。 Can I transfer to a first class coach? 我可以换到头等车厢吗? May I continue my trip? 我可以继续我的旅行吗? Can I borrow this magazine? 我可以借这本杂志吗? Can I borrow these magazines?books 我可以借这些杂志吗?书 Could I have a look at the cigar case? 我可以看看那个雪茄烟盒吗? Could I have a look at your photos? 我可以看看你的照片吗? May I see the gifts you mentioned? 我可以看看你说的礼物吗? May I have your identity card? 我可以看看您的身份证吗? May I see your passport? 我可以看一下你的护照吗? May I have a look at your pictures? 我可以看一下你的照片吗? May I think about it for a moment? 我可以考虑一下吗? 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司