翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 May I have a tomato juice? 我可以来一杯番茄汁吗? I can offer you some mushroom soup, compliments of the chef. 我可以免费提供您一些蘑菇汤,算是厨师的一点敬意。 May I ask a favor of you? 我可以请你帮忙吗? Can I go to the cinema, please? 我可以去看电影吗? I can let you have a room in the new wing. 我可以让你在新厢房内租一间。 May I have the honor of inviting you to our meeting? 我可以荣幸地请你参加我们的会议吗? May I have the pleasure of speaking to Professor Miller? 我可以荣幸地与米勒教授谈话吗? May I try this on? 我可以试穿吗? Could I remind you the meeting is at seven o'clock? 我可以提醒你会议在七点开始吗? Can I remind you to do your homework? 我可以提醒你做作业吗? May I remind you to write a report? 我可以提醒您写一份报告吗? Am I allowed to put forward a suggestion? 我可以提一个建议吗? May I take your picture? 我可以替你拍照吗? May I return this for a refund? 我可以退还这个而退钱吗? May I recommend anything for you? 我可以为您推荐什么吗? Can I ask you if you would agree with that? 我可以问一下你是否同意这个观点? I can trust his account of what happened. 我可以相信他对发生的事所作的叙述。 I still have the heart finesse to fall back on. 我可以依靠红心飞牌。 Can I write my message in Latin? 我可以用拉丁文字写电文吗? May I use my credit card in place of a room deposit? 我可以用信用卡来代替房间保证金吗? May I charge it? 我可以用信用卡吗? I can use your dictionary, can't I? 我可以用一下你的字典吗? May I draw money against this credit card? 我可以用这张信用卡支钱吗? Could I put forward one additional suggestion? 我可以再提出一个建议吗? Could I raise one more point? 我可以再提一个意见吗? May I think about it for another few minutes? 我可以再仔细考虑一会儿吗? I can let you off at Fifth Avenue. 我可以在第五大道让您下车。 Is it possible for me to add some code words in it? 我可以在电报中加一些暗语字组吗? Can I call London from my room? 我可以在房间里打电话到伦敦吗? Can I break my journey at Los Angeles? 我可以在洛杉矶中途停留吗? Where can I purchase some mosquito repellent? 我可以在哪儿买到防蚊剂? Where can I park the car? 我可以在哪儿停车? May I open a deposit account with your office and settle it before my departure? 我可以在你局开个帐户,在我离开前结算吗? Can I buy stamps here? 我可以在这里买邮票吗? Can I break my journey at Osaka? 我可以在中途在大坂下船吗? May I think it over? 我可以仔细考虑一下吗? Can I walk there? 我可以走路去吗? Can I rent a safe deposit box? 我可以租一个保险箱吗? Can I rent a set of golf clubs? 我可以租一套高尔夫球具吗? I might be able to do some cooking. 我可以做些菜。 I look forward to hearing from you. 我渴望收到你的来信。 I'm sure. It's Monday. 我肯定,今天是星期一。 We'll not succeed, I'm sure. 我肯定,我们不会成功的。 I'll by no means be a professor. 我肯定不会成为一名教授的。 I certainly don't like the program. 我肯定不喜欢这个项目。 I'll certainly have a swell time with my old friends. 我肯定会和我的那些老朋友们玩得很高兴的。 I'm sure of a snow this afternoon. 我肯定今天下午会下雪。 I'm sure about getting an MA degree. 我肯定能取得文学硕士学位。 I am quite certain that the population problem will be eased. 我肯定人口问题会缓和的。 I bet that he's lost all his money in the gamble. 我肯定他在赌博中输掉了所有的钱。 I feel quite sure that our production will increase. 我肯定我们的生产会增加。 I'm sure we'll have a good time. 我肯定我们会玩得很开心的。 I'm sure we're going to win the football match. 我肯定我们会赢得这场足球比赛的。 I don't believe we know that one. 我肯定我们没有听说过那种酒。 