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    Acme’s translation quality assurance system with ISO9001 (2000 Version) quality standard certification,ensures that translated products to meet our quality commitment to customers. The quality assurance system is implemented as follows:
  Step 1:  
    Customer Service Department accepts orders and submits them to the expert team for pricing and your feedback.
After receiving your demand with the subject and language requirements, Customer Service Department will send relevant materials to the leader of that subject (expert or professor). The leader will organize the expert team to conduct an overall analysis on the materials to be translated, and then decide whether to accept this order in light of your requirements and our resources in this field. If the order is accepted, pricing details will be sent back to you according to your specific requirements. (Implemented by Customer Service Department; person liable: expert or professor in that field)
  Step 2:  
    Price negotiations, contract signing, setup of the project team and the terminology database.
After price negotiations and the signing of a translation contract, the project team headed by an expert on the subject will be established with a number of high-level experienced translators according to your subject and translation requirements. The team leader will hold a meeting to distribute tasks to translators in a written form with detailed quality assurance requirements. The project team is bound to set up the terminology database in terms of your requirements for your review and feedback. Any term in doubt will be collectively determined by the whole team in consultation with you and relevant experts. (Implemented by Department of Translation; person liable: project team leader)
  Step 3:  
    Project leader urges team members to complete the initial version with self-examination on errors and omissions.
Translators involved in the project are required to strictly follow the requirements of the team meeting and the established terminology database. Once finding any difficulty or doubt in the translation process, they will submit the problem to the leader for a collective solution by the project team or the expert group. The project leader will be kept informed of the work progress of each translator, and immediately stop his/her work and re-arrange the translation task if someone fails to complete his/her work on time or meet the overall quality requirements. After the completion of his/her task, each translator is asked to carry out a preliminary proof-reading for typos, grammar errors or apparent wrong terms, and then submit the translated texts to the project leader and sign to confirm the task allocation form. (Implemented by Department of Translation; person liable: project team leader and responsible translators)
  Step 4:  
    Examination team revises and scrutinizes the translated text.
The project leader delivers the first draft to the examination team, which will then identify revisers for cross-examination based on the project contents and requirements. Revisers are required to make proofing and revision on the first draft with marked changes. The final reviser will re-examine the whole text and decide whether to adopt previous changes. In case of doubt, he/she will carefully make a decision after consultation with other revisers. The final reviser is also responsible for statistics of errors and emissions in the first draft as well as evaluation of the overall translation quality. The results will serve as the basis for regular evaluation of our translators. (Implemented by Examination team; person liable: project team leader and responsible revisers)
  Step 5:  
    Examination team touches up the final version.
For very professional materials or highly specific requirements, where necessary, the project leader can employ foreign experts and scholars to examine the final version (with your consent in advance). For confidential materials, we will strictly observe relevant provisions of the confidentiality agreement.
Step 6:
      Technical staff handles the articles according to your requirements and sends to Customer Service Department.
After the completion of the entire revision process, in accordance with your format requirements, the technical staff will typeset the articles into a final draft. The project leader will scrutinize the finished version again to ensure its quality and deliver to you through Customer Service Department. (Implemented by Department of Translation; person liable: project team leader)
Step 7:
   Customer Service Department delivers the final version to you for your feedback.
After the delivery, Customer Service Department will seek your feedback, record your comments and report to the General Manager. If the final version has any quality defect, the General Manager will punish the project team leader under the responsibility provisions; the project leader will, in turn, investigate the accountability of relevant translators or revisers. The project leader is required to organize translators to amend the quality deficiencies in a timely manner to your satisfaction. Department of Translation and Business Department will provide you with other after-sale services in terms of your requirements, e.g., a free terminology database for your future use, special input, typesetting and printing services, etc. (Implemented by Customer Service Department and Department of Translation; person liable: General Manager and project team leader)

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