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Japanese Translation

Since the technology boom of the 1980's the need for Japanese translations has rocketed and now there are over 130 million Japanese speakers worldwide.

All the translators who work for us are based in-country, which means that they live and breathe the language and the culture. This can be very important when it comes to Japanese translations as some dialects such as Tsushima can be unintelligible to other Japanese speakers.

To ensure that your translated Japanese documents are as accurate as possible, we follow very stringent guidelines:

·       Only trained and experienced translators will work on your documents.

·       You will have an experienced Project Account Manager dedicated to your work who will make sure you get the right translation for your target audience.

·       Specialist documents will only be translated by translators who have proven experience with the required area of expertise.

Chinese to Japanese Translation

The process of Chinese to Japanese translation poses many difficulties to the inexperienced translator for both grammatical and cultural reasons. As all our Chinese to Japanese translators are based in Japan and are highly experienced, they are well aware of these differences.

Japanese Writing Styles

"desu/masu (ですます調)" and "da/dearu (だである調)" are the two basic writing styles in Japanese. Since the tone of these styles is completely opposite, it is vital to select the style you would like your Japanese translator to use depending on the type of document or the intended audience.

Writing Style



Type of Document

desu/masu style (ですます調

-Sounds polite and modest.
-Gives a friendly impression.
-Gives a sense of security.

-Length of a sentence becomes longer.
-Sounds less persuasive.

-Materials for customers and beginners.
-User manuals.

da/dearu style (だである調

-Sounds professional and persuasive.
-Can give an explicit impression.

-Sounds assertive and can be perceived as judgmental.
-Can give an arrogant impression.

-Materials for specialists.
-Academic materials (Reports, Essays, Textbooks, etc.).

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