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Translation for Advertising

A global market needs a multilingual approach to advertising and branding and that's where effective and accurate translation services are needed

Translating your brand

Every industry and subject has its own peculiarly terminology and getting this right is very important for advertising and branding where communicating the right messages is vital. Our project managers will work with you to ensure that our translators use the correct terms and descriptions consistent with your branding. We can even translate your brand guidelines and pass them back to you to sign off before we begin the translation of your documents.

This set up phase will ensure that you are fully happy that your brand values are protected in the translation and therefore will be fine when your advertising hits the streets in your target country.

Translating directly into your design

We pride ourselves in being able to work with any type of file format. So if you have a brochure designed in QuarkXpress, a billboard in Adobe InDesign, an XML feed into your website or you have a bespoke content management system, your translation will be delivered in the exact format you need.

Translation Memory to save you time and money

So that your translations are as accurate as possible we use translation memory. This works by "remembering" passages of translated text in your advertising and offering those translations to the translator when it sees a good match. Overtime this builds up and becomes more and more efficient and accurate. On top of all that it also means that we can hit tighter deadlines and save you money.

150 Languages and over 14,000 professional linguists

Whatever languages you need translating, we have the professional linguists who are right for you. With over 14,000 professional translators on our data base, we have someone for every type of subject. So you don't need to worry if your advert is for hair products in Hungarian or soft toys translated into Swedish, we have the experts who'll help you.

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