The performance will be wonderful, I'm sure. 我肯定演出会很精彩。 I'm sure I know how to write it. 我肯定知道该怎样写。 I'm afraid I can't come. 我恐怕不能来了。 I'm afraid I have to explain again. 我恐怕得再解释。 I'm afraid I've got a complaint about the service here. 我恐怕对这儿的服务有意见。 I'm afraid two days' time isn't enough for that. 我恐怕两天的时间是不够的。 I'm afraid I can't go with you tomorrow. 我恐怕明天不能和你一起去了。 I'm afraid you should give us much more evidence. 我恐怕你得给我们提供更多的证据。 I'm afraid your team is losing the game. 我恐怕你们的队将会输掉这场比赛。 I'm afraid you're going in the opposite direction. 我恐怕你走反方向了。 I'm afraid I have a complaint to make. 我恐怕有意见要提。 I have a passion for American literature. 我酷爱美国文学。 I played the violin. 我拉小提琴。 Let me help you to some sweet and sour fish. 我来帮你夹点糖醋鱼。 I'll see if 2021 is available. 我来查看一下 2021 是否空着。 Let me show you to your seat. 我来给你引座。 Let me check your lungs and heart. 我来检查一下你的心肺。 Let me have a look at the radiator grille. 我来检查一下散热器护栅。 I'll check the disk wheel. 我来看一看盘轮。 I'll see if there are any vacancies. 我来看一下是否还有空房。 Let me take your blood pressure. 我来量一下你的血压。 I'll guide you on a tour of the museum. 我来领你们参观这博物馆。 Let me look up the time-table for you. 我来替您查一下时刻表。 And I'll have an old-fashioned, please. 我来一杯威士忌调成的鸡尾酒。 I overdid it at work and damaged my heart. 我劳累过度,损坏了我的心脏。 I've had a long day and I'm feeling drowsy. 我劳累了整整一天,现在感到很想睡。 I have aged considerably. 我老多了。 I'm dog-tired. 我累坏了。 I'm pooped. 我累坏了。 I'm tired out; I should sleep well tonight. 我累坏了今晚我应好好睡觉。 I'm done up; I can go no further. 我累坏了我再也不能走了。 I'm done in and must sit down for a while. 我累极了,必须在这里坐一会儿。 I'm tired to the world. 我累极了。 I'm completely beat. 我累极了。 I was overburdened with weariness. 我累极了。 I was whacked, and by 7:00, I was fast asleep. 我累了,到了 7 点,我就熟睡了。 They were doing maths exercises when I left. 我离开时他们在做数学练习。 I went to sleep immediately and slept soundly all night. 我立刻睡着了,并且一整夜都睡得很熟。 One will do for us both. 我俩一份就够了。 I imagine she'll have finished her homework by seven o'clock. 我料想她会在七点之前完成作业。 I expect you've already done it. 我料想你已经办了。 I reckon that's above his head. 我料想他没这本事。 I will do it for you straight away. 我马上就给你配。 I'll go over your car immediately. 我马上就来检查你的车子。 How wonderful it is that I'll further my study in the United States soon! 我马上就要去美国深造,那多好啊! I will take this one. 我买这个。 I have no alternative. 我没别的选择。 I don't intend to make a speech. 我没打算发表演讲。 I've not planned to go there tomorrow. 我没打算明天去那儿。 I can't reach the Peace Hotel, there's a busy signal. 我没法打通和平饭店,通话中。 I couldn't tell you. 我没法告诉你。 I couldn't tell you who is the thief. 我没法告诉你谁是小偷。 Didn't I tell you? 我没告诉你吗? I didn't see Mr Jones, but I saw John Smith. 我没见过钟士先生,不过我见过约翰·史密斯。 I didn't see you pull out of that alley. 我没看到你正开车从那条巷子出来。 I've nothing to bid. 我没什么好叫的。 There's nothing I can say to lessen your unhappiness, but you must take care of yourself. 我没什么话可以减轻你的悲痛,但你得珍重自己。 I didn't expect you to do such a good job. 我没想到你会干得如此好。 I never thought it would be so cold in New York. 我没想到纽约会这么冷。 I hadn't thought of it. 我没想到这个问题。 I give up. 我没有办法。 There's no way I can get a pay raise. 我没有办法加薪。 I'm at my wit's end. 我没有办法了。 I'm not waiting for anybody. 我没有等任何人。 I have no experience of teaching English. 我没有教英语的经验。 I'm not married. 我没有结婚。 I have no experience. 我没有经验。 I don't recognize him. 我没有认出他。 I can see no reason to oppose it. 我没有任何理由反对它。 I see no objection whatsoever. 我没有任何异议。 There's no doubt in my mind. 我没有丝毫疑问。 I don't have any toilet paper. 我没有卫生纸。 I don't have any brothers. 我没有兄弟。 I'm not as physically active as I used to be. 我没有以前那样体力充沛了。 I didn't find a parking place. Neither did he. 我没找到停车位。他也没找到。 I get up at 6 o'clock every day. 我每天六点钟起床。 I see Tom at school every day. 我每天在学校看见汤姆。 I get out of bed about 7 o'clock every morning. 我每天早晨大约在七点钟起床。 Let's park here. 我们把车停在这儿吧。 We tie up at that large red buoy. 我们把船系在那个红色的大浮筒上。 Do we pay you or the cashier? 我们把钱付给你还是出纳员? Let's postpone the meeting. 我们把这次会议延期吧。 Our flights are fully booked. 我们班机的机位都被订完了。 So am I right in saying we should finish it ahead of time? 我们必须提前完成任务,我这样说对吗? We are committed to act on the law. 我们必须照法办事。 We don't go dancing very often. 我们不常去跳舞。 We might as well check the piston. 我们不妨查一下活塞。 We might as well change the plan. 我们不妨改变一下计划。 We don't fly to Tokyo. 我们不飞东京。 We are coming back home soon. 我们不久就要回家了。 Let's not cry over the spilled milk. 我们不要徒劳地后悔。 We shouldn't forget that there's less and less energy on the earth. 我们不应该忘记地球上能源越来越少了。 We sang many songs and played video games. 我们唱了许多歌并且玩游戏机。 We sell the pure-woolen sweater detergent. 我们出售纯羊毛衣清洁剂。 Our shipping company holds more than 140 ocean ships with a total deadweight of nearly 3 million tons. 我们船运公司拥有一百四十多艘远洋船舶,载重量达三百万吨。 We'll start from this room. 我们从这间房间开始。 So we're agreed, aren't we? 我们达成一致意见了,是不是? We're going to get married soon. 我们打算很快结婚。 We're thinking of visiting the museum. 我们打算去参观博物馆。 We plan to go mountain-climbing, could you give us some suggestions? 我们打算去爬山,你能给我们一些建议吗? Most of us presumed the story to be true. 我们大多数人觉得这故事是真的。 We all know each other pretty well. 我们大家彼此都很熟识。 We took adequate food for the short holiday. 我们带着足够的食品度过短暂的假日。 Here we are. 我们到了。 By the time we got there, the play had already begun. 我们到那里的时候,戏已经开始了。 Let's go to the buffet. 我们到小吃部去吧。 How long will we have to wait? 我们得等多久? We'll have to rush. 我们得赶紧。 We'd better step on it. 我们得赶快。 We have to change the accelerator pedal. 我们得换油门踏板。 We'd better hurry up. 我们得快一点。 We'd better hurry or we'll miss part of the show. 我们得快一些了,否则我们会看不到电影开头部分。 We must call the police immediately! 我们得立刻叫警察! We have to have our set fixed. 我们得请人修电视机了。 We'll have to take you on one month's probation first. 我们得先让你试用一个月。 We'll have to charge you some duty on this. 我们得向你收取这物品的关税。 Shall we line up here for 123 bus? 我们得在这儿排队等 123 路车吗? We have to put in a new brake pedal. 我们得装新的煞车踏板。 Our dining-room tries to cater to all passengers' tastes. 我们的餐厅尽力满足所有旅客的口味。 Our ship is arriving in London in five minutes. 我们的船五分钟后将抵达伦敦。 We've come to a standstill. 我们的船已停止航行。 We're steaming in the teeth of the wind. 我们的船正逆风航行。 Our TV set works pretty well. 我们的电视机性能很不错。 Our cruising speed is now up to 500 km. 我们的飞行速度现在达到了 500 公里。 We have excellent working conditions here. 我们的工作条件极好。 Our views are identical. 我们的观点完全一致。 There's no hope left for our marriage. 我们的婚姻没希望了。 Our party will turn out fine. 我们的聚会一定会很好的。 Is our travel insurance all right? 我们的旅行保险没问题吧? Our forwards were asleep in the second half. 我们的前锋在下半场似乎睡着了。 We do have a vacancy, would you mind starting tomorrow? 我们的确有一个空缺,不知你能否明天开始工作? We have a great variety of books and magazines. 我们的书和杂志种类繁多。 Our dance party will be wonderful. 我们的舞会将会十分精彩的。 Our boat will pass under the Seventeen-Arch Bridge. 我们的小船将从十七孔桥下穿过。 Our drinks are half-priced today. 我们的饮料今天只收半价。 Our English evening is going to be splendid. 我们的英语晚会将会很精彩的。 Our business hours are from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. 我们的营业时间是从早上八点到晚上八点。 Our business hours are from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. 我们的营业时间是从早上十点至晚上九点。 We've ascended the heights and are enjoying a distant view of the lake and hills. 我们登高远望,湖光山色尽收眼底。 It is obvious to us all that the competition is lost. 我们都很清楚比赛输了。 We had a very wonderful night, didn't we? 我们度过了一个愉快夜晚,不是吗? Our team were hopeless. 我们队无可救药了。 We're not responsible for anything of value left in pockets or fastened to garments. 我们对放在衣袋里或附在衣服上的任何贵重物品一概不负责任。 In all likelihood, we will find the lost child. 我们多半会找到那走失的孩子。 We'll go over the new words. 我们复习新单词。 It's time we were making a move. 我们该动身了。 It's high time we were going. 我们该走了。 Which railway carriage should we take? 我们该坐哪一节车厢? We're just out of the bay. 我们刚才出了海湾。 Our working hour is from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., with a lunch break from 12:00 to 1:30. 我们工作时间是从早上九点到下午六点,还有从十二点至一点半的午饭时间。 Our company also provides the shipping service with roll on/roll off ships and container ships. 我们公司还提供滚装箱船和集装箱船的运输服务。 We estimate that it would take a week to cover the whole distance. 我们估计走完全程要花一星期时间。 Our curator is an expert on the research of bronzeware. 我们馆长是研究青铜器的专家。 Why don't we have a cup of coffee first, and then go to the cinema? 我们何不先喝杯咖啡,然后去看电影? We have a fear that she might not succeed. 我们很担心她会失败。 We'd be delighted to accept your invitation. 我们很高兴接受您的邀请。 We're happy to have this chance. 我们很高兴有这么个机会。 It seems probable that we might meet with some difficulties. 我们很可能会遇到一些困难。 In all likelihood, we shall be away for a week. 我们很可能离开一星期。 We're getting in some new foreign novels soon. 我们很快将进一批新的外国小说。 We'd very much like to have dinner with you. 我们很想和您一起进餐。 We'd very much like you to come to our wedding ceremony. 我们很愿意你来参加我们的结婚典礼。 We can't decide anything yet. 我们还不能作出任何决定。 How long shall we have to wait? Let's walk. 我们还得等多长时间?我们走路去吧。 We still have some back issues of this magazine in stock. 我们还库存一些这本杂志的过期刊。 What else could we do? 我们还能做什么呢? We'd better not infringe any of the rules. 我们还是不要违反规定才好。 Let's be sensible. Nobody will lose anything. 我们还是明智点吧。谁也不会失去什么东西。 We might as well go to bed. 我们还是去睡觉吧。 We haven't reached an agreement yet. 我们还未达成协议。 We still have six exposures left on the film. 我们还有六张未拍的底片。 We also have some children's pictorial magazines. 我们还有些儿童画报。 So what are we arguing about? 我们还争论什么呢? Shall we switch to another channel? 我们换个频道好吗? Shipment will be made by the first available steamer. 我们会安排最近期的船只装运。 We'll be expecting you. 我们会等着你来。 We will send you statements showing your deposits, withdrawals, and current balances. 我们会寄给你结单,上面列有你的存款,提款和目前的结余。 You have our whole-hearted support in your research. 我们会全心全意地支持您进行研究。。 We'll miss you. 我们会想你的。 We'll be delighted to have you come again. 我们会再次高兴地请你来的。 We'll back you in the argument. 我们会在辩论中支持你。 We're going to have a lot of fun at the party. 我们会在聚会上玩得很开心的。 We can darn this coat. 我们会织补这件外套。 We'll be on time, won't we? 我们会准时来的,不是吗? We may be able to help you in some way. 我们或许可以在某些方面帮你的忙。 We're eagerly longing to spend our winter vacation in New York. 我们急切地盼望去纽约度寒假。 Let's speed up! 我们加速吧! We insist upon our own view. 我们坚持自己的观点。 We'll transfer you to another hospital. 我们将给你转院。 We will support you wholeheartedly. 我们将会全心全意地支持您。 We'll support you wholeheartedly in your new experiment. 我们将会全心全意地支持您进行新的实验。 We'll do our best to remove the stain, but we can't guarantee the result. 我们将尽最大努力洗去这个污渍,但我们不能保证一定能洗干净。 We'll wash this sweater by hand in cold water. 我们将用冷水手洗这件毛衣。 We will play in the park, but Tom will not. 我们将在公园里玩,但汤姆不会。 We'll get to it this afternoon. 我们今天下午开始检修。 We ate as quickly as we could. 我们尽快地吃。 How about if we get in and have a look there? 我们进去瞧一瞧怎么样? How marvelous it is that we'll have a new English teacher! 我们就要有一位新的英语老师了,太妙了! We determine to fulfil the task ahead of time. 我们决定提前完成任务。 We decided that we should elect a new sales manager. 我们决定我们应该选举一位新的业务经理。 We decided on blue paint for the kitchen. 我们决定在厨房用蓝漆。 We are determined that the law shall be enforced. 我们决定这项法律必须实施。 We feel you should go ahead. 我们觉得你应该做。 Let's head back to the museum and drop me there. 我们开回到博物馆,我就在那儿下车。 Let's go back to the crossroad. 我们开回到那条岔路去。 We're now ready to accept orders for several kinds of newly-published books. 我们开始接受几种新出版书籍的预订。 Is there any objection if we move to the next item? 我们开始下一项议题,有什么异议吗? Let's get cracking. 我们开始做吧! We saw the trees. But we didn't see the birds in the trees. 我们看见树。但我们没看见树上的鸟。 We appear to agree that we should start it at once. 我们看样子都同意我们应该马上开始。 We appear to agree on this project. 我们看样子都同意这个计划。 We can enlarge the photo in various sizes. 我们可以把这张照片放大成各种尺寸。 We can go there on foot or by bus, what's it to be? 我们可以步行去那儿,或者乘公共汽车去那儿,你挑哪个? 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司